The Person Who Is To Remain Before God's Will

Date: 1957-07-07
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

Matthew 15:7-18

The purpose of God's constant toil and His leading the providence until the present day is only to achieve His will. The ultimate returning point is to share the same sufferings and joy with one another.

If we men achieve the will that God earnestly wishes for us and come to an eternal relationship through which we can share joy and sufferings together, then God will be the True Father, and we will be true children to Him. Then God's will becomes human will, and man will be in a relationship of harmony with the creation. Thus, returning glory to Him, they will eternally praise the wisdom, love, and benign grace of God. God, man and the creation are looking forward to that day.

The will is God's ideal for the creation and the eternal ideal for humans. Consequently, if the will is fulfilled, God and humans will be united in mind and body. Thus, when God rejoices, so will be humans, and vice versa. That is, God's will becomes the will of men, and thus their wills become one, through which we will return eternal joy to God. They will also experience joy in so doing.

In order for God to establish such a will, He will look for one person who can perfectly communicate with Him and thus become one body. Through that person, He will realize the will. Therefore, if he can be totally united with God's will, and can realize His will, he will also appear to the creation as one with the character of God's wisdom and love. If in that manner, that person can manifest God's wisdom, love, and character, wherever he goes, by taking after the eternal and absolute God, God's will is realized through him and He will eternally rejoice with him.

From this perspective, heaven has been leading the dispensation of restoration for all of humankind and the dispensation has continued. Thus, if people cannot understand the situation of God, they will not be able to have any relationship with God. Because of the fall, we carry self-centered ideas that have nothing to do with God. As God's ideas came from God, human ideas came from human wisdom.

Consequently, at some point, if the human ideas that have been governing human history cannot meet with the ideas of God, humans cannot receive an eternal ideal world. The role of religions is to bring the two different ideas together into one. If you do not understand this, you will not be able to transcend a humanistic viewpoint. Humanistic morality, doctrine, and views should return to the heavenly ones. The responsibility of religions is to unify them. Among them, the mission of Christianity is especially critical. Thus, if Christianity cannot fulfill this mission, the eternal ideal of creation centering on Christianity will not be accomplished.

If you cannot have the unchanging ideas for the fulfillment of the creation that can be eternally rejoiced in by God, you will become a betrayer of God at some point. Therefore, only when you actualize the ideal of creation from God's viewpoint will the heavenly ideal be actualized and made substantial in reality. God has been leading the dispensation for 6,000 years for the fulfillment of this will. If you cannot accomplish the will of God, His providence will fail and will remain on the level of nothing but ideas. The person who came to fulfill the eternal and unchanging ideology is Jesus Christ. He came to this earth as the truth that substitutes for God's wisdom and as universal compassion that substitutes for God's love, with generosity that substitutes for God's benign love. He pioneered the path to God's will.

Jesus came to the earth to establish heavenly ideology. Jesus appeared with purity and noble character to substantially make the ideas of God in human life. Yet there was no one who recognized the character of Jesus, who came to earth with the internal character of God.

Furthermore, Jesus came with a heart of harmony to manifest the heavenly personality. The heart of harmony could harmonize not only good people but also evil people. Yet due to faithlessness, the harmony on earth was not realized. Jesus came with an unchanging integrity toward the will of God, but the people then did not understand the heart of Jesus and did not follow him. Therefore, unless we, the future generation, practice the heavenly ideology of purity, noble character, the heart of harmony and integrity that Jesus had toward God, to realize all these on earth on behalf of Jesus, the grievance of Jesus cannot be resolved.

By being freed from everything humanistic and by establishing heavenly ideology as the regulations in our daily life, if we cannot accord everything in human ethics with the heavenly ideology, we will not be able to keep the ideology of God and Jesus. Also, the original world of creation that God purposed and Jesus hoped for will not be able to be realized on earth.

Then what should you do? You should become the ones who can substitute all the ideas based on human ethics with heavenly principles and totally digest everything based on human ethics, transforming them into heavenly ones. Otherwise, you will not be able to lead a life of the Heavenly Kingdom on earth.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been making efforts for 2,000 years to spiritually connect human morals with the will of heavenly principles. If you believe in such a Jesus, you will have inherited the will and will do your best to fulfill the mission of unifying humanistic moral laws with the heavenly principles. To inherit the mission, we should first overcome all the evil conditions in our daily life. For this, we should carry out the ideology of Jesus' daily life. Believing in the cross was to sever the relationship with Satan spiritually, but you should now have the ideology of Jesus' life. Based upon it, you can sever the relationship with Satan both spiritually and physically.

Now the day of judgment is approaching. Then how will the judgment be done? It will be done, based on how an individual established the heavenly ideology during his or her earthly life. To avoid such judgment, before being afraid of God's judgment, we should become the one who can take responsibility for the will of God and fulfill it. Otherwise, even before we are judged by God, Satan will take us.

Is there anyone with the disposition of God? Is there anyone with the pure disposition of Jesus? Find him, and make him your friend. Who is of noble character? Please follow him. Also, who is the one with the nature of God's harmony? Follow him, and attend him. Then you will surely gain a path to life. Also, you will be freed from the judgment for the condition of having followed and attended him.

Have you had Jesus' heart of purity, nobleness, and harmony? If not, fight yourself. Satan is not far away from you. He is in yourself. Thus, you should discover the difference between the heavenly personality and the satanic one within you and lead a life of separating them.

Next, you should appear in a way that is immutable. The meaning of saying that Jesus did not change refers to his unchanging attitude from the perspective of heavenly ideology.

Fallen humans under the dominion of Satan are cunning. Satan in the Garden of Eden revealed his sin, but at the time of the judgment, he would not reveal it.

You should become the ones who can willingly abandon any attachment to your own environment and life with an unchanging heart. Then you will be one with Jesus' unchanging heart.

Please understand that the environment, including yourself, is an object against which you should fight. To Jesus, who came as an unchanging person, all things before him were objects and enemies to fight. Furthermore, even the spirit world attacked him. Since Jesus had to fight heaven and earth, what a pitiful person he was! Despite such a condition, we should understand that he remained unchanged. Now you should be the ones who can stand unchanged before God and can be proud of yourself.

All things will welcome us in joy only when the foundation is established on earth where such people gather on earth and manifest God's wisdom. Then instead of the fact of man having been related to Satan in pain and suffering, they will receive a day of hope and sing a song of glory and joy to God.