Let Us Be the Harvest of Goodness Heaven Desires

Date: 1957-03-03
Former Church Headquarters, Seoul, Korea

Galatians 6:1-10


Loving Father! Who is indeed the one who will keep going forth, taking on alone the burden of fate attributable to the fall in the desolate restorational course that cannot help but be walked?

We are aware of the fact that, owing to the fall of the progenitors of the human race early on, the Father came to bear bitter resentment and every human mind came to be left with grievous sorrow. Due to the guilt-filled history of the distrusting Jewish people, this lamentable resentment came to be extended to the world. This time, when the attraction of resentment is piercing the core of heaven and earth like this, I pray sincerely that the Father will open the way for us to step forward.

To walk the way the Father leads us, we know we have to, first, find the place in which our lives can find repose. Next, our bodies and minds will have to become the resting place for You. The Father's love we long for will then dwell in our bodies and minds.

Father of compassion, Father of love, Father of mercy, and my Father who labors to manifest Your will in the midst of us! Since this unworthy group of people came forward before the Father's knees shamefacedly, bearing soiled and scarred bodies and minds, please forgive us. If the Father does not forgive and accept us and we do not become the standard by which we move forward, then we will be the most pitiable people.

Father, the group of people gathered here are the sons and daughters who are sad and anxiously looking up to Heaven to live as the Father wishes. They are the young sons and daughters who are being tried by strong winds as they go through the course of life that Heaven wishes for, even at the cost of their lives.

Father, since to us the eternal ideal was the Father, the eternal hope was the Father, and the eternal life was the Father, so please, Father who knows about the situation we are facing today and all about the will we desire. Please, manifest Yourself in person to govern each of us.

By our becoming equipped with natural and substantial elements that can receive the Father's governance, please allow our bodies and minds to be captivated by Your commanding words and Your working through us. Please allow the direct work of Your power, to which we cannot but succumb, to be able to be manifested before Your glory. Beloved Father, I sincerely wish that, by governing all of our bodies and minds, You will remove the sinful roots You cannot accept from us.

Since the wave of death is about to sweep us away, please stop all of this and take us as a foothold on which You can work as a structure of providence. Please allow all of us to be on the side of the Father and to become the tribes that can fight against Satan to win. Since this day is a holy day, please manifest Your compassionate being and hands of love every place sons and daughters who are spread around are gathering to bow before You. By quickly calling and upholding the chosen ones, please allow them to gather at one place to become the Father's true sons and daughters who can fight the evil Satan, who has been in the enemy position for 6,000 years, before the Father and triumphantly return. I then sincerely desire You to let us become ones who can give way to each other, who can be at peace with each other, who can depend on each other by resembling the one mind, one love and one heart, and who can accomplish the joyful garden that the Father desired.

Even if there was something improper that You could not tolerate in the past week, please forgive us. If we have any deep personal grudge, please undo it. Are there still any self-centered hearts, minds, concepts and subjective opinions left? Father, I ardently request that You will manifest Yourself as a substantial entity of power and re- engender the heart of the whole by You alone controlling and asserting. Allow us to be able to be ones who resemble the Father's hyung sang.

Since we leave the remaining time solely in Your control, please guide this hour to be one in which we prostrate ourselves in this place with all of our heart and soul and will. Soliciting ardently that You will lead us, I prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The reason God created all things was to usher in a day in which He could see and enjoy them with humankind, who were to become the substantial entities of goodness. However, due to their fall, human beings could not become the fruitful entities of goodness which could make God happy. Therefore, the hopes of God and all things were not materialized. The hope of humankind did not come into realization either. That is why myriads of people alike have wished to see the emergence of such a fruitful entity of goodness. Moreover, God, too, wishes for humankind to be the fruitful entity of goodness. That is why He has unfolded the dispensation for its realization until now.

God Who Seeks a Substantial Entity of Goodness

If we consider God's shimjung from various angles, it is fraught with sorrow, and in it there remains some of God's concern. As we see God's providential dispensation being carried out in continuation through today's creatures, we can comprehend that God still seeks the substantial entity that is the ideal of creation.

