Let Us Become the Brides Who Reclaim What Was Lost to Jesus

Date: 1957-10-04
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

John 12:44-50


Father, we offer sincere gratitude to the Father, who has been protecting us until now. We know that this day in particular is a day we must cherish in our memory.

Father of love! We sincerely hope and wish that You allow this to be a moment when we can remember that day of the past. Reflecting back on the loyal heart of that time, let us examine in what state we find ourselves and to what extent we have returned glory to the Father during the past week.

We sincerely thank the Father who has called upon us first from among many people and who sought us out first among this pitiful people. Father, we earnestly wish You will allow us to understand how grave is the responsibility entrusted to us, who lack so much.

The Father knows that the purpose we seek and what we are trying to seize is not for the sake of some earthly desire. Rather, it is for the sake of alleviating the grief of the Father. Therefore, please guide us not to forsake this will and retreat. Furthermore, Father, we sincerely wish that You permit us to become the children who can raise high the Father's signal light of victory to guide the thirty million people to the love of the Father. In this way, please allow this 3,000-li peninsula to become the garden that can be embraced inside the Father's bosom of love.

Father of love! We have come together today in hope of going nearer to the Father. Please allow us to repent before the Father for all our inadequacies in this moment. Let us cleanse all our iniquities before the Father and obey the will that the Father has permitted according to the directions given this hour. We offer all the words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

Today I will speak briefly on the topic, "Let Us Become the Brides Who Reclaim What Was Lost to Jesus."

Jesus, Who Was Rejected on the Earth

You know very well that although many people believe in Jesus and welcome him now, calling him Christ and Lord, he did not enjoy that same glory at the time he came to the earth. Of course, it is not the case for those of us who believe today. Yet among the people of that time, no one believed that the words Jesus left behind were the words of Heaven. There were none who believed those words could substitute for their lives.

Although Jesus came for the sake of the earth, he was not welcomed by the people on earth. You have to understand that there was no one who sincerely welcomed him on behalf of individuals nor on behalf of families.

Although Jesus lived thirty years in the family of Joseph and Mary, everyone in that family was ignorant of his heart, his cherished hopes and his life and task. Not only that, there was no one who deeply understood the words of Jesus and who received him as the Christ. On the contrary, they betrayed and abandoned him. Such was the family of Jesus.

Jesus had the dispensational mission to rectify the individual and the family through his life and words. Yet among the chosen people at that time, there was no one who felt Jesus' mission as his own.

Even though all aspects of the life of Jesus, seeing, listening, talking, acting and working, were carried out on this ignorant earth, his life was not lived only for the sake of the people on earth. He lived for the sake of the new will of God, which people did not know about.

Moreover, when Jesus could not realize his will in the family, he hoped that his will would be proclaimed through the society or the religious groups. Nonetheless, Jesus was not welcomed by Judaism or the people of Israel. Not only that, the words Jesus spoke were rejected. His life, as well as all the works that he performed, were rejected.

Accordingly, you have to learn to fathom the heart of Jesus, who was abandoned. What great loneliness he felt and what great pain left its scars in his heart. If you become ignorant of the agonies of Jesus, you will never emerge as the one who understands the life, ideology, works and words of Jesus, who bore responsibility for the 4,000-year history.

Today we understand a little bit about this situation of Jesus through the verses in the Bible, but we understand only with our heads. Moreover, we understand merely by listening with our ears. However, this is not enough. When Jesus was spreading the words of truth to the people of Israel in the past, they also merely listened with their ears and understood with their heads. Because they could not feel and experience his words in their flesh and their actual lives, ironically, it facilitated Jesus' path to the crucifixion. For this reason, you have to clearly know that you should not listen only with your ears nor comprehend only with your heads.

What must we do today? While we understand the words we hear in our heads, we must also learn to comprehend them in our hearts and put them into action. However, at that time, until Jesus passed through the path of death on the cross, not even one person appeared who comprehended Jesus' words in their heart and put them into action.

Among the Israelite people, Judaism and the disciples with whom Jesus spent three years of sharing joys and sorrows, whom he taught with all his heart and soul, there did not appear even one such person. All of them fell victim to faithlessness. Although Jesus poured out all of his heart and energy, teaching them about the situation of God through dreams and with such words as, "Those who have seen me have seen God," the disciples whom Jesus loved did not understand Jesus' situation. There was no one who understood the words in their heads, felt them in their hearts, and put them into practice through their bodies.

