Let Us Become the Citizens Who Take Possession of the Kingdom of Heaven

Date: 1957-06-02
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

Matthew 21:33-46


Loving Father! We have brought all of our situations before You. You have been guiding us in various ways, so please admit us.

Every time we prostrate ourselves before the holy presence of the solemn Father, we feel that we are inadequate. Therefore, Father of compassion, please govern the entirety of this hour. By constantly dwelling in each of our hearts, allow us to live within the will of God.

Father, we earnestly wish that You will allow us to relinquish our evil minds and to follow and harmonize with the original mind that the heavenly nature seeks. Let us be the sacrifice that will become the root of original nature.

We are exhausted from fighting with the sin of darkness for one week. Father of compassion, please appear and hold onto us. Teach us lessons, and by advising us, guide us to climb over the ridge of death and dash toward a clear goal regarding the will. We earnestly hope that the Father will rejoice about this and be with us.

Beloved Father! Please manage every detail of the many children who have gathered here this hour. Beloved Father, we earnestly hope that the Father will sanctify everything about each of us in this hour. By eliminating all the conditions that You do not want, we pray that You will let us have purified minds and bodies and bring joy to You. Allow us to become a group of the whole who can serve You and bow to You.

Father! We feel awe-stricken before the toilsome will of the Father who has called us. Father, please look down upon us with compassion. Father, we desire with utmost sincerity that only You will become our friend, that only You will believe in us, with the result that You will allow us to become beautiful sons and daughters who can demonstrate our full loyalty before the eternal will.

Father! We have fallen prostrate before the grace of the Father who has strained to gather us like this. Please vividly manifest what You will.

Father, You are working hard to realize the will of the dispensation. We sincerely wish that You will allow us to become lovely sons and daughters who can console Your loneliness; to become sons and daughters who can put everything aside to fight and dash forward only for the sake of the will of the Father.

Please give blessings upon the countless altars that are gathering on behalf of this people today. Please reveal the grace of joy upon all these people and the countless altars that represent these people. May this people relate with the will You have commanded with a single, true heart. By doing so, beloved Father, we hope sincerely that You will allow them, as Your chosen people and Your chosen religious group, to fully accomplish the responsibility entrusted to the 2.4 billion people of the world in the last days. Though we may have all kinds of personal situations, Father, please allow us to report everything to the Father and follow in obedience.

We are trying to offer bows to the Father this hour. Let the Holy Trinity operate over everyone and rule each of their minds and bodies. Father, we earnestly wish that You will not let us be in the position to relate with the will of the Father according to our whims. Please let this be the hour when we can be in harmony before the entire will of the Father through the inspirations of the sacred spirit. Father, please be with the members who are spread out in the countryside at this hour. Please allow us to fulfill the victorious will, the will that the Father has established, as the grace of joy.

We have entrusted everything this hour. Therefore, earnestly hoping that the Holy Trinity will govern us, we prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The topic of the sermon that I want to reflect upon with you is "Let Us Become the Citizens Who Take Possession of the Kingdom of Heaven." I will speak briefly on this topic.

You know clearly that for us who are fallen, the world that everyone hopes for is the Kingdom of Heaven. This Kingdom of Heaven is not something only human beings desire. You also know very well that God also yearns for the time of the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven where He can live in joy for eternity, forging the eternal parent-son relationship with all human beings centering on the original love, which was the ideal of creation. Until now, He has been repeating His toilsome works for that goal through the Holy Trinity.

The Perfection of the Ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus Christ

The Kingdom of Heaven we sincerely wish for today is not only the hope of human beings but also the hope of God. Consequently, the ideology that can build this Kingdom of Heaven must pass through the individual level and possess world quality and universal quality to agree with the heavenly principles. Therefore, unless we construct this Kingdom of Heaven on earth, God's dispensation of salvation cannot be completed, and the goal of our faith cannot be completed.