We the faithful believers today must appear before history and before the providence by becoming a substantial fruitful entity through experiencing God's internal shimjung from the standpoint of God, who is in such a situation. Unless we can be reaped as God wishes and be those whom God can be proud of, you must understand that you will not be able to undo God's acute resentment, penetrating grief, and heart- rending sorrow.

What is God's sorrow? It is that there is no true human being who is the fruitful entity of goodness, who can have dominion over all things, having the right sense of direction by which all created beings can aim toward goodness. Therefore, human beings must become the fruitful entity of goodness that can express God the Father's internal shimjung by becoming living sacrifices before God. Going further, there has to emerge a representative character who receives God's blessing from among them.

You must remember the fact that, unless such a person emerges from among us, the faithful believers of today, the effort God made in carrying out the dispensation by sending Jesus to this earth and the meaning of Jesus' sending the Holy Spirit will all prove in vain. All the labor of the prophets and sages fighting against Satan in the blood-stained course and their eager looking forward to the day of victory will also come to naught.

What then is God seeking today? God is seeking one person who has attained to the substantial entity of goodness and can say with confidence, standing before a court of judgment, "Since I know that God's hope is to realize the ideal of attaining the substantial entity of goodness in such-and-such a way, by looking at me as the one who has attained to such a substantial being, please dispel the Father's resentment and stop the trial activities."

Unless the substantial entity of goodness that pleases God is attained, God cannot be joyful and, accordingly, cannot have glory. As long as God does not feel happy, all created beings will not be joyful. As long as God does not have glory, no one can be given glory. All Christians today are given this mission to go further, cultivating the path of life in such a destiny.

We ourselves must become beings from such a standpoint who can experience God's situation, looking at all things with the shimjung that is similar to that of God. We must step out before the will of the providence, before the prophets and sages, and before the Father, who is reaping the substantial entity of true cosmic goodness. In the meantime, have we indeed become the substantial entity of goodness in this hour today, the entity that is suitable to God's internal standard, that God is also seeking? It has become time to ask ourselves this question and to reflect upon ourselves. Now is the time for God, who feels sorrowful because of the fall of human beings, to reap the fruit of goodness in the garden that He idealized by setting up a condition called judgment after the lapse of a 6,000-year history.

In our scriptural reading, it is said, "A man reaps what he sows," (Gal. 6:7). After God set up Adam and Eve, He loved them and wished the day when He would feel joyful by receiving beauty and goodness in return for His love would continue eternally. Though it was absolute that the will and hopes of God in such a position were to be realized at all costs, they were not materialized due to the fall of Adam and Eve. Therefore, only after passing through 4,000 years of martyrdom for the sake of cultivating the seed of hope was God able to send Jesus Christ as the fruitful entity.

Jesus Who Is To Realize God's Desire

What kind of man was Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ came as the substantial entity of goodness who could undo the bitter resentment of heaven and earth. Therefore, it was his mission to come to this earth as the substantial entity of idealistic goodness who could be spoken of with pride before God. He was to represent Heaven and represent the earth. He was the one for whom God waited eagerly. He was to be offered to God as the harvest of original goodness throughout his life. Because Jesus, who came with such a mission, came to bear the cross at Golgotha owing to human distrust, the man who should be the harvest of goodness became the sacrificial offering.

Therefore, Jesus carries a bitter shimjung originating from not having attained this. He has been praying a long time for the sake of realizing God's original will on this earth. We must understand that, to accomplish this will, he will surely come again.

Similarly, Jesus came for the sake of saving all humankind to be the object of goodness of God. That is why he had the mission to subjugate Satan and make him cease to exist. At the same time, he came to realize God's ideal in God's place. Jesus had to go the life course with which God could be pleased. Therefore, Jesus could not help but materialize such a will, not by dying, but during his lifetime. If Jesus had completed such matters while he was living, we of today would not have to wait for him to return. The goal, in other words, the harvest of goodness that God had idealized and wished for could already have been offered through the life course exemplified by Jesus. If that had happened, it would not have been necessary for Christians to toil, to supplicate and to lead prayerful lives awaiting Jesus' return for 2,000 years.

