Let Us Become the True Sons and Daughters of the True Father

Date: 1957-09-15
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

Romans 8:12-30


Father! We have gathered today before Your knees after fighting for the last week in the locale of evil with the permitted grace in our hearts. Please forgive us, even if we are inadequate.

We could not come with anything to offer to the Father. We have come as the objects of the Father's concerns. Father of compassion, Father of capabilities, Father of love, please do not let us remain as we are now. You must take charge of us.

Millions of satans have surrounded us and are attempting to take our lives. Father, please protect us. Please allow us to be immersed in the deep love of the Father today so that we can sing His glory in our hearts. Father, we sincerely wish that this will be an hour when we can lie prostrate here and make full bows.

We know that during the past week, there were still traces of unacceptable actions in the course of our daily lives. There are many elements that cannot be brought out before the will of the Father. Therefore, Father of compassion, Father of capability, please appear with the authority of victory and allow the hands of recreation to work.

Father! This day is a sacred day. Please give Your blessing to the countless religious groups who are gathering on behalf of the thirty million people. We know that there are lonely sons and daughters who are building concealed altars to fulfill the Father's will and who are now lying prostrate before You. Please grant the same grace upon them, and grant the ultimate grace that You have foretold for the Last Days. By doing so, Father, we wish with utmost earnestness that You will let them build the altar of final victory and establish Your glory on this 3,000-li-long1 peninsula.

Your sons and daughters, who have gathered here, now entrust everything to You, so please accept them as living sacrifices. Guide them so that none may deviate from the Father's will. I sincerely hope that they can become true children who can confidently call the Father their own, even when attacked by Satan.

There are lonely sons and daughters, scattered across the countryside, who are carrying on difficult battles today. Beloved Father, please arouse the Father's power of re-creation wherever they gather, and allow them to testify that they are the sons and daughters of the Father. Now requesting and wishing that Your will may govern all we offer to the Father in this hour, we offer these words of prayer in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The title of the sermon I want to offer to you is "Let Us Become the True Sons and Daughters of the True Father." I will speak briefly upon this topic.

God's Hope for Humankind

You probably know very well that God, Who created all things, could not abandon this world. Rather, He has been conducting a brutal fight with Satan and has been taking sole responsibility for it until now.

What is the ultimate purpose of God's desire? What does He want? What is the reason He could not forsake humanity, but clings to it even while suffering the historical course of countless sorrows? It is to make it possible to say to humankind that they are His sons and daughters by blood. God has been fighting until now to realize this ideal.

Adam was to attain all the qualifications of the master of all things in that garden of goodness, amid the glory of God and harmony among all things, centering on the love of God. He was to say, "My Father! Please be glorified." Adam lost that significance because of the fall. You have to understand that, for this reason, God longs to hear His original sons and daughters, after the creation of the world, come forward and call out, "Father."

The Father we are calling out to is not one we can call on from the position of sin. Accordingly, we must leave this world of sin and enter the ideal garden of goodness. While that ideal garden is the place where humankind can manifest the glory of God, it is also a world where they can live intoxicated in joy. In other words, it is a world where all things move when human beings move; all things halt when human beings halt. While human beings move and halt together, the Creator God also moves and halts accordingly. It is the ideal garden where the reciprocal relationship between God and man transcends and brings true oneness.

God wanted men to be one with Him like this. Yearning for the time when, after having become one, they could become intoxicated in joy centering on the amazing love, He created that kind of world. However, we know very well today that because of the fall of man, this became mankind's grief, as well as the grief of Heaven. From the fall until now, they have been contributing to the sorrowful history that has been increasing that grief.

What then is the greatest hope of God's dispensation being conducted today in relationship to this earth? It is to re-establish humanity, who now have fallen parents, on the side of God and make it possible for God to proclaim that He is their Father and they are His children. You must clearly realize that ushering in that kind of day is the historical hope of fallen humankind and the natural hope of Heaven.

When you reflect and probe into yourselves after putting yourself before the heavenly laws, you will feel that there never was a time that you achieved harmony centering on the love of God. As true children, you can say, "Father!" You should have led a life of faith governed by Heaven. Yet you will feel that you have failed to do this. Now, centering on one time and hour, you should be able to call God, "My Father!" Changing yourselves and igniting the heart of the Father, you must proceed until you reach the position of making a new parent-child relationship with God centering on love.