The Qualifications of the Bride of Jesus and Her Mission

What is our responsibility during this time when we have arrived at the Last Days? We must restore all the ideologies of Jesus which were lost, bring victory in the conflict with all the sins of this earth, and construct the world of the Kingdom of Heaven. We must obtain the qualifications of a bride to receive Jesus as the bridegroom.

You are not just to listen to the situation of Jesus and be aware of it. You are not to just realize it in your mind and know it. You are to feel it in your heart and experience it through your body. Therefore, you have to understand that contained within the words of Jesus is the situation of not having been able to fully unveil the will of the Father before the people of that time. The infinitely sorrowful heart that could not fully reveal the secrets of the heavenly principles was contained within his words. If you are ignorant of this situation and heart of Jesus, then you will not be able to genuinely understand the words of Jesus, the life of Jesus who lived for the sake of establishing those words, and the works of Jesus, who strove hard to save all the people of this earth.

There was an infinite gap between the heart of Jesus and the hearts of those who were dealing with him. Jesus could not speak the words that lay deep inside his heart. Thus, he merely spoke words of advice to awaken the ignorant people.

What then is the content of the words Jesus spoke at that time? They were words of advice for those who tried to become the children of Heaven, even though they were living in the satanic world, in the evil land, in the world of enemies. They were the words whose content showed the way they could avoid the tests of the satanic world and bring victory. To put it another way, Jesus left behind a foundation based upon which all people could abide by his words in the satanic world and lead their lives while representing his heart.

Hence, the ultimate mission Jesus left behind for us is contained in the words, "You are my bride." At that time, Jesus could not speak directly, even to his beloved disciples. Instead, he spoke from the position of making a promise for the future. You have to understand this heart of Jesus.

Centering on the will that Heaven entrusted to him, Jesus' heart of love toward his disciples, the Israelites and Judaism remained unchanged. However, because they were ignorant people, an ignorant religious group and ignorant disciples, Jesus alone took on all the arrows as the spearhead in the conflict with Satan. To pioneer a path for their survival, he walked a course of ordeals. In other words, you have to clearly understand that Jesus was a sorrowful person who did not live in an environment in which he could frankly reveal the heart deep inside his mind, the ideology of the bride and bridegroom of Heaven.

As Jesus was leaving, he spoke the words to us on the earth, "You are my bride" as the target of hope that could usher in the new day of joy. Yet what happened to that ideology of the bride? Until now, there has been no one who, during the course of thousands of years of history, won the victory in the bitter conflict with Satan and stood in the position of Jesus' bride. Accordingly, you today must establish the ideology of the bride which was not established by the chosen people of Israel and the beloved disciples 2,000 years ago. You must learn to deal with the heart of Jesus on your own accord.

From what position did Jesus speak his words? His words were left behind to help the people, who believed in him as the bridegroom, develop the real qualifications of a bride and be connected to his heartbreaking situation. Therefore, we today must fulfill the real meaning of the words Jesus gave us. We must rectify the words of the bridegroom by becoming the bride Jesus wants, and reach the position where we can experience the internal heart that Jesus felt. You have to understand that if no one reaches this state, then the purpose of the words Jesus spoke throughout his thirty years of life cannot be fulfilled.

The Situation of Jesus Who Walked the Course of Public Life

What was the situation when Jesus was spreading the words of truth on this earth? The people opposed Jesus' words rather than welcoming them; furthermore, they opposed him. Thus, you today must be able to fathom the internal heart of Jesus, who spoke for the sake of his persecutors, even in that situation. You must learn to feel the mind of Jesus, who is the bridegroom of all people.

Moreover, you must experience the internal heart Jesus manifested as he was speaking 2,000 years ago, bringing yourselves to tears. We must go one step further and become the people who can comfort him. By doing so, we must become the faithful believers who welcome the words that were rejected at that time. We must realize the purpose of the words of Jesus on the earth without fail.

The words of Jesus the bridegroom have been conveyed to us until now, across countless crises of history. Today, when we have arrived at the Last Days, how should we relate with the words? You are not to understand those words only with your heads, but also with your minds and bodies.

Moreover, you have to understand that, at the same time Jesus' words were rejected, the sacrificial course of the thirty years of his life was also forsaken. In other words, you have to understand that, although it is true that the words of Jesus were abandoned, Jesus himself was also abandoned. As a result, the thirty years of his life were rejected.