Following in Jesus' footsteps to fulfill the providential mission, we must accomplish today all of the goals Jesus set and fulfill the purpose for his being born. Unless we now fulfill God's will, even by sacrificing ourselves for Him, God cannot reap us as the fruitful entities of goodness.

God did not create human beings to live only in the spiritual world. He created them to live, building harmony between the spirit and the flesh by acquiring the substantiated body. That is, God created so that the spirit of human beings could govern all things by connecting with God, who exists as a spirit. The spirit and flesh can harmonize with each other by the spiritual body connecting to the physical body. This is the rule of creation. Therefore, you must understand that Jesus, who came to this earth as the fruitful entity of goodness after a 4,000-year history, should not have been the king of all kings only after he died, on the spiritual plane.

Jesus was anxious to clearly teach his beloved disciples the secrets of Heavenly principle without restraint. But there was no proper person who could comprehend Jesus' shimjung and then uphold the will. You must understand the indescribably tormenting circumstances pressing down upon the bosom of Jesus, who stepped forward wishing a time of triumph would come.

Jesus came for the sake of human beings and wanted to share joys and sorrows with them; however, he was unable to let them comprehend his circumstances. Therefore, God earnestly wished that Jesus become able to commune with human beings on earth. That is why God has come forth unfolding the dispensation of 2,000 long years in order for the person to emerge who can comprehend Jesus' internal and external shimjung.

After the lapse of the 4,000-year history after the fall of Adam, Jesus came as a substantial entity of cosmic goodness on this earth to attain God's hope for the first time. He paid dearly and sacrificed himself to serve God. Jesus is the man who remains to us the symbol of tribulation, suffering and toil.

It is not right if we spiritually seek only for all the fruit of goodness that Jesus left. That goes against Jesus' saying, "Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven," (Matt. 16:19, 18:18).

If we have bitter resentment, it is not limited to our individual selves. In it, there is the acute, bitter resentment of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, there is the penetrating grief of the prophets and sages. While coming through the history of 6,000 years, God has waited eagerly for the day when human beings will awaken to the reality of their situation and become able to be offered as a sacrifice of goodness. The time when such an ideal comes to be realized is the time of the Second Coming. That time is now.

The Root of Goodness, the Root of Love and the Root of Life

If you come to realize why Jesus, who came to be harvested as the fruitful entity of goodness, wishes to come again and demands a practical faith of human beings on this earth, you then have to move forward. You must fight with the resolution to advance through this path to the end, even in the face of any ordeals, sufferings and courses of struggle. Furthermore, you must not lead a life where you are self-centered and looking after your own interests.

Because each human being has lived a life that does good only for him or herself, and has carried out social activities in the same way, God feels sad. We of today should not live like that.

Although you may live somewhat self-centeredly for a day-to-day short life span, in the duration of your lifetime, you must set up a certain standard that you will consider as your center. In other words, if there is a man who has everything working out well, centered on himself, throughout his day-to-day life, he cannot live with confidence like that for the duration of a lifetime or else he cannot be offered to God as a harvest of goodness. Therefore, unless you wait eagerly for that one day when you can make a father-son relationship with Jesus throughout your lifetime and build a foundation such that you can bear trials to seek that one center, and endure any kind of hardship, you cannot reap the harvest of goodness for which you have hoped and for which Jesus Christ has wished on this earth.

You cannot establish the standard of goodness only by your life course. Although it seems that there are words of goodness and men of goodness in this world, the person who can be the fountainhead and father of goodness has not yet appeared. Human beings are all speaking of love, goodness and life, but they all speak of their own lifetime. Until one substantial entity that can be the root of goodness, the root of love, and the root of life comes into our depths by connecting with our minds, our bodies, and our whole lifetimes, we cannot become the substantial entity of goodness. We must reach the standard of being able to connect with that entity.

We should be aware that Jesus was the man who came as the father of all things in the universe. In other words, he was the father of myriads of people and he became the root of all life in this world. Therefore, Jesus became the root of goodness to the human beings who could not find the root of true life on this earth. What is more, Jesus came to introduce the standard that can be the root of goodness to realize God's will in the human world. He is the root where the providential history that God has idealized is being unfolded in an obscure way.

