Let Us Not Become a Betrayer of God's Will

Date: 1957-10-20
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

Matthew 23:29-39


Father, please forgive the children who are gathered here today. They have been living day by day, not understanding that they are Your precious children.

We understand that without You, no one can comfort us nor can anyone allow us to manifest Your glory. Have we by any chance insisted upon ourselves, so penetrated are we by sin? We know it is a historical fact that any act centered upon oneself betrays the heavenly principles. Please allow us to offer everything in this hour and receive Your grace through the separation of good and evil. Beloved Father, I sincerely wish and desire this to be done.

By doing so, please allow us to incarnate our mind into Yours, our body into Yours. Please allow Your heart to substitute for ours, Your aspiration to substitute for ours. Allow our fighting spirit to be united with Yours for the fulfillment of Your will. Thus, bless us to attend Your will only with an undying spirit. Beloved Father, I earnestly wish and desire this to be done.

We understand that our life until today has been secular and could not be free of sin and evil. Please allow us to find the absolute value beyond time and space. Guide us to offer everything we have before the fulfillment of Your will, which desires to manifest its value before the one center.

Please allow us to establish a reciprocal relationship through which our hearts can be harmonized before the will and within ourselves. Allow us to maintain the joy that can sing a song of glory to God. Beloved Father, I sincerely wish and desire this to be done.

Father, I earnestly wish and pray that You allow us to understand the history of Your toil for humankind. Guide us to protect, at the risk our lives, the bloodstains of the many prophets and sages who have come and gone from this earth. Allow us to become sons and daughters who can be loved by You and of whom you can be proud before Satan.

Is there anyone who still does not know how to be grateful before Your will? If so, please caress them with Your hands of compassion. With Your almighty power, please have their hearts surrender to You, repent before You and humbly bow down before You in gratitude. Father, I earnestly wish and pray for this to be done.

As we now wish to receive Your words, Father, please have dominion over this audience. As I understand that You have been guiding these people for a long time with concern, please do not allow them to turn their faces away from Your guidance. Allow us not to block Your way due to our inadequacy or to stand in a position against Your will. Beloved Father, I sincerely wish and pray for this to be done.

Please have dominion over this hour as the Trinity. Allow us to offer everything we have before You and act according to Your will. By doing so, please allow us to become the ones who can return the beauty of harmony to You. Beloved Father, I earnestly wish and pray for this. Please grant us Your words.

Jesus loved his disciples with all of his heart and mind during his thirty years of life. Due to their betrayal, he had no choice but to die on the cross. Please let us again feel the heartbreaking facts in this hour. Please guide us, we who have been following You, to return an unchanging loyalty to You until the end and to appear before You as the fruits of glory. Father, I earnestly wish and pray for this. Please do not allow this place to be invaded by Satan. Even if billions of satans are attempting to invade this place, please allow us to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice in this hour.

Father, I understand that many lonely family members are scattered throughout the nation and are now praying, kneeling down before You. Wherever they gather, please manifest Your glory and victories to them. Thank You for filling their minds and bodies with Your amazing glory and guiding them to become Your sons and daughters. I earnestly wish and pray that they will become the children who can return glory to You. I prayed all of this in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The title of the speech I would like to reflect upon with you in this hour is "Let Us Not Become a Betrayer of God's Will."

The Reason Human Beings Could Not Live in the Eternal Ideal and Environment

Today we are living in an environment in which it is extremely difficult to establish laws based upon trust and righteousness. It is also hard to make a friend with whom one can live, enjoying a friendship not only throughout life, but also throughout eternity.

You must know well that we are faced with a reality in which it is difficult to have a spouse, parents, brothers or sisters with whom we can live together forever. Even now we humans are longing in our hearts to live with God in an amazing and broad realm of ideals in which our mind and our living environment would never change.

Originally, humans were to live in an environment in which they could eternally trust, depend on, love and show off everything good to one another. However, because they lost this environment, they have been destined to restore it. This did not become history by coincidence. There are certain stories we do not know. Throughout history, there were conditions through which our ancestors violated the great principles of absolute trust and righteousness. There were other conditions of darkness as well of which we are not aware. We should understand that, until now, not only our flesh and blood, but also our environment has been oppressed.