Accordingly, God, who has the mission as the Creator who created human beings, must take responsibility and attain this Kingdom of Heaven, and the fallen men also must take responsibility and fulfill it even at the cost of sacrificing everything. When we think about this, although through the long course of history God has been longing for the appearance of one person who can bring to pass this idea of the Kingdom of Heaven and take pride in it on behalf of humanity, but until now, that one person has not emerged on this earth.

Consequently, since the creation of the world until today, the idea of heaven that God is seeking to find through human beings is not to be concluded as one individual ideology. While it is an individual ideology, at the same time, it is a world and universal ideology and the eternal ideology that the all created things are pursuing. You must again take to heart the fact that longing for the time that this ideology can be established, God has been walking the road of patience, toil and suffering for 6,000 years.

Then, how can God and human beings create relations? The relations can be created centering on the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven. At the level where the Kingdom of Heaven can be constructed, the ideology of human beings and God's ideology of creation are achieved.

Therefore, God who has passed through the long 4,000-year history since Adam hoped to establish people at one point and connect them with the whole internal heart and the external ideology of God. Jesus Christ was the person who was established as that central figure. Thus, before sending Jesus Christ to this earth, through John the Baptist He has chosen and raised, God predicted, "Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" However, the kingdom can be realized not through John the Baptist but through Jesus Christ.

Hence, on John the Baptist rested the responsibility to unite the whole Israelite people and guide them toward Jesus. However, because John the Baptist did not fulfill that responsibility, the idea of the Kingdom of Heaven that he was crying out did not have anything to do with Jesus. So, the cry of John the Baptist, "Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" did not consummate as the idea of the Kingdom of Heaven that only corresponds to that time, but left behind as the idea of the Kingdom of Heaven prophesied through all the people who have the mission of John the Baptist after him no matter which era of history, and as a result, the laborious hands of God continued to be at work.

You also must never forget that during the 2,000 years after Jesus, many prophets have labored hard to introduce God. Although John the Baptist shouted, "Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand," Jesus Christ who came to actually introduce and manifest that Kingdom of Heaven had to die on the cross. So, after that until today, the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven which is the center of God and man's eternal hope, could not be realized through man on earth and in heaven.

You should understand that the Israelite people losing Jesus Christ ultimately brought the result of losing the idea of the Kingdom of Heaven that John the Baptist predicted. At the same time, they even lost the master of the Kingdom of Heaven who could help the Israelite people overcome the hardships that they encountered horizontally. Therefore, we must claim back the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus lost when he came, and bring it to perfection.

The Content of the Ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven That God Wants

The Kingdom of Heaven that God wants is not the kingdom built only in the spirit world. The Kingdom of Heaven that God wants is the kingdom built on earth first and then built again in the spirit world. Because, after human beings die, the spirit world that their spirits form and the earthly world cannot be separated, in order for you to develop a victorious substantial body and embody the ideology of the kingdom of heaven, you must be able to stand before the Heavenly principles and stand before humanity and demonstrate the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven through your sphere of life so that you can be connected to the heavenly laws and human ethics. Furthermore, that ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven must become the individual ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven, and simultaneously, it must become the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven on the family, society, nation, world and universal level. You should be able to manifest this ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven through yourselves.

The Israelite people could not materialize the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven because they, not only could not understand, but also did not even listen to the words of John the Baptist, though he cried out in the wilderness, "Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is near." If today, in this era, there appears a person who announces the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven, just like the Israelites, you will not be able to hear his words. Not only that, you will stand in the same position as the Israelite people who could not accept the new blessed words of the Kingdom of Heaven of Jesus Christ, who shouted out to the masses as he was being chased from this mountain to that mountain during the three years of public life. Thus, I repeat that if you cannot experience the historical situation of heaven, which can introduce the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven to all people through the heavenly nature and can announce the new, John-the-Baptist-type ideology through countless denominations, and if you do not become people who can pull the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven into your sphere of life and live and act according to those words, then you will never be able to realize the hopeful ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven, which God seeks and desires.