Since Jesus had a spirit and a body, he must have had internal and spiritual things, along with external and physical matters. Therefore, he must have had internal life and external life. Jesus established the central coordinates of life through living a life where the internal and the external are combined. He kept going to accomplish the standard that he wished, walking the course of the substantial entity for the sake of the will on this earth.

Although Jesus led a life suitable for him to fulfill such a mission, he did not attain the goal completely. That is why he had to wait 2,000 years to come back again. If the goal had been completely attained, then the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God would have come to live with us.

What do you think we have to inherit today from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Human beings on this earth must inherit the ideal of substantial goodness that Jesus wished and upheld. They must then set up the concept of goodness, the religion of goodness, and the standard of goodness which can connect their minds and bodies and connect to God's shimjung. If you possess the root of Jesus' good ideology, it will still put forth new shoots, no matter how many times it is cut off.

We men of faith must understand what the root of such goodness is, what the root of God's love is, and what is the root of God's life and His will. The lives of human beings, who lost such a root cannot transcend the aspects of time and space. However, if today, from the position where we are restricted by time and space, we come to find the root of goodness that can live in the eternal relationship with goodness, we then can rise above the world of time and space.

Same Root, Same Fruit

Goodness is that the beginning and the end are manifested as one. From that standpoint, God said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End." This is when the main body of goodness, which represents the root, and the substantial body, which represents the branches and leaves, become harmonized. If God, who is the root, lives eternally, we the branches and leaves then come to live eternally. If God is good eternally, we, too, become good eternally. If God is happy eternally, we, too, can be happy eternally. The reason we cannot be happy eternally is that we have not become the substantial body representing the branches and leaves of God.

Therefore, we have to believe in Jesus, who came as the parent of goodness, and the Holy Spirit and become united with them by being born again. We must carry out the external and substantial activities that can manifest God's internal and spiritual ideology.

To attain the substantial entity of goodness today, we must have the relationship of being unified with the Lord who is coming again. In other words, the man who believes in and serves the Lord who comes to this earth with the shimjung that is united with God as the root of goodness, who forms a reciprocal relationship with him, will bear the fruit of goodness like him. The one who does not understand such facts and cannot attain that one standard will not be able to attain eternal happiness, eternal life and eternal love.

We have the fate of pursuing such a path. This path is one that Jesus left to humankind after having tried to attain it for humankind, yet being unable to. Many prophets have arisen during the 2,000 years since Jesus' death.

Upon being faced with this time when everyone speaks unanimously of the last days, do you know what you have to do? You must become the substantial entity of the harvest of goodness. Unless you come to stand as one fruitful entity that can be reaped by Jesus, who represents the root of goodness, you will have nothing to do with Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God.

In retrospect, reflecting upon the position of ancient Adam and Eve, we can understand how human beings came to lose goodness. Adam and Eve forgot the responsibility they had to bear as the ancestors of humankind on this earth. Due to their failure in fulfilling such a cosmic mission, they came to lose the root of goodness and caused posterity to lead a life that is against Heavenly principle. Owing to their forgetting their responsibility and not fulfilling it, Adam and Eve came to fall. Similarly, all human beings ended up carrying the burden of falling. Accordingly, undoing the burden that each human being came to bear and which came to exert itself as an influence upon all created beings is the history of restoration.

As long as Adam and Eve abided by the rules God set as the Heavenly ways, no one could interfere with them. They were in a high and noble position where, having an absolute reciprocal relationship only with God, they had to follow the rules of Heaven. They merely had to obey, whether seen or not seen by anybody. Then they would have carried out the responsibility entrusted in them.

Not only Adam and Eve, but the archangel also had the rules of Heavenly principle to abide by, the path to walk, and the responsibility and mission to bear. But because they acted having forgotten this, the fall came into being. Jesus is trying to undertake and undo this burden that human beings have come to bear due to falling. To us, too, is left the responsibility, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, to undo the burden that was to be undone through Jesus. Suppose we are the faithful believers in the final days who bear such responsibility. We then have to command our daily life, social life, and even the concept that we idealize based on this standard, bearing the same content of responsibility as that of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We must have the shimjung that connects with them.