The Cause of the Grief and Lamentation of God

You must feel in your minds and daily lives that the Father is exerting Himself to help human beings experience and create the parent-child relationship. Based on what standard would the fulfillment of our ultimate hope, being raised amid the grace of God, come to fruition? This is determined by how much we have lived for the sake of restoring the parent-child relationship between God and mankind on earth. This is the ideology of creation. We can find our worth according to how much we have practiced this in our living environment.

Why is God sorrowful toward the earth? Why is God lamenting over the earth? God is not mourning because of Satan. He is not mourning only because He dislikes evil and there are many sinners. The real source of God's sorrow and lamentation is the fact that He could not say to humanity, "You are My beloved children." He could not hear the voices of these sons and daughters crying out, "My Father." You have to understand that the real sorrow of God is not being able to possess an environment where He can be welcomed.

Today we call out to God, "Father!" However, there are many types of fathers to whom we may call out. There are true fathers and false fathers. This is because humanity has fallen.

The original True Father that humanity must call is the master of eternal life, the center of the ideal, and the center of all human happiness. This is the reason we can cut off the evil that is infiltrating our minds and call Him "Father." When we can carry out the will of the Father in action, there is no additional need for the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet because of the fall of men, we have lost all this. Accordingly, fallen men are placed on the fateful road where they must inevitably seek after the original True Father.

You then must give some thought to the question of what content you have when you are calling the Father. Moreover, you must understand what kind of person is the Father whom you are calling.

The Father that we call "True Father" is the one who has been fighting for 6,000 years without any rest. Persevering through countless difficult passes throughout the course of dispensational history, He has been exerting Himself to find that one person: you. Furthermore, you have to realize that He is the Father who is feeling the greatest sorrow and sadness beyond what any human being on earth can feel. You have to understand that to what degree we feel this is more important than anything else.

If there is someone who calls out, "Father!" out of a true and sincere heart, he will feel the sorrow and sadness of God. The agony of God will be conveyed to that person. When there is an exchange between God and men, when we transcend ourselves to accomplish the great ideology of the heavenly laws, we can finally develop an eternal relationship with God centering on life. You have to experience this state of existence.

You probably feel that, at present, you do not have a perfect relationship with God. However, God and you are connected in heart and in reality in an eternal relationship. There is no way to free oneself from this relationship. Therefore, as you feel these kinds of things, you have to hope for the moment that you can call out, "Father!" from the position of true sons and daughters.

I repeat: the hope of humanity, the hope of all things and the hope of God is for human beings to stand in the position of true children and call out, "Father." Therefore, on earth, as the true children of God, we must break through the fate of restoration. If there is one thing for which we might wish, it is to restore the parent-child relationship with God centering on love.

You must feel that the heartbreaking situation and sorrow of God penetrate deeply into this earth. God's sadness fills and overflows this earth. You must stand in the position of the Father and build the altar of restoration. You are to restore the position of God's son. What must you do? You must love the Father. Being concerned about the Father's situation in His place, you must exert yourself until you can call Him, "My Father!" while you meet heart to heart.

Among the fathers that people call upon, there is another person's father, there is a stepfather, and there is a True Father. Although among the believers of faith today some call God, "Father," often this father is not the True Father, but is either another person's father or a stepfather.

The Position of Existence and the Responsibility of Humankind

This is not God's desire. The wish that God has is for humankind to set all the conditions of restoration and bring to pass the one day when they can call God "True Father." God has been wished for this for 6,000 years. Therefore, you have to understand that God is working hard for this earth. He has been battling for the sake of this earth while crossing an unspeakably miserable course. Now we must attend this Father. We must reflect upon ourselves, before the eternal Father, whether we are leading selfish lives in the position of an enemy.

You who have come searching for the path of ordeals that others avoid! You who have been found after 6,000 years of Heaven's work! As sons and daughters of the True Father, you have to take on the Father's unfinished tasks. You must become the representatives of Heaven who can fight against Satan, even until the end of time. Moreover, for this sake, you should be able to completely present yourself to the Father and say that you can inherit a new mission. In your mind you must envision each step taken by the Father. Even if you cannot take responsibility for all of the Father's suffering and worries, you must be able to attend the Father in your hearts.

What then is the source of the bitterness and grief of God? Christianity today thinks that God dwells in glory, but this is not true. If humankind does not believe in and support Him, then God's will cannot be realized. This is the reason even now God anxiously longs for humankind to fulfill their responsibility. Therefore, you must establish the heavenly laws on this earth, actualize the heavenly kingdom of glory, and materialize God's eternal ideal of goodness in this universe.

