Let the Sleeping World Awaken

Date: 1957-05-19
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

Psalm 98


Loving Father! We feel that we must materialize the ideal garden of creation which You desire. Father, You have created human beings and all things to rejoice eternally centering on goodness and love. Today our hearts desire to become intoxicated in Your goodness and resemble Your goodness, so please manifest Your goodness on all things and life. Moreover, Father of compassion, we hope to be in harmony with all created things, so please be present manifestly.

Please allow us the center of mind that will enable us to do this. Please give us the sacred, original nature so that we can respond to the outreach of Your hands to harmonize and rejoice. Please allow us to become sons and daughters who can sanctify everything and present it before You in cleanliness.

We know through the words that the eternal ideal that Heaven desires will not be accomplished apart from human beings, and we know this also from our realistic experiences. Father, in human beings there must be the standard of creation you have permitted that can represent the goodness of the whole universe, so please manifest it through the minds of the sons and daughters of yours who have gathered here and revive it into action through their bodies. Having done this, please allow this hour to be a time when we can sing, centering on our original self and through our mind, and bowing our bodies, raise our hands before Father and return glory. Father, we wish for this with the utmost earnestly.

We know that when the Father is in action there is not one being among all the created things that does not move and halt, so, Father, please be in action here to manifest your infinite love and produce your works of goodness. Are there any elements of evil in us that prevent us from executing Father's works of power? Father! If those elements of evil are present in us, then please uproot them.

Father, we hope from the depth of our hearts that, by purifying ourselves victoriously even for this hour, we can feel to our bones the Father's deep heart of love, the Father's heart of goodness, and the Father's aching heart of 6,000 years, and that you will allow us to become sons and daughters who are concerned about the Father and can attend Him. We now entrust everything in the Father, so please govern over them. We know that we cannot relate with the comprehensive knowledge of the Father with our own knowledge, and that our prestige cannot surpass Father's comprehensive prestige. Not only that, we also realize that there is a limit to human understanding, that the ideals which humans cherish also have limits, and that the things they can be proud of also are limited.

We are living in this realm of limitation. So, please divulge before us, who are unworthy, the character and Sung Sang of the Father who uses the infinite relationships that transcend time and space as the foundation of the ideal, and allow us to first awaken on earth and become sons and daughters who receive the commanding words completely and act according to them.

Please allow the victorious base of light in which Father can be delighted to operate in our life course through the words given to us, and please allow us to nurture the ability to generate power! By doing so, we earnestly hope that you will let us face everything and overcome them, and allow that to be the standard of our lives.

Please let there be no gap between the heart of the conveyer and the heart of the receiver. Please grant the grace of harmony, so that by feeling the heart of the commanding Father on our own and resembling the voice of the commanding Father on our own, we can move when you move and stop when you stop.

Hoping most sincerely that you will allow us to inherit the heart and sung sang of the Father and return glory and beauty to the Father by bearing fruit for the center of Father's goodness.

Today, I plan to speak briefly on the topic, "Let the Sleeping World Awaken." Since God is behind the dispensation, this earth will one day greet the new morning of bright future. There, we human beings will sing glory with the whole world of creation. The hope of God and human beings is that in this way human beings can join all things on earth to return glory and joy to Father. Consequently, while passing through the long history until today, human beings have yearned for the day when all humanity can rejoice centering on one ideal standard and become together intoxicated in love. Even when they did not know when that day might be, for sure, they longed for that day.

God Who Is Appealing to Human Beings

Then, why have humans lapsed into this realm of death? It is because human beings fell.

You know very well, through the Divine Principle, that there is not even one person, among the fallen people, who can realize on earth the ideals of creation that God and human beings can enjoy together, and offer joy and recitation of delight to God. What this signifies is that, until now, the new morning of the bright future, centering on God, has not come before all humanity yet. This also reveals that the time has come when human beings should become open to new ideology and doctrine.

Therefore, God and human beings have the responsibility to again awaken this world, which is fast asleep in the state of not having seen the bright light of the new morning until today. You must be able to feel this.