God, who had wished for the fruit of goodness that He had blessed humankind with to be attained, tried for the duration of long history to accomplish the will through Jesus. However, because of Jesus' dying on the cross, He did not accomplish the will completely and is working again to realize the will. During this process, Satan is fighting to prevent this. To proceed in repulsing Satan's challenge is the path of restoration.

Burdened Man's Responsibility Because of the Fall

You must understand that if Adam and Eve had not fallen, an individual's responsibility would have been limited to that individual's bearing of it. Because they fell, all humankind has his own responsibility to bear and has to beat off the counterattack of Satan also. In other words, if the fall had not occurred, humankind would have been able to feel God's joy as his own and attain to the fructified entity of goodness by fulfilling his own responsibility. But because humankind fell, he undertook the responsibility of having to stand against Satan and fight as well. This is the fate of humankind.

The burden of restoration that man bears is that while he has to go through indescribable hardships to go forward bearing this burden, to this is added the enemy, Satan, who is stalking him. Man has to exterminate this, too.

Because God's hope was cut off due to Jesus' dying, a substantial being who has succeeded in attaining the purpose of life Jesus wished to attain will come to emerge on this earth in place of Jesus. Until the day when God personally puts His hands on that person's head and says, "You are my eternal, beloved son," and can lower His blessing, we have to meet Him through one religion and open a gate to attend Him. We must, first, foster cosmic energy to do that.

Today we have to do that which will enable us to make a connection with Jesus, who is the substantial entity of goodness of God, who transcends history on the national and worldwide level restorational process. What is more, we must become sons and daughters who can fight for Heaven, shouldering the responsibility of providential restoration and establishing relations with the substantial entity of goodness. Such a person will not be subjected to any condition of having to be tried, even when faced with the last days.

To become Jesus' friend, each of us has to do the work he did not finish and undertake the responsibility for the will that he idealized during his lifetime. Meanwhile, we should ask ourselves if we have fulfilled such a task in the past. Until the time of Jesus' Second Coming, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who are spiritual, will carry out the work of making fallen humankind part of the original life through rebirth. The man who passes through such a process will be able to easily go through the time of judgment. God will let him hurry through the trial without difficulty. Therefore, we must be aware of the fact that without walking the path of life that can excite our creativity, and without becoming the harvest as the substantial entity of goodness, we will suffer more pain than the suffering Jesus endured.

Even a grain of seed can put forth buds for the first time only when the spring comes after the cold winter. Similarly, if there are human beings who try to go forth upholding the true nature of life in the last days, there will be the contrary influence that tries to confuse the real nature of life and goodness. In other words, just as there is a storm-sweeping winter season in heaven and earth, the time of rough- and-tumble life in which the blood of life dries up, the time when the power of the sacred spirit will freeze and all social activities become paralyzed will come upon us.

Without passing through such a life, without having actual results of overcoming these and attaining to the substantial entity united with the cosmic center, life, love and the root of goodness, all the world will become ridden by fear and lose equilibrium. Then the reason and mental panorama of humankind, who are accustomed to the force of habit, will be thrown into confusion. On top of that, Satan will appear to start the age of horror where he will attempt to take the life of humankind.

By way of precaution against such a time, we have to set up a firm center to ably bring such elements under control and equip ourselves with the vitality that can undo all bitter resentment. If we do not bear the fruit of life in which we become nestled in the bosom of God's love, it will be like not seeing the spring or summer season during our growth, but instead seeing the fall or winter.

Now humankind has arrived at the time of harvest, after having passed through the history of 6,000 years. In such a time, you must equip yourselves with the natural quality of Christ, the seed of goodness, and with a character proper to God's will, and become a substantial being who can fulfill the responsibility. Otherwise, you will be unable to be sown as a seed of immutability upon seeing a new season.

Therefore, when something regrettable happens, we should become sons and daughters who can pray to God, "Father, I will become the one who can take charge of difficult work that others do not want." By becoming the people who lament, putting themselves in God's place, we can be concerned and worry for the sake of Heaven.