Today when you are to become the brides of Jesus, what must you do? You should be able to claim back, through your own self, the thirty years of his life course, which were abandoned.

Although Jesus lived in the family of Joseph for thirty years, there was no one who welcomed what he was doing. He did not live in an environment where he was free to visit anywhere he wished. There was an enormous gap between the life he led and his will and words. Because he could not find even one person with whom he could share all of his situation, Jesus could not speak all the words he wanted. Instead, he silently carried on with his life while doing the work of a carpenter.

Moreover, Jesus was the central hero who could fulfill the will that God had tried to accomplish by sending numerous prophets. In other words, Jesus was the center of the people and the center of the religion. Furthermore, he was not only the center of the individual, he was also the center who represented the whole.

Yet Jesus was not only the master who represents everything on the earth. He also understood that he had to dominate the spirit world. As all of these things were undermined, he led a more and more sorrowful life. As one can see, the responsibility for Jesus losing his life rests with the Israelites of the past, Judaism, Joseph's family, John the Baptist and the beloved disciples of Jesus.

You who have learned this fact, what must you do? You should be able to comfort Jesus, who is returning as the hopeful bridegroom of all people on behalf of the world. He comes on behalf of the people, on behalf of the countless religious groups, on behalf of the numerous families today, and on behalf of his beloved disciples.

Moreover, you have to realize that as God has been working with this earth through the Holy Spirit, He has been longing for the appearance of someone who exerts all of himself to feel the anguished heart that Jesus felt deep in his bones and flesh.

The Faithful Believers of the Last Days Who must Become the Representatives of Jesus

To spread the words of the new gospel, Jesus shouldered the worries and difficulties of the Israelites, even as he suffered faithlessness and persecution wherever he went. However, there was not even one person, at that time, who considered the words and works of Jesus as his own. Jesus single-handedly shouldered all the worries of the people. This is the reason you today must cleanse all the sins that the chosen people committed by abandoning the words and work of Jesus. You must establish the ideology of Jesus on the earth. Moreover, you must find and rectify the ideology of Jesus, who tried to become the friend of all created things on behalf of the will of Heaven.

When we examine this from the biblical perspective, what level of truth did Jesus come to the earth with? Due to the faithlessness of the people of Israel, Jesus passed away without being able to manifest the entire, eternal ideal of God. What then is the ideal of Jesus? His ideal is to realize the one nation, one world and one ideal garden by joining Heaven and earth together. However, we have to understand that, indeed, this is not an easy thing.

If there is a nation, then there must be one national ideology. Moreover, there will also be political institutions whose purpose is to govern the nation. There are some policies. Furthermore, there is some official procedure, based upon which the policies are set. We can understand that, as a result of this, all citizens can lead their particular lives centering on those official guidelines.

You must understand that in order for a nation to establish a national ideology, it must pass through a complicated process. The individuals who are to achieve the great tasks of the heavenly principles have the responsibility to claim back the words, the life and the works of Jesus. However, you should know that because there is no one has completed this responsibility, the ideology of Jesus could not be manifested on the earth. This has caused great sorrow for God. Furthermore, you must take after the examples of the people who demonstrated loyalty toward Heaven for the purpose of constructing the new Heaven and earth, in other words, to construct the Kingdom of Heaven.

Among the words that Jesus spoke to his beloved disciples, the most important are "You are my bride." In other words, when he came to the earth, Jesus implanted the ideology of the bride and bridegroom.

For this reason, today you must pass through the position of the bride and bridegroom. After that, you must transcend your families, your society, and your nation to link up with the world and reach a state of oneness with the ideology of the Father, the Creator, who represents the heavenly principles. You have to clearly understand that if you have some inadequacies in the course of your advancement, you will cause a corresponding amount of sorrow for Jesus.

What then must the faithful believers who are living in the Last Days do today? They must restore the words that can connect them with the heart of Jesus. At the same time, they must restore the ideology of his life and works. By doing so, they must become the people who can step beyond the family to be linked with the society, the nation, the world and the whole universe.

Because Jesus should have secured the ideology of Heaven and because God tried to elevate Jesus as the master of the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus took responsibility for the will of God and introduced the new ideology to construct the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.