No matter how hard God tries to fulfill the will, He cannot do it alone. Moreover, Satan cannot stand in the position of goodness, no matter how hard he tries. Unless humankind saves him, he has no choice but to remain in the position of evil for eternity. This is not true with men. They can become glorified before the Father. On the contrary, they can also stand on the side of Satan and confront Heaven.

Hence, humanity is more fearful than both God and Satan. Without men, God's will cannot be realized. Moreover, without men, Satan's conspiracy also will be frustrated. Similarly, you must understand that the accomplishment of the will or fulfillment of sin rests not with God or Satan. It depends on human beings.

God agonized over human beings as He watched their actions. It is they who must believe in God's ideology regarding the will of Heaven and the ideal world of goodness. It is they who must bring them to pass. You have to understand that this is where God's sorrow and anguish lie.

If there is something we want, then it is calling God "Father" from the position of true sons and daughters. If there is just one person like this among the thirty million people, a way to their survival will be opened. The universal event will take place centering on that person. The reason is that if there is someone who can represent the people and the universe and call God "True Father," then he can bring out the will of God. We must understand this today. At the same time we understand it, we must also believe in it.

Until now, we also have suffered many difficulties as we passed through the road that is different from the ones upon which others travel. We also have passed through the course of the cross. There must have been circumstances in which angels showed concern over the path you walked, but this is not the problem. The bigger problem is how we can go before the Father, Who has been concerned about our difficulties and situations. Our own sorrows are not the problem. Our sadness, suffering and cross are not the problem. The problem is whether we have truly become the people who deserve to receive comfort for our difficult circumstances thus far, as we go toward the position where the foundation for the greatest victory is laid. This is the position where human ideology and Heaven's ideology come together as one.

What position are we in today that we can call God "True Father"? A true father and true son must have a lineal relationship. We must have the relationship that cannot be separated in any way, the relationship that can naturally bring unity, the relationship built through flesh and blood. When we see from this position, we can learn that we have a lineal relationship with God. This is the reason we can call God "True Father."

Humankind fell. If they had become God's direct children, centering on eternal goodness and the love of Heaven, by fulfilling their responsibilities, could anyone have invaded them and caused them to fall? You have to understand that human beings are the substantial embodiments that possess this kind of hope.

Where are you dwelling today? You dwell in the satanic realm, while you possess the heavenly relationship with God. Even as you have the relationship of direct children that God allowed, you also have the relationship of the fall with Satan.

The Purpose of the Coming of Jesus and the Value of the Words of Truth

Who is the person who is to come to save humankind? That person not only represents humanity; he is also the master who has a relationship with God that can never be severed. The one who came to the earth with this relationship and mission was none other than Jesus Christ. This is why he said he was the son of God while he spread the gospel. Moreover, he said that he was one with God.

This is an amazing proclamation. These are words that cannot be found in average people. Because Jesus Christ came with the lineal relationship with God centering on love, as the unprecedented center of history, he had to create a new history of transition. In this respect it can be said that the flesh and blood of Jesus are the flesh and blood of the Father. Everything about him belonged to the Father. God and Jesus are joined in this unseparable relationship.

Why did Jesus have to be this kind of person? Because fallen humankind was born in the lineage of sin, God had to send one person to this earth who could engraft humankind with the flesh and blood of the Father. Due to this need of the dispensation, Jesus had to come to this earth.

Nonetheless, though Jesus came to this earth, no one believed in him. Thus, Jesus eventually had to bear the cross. On the day before the crucifixion, he held a final banquet with his disciples and said that they had to eat his flesh and blood. What he meant by this is that the minds and bodies of human beings must move and act in unison with the flesh and blood of God. In other words, humankind is to realize the ideal of oneness with God and forge a lineal relationship with God. What Jesus said was that they were to do this with him as the mediator. If these kinds of things are not brought to pass in your sphere of life, then Satan, without hesitation, will make false charges against you.

Human beings should unite in oneness with God, believe in Jesus who came to the earth, and relate to Jesus from the position of a friend. These issues lie with you.

You possess the same blood, flesh, bones, mind and body as Jesus. This becomes the grounds upon which Jesus and human beings can become one. Therefore, just as Jesus united in oneness with God, you must also become one with God and move and act in unison with Him. If this is actually completed, no one can take that away from you, no matter what they do.