What then should we do when faced with such an environment today? Centered on the original ideals human beings were to possess, by becoming unchanging individuals of trust and righteousness, we should be able to manifest the eternal ideals, trust and righteousness as our own. By doing so, transcending our own life course, we should be able to receive a day when we can eternally rejoice. Today countless people are longing to see the arrival of such a day.

What state then are we in now? We are not yet liberated from the fallen lineage. We were not emancipated from the boundary of sin. Consequently, we are responsible for becoming free of it. We should reflect upon our wrongful way of life. We should block all acts that are unprincipled. You should understand that you are destined to restore the environment and ideals we can enjoy.

We are in that position because of the fall. What does the fall mean? It means that people could not be an unchanging center, a center that has fulfilled the ideals for the purpose of faith. We cannot be a center for the creation. The fall caused a change and a separation in the relationship between God and man. That relationship should never have changed nor should there have been separation, no matter what.

The reason humankind came to grieve is that they deliberately betrayed the principles established by Heaven. They did not believe in, but violated the will that should have been realized on earth as the center of the principle of creation. Because they did not do this, they came to grief.

The Sorrowful History Continued Due to the Betrayal of Heaven

When I realize today that my entire life is manifested through my mind and body and I cannot embody the absolute goodness and righteousness of God, what should I be sad about? I should grieve that my mind and body still have the scars that remain from the betrayal of God.

If people had not betrayed the heavenly principles, words like "betrayal" or "faithlessness" would not exist. Adam and Eve should have been established as the inseparable, true son and daughter in relation to God. The fact that they betrayed God's will remains the sorrow of the universe and the sorrow of all people throughout history. Further, you should clearly understand that it remains today as the sorrow of our minds and bodies.

Now, with such a history, you should fight the enemy, offering yourself before the Father. Further, you should fight your living environment and all the powers of darkness on earth. You should be aware that you are destined to carry out such a life.

When we restore ourselves then and try to establish the principles of the absolute trust and righteousness of God, how can we stop ourselves from betraying God? How we can overcome ourselves, we who have inherited such fallen nature in our lineage? We have the background of such a mind and lifestyle, so does the entire social environment.

Since the creation of humankind, God has been conducting His providence for 6,000 years. You should also understand that in the process, He sent many prophets and sages through whom He attempted to establish faith and build an eternally unchanging relationship.

What was God's heart like? He loved humans without limitation. That is why He is still toiling for them behind the scenes. Thus, you should become people who can discern the inner heartbreak of God, who has had an unchanging will throughout the course of human history. He has been looking for a person who can come forth and represent His eternal will with an unchanging heart for eternity.

What kind of being is God? He is a being who has been toiling and enduring for 6,000 years so that people would establish conditions for the foundation of faith in Heaven. Ever since the human fall, He has been standing, with a grieving heart, in the position where there was no one who did not betray Him. Still, He did not have any choice but to forgive and embrace them. You should clearly understand this. God and Jesus, in whom we have faith and whom we try to attend, believed in us repeatedly, in spite of our countless betrayals.

If there is a person who can understand the hearts of God and Jesus, that person will certainly be qualified to discuss things directly with God, beyond the historical betrayals on all levels of the society and the nation. To become such a person, you should clearly understand the heart of God.

How many people exist on this earth who can understand the heart of God, Who has been embracing faithless people until now? You who are gathered here at this hour should be able to feel God's heart. You should empathize with the sorrowful heart of God, Who has been patient with people even as He was watching them betray Him. Still He toils to restore them to Himself. Unless you can become a person who can understand the heart of God, Who has been betrayed throughout the many thousands of years of history, but Who has remained a loving, patient and believing God, you will not be able to defeat the historical course of betrayals.

In the course of human history, where did the first human betrayal start? It started with Adam and Eve betraying God's domain of love on the family level. Adam and Eve should have established God's ideal of creation. Yet due to their disbelief in the will of God, through the fall caused by the archangel, the history of betrayal started.