To inherit this mission, Jesus turned away from all his personal paths and walked this path, representing the one religion and God. You must keep in mind that this is the reason he single handedly walked a lonely path and left behind words of lament and wistfulness toward human beings.

The Life of Actualizing the Words of Jesus

To restore the works of Jesus and construct the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth, what must you who are living in the Last Days do? You must, first, find those words which are the ideology of Jesus. Through your life, you must correct the ideology of Jesus. In your daily life, you must now find and put into practice the works of Jesus, which have been abandoned until now.

By doing so, you must become the people who, passing through the forms of the individual, the family and the religious group, reach the nation and the world. You must establish the relationship of one body wherein Jesus moves when God moves, and the earth moves with Jesus. This kind of relationship cannot be forged by the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit alone. Therefore, the words of Jesus can prevent tribulation within the evil world, the environment where one is subjected to the invasion of Satan.

What then must you understand now? You must understand that Jesus did not fully convey all the words he should have spoken to the people on earth. He passed away without realizing the ideal of commanding all people after completing his given tasks. Only when you become the people who know how to feel the internal sorrowful situation of Jesus, who had to leave this earth without accomplishing everything, can you obtain the qualifications of a bride.

Just as a bride attends the bridegroom, there must come into fulfillment the eternal relationship of oneness in which she must consider the hope of the bridegroom as her own. The life of the bridegroom must become her own life, the words of the bridegroom must become her own words, and the works of the bridegroom must become her own works. In order for you to become the brides of Jesus today, you must obtain these qualifications.

Therefore, today you must feel and experience the path Jesus walked in your actual daily life. Furthermore, even before faithless people, you must convey the words and will of Jesus. The more you come to realize the desperate and sincere heart of Jesus toward the will of God and the more you become one with Jesus, the more you must become one with your brothers, in greater humility. When this is done, you will be able to understand the religious heroes who led their lives toward the path that humans must walk, the true path of life.

What then would Jesus want from the faithful believers who are living in the Last Days today? Jesus wants them to become the brides who can become his objects. Yet what kind of bride is that? God is not seeking a bride who merely dwells in the family or only in the religion of Judaism. God is seeking someone who not only can represent the chosen Israelites and that nation as well as the world, but who can represent Heaven and earth and shoulder the responsibility for the works of God and bring them to pass. This is the bride with whom God can consult for the sake of the fulfillment of His will according to the public laws. God is seeking this kind of bride.

Now while you are leading your life of faith, you must reflect on the extent to which you have obtained the qualifications of the bride for which Jesus longs. Have you searched for the works of Jesus in your life? Have you really been making an effort to materialize the ideology of Jesus? In other words, in your words and works, have you made a serious attempt to represent the words and works of Jesus? You have to reflect on this.

By doing so, you must perform actions by which your daily life is connected to the ideology, the life and the work of Jesus at that time. You must also completely inherit the internal agony of Jesus, who had come to the earth in place of Heaven but who lost all of his ideology. Furthermore, you must be able to alleviate that agony. You have to understand, with certainty, that such a mission is given to each and every one of you.

You then must be able to look upon the people and the religions with the sorrowful heart of Jesus, who came to the earth and exerted himself to find one bride. In other words, you must become connected to the heart of Jesus, who lived with a sad and grieving heart, unable to accomplish the will of God. You must strike your unrighteous self with the desperate heart that is reaching out towards goodness. Even if you are fatigued and driven back in the course of conflict, you must develop a genuine sense of bravery to fight on for the sake of fulfilling the will of Heaven.

In other words, you must follow the example of the actual life of Jesus, who stood alone as the spearhead confronting Satan. He did not fear death on the cross. On the contrary, he went beyond the cross to return glory to Heaven. Further, you are not to be content merely to follow the example of the life of Jesus or with becoming triumphant one day in the fight against Satan. You are to become content only after reaching the state where this universe can be eternally governed by the ideology of Jesus, and the glory of Heaven is manifested as Jesus' glory and your glory. To put it another way, you must only feel content by touching Heaven and Jesus with inspiration. You must bring joy to the Father and usher in the day when the whole universe can rejoice.

The Self-Satisfaction We Should Obtain by Moving Heaven

What must we find now? First, you must find the self who can represent the four directions of Jesus. By doing so, you must each become an individual who represents the twelve tribes of the past. You must understand clearly what kind of relationship existed between the twelve tribes and Christ, who was the representative of the twelve tribes. You must become the heroes of Heaven, who can accomplish the ideology of Jesus on the earth while sharing with him all of the hardships and joys in any environment.