Next we must become true sons and daughters who can call God "True Father." Moreover, we must possess the words with which God can call us true children, and the words based upon which He can live with us. In other words, we must develop a true parent-child relationship with God. While we become God's children by lineage, we must also cherish the words of God.

Jesus did not proclaim the words of this earth when he came to this evil world. Jesus' words were words of truth that had not existed until then. They represented a new ideology, different from anything on earth. They were words to introduce reforms.

God's True Sons and Daughters to Whom Satan Bears Witness

Since we are beings who can call God "True Father," we must also be able to speak the words which God possesses. Wherever God's words fall, the realization of goodness takes place. They are the words which give rise to resurrection and re-creation. We must liquidate evil and bring about resurrection. We must possess the words that can execute the power of re-creation.

You must think whether the words you speak today come from you or are the words of the Lord whom you attend. Moreover, you have to think whether you possess the environment that can boast of the words of the Lord.

The words of Jesus can connect with both Heaven and earth. They are the words which must be connected to all created beings. Similarly, when we call out, "Father," we should speak the words that the Father can hear, the words which can represent the will of the Father.

Today there are many kinds of words on this earth. There are words that are truly like words, and words that really cannot be considered words. There are also the words of truth and just plain words. Now we must possess the ultimate words that mankind seeks, the words which are related to the words of Heaven and which can help us become one with all of the creation. Otherwise, we cannot rule over the creation, no matter what we do.

We can say that the fall caused us to lose the words we must understand. Therefore, we must discover where are the words we should possess. In the course of history, countless people have been working hard to restore these words. We must be in accordance with human ethics. At the same time, we must possess the words which can speak on behalf of heavenly laws. You have to feel this kind of reality in your sphere of life.

Next, you have to become true children who can represent the life of the Father. Your life is not something that should begin and end in the present environment. Until now, living things could not free themselves from the historical relationship with the fall, and from the relationship and environment of the society. You have to understand that, in reality, living things are in the position to represent the grace of the universe, the ideology of the past and the ideology of the future.

In your life you have to represent God. In each of your days, you should live in glory, joy and happiness on behalf of God. The distressed heart of the Father tried to achieve the unfinished task of the eldest son, who represents the whole of humanity. He did this even at the cost of his extremely beloved Jesus Christ. Only after you can feel this heart are you proven to be the sons and daughters of God before the earth and Satan.

Even if you are trying to live as the true sons and daughters of God, this evil world is trying to cause you to fall down. You can understand this by observing the complex 6,000-year history of restoration.

Suppose that the dispensation of restoration has been progressing until now, the last era, in the end you have to establish the ideology of living with God. If there is someone who has begun this process, someone who understands what God has been seeking until now, he can comprehend the will God is trying to bring to pass. When he enters deeper into the heart of Jesus, he can feel the heart God invested in the creation, even in a handful of grass. When one encounters this heart, one can understand the heart that God has toward all things. One can even fathom the heart that He feels toward human beings.

After feeling this heart, what kind of person are you? You must be someone who worries and sheds tears about humankind on earth and grieves on behalf of God. You also have to become someone who can sympathize with the tribulations humanity has been suffering during the long course of history.

You have to become someone who can, even for a moment, feel every aspect of the many prophets and sages who took responsibility for God's history of the dispensation on earth. You must feel sympathy for them. Moreover, you have to feel the sorrow God felt at the time of Adam and Eve's fall. You have to become someone who can feel the heart of God, Who mourned when He lost Adam and Eve as well as losing Heaven and earth.

The Road Through Which the Feelings of Heaven and the Feelings of Men Are Linked Together

If there was a person who could uphold the will of the dispensation and alleviate the bitterness of Jesus in the course of history, then God vigorously promoted the will centering on that person. Many people who share sorrow with Him have been exerting themselves.

Noah, who came after Adam, lived for the sake of God's will for 120 years before passing away. His life manifested the ideology of God on earth for 120 years. It connects us with the heart of God today. His life was a testimony to mankind's existence as the Father's children and prepared the groundwork to link us with the living environment. At the same time, his life manifested the ideology that is in line with God.

When you enter this realm, you can understand the position of Adam and can possess a painful heart toward God. Moreover, you can feel the heart of the grandfather, Noah, who for 120 years felt deep anguish in his heart toward faithless humankind in this world, and made many painful efforts to reveal to the ignorant people the heart of which only he was aware.