The Kingdom of Heaven that human beings have known until now is not the Kingdom of Heaven of the ideals of creation that God has sought and wanted. When we trace back and examine the course of restoration centered on Jesus for the 2,000 years from Jesus, until today, during which the work was done to build the spiritual Kingdom of Heaven, what Jesus could construct was not the Kingdom of Heaven but Paradise.

So, the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven that people believe in Jesus hope for also is Paradise. Therefore, the ideals of the Kingdom of Heaven which human beings have today are not the ideal, original Kingdom of Heaven that God and human beings can both accept, but the conditional Kingdom of Heaven while moving toward the construction of the Kingdom of Heaven of God. Therefore, the noun Paradise came into being.

Therefore, if you have truly received the calling as the elite troops of heaven who are to fulfill Jesus' ideals of the Kingdom of Heaven, then you are not to let Jesus merely remain as the master of Paradise, but by combining all the spirits of the spirit world and all people who live on earth and by opening the door to Paradise, you are to make it possible for Jesus Christ to also be the master of the Kingdom of Heaven. Similarly, the responsibility to elevate Jesus as the master of the Kingdom of Heaven does not rest on God, or on Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, but on all people of the earth. However, unfortunately, human beings are not aware of this fact.

When we think about this, for the people who are walking the course of restoration, the path that they are walking is far away and difficult. Even if there are other sorrowful paths that human beings are walking on, none of them can be as sad. The reason is that this path is the road of restoration on which we must repeat the course of the conflict of the prophets and sages while we experience their sorrow as our own. Unless we live to cross over all the difficult courses that the countless prophets and sages walked, even if they are perilously high and steep mountains or the path of cross or of Golgotha that they climbed over after they came to the earth, we cannot follow the footsteps of Jesus.

The road that you are traveling, your life of faith, is not easy. This is because your life cannot be only for your own sake. You live for the sake of the spirits who are dwelling in Paradise, and furthermore, you have the mission to accomplish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Though you might have suffered many sorrows and have made many pledges for the sake of your own life, if it was only for your own living, then you can never achieve even your personal will.

This earth will never leave uninterrupted the road that you are walking alone. The reason is that this earth became a land dominated by Satan due to the fall. So, Satan who has been confronting God for 6,000 years is blocking your path.

The Responsibility of the Believers

What is the road that we must walk in the midst of these difficulties? It is the road of climbing over the perilous ridge of Golgotha and building the Kingdom of Heaven by liberating this earth that Satan is dominating. However, to walk this path, just like the world history, in which all of humanity, constantly hoping for this road, traveled the course of enormous indemnity in the actual historical course, you must also walk the road of indemnity. So if we are the chosen people, we must make a strong determination.

Even if you desire the Kingdom of Heaven that God wants, and even if you have taken responsibility for and are working toward the building of that Heavenly Kingdom by offering your life, if you think like John the Baptist, you will perish in the end, in the same way that John the Baptist ultimately met his doom, despite the fact that during some thirty-odd years of his life he tantalizingly proclaimed the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven. John the Baptist failed in the road that he walked to cherish hope and bring that to fruition because he was centered on himself. If you do not wish to follow the footsteps of this precedent, then your actions should not be as selfish.

In you remains the character of Satan, which dominates your daily life all your days and opposes the road of heaven, preventing you from walking the path of the ideal that heaven desires and causing you to live only for your own sake. You must feel this deep into your bone marrow.