Moreover, after understanding the grief of Jesus, who represented the family, and understanding the heartbreaking situation of representing the church, you must become united to inherit the last mission. Furthermore, we must create a religion that can represent Israel and the Judaism of that time. We must fulfill all that the faithful believers should have fulfilled on behalf of Heaven. If the believers at that time had nurtured individuals who could represent humanity and who could stand before Satan and if they had formed a people and a world that could have represented the whole of Israel, what more words would Jesus have spoken? Because they did not establish the laws that would guide them to unconditionally obey, submit to, and practice the words of Jesus, you must today claim all of these things back.

Although Jesus came, lived and fought on the earth, when you come to realize that his life came to an end without being able to fulfill even one of the things he purposed to do, you must not be content just to follow the path Jesus walked. You must learn to feel the internal agony of Jesus, the bridegroom, who had to drive his beloved disciples to the path of death.

In addition, you have to keep in mind the historical mistake of making the bridegroom lonely and forcing him to the cross. You must carry on the fight while beholding the one day of hope. To put it another way, you must comprehend the fundamental ideology of Jesus to alleviate the grief and bitterness in his heart. You must learn to materialize the tasks he left undone.

What then must the believers who live in the Last Days do now? They have to become the ones who alleviate the grief of God and Jesus, which is deeply rooted in the 6,000-year history. They must become the brave soldiers of Heaven, who make their way through the path of the cross and the path of thorns. They must step forward to construct the nation of God, the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth, by determining to die and offering their lives.

As God promised to send the Messiah after raising the Israelites through the 4,000-year history, He sent Jesus to the earth. Yet due to the faithlessness of the Israelites and the apostles, Jesus could not speak all he wanted. He could not reveal everything, even to his disciples. We have to understand that Jesus suffered this deep sorrow inside.

You have to understand that such sorrowful grief still remains on the earth. You must feel that it is moving toward your bosom even at this moment. In addition, you have to claim back the words Jesus lost, the ideology of life that was lost, and the ideology of the heavenly principles that were lost. You must fathom the situation of these people who have toiled until now amid hardships. Furthermore, you must not only take on Satan, who is fighting with Jesus, in the same way Jesus took on Satan; you must also take responsibility for the countless lives on this earth today.

A Life and Death Battle with Satan, Who Is Obstructing the Way of the Will

Where then does the difficult problem, in the course of faith, lie today? The problem is whether we can set certain conditions based upon which we can inherit the internal grief which Jesus could not express and the foundation he laid as he toiled for the sake of the people of that time.

If you, who are living in the Last Days, want to reclaim the lost words of Jesus, you will have to make a firm determination and pledge that you will not fall down, no matter what kind of ordeals and persecutions you face on this earth. At any cost, you will certainly fulfill the will of God on behalf of Jesus.

In the past, Satan tried to kill Jesus and force him to forsake his life. In the same way, when you try to live on behalf of the will of Jesus today, the same kind of environment will unfold before you. To put it another way, just as Jesus' family, religious group and nation forsook the works of Jesus, the same circumstances will dawn upon you.

You have to understand that it was a disciple of Jesus who sold Jesus to the enemies and put him on the cross, while trying to find a comfortable place for himself. The people were ignorant of the fact that Jesus was the very Messiah God had chosen, and they betrayed and persecuted him. In addition to that, you have to understand that satanic history has not been brought to an end, since the bitter grief of God was engendered due to that faithlessness. Therefore, in your course of faith today, the same phenomena will occur as when the people forsook the words, the works and the life of Jesus Christ.

Accordingly, today Satan is forcing you to stay within the limited realm of the individual level. The will of Jesus is connected to individuals, families, a society, a nation and the world. Satan is blocking your way, so you cannot exceed the limit of the individual realm in the environment of your daily life. For this reason, when you find yourself in a living environment similar to that of the time of Jesus, you must put your life on the line and fight to escape.

Likewise, you should realize that when you try to represent the words of Jesus and fight with Satan, you will suffer difficult situations no one else can understand. Even if you find yourself in that kind of situation, you must overcome it by setting some direct condition which represents the life of Jesus.