You should comprehend the hearts of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and all the central figures of the dispensation of restoration who have been exerting themselves until today. You must be able to wail and shed tears for them. If you do not deny the ideology of historical content and do not betray the historical quality of the heavenly laws, then you will feel this historical sorrow in your daily life.

You who have gathered here must inherit all that the many prophets and sages in history experienced as they sought to actualize God's ideology of life. With the determination to face all difficulties, even at the cost of your life, you must become one with every person by tuning in to their hearts. In place of the historical quality, you must bring unity to the path that leads toward God.

As you understand that the fate of restoration is the fate of historical sorrow, you have to lead a life of sorrow. You have to understand that shedding tears over the will of God for the sake of making a relationship with Him is the way to connect the feelings of Heaven and human feelings. Now you must face yourself and ask, "Oh! God, what kind of position am I in?"

When you experience and pass through the same life that the ancestors led to fulfill the dispensation of God, you can understand the heart of Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and the countless prophets. Similarly, you must leave behind the tradition of having shed tears before Heaven on behalf of all people.

A person who has this qualification can never go to hell, no matter how much he tries. Therefore, among the Christian believers today, there must be sons and daughters who can shed tears for the people who passed away without completing the will of the heavenly principles in the past course of history. The will of the heavenly principles can be entrusted to these sons and daughters. Moreover, there must be sons and daughters who can shed tears with aching hearts on behalf of the people of this present age. There must be sons and daughters who can shed tears out of concern for the future of humanity.

God is looking for the sons and daughters who have undergone this situation, who are in that position now, and who can also be in such a situation in the future. Those who can cry for people whose lives are contrary to God and shed tears for history will become the heroes who can introduce the new phenomenon of recreation in the Last Days we face today.

If there is a couple who laments over the situation of God and cries about the new ideology, then their family will become the foremost family. Moreover, if there is a people who cling to God and cry, this people will become the central people of the new ideology. The entire love and truth of God on the universal scale will be introduced through them. If there is some gathering, group, society or nation that clings to the Father and appeals on behalf of the past, present and future, "My Father, please entrust the sorrow to us," then no matter how strong the surrounding culture might be, it can never overcome this group.

The Ideology of God and the Life of Humankind

When we go forward for the sake of the will, what should the purpose of our fight be? We must fight to produce works, present and future, which are better than before. By doing so, we must restore the day when we can be immersed in God's ideology of life and introduce the living environment where Heaven can be happy. When this is achieved, the Father who created humankind and all things, the historical Father, the Father who rules over the present and the future will take responsibility for you.

What must we possess next? What kind of ideology should we possess? We must connect with the ideology of God. We must stand amid the ideology of God. Although we are individuals, we must reach the position from which we can connect with the universe and with God's entire ideology of the heavenly principles on the level of the world and universe. When we are intoxicated in this kind of ideology and are drawn into battle because of that ideology, we can proudly stand in the position where we can fight many millions of enemies.

What you have to understand, today, is that the earth we have been living in has not been the land that can represent the ideology of the heavenly principles. Nonetheless, we cannot let this history, which began in evil, end in evil. In the present moment, when we have passed through the evil history, we cannot simply embrace the heavenly principles and just collapse in the circumstances we are in. We must present some new ideology for the sake of future generations, whatever the cost.

What then is the history of goodness on the side of Jesus? It is the history of God and the history through which we have been traveling toward the will of the heavenly principles. As you can see, the entire history is contained in one event that manifests itself in reality, so we must learn the history of the past through that. Transcending the present reality, we must attain the ideology that will enable us to experience hopeful things of the future.

When we stand in the midst of that ideology today, we can link with everything through that ideology. Therefore, we must carefully analyze life in the present reality with that ideology. By combining its value with the ideology of the present life, we must develop the one standard that can link with the comprehensive ideology. If we do not live with that kind of standard, we cannot become true sons and daughters of God.

Since the time of Jesus' passing, the dispensation of God remains unfulfilled. What this means is that human beings are not putting into practice the ideology introduced through the Bible. Accordingly, to achieve everything, God has been preparing silently for 6,000 years. Because God had to remove the doubt from the earth, even if He had to lament while looking down upon the miserable world and pitiful humankind, He has been persevering without criticizing the people who denied Him and turned away.