God Who Seeks, Using Goodness as an Intermediary

Satan has contended against the Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit for 6,000 years. He also watched for a chance to attack as God unfolded the dispensation. He is about to attack at once in these days by mobilizing all the crowds of people on his side. In times like this, have the children who can take the responsibility and check this emerged on this earth? They have not, and that is why the sorrow of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit fills the earth. If we truly understand the will of God, who has come forth setting up the ideal of creation in such a situation, can we still move forward with confidence, raising our heads? As a qualified delegate of God, with the shimjung of feeling inadequate in every way, having cultivated the ability that can beat off billions of satans with confidence in the position of Jesus, we must join company with Jesus. Jesus has fought bearing the responsibility for the 4,000-year history. Jesus and the Holy Spirit have tried to end the history of the 6,000-year struggle. We must join them in their fight against Satan and move forward abruptly, expanding the sphere of triumph.

How many people have there been until now who can bear the responsibility for creating a climate like this! The faithful believers today do not know of God's shimjung. He grieves about no such person being in existence. All of you gathered in this place today, wishing that you understand my shimjung, I, who make you the family members who stepped onto this treacherous road that others say nay to and refuse to walk, I desire that you at least become the people who can follow as far as the point that God wishes and carry out the responsibility. What is more, I wish you to be the people who can carry out the responsibility to the end, to accomplish that will, as long as there still remains the will that God wished to be fulfilled through Jesus.

You must fulfill your individual responsibility, the people's responsibility and the worldwide responsibility by becoming people who can love each other like real brothers and sisters, comfort each other and take responsibility for each other. When this happens, even when you are struck with a serious and sad shimjung by being inadequate individually, brothers and sisters will save you. Thereby, you will come to taste the joy of what you want to attain without God's hands reaching out to us. Now is the time when God lets such persons be aware of His will, even through sensing that feeling.

When faced with difficulties while trying to fulfill the will of God, who has endured and toiled for 6,000 years until now, the man who has lots of friends to whom he can plead, "Please help me," will receive God's helping hand. The mind of God is lamenting. He must look toward humanity on this earth, because He has to fulfill the will through human beings today. Human beings today are in a position such that not only can God not grab hold of them; Jesus and the Holy Spirit, also, cannot grab hold of them. The people who understand God's situation will be contrite, shedding tears. However, even if a man with such a shimjung sheds tears that touch Heaven and earth, it will not be in the same category as God's grief and sorrow. Human beings are not even aware that the root of such bitter cosmic resentment still exists. When you cannot step forward in the presence of God for yourselves, you must know to go forward relying on true brothers and sisters.

The reason people wish to meet good friends, good teachers or good ministers is because they wish to be able to hurry their way by forming relations with good cosmic fruitful entities and to avoid bad things. If you make other people feel God's nation through your decisions, your faith and the way you lead your lives, they, too, will come to follow suit. As Jesus became a sacrifice by being obedient before God, you, too, must meet a person who does God's work. In other words, you must find such a shepherd or leader and submit to him. If the person who is leading you strays from the path of the will, you have to render devoted service to Heaven for that person. You have to take the altar in your charge and become the sacrifice yourselves. You have to pass through the point of having fulfilled the responsibility like this.

You must understand now how invaluable is the burden you are shouldering. Since even now sorrow is still left with the Holy Spirit and Jesus and God, if each of us does not become the one who can undo this sorrow, then each of us will become one who is shameful before Heavenly Father.

The One Who Clears the Way of God

God awaits the possibility of our toil going beyond those laborious efforts made in battle by God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He waits for us to become harvestable as the fruits of goodness. Therefore, if we cannot become ones that are adequate for that, God will experience sorrow again.

Although the history of adverse fortune is being prolonged because human beings cannot carry out their own responsibility, there are many who are not aware of this fact and are asleep. At any rate, we have to be able to say to God, "Father, who is going to be responsible for this? Since I came to know of the Father's will ahead of anyone, I will bear the responsibility for this, even if by myself," and to make such a determination. To carry on a fight against the force of deathly darkness on this earth and, furthermore, to have carried on a three- dimensional fight against Satan, is the history of faithful believers until now.

People today follow many different faiths. What is more, each of them recommends the religion that he has faith in to others. When you listen to the various contents of those faiths, they all demand faith that can set up righteousness and goodness and can also repulse Satan's offensive power; a faith that does not break against any evil challenge that tries to destroy you. It is you who should be bearing fruit as the substantial being of such faith.