Although we live in this sleeping world, we have the ears that can hear the news of the new age, eyes that can see it and senses that can feel it. If you do not have these ears, eyes and senses, you cannot awaken this sleeping world. Or, rather than awakening this sleeping world, you cannot even awaken yourselves.

Now, through philosophy, religion and historical perspective, we must hear the new news, realize the new reality, and furthermore hear the voice of God, which has been appealing to human beings during the 6,000 years of the dispensation, and sees the Sung Sang of God which is manifesting itself through the sacred spirit. Otherwise, we will not be able to make even the slightest relationship with the new news of new age.

Today many people are predicting that the last days are near, and many religions, especially Christianity, are saying that the day of judgment is near. Then, what must we seek at such times? First, we must realize that we have to wake up from sleep; to do that, we must receive some stimulation. Then, from where does that stimulation come? It comes from the new news that you can hear, see and feel in your living environment. If you cannot establish this, then you will not be able to cast aside all the bitter grief that has been accumulating through the long 6,000-year course. If you contemplate on this fact today, then with new ears, eyes and hearts, you will understand in what form the universal dispensation will emerges. Now is the time when we must develop these new eyes, ears and intelligence. Now is the time near the last days, the time when the day of judgment has arrived, so if there is a God, then He will not want to leave this land undisturbed as the world of death, or world asleep for eternity. He will surely awaken this world and restore it to the original world of creation.

I have just said that now is the last days; how can we know that now is the last days? Looking at how false things that wear the masks of new things are emerging in large number, we can know that now is the last days. Even looking at history, in the last days, before the appearance of true things centering on Heaven, false things came first always.

The Standard of Distinction Between the True and the False

As you can see, we are living in the era of confusion. On our own, we cannot distinguish from all the things that we see, hear and come across which are true and which are false. Then, on what standard, can we distinguish the true from the false? That standard is neither knowledge nor learning. It is each person's original mind. In this moment when the last days are near, we cannot know when and who will invade us and trample upon our life and eternal hope. The invasion might come through our knowledge and some worldly conditions. Therefore, we must not put too much emphasis on the knowledge that we have or in the worldly conditions.

All these things cannot be the highest standard for distinction between good and evil, and they cannot determine the ultimate goodness. If they can determine the ultimate goodness, then they would have already granted us the grace to hear the voice of God and go forward toward the new hope. Moreover, they would have become manifested as the stimulating things that we can feel anew and experience substantially. However, these things have not been able to introduce us to the eternal ideals of God until now. When we look at this, we can understand that knowledge or learning is not some ideal thing that can determine goodness.

Today, then, when we have come to the doorsteps of the last days, what must we seek to wake up completely? We must seek our original mind and seek the new truth that can uniformly explain the world of original substance and the phenomenon world through that mind.

Our countless ancestors, the central figures of the dispensation, have been exerting themselves until today while passing through the long course of history to seek this mind and truth; until now, they have failed to find the true truth of the mind that can represent Heaven. Not only that, they could not establish reciprocally the standard that can relate to the mind, is in harmony with it, and produce joy as the eternal ideal element. So, on earth, the walls of darkness are blocking the way until now. You must understand this.

Therefore, by finding all these things and establishing the unchanging center of the heart, you must penetrate through all the barriers of darkness that block the way. You have to understand this.

Nonetheless, in the present religious life, the most serious problem is conceptual speculation and faith. For example, people normally try to pray based on the stimulation that they feel as they imagine the pain and misery that Jesus felt when he was dying on the cross for our sake. Yet, you should not do this. You should pray, but, first, you must call upon your original mind and develop the appropriate attitude of the heart to pray. When this is done, the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit can connect to us through that foundation of heart. If this kind of relationship is forged with us, then our bodies will naturally and gracefully respond to this.

Then, if we are the ones who woke up from sleep first today, then what must we do for the world that is fast asleep in the darkness? We must first awaken and raise the heart of the people who are asleep.