After the toil of 1,600 years, God established Noah, a person He thought He could trust. God made Noah set a condition for 120 years. Noah attempted to fulfill God's will, but he failed. Thus, the will of God was prolonged through the ancestors of faith throughout the many generations after Noah until the time of Moses.

Jesus Appeared to Establish Faith on Earth

Due to the fall of Adam and Eve, fallen people were divided into many peoples. From among the many peoples, God chose the Israelites, in whom He could trust. From among those people, He chose Moses. Through Moses, God could establish the laws of the heavenly principles that can never change, but the people who followed Moses betrayed God.

As a result, God could not achieve His will on the level of the family and the people. Yet by regaining Israel from the dominion of the Pharaoh and through the battles with the Canaanites and Satan, He sent a star who could represent 4,000 years of history: Jesus.

Did the people who had betrayed Moses accept Jesus? On the contrary, the Israelites betrayed him on the levels of the family, the society and the nation. You should know this.

When the sages and saints throughout the generations of history were commissioned with a heavenly responsibility by the will of God, God wanted to trust in them. The central people who were called for the heavenly mission to make such conditions were Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Jesus. You should know this.

With what kind of heart then did Jesus appear on earth? Jesus came as a representative of the whole nature of God and His historical words. Jesus was the substantial being of hope for which God had been looking. What then did Jesus feel when he came to the earth? When he came to the world with God's words and cried them out, he felt that the words were not only historical words. He felt what the many prophets and sages had desired to express throughout history. Further, he felt that the words had been betrayed by countless people throughout history. Thus, he could feel the broken heart of God, Who has been looking for a person whom He could trust on the faithless earth.

Furthermore, Jesus felt the heart of God's love that had desired to establish an eternal incarnation of ideal love, inseparable from Him, after He had created humans with all of His energy in the Garden of Eden. Jesus also felt a sense of mission to restore the original position of Adam and Eve, who had betrayed God. Jesus' position was not that of God, who was concerned about the fall. He was balancing sorrowful human history and heavenly principle on the scale, feeling the painful heart of fallen people, too. He appeared to cry out the words of God, a visible being representing the invisible being. He was the hyung sang of God, clinging to God's heart. Jesus considered the words and the heart rejected and violated by many people throughout the long history to be his own. He regarded his body as God's temple.

If Jesus had a hope that he desired to be fulfilled, it must have been to restore a day of goodness. He fought and died to establish a day of goodness.

When Jesus appeared before God the Father, he felt responsible for restoring all the words rejected throughout history and to comfort the Father by indemnifying the sinful history caused by the betrayal of the human ancestors.

Thus, Jesus appeared with a prayerful heart: "Oh, Father, whose temple and heart have been violated and trampled upon by human beings during the past 4,000 years! Please be comforted by seeing me." He felt responsible for liquidating sin on earth. You should understand that his heart was pierced with the determination not to leave behind another history of betrayal and to vindicate all the betrayals throughout history and persist in reality.

Jesus' Determination

Jesus was determined to take the responsibility to fulfill such a mission. He knew that betrayal would occur where God's words were spoken. He knew that God's sorrow and grief would be wherever His heart was brought. He knew that Satan's arrow would fly where God appeared in a body. He was determined to face this.

Although Jesus wanted people to advocate his position and protect him in reality, when they betrayed him, he was silently patient. You should understand the sorrowful circumstances where Jesus prayed alone for all humankind, grieving in the Garden of Gethsemane, under the olive trees.

At that time, Jesus was in a more pitiable position than anyone else on earth. Jesus came as a representative of God's heart, clinging to the words of God. In addition to the words of betrayal by many people throughout history, there was no one who prayed, "Oh, my lord, my groom, my guide! Please guide our lives to You!"

Jesus knew that God's providence of 4,000 years was consumed in human betrayal, but he still shed tears for humanity. Though he felt the grief that filled Heaven and earth, Jesus still looked for humankind, who had betrayed God. Thus, if he had a grievance in his heart, it would have been an endless one.