Jesus alone bore the responsibility to liquidate all of the guilt committed throughout history in one generation and to establish the foundation of a new history. He tried to realize his will, praying to God for the protection of the Israelite people who were to build God's nation by saying, "Please let me shoulder the sins of the enemy." Such a will of Jesus' has extended down until today and is being spread out worldwide.

If there are many sons and daughters even today who, representing the Korean church, can step forward and pray, "God, please let me shoulder all of the sins of this world and fight against Satan, sacrificing myself," the standard of God's providential history will be established through this people. If we came to understand God's situation and shimjung while others were unaware, we must then become God's true sons and daughters. With a sense of responsibility, we must take the steps of life with the shimjung that we too will walk the fateful path of Jesus, who would get up again and walk when he fell at the summit of Golgotha. We can move on gaining victory, following the example of Jesus, who walked the path of crucifixion defeating every matter of life. Furthermore, we have to move forward walking this path for this people today. We have to be able to step forward even to the tribunal representing the world. Members of the congregation, please do not lose heart because our church walks the lonely path in a different position from others. If our being scolded, getting sacrificed and ending in the place where each of us dies creates a way that this people can live, we then have to walk this path willingly. By taking this path, we and the people can live. What is more, that is how we fulfill our responsibility and make ready the place to which God can come.

In like manner, as the resurrection of Jesus took place after he completely paid indemnity for the guilt of the distrust of the Israelite people before God, we are left today with a burden to bear, a goal to attain and a path to walk before humanity and even before Satan. Therefore, even when faced with opposition from someone, we must be prepared to die and become living sacrifices possessed with the style of immutability only. In other words, we must have such unchanging confidence and a sense of responsibility as to say, "If heaven and earth change, I can never change! Despite whether heaven and earth fall into disorder, I can never become disordered! There is absolutely no created being in this world that can rock this center set up in me now."

When we are determined to fulfill the responsibility of such a living sacrifice, it then satisfies the condition that we are to be subjected to cosmic level suffering, so that we become able to pass the first critical point of ushering in Jesus for whom we longed for the first time. What is more, if we have the standard that can handle the sinful world of suffering, Jesus will come to show himself before humankind for the first time. Only after that can it be seen that all humanity fulfilled the responsibility to set up the Heavenly principle on this earth.

The Fruitful Entity of Goodness that Transcended History

After setting up a goal that we will uphold this people before God by having them become the people who fulfill the responsibility, we have come out until now walking the course that realizes that. By the way, if some dark shadow is left in our living environment while we move forward walking the road of restoration, the essence of evil that is blocking our way, the element of death, will come to lurk. Such a dark shadow appears where good faces are being set up. Therefore, to show off is to destroy oneself. You should not stand in a position where you are destroyed due to such an outward show.

One can never muddle through things before the principle of natural laws. Speciousness will not do. Such a case is rather like dragging oneself into the sphere of sinfulness. That is to deceive oneself, and to deceive the Holy Spirit, Jesus and even God. Furthermore, that comes to be a factor that makes all created things sigh.

Therefore, if you ever happened to stand in a place like this, you must have senses of shame and guilt by command of the original mind. By reflecting on yourselves from now on before God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and before all things, try to appear as ones whose actions and lives leave nothing to be desired. To accomplish that, you must live a life that does not bring ruin upon you. What is more, since trying to depend on each other is an element of vice, you should avoid becoming filled with sinful elements by dispelling from your minds the tendency to rely upon others.

It may be an easy thing for you to look and have faith in Jesus and follow him. However, defending against Satan's invasion, which comes in horizontally, is not an easy problem to solve. To ward off Satan's challenge, you must first be strong enough to not be destroyed by any challenge. To be so, you must have a diligent mind to be able to strongly establish in yourself the center toward Heaven.

Accordingly, only when you have a confident belief that you are living a life that is not self-destructive will the path that leads God to humankind be opened for the first time. Since you have a mission like this, you should never stay idle. As long as there is some responsibility left to be borne, you have to fulfill it by surmounting any difficulties. As long as there remains the fate to fight, you have to carry out the fight at the risk of your lives.