In your life course, is there a great teacher? Even if there is some teacher whom you think is great, although that person might serve as temporary teacher, but he cannot serve as the teacher who can stand before the eternal heavenly principles on behalf of your eternal life and introduce the divine nature of God to you. Furthermore, though he might be a good teacher in a certain moment of an individual's course, he cannot be the leader of eternal life who can guide you to possess true life through the character and heavenly nature within.

Similarly, you must realize the fact that the standard of the teacher that you are relating to at the present cannot connect you eternally to God. Therefore, you have to find your original heart and through the ears of your mind you must hear the calling of Heaven. Through the eyes of your mind, you must see the divine nature; through the senses of the mind, you must feel the heart of Heaven. Otherwise, you have no choice but to simply repeat the 6,000-year course of history that has passed behind us.

Until now we thought that Heaven was the only truly precious thing, but now we realize that our minds are also just as precious. By realizing this, you must set the high standard of value to which God can relate, and find the nucleus of the mind. Otherwise, you cannot stand before the heavenly principles. You who have gathered here claim that you have led diligent life of faith until now in your own way, but if someone were to ask you, "What indeed do you have of which you can be proud?" not many of you could answer, "I have something of which I can be proud." Even if someone among you does have something of which you can be proud before heaven, God wishes that you brag about it through your original mind. Similarly, if you represent the heavenly principles and lead your life while carrying out your thoughts with the mind of compassion that can testify to the eternal ideal, then you will never deviate.

The Life of Cleansing the Defiled Mind

People who are leading a life of faith today frequently seek comfort from the conceptual world and from that kind of object. Although fallen, human beings originally have the character to connect with the eternal heavenly nature, and in each person's mind there exist elements of the ideal of creation. Therefore, human beings can become one with God by unshackling themselves from sin, perfecting themselves, and lead an infinitely happy life. The believers today are not aware of this fact.

What is the purpose of our prayer, or the purpose of the believers of Buddhism seeking the state of self-denial through Zen Buddhist meditation? It is an attempt to awaken the elements that can become the nucleus of the mind. If you set that one standard and establish the center of mind of all that you see, hear and feel before the heavenly laws, then you can make a full bow before God and return the glory.

But, among the human beings today, there is no one who is penetrating into it with dead seriousness to reach that state in search of one's original nature, even if they desire this state of mind. Moreover, there is no one who is abandoning everything for the sake of causing the rise of this mind. Although people today can abandon everything they have and step forward for the sake of some ideology or thought, they do not abandon everything for the sake of the truth, which is more important and raises up their mind.

Even if there are some people who forsake everything for some doctrine or give up their own assertions for the sake of some ideology, if they are not doing this to find the truth that can raise their mind, then they cannot make any valuable relationship with the heavenly laws. Then, what must you do to enter this nucleus of the mind and cleanse the defiled mind inherited through the ancestors' lineage of sin for 6,000 years? Just as Jesus said, "The first commandment is that you exert all of your heart, will and character to love the Lord God," you must be in the position of doing your utmost.

Moreover, you must become someone who can step forward at the cost of your life, no matter what kind of work you do or what kind of problem you face. You must do this in the place of your dwelling. You must do the same for all things that are unfolding, centering on the hope that you hold. Even in the forked road of life and death, you must exert all of your mind and body. You have to understand that if you do not do this, then you will not spark the nucleus of the heavenly mind, which enters motion based on the purpose of doing the utmost.

Then, to what extent must we try to provoke this kind of mind? In the course of 6,000 years of human history, there came and went countless prophets, loyal subjects, women of fidelity, and filial sons and daughters. However, no matter how much loyalty, fidelity and filial piety they demonstrated, until now, the center of mind that causes one to embark upon the road toward the complete realization of the ideal world of creation has never been raised. From this we can understand that with their loyalty, fidelity and filial piety, the dispensation of restoration cannot be brought to conclusion.