If we believe that the road to the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven is the universally fateful road that we must pursue, the fateful will of Heavenly laws that remains as the ideal of the creation, then we must not think of this path only as our own. God has taken responsibility for the historic fate and has been preparing for the fate of the eternal heavenly principles. What this means is that He is trying to connect you with the internal heart of God and the heart of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and to create the bond with the historical exertion of the countless prophets and sages. God's will toward you is that, on this foundation, by letting you lay the foundation that will allow the many prophets who had lived in the past to respond to your outcry, as well as allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to welcome it. God, who has been toiling for 6,000 years to help, can enable you to win in the battle with Satan. Thus, you who are called before the will of God first must realize by yourself the gravity of your responsibility and the mission and complete your responsibility.

If you do not take responsibility for these things in this last days, then who will take bear the historical sorrow of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? Human beings must bear the responsibility for the heartbreaking situation of God.

For this undertaking, God has chosen this pitiful people among many peoples of the world. However, we must recall how, by virtue of the faithlessness of the Israelite people who did not endorse the will of Jesus at his time, a new beginning had to be made in the foreign lands centering on Christianity.

Now, the era of confusion on the world scale is also approaching us. The era of persecution and opposition is nearing us. We are also confronted with the time when all religions of the world will be brought to consummation. In such times, we must race with all of our strength to fulfill the mission of the world history bestowed upon these people.

From now on, people of religious faith will directly confront terror because of the ideological conflict. Moreover, Satan who has been opposing God for 6,000 years will attack you in his final fierce struggle. You must understand that Satan and evil spirits who are attempting at your life are always on your side.

Their invasion cannot be warded off with your own power alone. In order for you to win in this fight with them and become the victor representing history, the present and the future, you must understand the true identity of Satan who has been dominating history and ruling over the present reality, and the intentions of Satan who is relating with the future. To do that, you must walk the same path as Jesus who climbed the mountain by himself and prayed on behalf of the Israelite people, and offering his life fought with Satan who was rebelling against the will of God, and set the standard of tribulation that represents the history, the present reality and the future. In your individual course, such a pass of ordeals still lies ahead.

We who must be in this position of sacrifice have the responsibility to alleviate our own resentment and also to alleviate the bitter grief of God in the place of Christ. We also have the responsibility to fulfill the wishes of the many prophets by achieving the purpose for which Christ came to the earth. By completing this responsibility of ours we can bring happiness to them, and when we manifest such accomplishments before the Creator of heaven, God, and before all created things on earth and before Satan, we can break off from the realm of Satan's influence of the long history and create the environment where we can form harmony within the heavenly principles.

The Value of Individuals Who Can Realize the Kingdom of Heaven

So, if we cannot find the Kingdom of Heaven, the foundation of victory where we can rest for eternity, then God and Jesus that we have been believing in, or the shepherd and angels who are following cannot escape from the suffering caused by Satan. You who are connected to heaven must understand what kind of person you were raised as and what kind of mission rests in you.

We have infinite Heavenly value that allows us to stand before God. Therefore, representing human beings and all things, you must develop the one victorious ideology of the heavenly kingdom. After inheriting the many internal agonies of God, who has been exerting himself for 6,000 years, and by inheriting the agony of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you are to become the victor who can overcome all historical sufferings. God has been searching for this kind of victor for 6,000 years. Therefore, if you do not become this kind of victor, then you cannot materialize the ideology of the kingdom of heaven that God is trying to grant you.

If today on this land of deep resentment, someone can establish the ideology of the Heavenly Kingdom on behalf of Heaven, earth and human beings, then he will become a precious person who brings to fruition the entire purpose of the exertions of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the countless prophets and believers, and represent them. This precious person is indeed the one who can save countless ancestors who betrayed God, save from sin the countless humans who are living in the world of sin at the present, and at the same time build God's eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of God that human beings have been seeking by transcending history, the Kingdom of Heaven that God hoped to build by sending Jesus to this earthE Human beings of the future hope for the emergence of the one precious person who can fully manifest that kingdom on this earth, while God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and countless prophets and believers have been at strenuous work for the sake of the appearance of that valuable person. If that person does appear on this earth, then God will bear the responsibility to eternally protect that person. This is the principle. Centering on that person, eternal nation and world must be formed on this earth.