Now if you came to realize the purpose of goodness at which Jesus aimed, and that you can attain it only by going such-and-such a way, you must then live appropriately for your minds and bodies and for the wishes of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Only when each of you becomes such a person and can say before God, "Heavenly Father! I have triumphed after fighting with Satan to attain the will that Father wishes," with Jesus on the right and the Holy Spirit on the left, God then will set up through such a person the ideal of Jesus and the Holy Spirit before humanity on this earth. God will then entrust him with His new work and let him carry it out. Subsequently, God will let Jesus and the Holy Spirit rest in heaven and He will complete the will that He desires to establish on this earth.

People on the earth may attest to a person, but he does not automatically come to be the representative figure who attains God's will. Jesus and the Holy Spirit will, first of all, have to be happy because of him and able to work through him for the mission he undertook.

As long as there remains the will that is to be fulfilled, the will surely is to be set up starting from one representative person. If the will started from that one person bears fruit into the will that can be extended to the whole, it will then bear fruit into one religion. Prophets and sages will come to gather centering on such a religion. Similarly, when you become able to march forward toward the eternal, cosmic blessed land of Canaan following one chosen, central figure, it will fulfill the responsibility of the Israelite chosen people.

Only then can God eradicate Satan's influence from this earth, which is fraught with cosmic, bitter resentment, and enjoy the happiness of having His wish fulfilled, with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Then He can implant the happiness He feels into all humankind. Then the grievous lamentation of human beings will come to disappear.

You should move forward so far that you can wish that the peak of danger has passed and that the bitter resentment is dissolved. Once seeing them resolved, you can express your gratitude to God and offer a respectful bow and bear fruit as the substantial entity of goodness that transcends history. I wish that you may become those who can liquidate the nameless fear that will come into being in the last days and the piercing resentment of God, all things and humankind.


Father who calls these young things and is laboring to seek the cosmic fruit of goodness! Please forgive us for not being able to understand or imagine, despite being faced with the cosmic fate, that each of us is to be harvested as the fruit of goodness by the hands of the Father.

Until today, we have been people who, while walking down this one path, were oblivious of themselves, being shameless, detestable, haughty and presumptuous, and who forgot their own responsibility. However, now we came to understand that the fruit of goodness is attained after the unification of mind and body is accomplished. Only through that can one come forth with a clear conscience. That is the law of Heavenly principle. Father, please awaken our souls and guide us in order for us to be able to walk such a lonely path.

If there is any content that is inadequate when You look at us, please set this in good condition and let only the shimjung that tries to care for the Father with increasing intensity pierce our hearts. My Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You will let the Father's shimjung fill our lives.

Father, we are the lonely sons and daughters, and we are those who took charge of one portion of the work that people of all sorts and conditions must carry out. Therefore, Father, please comfort our minds. We understand that Your being with us this hour today is to let us have the substantiated body and to draw us in before You, through the hands of Jesus who is the Lord of truth. While for that purpose the Father labored and worked, we have wasted so many days living at random until now. The thing we took in our charge, the thing we idealized was a vain and wild thing and meant for our own benefit.

Father, although we are such people, please entrust us with Your work now and encourage us. Please raise us again through the Father's work. Please bestow grace upon us who are living on this earth. Raise us to be sons and daughters who, upon ushering in the Lord who comes with a three-dimensional nature, can cast off the yoke of a billion satans and be the standard of eternal victory before humankind. Please allow even one person to emerge from among these unworthy people. Let him become the one who fulfills the entrusted responsibility and accomplishes a nation of victory, liberation and freedom, and a day of happiness in which all of the world can bow before him.

Father, I sincerely desire You to help all Unificationists to be able to do this work with this nation. By revealing nationwide and worldwide the comprehensive will that You are unfolding on this earth, let us expel billions of satans and fulfill the responsibility to attain Your desire.

We ardently solicit that You let eternal life gain its footing in these people through this word. Let this word appeal to the mind and body to stir up the thoughts and concepts so that it can guide the faith and life. Let the minds of these people move so that it becomes their eternal lifetime goal to make God happy. I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.