Why did God persevere until today? God has established, in His mind, the one standard of comprehensive victory at a certain time. Therefore, He has persevered until now.

Nonetheless, the bitterness of God, Who has been persevering for a long time, will manifest itself in that place where the ideology of the heavenly principles, the universal ideology and the humanistic ideology emerge as one. This one moment is the time of the judgment. Although God gives love during the process, He judges in the end. Anticipating this kind of relationship, God has been at work until now.

For us, we of the Last Days, which are the same as Noah's time of judgment, we must understand that we must become people who can represent that ideology. We must be able to connect with the heavenly ideology. We must be able to spread human ethics and the words of truth, disseminate the religion and lifestyle of Heaven, and carry on the mission of the prophet to convey the one conviction and ideology. This is the ideology that God's sons and daughters must have through the universal ideology. If we reflect on everything through that ideology, our field of vision will broaden.

You must understand that when you shoulder this responsibility and step forward, the sorrow that you feel is the universal sorrow, the historical sorrow and the hopeful sorrow. You must never mourn or call upon the Father for your own sake. You must decide to single-handedly take charge of the many responsibilities on earth, and fight on God's behalf. Feeling the difficulties of God, you must assert dignity as the tribe of God without fail. While feeling the heavenly ideology, you have to lead a life that is proper before Heaven.

Therefore, you have to set the one standard that can attest that you are the sons and daughters of God by blood lineage. It must testify that you are sons and daughters of God through the truth, through your life and through your work. If you cannot set this one standard, then your life of faith in the church is no more than that of a servant.

The Condition of Victory that One Attains as True Sons and Daughters

Those people who are not yet in the position to call God "Father" must cause the loving hands of God to reach out to them before they can call His name. Without passing through this course of salvation, one cannot stand in the position of a true son and daughter who can represent all humanity and call God "Father."

Religious events or events related to lineage and human life on earth have been formulated by the heavenly principles. You must secure within yourself the central value which can criticize everything based on that ideology and usher in the day when you can boast of that value before all people. Only after seeing this kind of event take place can God conclude the history for which He has been fighting until now.

Until now the fight has been between God and Satan. Yet from now on, there must emerge a hero who, on behalf of Heaven and centering on the earth, can bring it down to a battle among the people and take responsibility for it.

In that course of conflict, what can we establish as the condition of victory? If we know whether we belong to the original Heaven or earth, to sin or to goodness, and if we have a heavenly relationship of lineage, then we must live a life of heavenly truth. This becomes an important condition for victory.

If we have cultivated our character through a heavenly lifestyle, a life of truth, then we can predict our own future. We can harmonize with people who have heavenly character. If God establishes one person who can be trusted, then even Satan cannot oppose it.

Who will worship God? They are the believers who live in the Last Days today. Who are the people who will make it possible for God to rest? It is we, the unworthy. As you can see, we have to understand that the liberation of God rests on our shoulders, in our minds and bodies. The pivotal condition of human history lies before us. We are responsible for the amazing mission that lies between Heaven and earth. Despite the fact that you do not have any place to rest assured, you should not struggle over problems of the earth. We are still in the middle of the course during which our ideas are not to seek comfort for ourselves.

After introducing the laws of Heaven to earth and winning the victory, we can rest in peace. Today you are in the middle of this course. Where would this take place? Although there are advanced nations that boast of the superiority of their people, what merits pride is the question, who is closer to God.

What we have to understand today is that as long as we live with the awareness, "I am of the people of God; I am Heaven's citizen; I am a child of Heaven," then we will certainly go through a course of conflict. Because this world is evil and because this society has an evil history, this world will not readily welcome that kind of person.

Therefore, we must obtain the compassionate feeling of love which can unite things that are difficult to unite, like water and fire. In other words we must obtain the heavenly content that can move our physical bodies, attain the truth and then achieve the living environment and character. We then obtain love that can connect with the ideology. We must penetrate this world of evil. These conditions are the conditions of the judgment of the universe. They represent the heavenly principles in the Last Days of the universe.

Have we then today completed our responsibility and the mission of the direct line? We have to think about whether we can assert the power of life before the whole universe. Have we obtained the truth that can replace the judgment of God, the character that can connect with the ideology of life, and the love linked with the ideology of God?

