Let Us Avoid Being Punished for Our Sins by Restoring the Original Nature of Goodness

Date: 1957-07-21
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

All things were created good, but due to the fall of Adam and Eve, the value of goodness could not be fully manifested. You know well that, without being freed from the punishment for sin, human beings have been pursuing goodness.

In the Garden of Eden created by God, goodness alone should have existed, but because goodness was not realized on earth, God and all creation are still lamenting over it. Consequently, no matter what kinds of hardships fallen men undergo throughout history, the ideal of goodness must be realized. Such a goal should not only be achieved on the individual level, but also be expanded to the levels of the nation, the world, and the cosmos. Thus, the time when the will of goodness can be manifested in heaven and earth should come true. For this, you are the very people who should achieve the whole purpose on the universal level, by fulfilling the will of absolute goodness. You are destined to do so.

We who long for the original goodness should first know the substantial being of God, the original being of goodness, who created all good things. We should understand the value of God's goodness and spread the message. By so doing, through the words of goodness, you should restore the value of goodness of all things created by God and manifest this goodness. Otherwise, the original purpose of God's creation cannot be fulfilled. Prior to the fall of humans, they maintained the absolute goodness of God. God let them maintain a relationship with all things created good.

God made all creations through the absolute, good word. Among them, He created humans with the value of the entire creation. Thus, God's purpose of creation was to have them become a center who can sing the goodness of God. However, due to the fall, they lost such value.

How can fallen humans come forth again to the good God? First, we should take after the goodness of the original being, through our conscience. Next, we should act upon the words of God and manifest the value of His goodness and word. If this happens, God will find the ideal joy of goodness through which God created all things. Then humans, who have been pursuing the purpose of goodness, would have also become the substantial beings of goodness. Yet all this was frustrated due to the fall.

You should now realize that you are the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, but should eventually become the ancestors of goodness by accomplishing the purpose of goodness. If not, you will not only remain with the sin inherited from Adam and Eve, but also, through each individual, you will spread the sin to the world, all of the creation, and even to Heaven.

You should be able to establish yourself into the right position. You should be able to praise the value of goodness in the creation created through the word by fulfilling the original goodness that God has been looking forward to on His behalf. Also, you should be able to substantialize the value of the absolute goodness of God, the original source of goodness, the original being of goodness, through your conscience. Otherwise, you cannot fulfill the whole purpose for which God wishes; nor can you find the goodness that you seek.

This original goodness should be realized through a substantial being centered on God's eternal, unique, and unchanging nature, but humans, who should have been the objects of God's nature, failed to realize the goodness due to the fall. Thus, humans lost the autonomy, dignity, and value that should have been established as their ideology of life.

The greatest goal of fallen people is to achieve God's autonomy, dignity, and value. If this is not achieved, they cannot have a relationship with the eternal, unchanging, and unique God. If the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, had lived to establish these three even at the risk of their life, this would not have remained as our hope today. If these had been achieved, humans, on their own could have enjoyed the autonomy, dignity, and value of goodness and lived joyfully in the eternal Garden of Eden centered on God's limitless goodness.

However, due to the wrong doings of Adam and Eve, this has remained as a hope that should be restored by each individual. In other words, if the human ancestors, Adam and Eve, on behalf of God had only possessed the autonomy, dignity and value of goodness as the objects of God, the original being of absolute goodness, humankind on earth would not live in fear, grief and despair today.

Adam and Eve were in the position of a creator on behalf of God. They were in the position of taking responsibility for the whole. Thus, we come to understand something fearful, that the sin committed by them not only affected them, but was to have an impact upon the entire creation, which was created good. Adam and Eve should have established the goodness of the absolute God on earth.

Nevertheless, they did not realize that their own sin would affect not only them but also their posterity, and furthermore, would sadden God.

If Adam and Eve had followed the eternal, unchanging, and unique word of God at the risk of their lives, it would have been impossible for the sins and crimes throughout all the eras of history to exist. However, because they did not follow the absolute word of God, from the moment of the fall, the sins and crimes throughout all the eras if history and in the future all started to come about in their bodies.

When Adam and Eve were tempted in their minds, they desired to obey God's word, but their bodies were drawn to Satan's temptation. Yet because the strength of the bodily temptation was greater, they disobeyed God's will. The greater the strength of the conscience of Adam and Eve that pursued the absolute goodness, the greater became their fear.

The warning of their fear was that their act of the fall eternally became the origin of sins and crimes throughout history and the eras. Yet they did not know this. When Adam and Eve felt fear just when they were about to fall, with the stimulation of terror, they should have clung to absolute goodness and established an unchanging center of righteousness that can control the evil mind. On the contrary, they were united with the first being of evil. This grievous fact did not come to affect only them, but also came to affect their generations after that. Thus, you should not forget that you have no choice but to fight the original being of evil through your conscience in your daily life.

Keeping in mind that throughout history, that one sinful act has been confronting human consciences until the future, we should be freed from the fallen sovereignty. Though humans are descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve, because they have consciences that fight the mind of fear, following the subject of absolute goodness, there has been no time and space in which one did not fight sins and crimes.

Adam and Eve chose a path of fear. Along with grief, tragedy came into their lives and they finally fell into a position of despair. As they stood in the position of fear, the original source of eternal love and life, God, who had been living with Adam and Eve, left them. They came to feel undescribably miserable. Then the Garden of Eden created to be a garden of the ideal, of goodness and joy came to have nothing to do with Adam and Eve and they stood in the position of despair, falling down into the world of darkness.