What then must you, who have been leading your life of faith centering on the ideology of a bride, do? On behalf of Jesus, you must actualize the ideology revealed through the entire life of Jesus, in other words, the ideology of universal hope. You must unmistakably understand that, when you do that, you can enter the position of the bride of Jesus.

Where are you dwelling today? You must not be stuck in your own individual realm and remain in the environment of lament. You must overcome that kind of environment. Even if your beloved parents and beloved younger brothers, as well as all the people you love, oppose you, you should be able to follow the footsteps of Jesus, who overcame all such opposition. If you cannot do that, you will not be able to be restored as original men, and the existence of the Unification Church today will have no value.

If you understand that the history of the dispensation is proceeding according to these rules and principles, you should join in that path. After entering that path, you must make an effort not to satisfy your own desires, but to live for the sake of the whole.

You should find the words that can replace the lost words of Jesus. You should lead a life that can replace the life of Jesus. Even when the will given to him was not being realized, Jesus did not lose hope about all the authority and power of Heaven and earth God had promised him. You have to learn from this character of Jesus.

Thus, you should learn to thoroughly reflect upon yourself, whether you have become a bride who can always attend the bridegroom Jesus by following in his footsteps. You must reflect upon what kind of environment in which you are living and whether you are crossing some pass. By doing so, after passing through the course of the bloody trail that believers must travel through, you must greet the Lord who is coming again amid glory.

The Lord of Glory, Whom We Can Meet after Crossing the Pass of Hardships

When the returning Lord appears amid the glory of God, what must you do? If you can meet the returning Lord, that joy must not be limited to you. It must represent eternity or it must be manifested as the joy which represents the unlimited ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, even if you momentarily feel that you are not going to find satisfaction in it, you are to go one step further to feel the joy in which you can experience the eternal bliss of having triumphed over Satan, as well as the eternal love of God. Moreover, even when you are feeling the grace, you must feel the grace that is beyond our imagination in the same way Jesus felt it.

Through what kind of process was Jesus able to feel that kind of grace? It was because Jesus severed himself from all things in his life and worried only about the will of God. Moreover, why was Jesus able to behold the glory of resurrection? Jesus was able to live for the sake of God without any change, even when the glory of Heaven and earth, the loyalty of Heaven and earth, and the ideology that no one on earth possessed were all cut off. On account of this, Jesus entered the realm of the direct glory of God and stood in the position where he could forge bonds with human beings on earth.

What then is the joy you feel today? It is surely not for the sake of yourself. This joy is the grace that is instilled into you to give you the strength to fight against the forces of Satan on the earth. For this reason, being grateful to the Father who has given you joy, you have to have the determination to win the battle with Satan in order to offer the song of bliss for having removed the grief of the 6,000 years implanted deep in this earth until now. You must have the determination to rejoice after you have become eternally one with the Father.

Accordingly, this blessing is not the grace that will guide you forever, and it is not only for your sake. This grace is meant to help you fight with and subjugate Satan. Therefore, with the grace you have received, you must not create some conditions of comfort and peace for yourself. Instead, you should begin to liquidate all sins and powers of Satan on this earth. When you can emerge as the victorious children who have completed God's purpose of creation on this earth and when you emerge as the ones who have fulfilled all the conditions, it will be to no avail, no matter how much Satan struggles. Moreover, you have to clearly understand that if there is someone who can emerge like this, he will be free no matter where he goes. In every footprint he leaves behind, there will be traces of victory.

Have you felt or realized something after listening to these words today? Have you discovered something? Have you learned something after joining the Unification Church? If these are the words of truth, you must not understand them only in your mind. You must understand them in your mind and, at the same time, understand them in your bosom. You must understand through your mind and your body.

When you comprehend the words in your head, your bosom, your body and your mind, you will have to move toward the fulfillment of the purpose of those words. You will have to fight with Satan. Moreover, you will not be able to curse the Father with your mouth and you will not be able to change your mind and be in a position of betraying Heaven.

The Pioneer of the New Heaven and Earth Who Completes His Responsibility and Marches on until the End

Furthermore, when you understand the words, through your body and mind, you will feel that countless arrows of Satan are rushing toward you from your surroundings. The more you feel that, the more you will have no choice but to unite with the people who are in the same position as you.

Having done this, you must consider the situation of others as your own situation, the griefs and grudges of others as your own griefs and grudges. That way you can form the living environment of oneness in which people can rely on each other, help each other and begin to build the new Heaven and earth. You have to understand that this kind of person is the pioneer of the new Heaven and earth.