If there is such a person, then when he moves, all things will move with him. When he mourns, all things will feel sorrow. With this feeling, you must stand before Heaven and in awe you can say, "Father, please eliminate the bitterness of the 6,000 years through me on this day. Please subjugate Satan, who has been confronting you for 6,000 years, through me."

The Road Humankind Must Travel

After creating men before all things in the Garden of Eden, God has not witnessed the day that His words of blessing, "Have dominion over all things," were fulfilled. We must exert ourselves for the sake of the fulfillment of these words. When that is achieved, everything will become glory to the Father. From that point on, new love through the new ideology, new character based on new life, and new words and truth can be obtained. We can embark as children of a new lineage.

When we observe your actions, we find that at present the ideology of hope, the historical ideology and the practical ideology are seeking you. Not only that, before us beckons the one day when the glory of sons and daughters of the direct line in Heaven and on earth can be demonstrated through you. Yet, in spite of all this, you are ignorant of these facts. Not knowing your proper position, you bypass the environment in which you should dwell, the hopeful environment where you must carry on the struggle.

The road we must travel is actualizing the whole ideology of God on earth and forming the foundation of heavenly glory where God can rest. We must do this at any cost and by any means. At the same time, it is concluding all the fights of the earth. To do this, you have to fight on with love.

You who are going in search of obtaining this ideology must possess the love that represents the universe. Moreover, you have to attain the practical ideology of life and the power to carry it out in action. When we step forward with this kind of love and power of practice, Satan, who has been confronting Heaven until now, will naturally submit.

Today you have to understand the will of God, Who wishes for the appearance of children who cherish the desires of God. We have to, first, feel the tragic sorrow and distress of God and offer all of our effort to liberate Him from them. By doing so, you must be able to march forward toward the one will of hope. You must become the leaders who can represent the 600,000 Israelite people who headed toward the blessed land of Canaan. Today humankind is fighting because a tranquil and free living environment is not realized. They must go out to the wilderness and combat the seven faithless Canaanite tribes. You also have to pass through this kind of course of conflict.

Now Heaven is thinking about each of you, asking whether you are a historical criminal, an apostate, an opportunist or a substantial person who can take responsibility for history, the present and the future. You have to understand that Heaven is relating to you based on these conditions.

What then are you to do now? You have to become sacrifices that can be offered to Heaven today. What is a sacrifice? It has to be divided. Historically, there were those that were divided and those that were not divided. The ones who were not divided could not become sacrifices. In the future, there will be sacrifices on the national level and on the world level.

People who live with this kind of idea of sacrifice must not live for the sake of their individual selves. They must live for the sake of the society, the nation and the world. You must not be defeated in the place where you become the sacrifices. Even when you are divided in the place of conflict, you must be able to say, "Oh! Hallelujah! Glory of the Lord! Today is the glorious day when God is liberated from the bitter grief of 6,000 years."

You must boldly step forward in place of Joshua and Caleb of the past. You have to become the victorious chosen people of Heaven without losing the standard of faith in the wilderness, like the first chosen people. Having done this, you must endure within the will and enter the blessed land of Canaan. Revering the heavenly principles, you must stand in the position of Joshua and Caleb who have completed their responsibilities and bring the victory. By doing so, you must become true sons and daughters who attend the Father eternally from the position of having reaped the victory.


Please let there emerge many people on this earth who can say, "Father, I believe it. I am here, so Father, please show it to me," when the beloved Father calls us. Now is the time when, longing for this day, all things are lamenting. The Holy Spirit is lamenting, and countless believers are also grieving. Therefore, please lead us to understand that we must not cry about our own misery today. We must abandon all our secular aspects.

We have received the conviction that can link us with reason, so please allow us to actualize this. Father, we sincerely hope that You will bring to pass the joyful day, which is significant in Heaven's dispensational history, by letting us mature ourselves as the heavenly sons who can relate with the heavenly principles and the universe, and have a reciprocal base with their value.

Please guide the sons and daughters who have gathered here to become true sons and daughters who can call You "True Father" now. Please guide us so that we can eventually proclaim that we fought not for our own sake but for the sake of the Father. Allow us to represent the entire value and cultivate heavenly character so that we can be victorious in living a heavenly life and reaching heavenly love. Please guide us to become sons and daughters who can confront Satan powerfully.

We, the unworthy, hope that we can now serve the True Father. We earnestly entreat You to guide us to not become the prey of Satan. We pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

1A Korean unit of measure for distance. This refers to the length of the Korean peninsula