Therefore, you must also exhibit the heart of uttermost sincerity, exert all of your strength and demonstrate the highest loyalty for Heaven, to set a standard higher than the loyal subjects, filial sons and women of fidelity who pursued goodness for the sake of salvation of humanity until now. Furthermore, if these people, we the Korean people, bear the mission to awaken humanity in the future and usher in the new morning, then the Korean people must exert a more sincere heart than any other people for the sake of God's will. If you who are here feel the sense of mission and responsibility on the world level to pioneer the new course of faith, then to manage that mission in your life you must be trying harder and live more diligently than anyone else in the world.

Similarly, can you demonstrate more loyalty and sincere heart than the ancestors who have done their utmost to be loyal and sincere toward Heaven? This is the problem.

We Who Must Wake Up from the World of Darkness

If you become the loyal subjects and filial sons that history has never seen until today and become the people of faith who exert all of their heart and will and show the highest loyalty, and if there are more such people among us Koreans than any other people of the world, then I can guarantee that, without fail, these Korean people can represent the heavenly laws and stand in the position closest to heaven. Therefore, if you are trying to hold up the new signal light of faith as the new people and go before all people with the entire mission and responsibility, then you must be in the frontline before anyone else concerning demonstrating a benevolent heart or sincere heart, and you have to become more truthful than they. If there are such people of faith, then even if the history of restoration is prolonged, God will try to steer the dispensation centering on that person. Today, even if sin is spreading and the world is in confusion, if there is a person who holds up the new torch of faith in this manner, then that people could receive the calling from God who is trying to awaken this sleeping world.

Do you then have the voice that you can speak to this society? Do you have some power that can bring stimulation? If you are equipped with the tools that can become the foundation of this society and if you have some power to stimulate this society, then more than anyone else in history, you must exert yourself assiduously to awaken this society. Only when you can present and speak something new to this society with this kind of sincere and loyal heart, can you wake up from the world of darkness and enter the eternal realm of God's love.

You who have gathered here today, have you heard some new message? If you did hear, what kind of words are they? In my opinion, you have merely heard through your ears. Have you witnessed some new fact? This also is seen merely with your eyes. Still, you could hear and see even partially, because these things were already promised.

If there is some fact that you have seen with your eyes and heard with your ears, then from now on, you must securely establish the center of the heart that can see, hear and feel everything in a new light. If you cannot become like this, then when, in the last days, Heaven orders, "Wake up for the sake of the world and all people," you will not be able to wake up no matter how hard you try.

Until now, human beings have tried to serve great teachers and read good books. Great teachers and books are probably also necessary for human beings. However, with only them, we cannot build the eternal ideal garden, and we cannot liberate humanity. Consequently, when you pray, you have to connect with the mind centered on the heavenly principles.

If there is something that you have seen, felt or heard through this prayer of the mind, then you have the responsibility to manifest that. In other words, if you have been awakened in the realm of time where you see, hear, feel and speak, then you should firmly establish the new ideology of life.

You who are in this process must now open your eyes wider, hear more with your ears, and feel more with your mind through more heartbreaking ordeals. Moreover, you must look upon the new stage of life and look toward the world of new life and heavenly principles.

From this point of view, the suffering that humanity is going through today allows them to feel new reality, and lets them participate in the sorrow of God. However, when we feel that sorrow of God, even as we feel the impulse to liberate Him from the sorrow, we cannot maintain that heart for a long time because, when we confront our actual life, we do not have the power to transcend the difficulties of our practical life. Moreover, until now we have looked down upon this world with the negative thought that is a living environment of chronic illness. Thus, without even being aware of it, we have been repeating it and have been shackled to the position of anguish.

The Heart of Righteous Indignation Toward Evil

Now, if you have become someone who can open new eyes, hear, see, realize and march in a new manner, then what kind of position should you stand in? The most important task you must do is establishing goodness on the behalf of history, establishing the heavenly principles on behalf of the present reality, and fulfilling the will of God on the behalf of the future.