However, when he thought of God, who came to look for human beings in spite of their betrayals throughout the 4,000 years of history, Jesus could not be grieved even when he was betrayed. He could not be discouraged with his material deficiency even when he was struggling with it. He could not disobey the Father's will, even if he were to be sacrificed as an offering. He could feel the heart of God, Who did not desert the Israelites but treated them with love for 4,000 years despite their betrayals. Jesus could feel and comfort the Father's heart. Furthermore, he was in the position where he discussed all matters directly with God. We should clearly understand this.

Looking back today, we come to realize that our past was a trail of betrayals. Our reality is an environment of betrayals. "I" am a root of betrayals. Thus, I carry a past of such betrayals, I am living in a reality of betrayals, and I am becoming a root of betrayals toward my posterity. You should know this and should be heartbroken and grieving.

When Jesus came to this earth, he was rejected by his own people. He was considered a traitor by his nation, worse than a thief. Nevertheless, he prayed for his enemies to be forgiven. What is the source of such a heart? It is derived from the suffering heart of the Father, who has been patient with the people who betrayed Him for thousands of years throughout history. Jesus realized that even if his life was lost as a sacrificial offering, it could not be compared with the Father's sorrowful heart. Therefore, even when he was climbing over the hill of death, he could not help but pray for his people, who had betrayed him. You should know this.

Jesus continues to visit us even after he left the earth. Even if people have been faithless throughout history, Jesus still believes in us today. He does not curse humankind, who can betray him beyond time and space. On the contrary, Jesus is stretching his hand out to us with salvation. Nevertheless, there is no one on this earth who came on behalf of Jesus' words, his body and his heart. Furthermore, there are no people nor nation which can represent Jesus. At the time of Jesus, the Israelites should have represented the will of God and inherited His words. Yet no one welcomed Jesus, no matter where he went with the words of God.

The Path to Search for God in Spite of Persecution and Rejection

Because Jesus went through such a historical path, you also will be rejected by your brothers and sisters, your religion or your people when you attempt to attend God's words. However, you should become the kind of people who can pray that those who betray you may be blessed, despite their persecution.

Where then do your words, faith and religious ideas stand now? Jesus went through betrayal on the levels of the individual, the family, the church, the Israelites and the nation, 2,000 years ago. We are now being rejected on the level of the world, after having gone through the levels of the people and the nation.

You know that human history has been a continuum of good being stricken by evil ever since Cain killed Abel. We should also know that in walking the path toward Heaven, the ones who are being rejected, not the ones who reject them, are on the side of truth. They are the ones who are leading the heavenly dispensation.

Which people then are in the position of being rejected on all levels on behalf of the world today? If there were a tightly-knit people who can represent the will of God, they would be destined to be rejected on all levels.

How would the people be rejected? They would be rejected through the same conditions that took place at the time of the fall between Adam and Eve and the archangel. Thus, first they will be betrayed centered upon words. Although they were allowed to eat any other fruit in the Garden of Eden, God's words not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil were betrayed. They fell by following the words of the archangel, who stated that their eyes would be opened and they would become like God. The same phenomena will take place. Various ideas and ideologies from different nations will appear.

Consequently, even if one mind that is meant to pursue one idea, one purpose and one center seem to appear as a second mind and introduce a new purpose, the second mind has created the origin of the eventual betrayal of the original idea and purpose. You should clearly understand this.

Through what did this origin of betrayal come about? It came about through words. Thus, in the Last Days, if a people is to be established before Heaven, the people will be betrayed in their own language at some point. Even if they have their own letters to write with, the letters will be betrayed. Furthermore, their history and the spirit of the people will be violated.

When viewed from the perspective of the Last Days of the century, the nation which has met these conditions today is Korea. Korea has been invaded by many peoples throughout history, and many betrayers were produced. Under the sovereignty of Japan, we almost lost our language. Our letters, our distinctive nature as a people, our pride and even our ideas were almost abolished as well.

Furthermore, today we are in a position where the same people are confronting each other in betrayal. The same is true in the relationships between brothers and sisters, parents and relatives, fathers and sons, husbands and wives. What then should this people do? At some point, this people will be faced with the sorrowful heart God has experienced because of humanity's betrayals.