We pitiable Korean people. When we look back, our people do not possess anything. There is nothing of which to be proud. We do not have anything valuable of which we can boast to the world.

However, if we transcend the nation and the people and exert ourselves for the sake of the countless humanity, then the Kingdom of Heaven will not first be realized in America, England or some other nation, but, despite the fact that we are pitiful people, we can go before God and before anyone else. We can claim the Heavenly Kingdom as our own. When this takes place, then the many people who are searching for heaven will not be able to go toward God without going through this people.

Then, what kind of mission and role must we fulfill to bring to pass this Kingdom of Heaven? We must make the effort to realize through us the Kingdom of Heaven, for which throughout the long history until now, people have been crying out, "Kingdom of Heaven, please dawn upon us!" even when they were being trampled upon and being torn apart while passing through the road of conflict, the road of death.

If that Heaven is realized on the individual level, in other words, if the individual Kingdom of Heaven in which Father can dwell is actualized, then Heaven must be realized also on the family level. Furthermore, it must be expanded on the society, nation, world and universal levels. You must feel the sense of responsibility to accomplish this Kingdom of Heaven first.

Although many believers and prophets have come and gone in the history until today, God has not been able to fully reveal his internal situation to human beings through them. However, if there emerges a person who can fully divulge the internal situation of God and possess the key to the treasure chest inside the heavenly palace in the dead center of the Kingdom of Heaven, then because of him, God cannot but dwell on this earth.

Jesus' Life as a Filial Son of God

You who have gathered here, you who have stepped forward without fear for life and death, ready for the road of troubles, the road of the cross, you who have come in search for the situation of God that could not be told to human beings for 6,000 long years! Have you really come to become filial sons and daughters of God? Have you come to become loyal subjects and women of fidelity? If you have come forward in this path of the will to become that kind of person, then the problem is what you have sought until now, what you have felt, and what you have manifested to God. Everything is brought to conclusion here. When we look from this position, clearly you have to all become the heirs of Jesus Christ. Even if there is a center on this earth, there is nothing that is more central than Jesus and even in enduring through a difficult environment, there is no one who persevered through an environment more difficult than that of Jesus.

Because of human beings, even as he was crossing the difficult hill of death, Jesus prayed, "Father, please do not let their sins fall upon them!" This road is the solitary path of Jesus which no one else could travel.

When we make the association with the road that Jesus walked on, we must realize it was clearly not for the sake of his own self. Furthermore, Jesus did not try to relate with God's will based on the biblical perspective of that time, and he did not try to deal with the will of God centering on the Israelite people. Always based on a new point of view, Jesus had made the preparations to relate with the new will of God.

In this way, he taught a true individual path to human beings, and made it possible for them to realize a new perspective on life. The path that Jesus traveled was a mournful road personally, but he experienced a love from God that people on the earth could not experience. Moreover, he mourned over the fact that God who created all things could not indulge in His rightful glory as the master of all things due to the people who were living with an habitual attitude of faith.

Although God personally created human beings and all things, although He is the master of the whole universe, He could not command human beings and all things as He willed, and could not govern over them even if He wanted. Many people of faith today think that because God is omnipotent He can rule over human beings and all things as He wishes, but He is not in such a position. Then, who is going to make it possible for God to receive glory from created things as the God of the original ideal of creation?

Because God was put in the position where He cannot fully rule over all things due to the fall of Adam and Eve, the ancestors of human beings, the responsibility to restore this situation lies in human beings. So, representing human beings and representing all historical doctrines and thoughts, Jesus stood at the forked road where he had to get rid of the conditions allowing the invasion of Satan, who caused man's fall. He abandoned his tribe, people and, in the end, even himself for the sake of accomplishing this responsibility; yet, because of the faithlessness of human beings, this will could not be realized. So, God is mourning without having been restored to the position where He can have full dominion over all created things.