After completing this mission and passing through the position of death, you can feel the triumphant heart of Jesus and complete your responsibility by feeling the indignant heart toward evil. If the power of Jesus that overwhelms you with this heart of righteous indignation does not guide you, then you will deviate without being aware of it.

With the truth that you have seen, heard, felt and known until now or when you are caught up in the practical living environment, you cannot prevail over evil, so you must transcend history and practical reality to feel righteous indignation toward evil. Being responsible for the eternal history and representing the heavenly laws, you should go before Heaven and can say, "Father, I have come forward to defeat the enemies, so please give me any kind of responsibility." Similarly, if you do not become soaked throughout with the feeling of righteous indignation that can shake up practical reality, then without your being aware of it, you will lose your center.

Therefore, you must now separate right and wrong in your daily life based on your original heart and conscience, and from the position of having concern over the dispensation of God, you must feel the heart of righteous indignation. If you cannot possess such a heart of righteous indignation, you cannot carry on the decisive battle with Satan.

What was the reason that Jesus who came 2,000 years ago could be victorious in the fight with Satan? It is because, after clearly knowing the root of the enemy, who has been in conflict with God for 6,000 years, Satan, who was the enemy of our ancestors and righteous people, he could pick up the rod of judgment on behalf of God and strike them. Today, even after becoming overwhelmed by righteous indignation and after setting the standard to dominate all conditions of reality, if you cannot meet the counterpart who has the same will, you can appeal before Heaven. So, in the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus forgot all hardships and prayed, and feeling the heart of universal righteous indignation he appealed. Accordingly, you must vanquish Satan, who is God's enemy and our enemy, by promoting God's public cause. Going one step further, you should be able to take responsibility for God's will on behalf of the world. Only when you can do this, when you construct the ideal garden that God desires, can you own that ideal garden as your own.

After developing the feeling of righteous indignation, what should we do? We must become united and only shout for the Kingdom of Heaven. If, while crying out for the Kingdom of Heaven, someone who is closer to the Heavenly laws, someone who has a heart of seeking public interest for the sake of goodness appears, then we must, of course, have the generosity to be in harmony with him. Thinking from this point, because the Christians who are confronting this world of sin have entered the realm where they can call out to God, they are feeling more indignation than any others.

Believers Who Must Execute the Event of Judgment in Substitution

If you have the heart of righteous indignation and public interest that will allow you to become one with the righteous people, you must combine the heart of righteous indignation and public interest to confront Satan on the world level, and exert all of your heart and soul to complete your responsibility. When you fulfill this kind of world mission, God can finally perform the work of judgment. The hope that God had while He passed through the long course of history and endured is the appearance of someone who, possessing the heart of righteous indignation, strikes his own inadequacies first, and then represents the world in all aspects to confront Satan. Moreover, only when such people join their hearts to lead the church, lead the society and the world and appear before God, can God finally make the final decision of judgment.

If you want to become the son of God, then you must possess the heart of righteous indignation that has penetrated deep into God's heart for 6,000 years. You should also be able to act on behalf of God's heart, where the bitter grief is rooted deep. You must also feel righteous indignation toward the enemy Satan.

Similarly, if you represent the heart of God and possess the heart of righteous indignation toward the enemy, you should then become united to move onto the world level, and you can win the fight against Satan. Many people today do not realize they have this mission.

The Christian believers emphasize the words of Jesus, "Love your enemy." However, these words do not mean that you should love sin and evil within the enemy, but that you should look upon the person who is fettered by sin with sympathy. You must understand this clearly. There cannot be such a thing as unconditional love. Telling you to love other people is also not asking you to love the sin of that person, but to love that person himself. At the time of judgment in the last days, to save sinners from the realm of sin, God must strike Satan, who is dominating over the sinners, but He can strike Satan only through true human beings.

Now, you must not desire the Kingdom of Heaven and follow God for your own glory. Even if you entreat God to do something for you, you must have the qualifications to make the request. Consequently, you must always examine whether you have appealed to God within the realm of God's ideology and heart, at the time and position that you can receive the permission.