You have to have the mind-set to manifest the grace you have received through your daily life in the practical field and that now you will ward off and overcome any arrows and false charges of Satan. Moreover, when you develop this kind of mind-set, no matter where you go, no matter whom you are dealing with, and even if you are in a lonely position, the heavenly soldiers and angels will always protect your life. Because Jesus had this kind of mind-set, the many thousands of believers in Heaven protected and supported him. If Jesus had not had this mind-set, even he would not have been able to carry on his works and to step forward before the will of the heavenly soldiers, the angels and the Father.

Until today, you have failed to possess this kind of mind-set to create an environment on this earth in which you can live intoxicated in the glorious grace of Heaven. For this reason, until now, God and the angels have been in the background helping humans on the earth, inducing them to move toward this glorious blessing. God has been living in sorrow. Because Jesus possessed this sorrowful heart of God, he tried to create a relationship between humans on the earth and the eternal ideology, based on the conditions of the new laws of the heavenly principles. Yet because of the faithlessness of the people at that time, he died on the cross in bitterness and anguish, unable to realize that will.

What kind of environment then are you in today, you who have searched for this Jesus of the sorrowful death? Even today, the same kind of phenomena, as the betrayal of Jesus' words and the rejection of Jesus' works seen in his time, are taking place. In other words, today you are also walking the path that others say is wrong, while being driven away and rejected by all people. Thus, you must cast away the sorrow of being rejected like this and, at any cost, you must make the effort to set the conditions of victory that will bring joy to Heaven and earth. If our gathering is for the sake of fulfilling this kind of will, all of us must become one in body and mind to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Although you are suffering the grief of being rejected, forsaken and the sorrow of being abandoned by your former church, you must step over this kind of sadness according to the principles of restoration through indemnity. In other words, the members of the Unification Church must not stop halfway at feeling the heart and will and no longer feel the grief. Instead, you must walk the path that you must travel and cut off the paths that you must cut off. Furthermore, you must be able to participate in the Father's glory of resurrection.

If you represent the will that Jesus tried to realize on the earth and set the condition of having completed all of the responsibility for the sake of history and the universe, then Satan, who caused the fall of the human ancestors Adam and Eve, will naturally disappear from this earth. Thus, you must keep in mind that when human beings step over that hill of conflict with Satan on the earth, God will always be with them. You should understand that Jesus dwells inside the realm of the ideology of bride and bridegroom, in the central position representing the world. Satan cannot make accusations about this.

When you emerge as the hero who, acting on behalf of the internal heart of Jesus, passes through Jesus' ideology of the nation and the world and goes in search for the whole value of restoring Heaven and earth, you will be able to restore all that Jesus lost. As the one who comprehends all the grief he suffered, you will be able to stand up as the one with victorious value.


Father! Please forgive us, we who are neither loyal nor filial, for not understanding the heart of the Father who worries about the lonesome ones. Instead, until now we have been making the appeal for You to alleviate our anxiety. Please let us realize that the heart of Heaven is this miserable and anxious, and that we cannot dare to speak about our own situation to the Father.

Father, since this alone is inadequate, Father of love, we sincerely hope that You will allow us to remove the worries and concerns of the Father based on myself. Let us become the sons and daughter who can offer all that we have to the Father during this hour. Father, we are making our best effort to set the valuable conditions toward Heaven, within the sphere of our actual daily lives today. Father, please be with us.

Although we have been inadequate in that we could not be glad about our sacrifices, made for the sake of setting the conditions of Heaven's value, from now on, we will become sons and daughters who can be happy even when we are being used limitlessly by the Father. Father, please give permission. We know that even Satan cannot block our footsteps, so beloved Father, we earnestly wish that You help us maintain an unchanging heart today and tomorrow.

Father, please let us understand that to become the bride of Jesus, the bridegroom, we must worry when the bridegroom worries, fight when the bridegroom fights, and dead or alive we must move with the bridegroom. Please raise us to the position of the bride who shares in the joy of the bridegroom. After passing through the course of conflict, they sing the glory of the Father amid the grace of liberation.

We wish that, on account of this, we can reclaim all that was lost. Wishing that the one day when we can sing the glory of the Father in praise and in joy will quickly emerge within the life course, the lives and in the minds of each person who has gathered here, we offer all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.