If you who live in the last days know that Jesus offered some thirty- odd years of his life to walk the road of conflict to realize the Kingdom of Heaven for which God longs, in other words, to fulfill the will of God, then you must also become the true Christians who are profoundly concerned about the dignity and prestige of God, so that inheriting the victory of Jesus you can go before God. Though there are many people on this earth today, there is none who is genuinely concerned about the dignity and prestige of God. If at such time there are some people who fathom the internal heart of God and sorrowfully make the appeal to restore the dignity and prestige of God, then God will turn toward that people the attention that He has withdrawn from the world. In the same way God could look at Judaism, the Jewish people and the world through Jesus Christ, even today he will try to liquidate the forces of Satan by raising you who have cultivated the internal heart of Jesus.

Understanding that as the elite soldier of God he would not perish even if the people and the world betrayed him, Jesus fought Satan on earth to eliminate Satan with unchanging conviction and to fulfill his responsibility to rectify the dignity of God.

Therefore, Jesus and the Holy Spirit took up the task of probing into the sins of Satan, who damaged the dignity of God, and then attacking him. This is not all. They tried to construct the Kingdom of Heaven through which human beings can rectify the dignity and prestige of God.

The Rehabilitation of the Relationship Between God (Parent) and Man (Child)

Originally, the relationship between God and man was the eternal and unchangeable relationship between parent and child who live and die together, but because of the fall, human beings have been living for 4,000 years without creating that parent-child relationship with God. Jesus was the person who mourned over this fact more than anyone else. He came to the earth after attaining a complete parent-child relationship with God and tried to fulfill the will of God and save human beings. Therefore, Jesus is the Father and ancestor of us human beings. You must rectify the dignity and prestige of Jesus.

The karma of the heavenly principles is that all human beings are to completely achieve the parent-child relationship with God. However, unless someone on earth accomplishes this task first, no one can form the parent-child relationship with God. Now, we must meet that person and serve God as our parents, and we must feel God's grief as our own grief, feel God's anguish as our own anguish, and feel God's distress as our own. Only then can we form the parent-child relationship with God.

The reason that human beings could not find God, though they piercingly cried out to Him with desperate heart, is because due to the fall they could not create the parent-child relationship with God, and because the love relations according to the Heavenly laws have not been established. Accordingly, we must understand the reason human beings have fallen into this position, and, by revealing the true identity of Satan, restore the original position.

There is no need for the parent-child relationship formed only with words or built only on promises. Only when we exert all of our heart and strength to live for the sake of Father's will, and only when we endure through suffering that melts our flesh and blood to bring victory, can we rehabilitate the parent-child relationship with God.

Then, in the same way that Jesus bore the cross and crossed over the hill of Golgotha to establish the Father's dignity and prestige and for the sake of the Father's glory, you must also be able to climb easily over the path of Golgotha on the world level. Otherwise, you will stand in the same position as the archangel, who has been betraying God's ideology of Heaven for 6,000 years.

You must understand that God dwells near you and more than anyone else worries about each of you. In the world, it is believed that the love of physical parents is the greatest, but you must understand that the love of God is even greater and deeper, greater and deeper than any kind of humanistic love in the world.

You can be embraced inside Father's bosom of love and call out, "Father," and you can experience the internal heart of God from the position where you can say, "Now I understand the grief of God." If you become this kind of sons and daughters and possess the Kingdom of Heaven that worships God, then no one can seize that heaven away from you.

Next, you can take responsibility for and alleviate the suffering of God. You also should feel furious about the fact that God is suffering. You have to understand that Jesus felt furious about Satan who has been afflicting God for 4,000 years, and he was determined to overcome suffering that is more intense than the suffering of the 4,000 years. Jesus could drag even the people who transgress the will of God and do not walk the path of the will, and after reforming history and practical reality, he could proclaim, "Father, I have taken responsibility for your sufferings, so please forget all your worries and cast aside all agonies of the dispensation." Moreover, Jesus was willing even to share the agony that God felt through Heaven and the universe. Consequently, when the descendants of the Israelite people who took charge of the will of God for 4,000 years drove Jesus to the road of death of Golgotha, Jesus forgot his own pains, and instead he clung onto and comforted Father whose heart was torn apart in great distress as He was looking down upon His dying son.