Yet, how are we? We do not understand the heart of God, and have not freed ourselves from the position of having betrayed the heavenly laws, we are only appealing before Heaven that it answers our prayers. We must step outside this position. Forgetting everything about ourselves and possessing the heart of righteous indignation centering on the heavenly laws, we must become the people who, forgetting everything, whether we ourselves are ruined or prosperous, holding the people and the world that are dying and holding onto Heaven, which is in sorrow, demonstrate concern and do our utmost. Only after we set this standard of life and pray, "Heaven, please be responsible for me," will you become closer to the heart of God. However, there are many people who are following Heaven without setting this kind of standard of life. Therefore, you should have the mind-set of the master of Heaven and earth.

If you cannot become the ones who confront Satan from the position of having fulfilled the responsibility that you must do, the responsibility that God wants, and if you cannot become qualified to fight with Satan on behalf of Satan, then your hopes can never be realized. Therefore, you today must possess the heart of righteous indignation in the sphere of your life, and standing on the side of God you must be able to execute the judgment toward Satan in substitution. If the center of your minds, which can enable each of you to bear this responsibility, is not secured, then you cannot usher in the one day whose purpose is to judge Satan.

Because the dispensation of Heaven has world quality, you must also relatively pursue the ideology that has world quality. Therefore, more than anything else, you must first reflect, for whom is the demand that you make and for whom is the hope that you desire. However, most people today demand a self-centered will, rather than the will centered on God; rather than obtaining joy centering on the grace of God, they try to do so centering on themselves.

Even though God allowed some grace to you, that grace is not for just your sake, but it is the grace that must be propagated to the ends of the world stepping on you as the base; it is the grace that must bring to submission Satan, who commands power and authority; and it is the grace that must be returned to Heaven.

Similarly, the grace you received from Heaven is not only for your sake. It is grace for the sake of society, people, world, the will and heaven. Despite this, most people cling to this grace and secure their seat in their own sphere of life, and try to enjoy it only as their own. But, this grace will leave you because it can no longer remain in that place.

Therefore, if you have received some divine favor from heaven, then with the heart of righteous indignation you can fight with Satan on behalf of heaven. You must not act in judgment centering on yourself. Similarly, if you try to take advantage of the granted divine favor, centering on yourself, or try to judge others, centering on yourself, then, because this is not the right attitude of faith, you will not be able to walk the path of the will that is allowed.

Our Responsibility to Awaken the World

You who must then execute the ceremony of judgment must first calmly analyze yourself and search whether you have some element that prevents your mind and body from uniting. If you discover such a thing, you should learn to strike it first with the heart of universal righteous indignation. If the body does not move according to the will of the mind, then you should wake it up and raise it up. To do that, you must forsake or strike the things that the body demands. In addition, you must by yourself be able to consider your body as your enemy, centering on your mind, and through that kind of life you must go before God.

Then, who has the mission to awaken the whole universe one more time? That kind of mission rests not only with God, but also with you. You must understand this situation.

However, when you step forward in an attempt to be responsible for this task, there will appear an invisible spiritual Satan and a visible substantial Satan who will block your way. Moreover, among the members of your family who are closest to you, there will be people who block your way.

Therefore, to be able to take pride in yourself before the world, you must be able to abandon yourself at some time, and if you wish for a family that emerges before the world, then you should be able to sacrifice your family for the sake of the world. The same thing holds true for the nation.

Based on this hour today, you should now be able to feel to what level you have awakened yourself before the will of the dispensation to which God is trying to give rise universally. The reason is that while your minds and bodies awaken, at the same time you have the responsibility to awaken the family, society, nation and world. If this is true, then what kind of desire and hope should we have? We must become sons and daughters who can be satisfied with being the roots that complete the mission entrusted to them on this earth.