This people then should pray to Heaven for the world that has betrayed them, as Jesus did not curse the people who had betrayed him but instead prayed for them with the heart of God in the Garden of Gethsemane. Only then will this people find a way to live.

Therefore, this people should overcome the world that betrays. Throughout all betrayals, they should appeal to God, bowing down before Him and taking the words of Jesus who was betrayed as their own. They should take the heart of God who was betrayed as their own, and the bodies of their betrayed ancestors as their own.

The Perfected Person Who Knows How to Discern

Jesus came from the Israelites, though they appeared to be perishing due to Heaven's indifference. In the same way, this country has hope, although it seems to perish. This people should experience the words, the heart and the grief of God, Who has been betrayed for 6,000 years of history, as their own.

From now on, you should not depend on someone else. Do not believe anyone's words. Use your own judgment. Originally, you were not meant to depend on anyone. You are not to believe anyone nor are you to allow anyone to judge for you. Because you are not an original being, you came to depend on someone, believe in someone else's words and let someone judge for you.

Thus, you who should march forward with the original purpose should become the incarnation of belief, the person whom you can depend on and able to judge for yourself. You should be able to believe in yourself and judge for yourself.

As God has been patient and tolerant, you should be able to be more patient and tolerant than anyone else. By doing so, you should be able to depend on yourself, believe in yourself and judge for yourself.

Furthermore, you should be able to do so from the position where you can say, "Father! Please be comforted by looking at me." Thus, when we establish a relationship in which the Father can believe in me and I can believe in Him, the sorrow of Heaven will finally depart. God's struggle over you then will be finished. You should keep this in mind.

You should now come to realize that Adam and Eve fell because of their inability to discern the right words from the wrong ones. You should become a perfected person who can discern them. If Adam and Eve had been able to discern the words of the archangel through their original nature, they would not have fallen. For this reason, if you have a heart that can communicate with eternal ideas and have reached a state of perfection where you do not vacillate on eternal heavenly principles, then you will not fall.

Therefore, now you should become the kind of person who resemble God. Throughout the many thousands of years of history, in the midst of many betrayals, He could have excused Himself with many reasons if He had wanted. Yet He has not done so even once. Jesus also could have excused himself during the past 2,000 years, but he has been concerned with the people on earth. Thus, you should become the kind of person who will be patient and tolerant, not making excuses. Furthermore, you should become the kind of person who can reveal that we are in the position of a second archangel.

Today, billions of satans are trying to threaten and invade your living environment. You should not have a heart to betray the heavenly principles. Instead, you should feel the heavenly will and experience it in your body. You can then finally come to judge everything right. This is the reason God has been looking forward to the day of judgment. Jesus also has been looking forward to that day, while fighting billions of satans for 2,000 years.

Those who say everything they want to say will not have much in their possession. Those who do everything they want to do will not have a foundation for glory. You should understand that those who live in accordance with their own desires will later become a traitor or a betrayer. Jesus and our ancestors are the ones who did not say everything they wanted to say nor could they do everything they wanted to do, even when being betrayed. You should be aware of this, and as an unchanging being, you should be able to control yourself.

Please remember that you stand in a position where you can betray Heaven any time. If you do, do you know what you will be accused of? When you betray the Father, who has been tolerant in grief throughout the betrayals of 6,000 years, you will not be able to avoid judgment in the Last Days. You will not be able to pass through the last judgment through which God wants you to indemnify all the sorrows of 6,000 years.

Therefore, you should come forth with the heart of Jesus, who died on the cross as a sacrificial offering for the world. It should not be only for a year. It should not be for ten years or thirty years. You should do this for your entire life, with faith, so it can be inherited by your posterity.

Today you should pioneer and cultivate yourself. By doing so, you should realize that your relationship with Heaven can transcend all of the wicked world, even the Last Days throughout the universe. You should be able to make victorious conditions through which you can be rejoiced over by the Father. Only then will you be able to stand before Heaven as eternally victorious sons and daughters who will not betray the heavenly principles and the will. You should keep this in mind.