If there is someone among you who can also comfort the Father, even as you are in the same difficult situation as Jesus, then such people can build the Kingdom of Heaven and no one can block the path of that person.

The Responsibility of the Believers Toward Building the Kingdom of Heaven

Because there was Jesus who was determined to take responsibility over the historical toils and pains of God, Satan could not accuse even when God used the powers of resurrection and resurrected Jesus. You who are following this Jesus must follow the example of Jesus and be responsible for the pain and bitterness of God who has been leading the dispensation of restoration for 6,000 years, and you should step forward and on behalf of humanity receive God's whip of indignation, striking down upon the faithlessness of the people. This is the time that heaven demands this kind of believers.

If among you emerges a believer who is willing to bear not only the suffering of this people, but also the suffering of humanity and suffering and sorrow of God's 6,000 years, and bear God's whip of judgment toward humanity, then God will allow the second resurrection of Christ through that person. When this takes place, this earth naturally will be connected to the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now, just as Jesus shouldered the 4,000-year history of restoration in God's place and made it possible for Him to rest, we must become the believers who can say to Jesus who has been fighting with Satan for 2,000 years, "Lord, now please rest. We will take charge of your tasks." Similarly, you have arrived at the level where you must bear responsibility for the work of Jesus who has been exerting himself. In other words, all the believers on the earth must shoulder the pain and grief of God, and the pains and sorrows of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in their place. We must naturally take responsibility to accomplish this feat.

Furthermore, we must thwart the invasion of Satan who has been in conflict against God for 6,000 years, and be responsible for the dispensation of restoration, and we must create the environment that has paid indemnity for all sins of human beings. You must understand that only by creating this kind of environment, can Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwell there and can God dwell there, and can the Kingdom of Heaven that God and human beings have been yearning for since the creation of the world finally be constructed on this earth. However, you today are ignorant of how important you yourselves are. You are tied to the past, the present, and the future, and while you can become an agent of blessing, you can also become an agent of misfortune.

Therefore, in order for you to become the agent of blessing, you must shoulder the responsibility for the works through which God and the Holy Spirit been exerting themselves to save humanity, and become the victor who can bring Satan to natural submission. Since you are in the process of forming the Kingdom of Heaven now, you must believe in God in every aspect of your life based on the will, and be in accordance with the construction of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth by passing through the individual heaven.

If you understand these details, then you should pour out all of your heart and soul to fulfill the Principle mission. Furthermore, as did Jesus who was fighting against Satan in the Garden of Gethsemane on behalf of the people, even if the world puts up opposition, even if tribulations confront you on a world scale, you should become the loyal subject who surpasses all loyal subjects of history, and become the filial son of all filial sons and woman of fidelity of all women of fidelity.

Unless you become true children of God who possess this heavenly value and can dominate Satan, so that God can boast about you before Satan, Satan cannot recognize you before heaven, and the standard of heaven cannot be established on earth.

Assuming the Father wants this kind of person to emerge, in the same way that Jesus and the Holy Spirit have suffered through pains and called out to the Father to raise the dignity and prestige of God, with the parent-child relationship with God that can never be severed, you must also raise the dignity and prestige of God and act on behalf of God's situation. If such persons appear more often among our people than among any other people, then just as God abandoned the faithless Jewish people and formed the second Israel centering on the twelve disciples of Jesus, He will create the third Israel centering on the Korean people and achieve the great feat of materializing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Furthermore, when this nation inherits the heart of Jesus and God and exhibits utmost sincerity to spread the will of God to the people of the world and fulfills its responsibility to realize the will of God, this people will receive the blessing of heaven.