To accomplish this, you must sacrifice everything. If there is a path through which this earth can return glory to God centering on heavenly laws and public interests, then not only must you sacrifice even the religion in which you believe, but also, you must abandon all that you have and step forward. Therefore, we must unite with the heart of righteous indignation to battle against Satan. Satan is our enemy now, the enemy of the past and enemy of the future. To fight with Satan and become victorious, you must all become one; having established the laws of public interest, you must use that as the criterion and charge forward.

Then, what is the criterion of life for us who must fight with Satan and prevail? It is first becoming the true sons and daughters who can bear the cross. Moreover, it is becoming the true sons and daughters who defeat Satan that is invading into the position of sorrow and difficulty. To do this, we must overcome this difficulty and, more than Satan, we must complete our responsibility diligently.

We must become the true sons and daughters of God and obliterate all evil that has existed until now. Even if evil pushes us, we should not yield. We must charge forward bravely so that we can single-mindedly be able to do far more than vanquish evil. You must understand that this is the only way that God's will can be accomplished. In this manner, victorious individuals are expanding as victorious brothers, victorious brothers as the victorious family, victorious family as victorious society, nation and world.

Therefore, centering on the laws of public interest that God wants, you must have the desperate heart that yearns to relieve God of His grief, and step forward with the firm determination to confront the countless satans and become victorious even if you are fighting alone. You must keep in mind that this is the only way that when the ideal world is realized you can become the sons and daughters of God who can live eternally in the ideal realm allowed by God.


Beloved Father! We understand that the only thing that remains before us is the will of the Heavenly laws. We know that the center of that will is the Father and True Parents. We have learned that the human beings who live on earth must become the true sons and daughters of True Parents. Not only that, we realize that what the Father wants from us is that all people become brothers in oneness and true sons and daughters of the Father.

Father! We also understand that the greatest sin on earth is blocking and trampling upon the people who want to stand in the position of the sons and daughters you desire. Although trampling upon man's true sincerity is also an unforgivable sin, we know those causing people to lose brotherly love is a greater sin before the heavenly laws, so please guide us to not forget this.

Father, when the sons and daughters who have gathered here are not able to stand up before the heavenly principles that are trying to wake them up from deep sleep due to some brother, how can we claim ourselves to be the ones who are moving according to the guidance of the shepherd? Please do not allow us to stand in that kind of position. Please allow us to become sons and daughters who can be responsible even for that brother, and build the concealed altar on behalf of the heavenly principles!

Please allow us to establish the ideal of the eternal son you desire, and please guide us to understand that there is the Father's gaze which is always looking down upon us. Father, we wish with great sincerity for you to allow us to feel your loving hands and that, by experiencing the heart of the Father who is giving lessons and is in agony and by resembling the heart and Sung Sang of the Father, we can become Jesus' best disciples who can bow down and offer gratitude before that will, even if we were to die many thousand times.

This hour, we have heard words through which we can feel something new about the countless enemies who are blocking the path to the liberation from the bitter grief of heaven. We have come to relate with the Father's will in a new way. By inscribing these new learnings in our hearts, please allow us to understand that the words of today are not to end just at the level of our individual feelings, but that these words must make the connection with the heavenly principles that represent the historicity and universality, and that we have the mission to do this task.

Father! Please allow us to fight with the heart of public interest and righteous indignation that represent the heavenly principles toward the many enemies who are blocking this path. Guide us to march forward and endure for the sake of offering that one day of victory. Allow us to usher in that day and report to Father our grief that we have been persevering through until then. Lead us to go until the position where we can hold your precious hands and be comforted.

Please allow all humanity of this earth who is fast asleep to wake up. Please mobilize us and restore the world you created, since it is inside the realm of lamentation. Please grant the wisdom of Heaven to the 2.4 billion people, so they can complete their responsibility!

Please let the young children, who have gathered here, become sons and daughters who can go forward without hesitation in the face of any course of conflict. Earnestly wishing that, even at the cost of forsaking everything they have, you will allow them to become the elite troops of Heaven who can march forward only for the sake of the will, I offer all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.