We humans, who have been going through the history of sins and crimes, should find a purpose of life and climb up to the standard of absolute goodness during our lifetime. You should know that the person who pioneered the way is Jesus Christ. You should depend upon the words established by God and continue to pursue absolute goodness by following the leader chosen by Him. By establishing a conscience that your mind can depend on and the words of God that the conscience can depend on, you should restore the purpose of absolute goodness. By establishing a substantial being who can, on behalf of God, fulfill His will and whom our body can depend on, you should restore the purpose of absolute goodness. This is done through your connection to God's words and the substantial being.

Then finally, we can enter the realm of goodness that is eternal, unchanging, and unique and we can manifest the original nature of autonomy, dignity, and value. Thus, we can fulfill the hope of God, who has been leading the dispensation for 6,000 years.

Because man is destined to restore absolute goodness as such, even the ethics and morality established by them should pursue goodness. Further, the reason God gave the word to them and made them actualize it was also to restore the absolute standard of historical goodness and achieve the purpose of goodness.

Consequently, by practicing the words of historical goodness, you should become those who can represent the history that has been fighting for 6,000 years since the fall of Adam and Eve, clinging to the words of God. This is the final task commissioned to us.

You should not stand in the position of grievance to which Adam and Eve had fallen from the Garden of Eden. Their way of relating to the universal word of goodness was merely from a personal viewpoint. You should be those who can cling to the eternal words of goodness and energy and thus become eternal and unchanging. If not, you cannot escape from the relationship based on the historical sin that betrayed the word of God.

Due to the fall, Adam and Eve came to possess fear, tragedy, and despair. This has been inherited throughout history from generation to generation, and humans in the last days should also walk the same path.

In the world, there are people who pursue good, whereas there are also others who pursue evil. Even among those who pursue good, there is no one who can always enjoy joy and peace. In fact, they, too, will come to groan from feelings of fear and terror because they do not know the origin.

Though some are pursuing good, they cannot manifest eternal good and ideology forever on their own. It is so because humans are in the process of being restored.

In the last days where worldwide terror, tragedy and despair appear to us due to the fall, the most important thing to do is that we must win the fight against the endless fear, tragedy, and despair by doing our utmost best with the last ounce of energy. We must take after the example of the character and life of Jesus who alone established the realm of victorious resurrection. We should know that he fought until the moment when he brought a victory in the earthly battle against the endless terror, tragedy and despair, totally forgetting his own self. All men are inclined to express their own value to others. This original nature that desires to manifest one's own value is good. Originally, humans were to manifest the value of their original nature one hundred percent, but due to the fall, they lost that value.

Jesus Christ was in the position where he could have insisted on manifesting the value of his dignity, which superseded the value of all humankind. Yet even if he were violated and humiliated in misery, he fought the evil with unchanging conviction. He also abandoned all of his own hopes to establish a hope for the whole. With the conviction that his hope for the whole would definitely be fulfilled in 1,000 or even 2,000 years after his death, in order to establish the original being, the God of goodness, he confronted all tragedy, despair and fear in unchanging conviction toward God.

Without taking care of himself, to fulfill the purpose of goodness that God was seeking, Jesus persevered in making the sacrifices that had to be made. He forgot his toil, thinking of the joy that would be experienced in the future. He maintained the conviction that he would transform the feeling of fear in the present into authority for the future.

You should take after the character and heart of Jesus. Even if you are faced with the reality of being immeasurably ignored and violated, you should be able to endure and tolerate it. Then you can be freed from the fallen sovereignty. Now in order for you to forget all of the hardships of the world and overcome all pain, you should be able to establish hope in the midst of despair, joy in the midst of misery, and authority in the midst of fear. This is also a mission that you should fulfill.

You should never be invaded by Satan. You should be able to demonstrate the heavenly good with heavenly joy, hope and authority that can eliminate the invasion of Satan. By so doing, you can manifest the value of goodness on earth and the sovereignty over the creation which was lost, with qualifications to become their master. Then even God will not be able to do whatever He wants with you.

We can reside with God when our fallen nature is restored to our original nature. Then we will be qualified to be His representatives. All the creation bows down before God without any resistance but instead with the joy of receiving a glorious day of victory. When your fallen nature is restored to your original nature, when you appear before the creation, they will also willingly obey you with dignity.

You should also manifest the value of goodness. Even if you do not insist or prove that you are good, you should be able to make people follow you out of respect for the value of your goodness to build an eternal relationship with you. Through obtaining these values, when you become substantial individuals who can represent an eternal hope, joy, authority and good, then God can finally rest in peace.

Such people alone can be freed from the historical providential course that requires punishment for the sins committed in the past. If not, you will be punished for the sins committed and leave grievance behind for tens of thousands of generations to come. Thus, by realizing this, you should act upon your new determination and commitment.

Do you have the word that can manifest a new sovereignty, a new dignity, and new value? Did you see the original being of goodness and feel Him? Then you should keep your position. Do not lose the heavenly sovereignty that God has been protecting. Do you believe that the words of the Unification Church are a truth that can introduce eternal goodness? Do you believe that through these words, you can meet God? If so, wherever you go, on behalf of God, do not lose the sovereignty, dignity, and value. Satan will always try to invade them. Whatever environment you may be in, when you do not lose this authority and position and march forward, you should realize that the source of eternal goodness, God, will endow you with the authority to judge the satanic world