The Mission of the Korean People and the Thesis of the New System of Truth

While human beings today only pursued material things, they formed the material civilization of the twentieth century. However, the original desire of human beings is not just to investigate the visible material world and only pursue this value.

Religion teaches the existence of the invisible world that transcends the material world and the formless God. Thus, if there is a group that hope to go before the formless God on the basis of this religious ideology and go in search for the will of God, if there are such a people, nation, and humanity, then centering on them the new world of God, that transcends the material civilization of the twentieth century, an invisible world, a new world that is the center of values will come into being.

When you pursue the material world, you will not be able to pass through the world of the first causal force of materials and reach the invisible world, and in the end you will reach the world of the deity who governs over the visible world. Similarly, the visible world and the invisible world are existing in a corresponding relationship. Therefore, if our people pray and exert themselves more assiduously than any other people to experience the penetrating internal heart hidden inside the bosom of God and experience the heart of Jesus and the Holy Spirit on behalf of the invisible world, then we can discover all the secrets of Heaven before any other people.

The history of humanity from now on has to pass through the religious position. Even in pursuing material things and even in science, we have grown out of researching horizontal problems as well as the earth, the oceans and other such aspects of the material world, and we have entered a new level of researching the more fundamental world of essence that has the quality of three-dimensionality and is prior to the material world.

What remains now are the fierce conflicts in the spirit world, which comes after the substantial division and conflict of religions. Just as today we have discovered the greatest force in the material world through nuclear fusion, in the future we will discover the same kind of force in the spirit world.

That is a force that cannot be explained with the present level of natural science. This force is transcendent and is applicable in the supernatural world, but it is surely possible for this force to reach all things of the universe through human beings. Without this kind of action, human beings cannot have hope, and the ideal Kingdom of Heaven also cannot be realized. Therefore, you must manifest the entire ideology of the spirit world in the substantial world through yourselves, and you can take pride in the fact that you are more precious than any other being in the universe, and going one step further, that you can become the substantial embodiment of the cosmic force. If you can become such a person and create the environment that can praise the Creator Lord, then by the same principle of how weaker force is pulled by the greater force, Satan will come to submit naturally before that cosmic force.

Until now, our people have been worshipping religion more diligently than any other people of the world. While our people were penetrating the greatest gate of the world, there came into being many forms of religion. Even in the future, there will also emerge many strange forms of religion. We must cope with them and set the one standard upon which the Lord can come to this earth, and we must connect that to the heavenly power. You must not forget that if you do not form the Kingdom of Heaven from your sphere of life, centering on your heart, and continue until you form the cosmic heaven, the idea of heaven, the ideal of creation that you and God desire cannot be realized through you, and not only that, that idea of Heaven cannot take root in humanity through you.


We infinitely yearn for the one world where we are linked to Father based on the heart. This world is immersed in faithlessness, and this world is pent up with grief.

Father, we feel shameful before the love of the Father who has been guiding us until this hour today, so please forgive us. We know that the mission that you have entrusted in us is great, and we have learned that the greater your commands the more we feel that we are lowly and weak, so we earnestly hope that you will lead us with your great capability.

Please allow us to now become the citizens who can uproot the powers of Satan, children of heaven who are needed in the Kingdom of Heaven. Please bestow Your grace so that we can link with God's heart and experience the heart of Jesus, so that we can follow the course of Jesus' heavenly victory, which drove back the invasion of Satan. On that basis, please allow us to become the sons and daughters of Yours who can both stand before the whole universe as the one victorious man that you have desired as the original ideal of creation and at the same time stand tall before God. Father is our Father, so, we wish with the utmost sincerity that until the day that the whole humanity can attend you as Father, You will bestow upon our minds Your capabilities so that we can vanquish Satan and manifest the will of heaven to all things.

Praying that you will truly claim and rule over all of us who are participating here today, we prayed all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.