We Are the Ones Who Must Possess the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

Date: 1957-03-17
Former Church Headquarters, Seoul, Korea

Matthew 16:13-20


Please allow the hyung sang of Jesus, who appeared representing God, to also appear before the congregation that has gathered here today. Please allow this to be a time when the words of the Lord's commands can be heard through the ears of our hearts and minds. Please allow us to understand that the words Jesus spoke were relevant, not only for his time but also for us at present; they are words that transcend history.

Please allow us to fathom the anguishing heart of Jesus toward Peter. Allow us to fathom as Peter understood the thoughts of Jesus and gave such a reply that he could inherit the whole will of Heaven. Please lead Your sons and daughters who have gathered here also to understand the one who is spreading the words of the Father and to listen to them from a position of deeply sensing the inner situation. Let them fulfill their loyal obligations toward the will.

Please help us realize that at such a time God will hand down to us the whole will and the great feat of resurrection. Moreover, when we voluntarily listen to the words with the realization that the Lord has this heavenly mission, please allow us to fathom the inner heart of the one who is giving the words. Father, we wish from the depth of our hearts that You will allow us to understand the meaning of the words for the sake of comprehending the heart of God.

Beloved Father, we earnestly wish and desire that You will allow the words given to us today to make a deep connection with us. Just as Peter testified, "The Lord is the Christ, the son of the living God," you will allow us to look upon the Lord and rejoice and to testify to the Lord. As the people who can become harmonized with the eternal words of the Father, please guide us always to reflect upon ourselves while we are on the path until the moment when we can appear as impeccable ones before the Father, the Holy Spirit and all created things.

Father, we wish from the depth of our hearts that You reign over the minds of all the brothers and sisters who have gathered here. We also wish that, in this moment, You can grant comprehensive works of Heaven through which we can receive the one grace and feel the one love with united hearts.

We sincerely hope that You will help us eliminate our conventional concepts. We hope that you, Father of capability, will cause resurrection by embracing us. Lead us to have a repentful and remorseful heart, the heart that seeks to submit before the Father with the offering of our lives. Allow the heart of the speaker and the heart of the listeners to become united.

Please allow us to realize that Satan is at work to divide us who have gathered here. Father, we wish with the utmost sincerity that you guide us to understand that, although the environment of grace dwells on us, Satan is always watching attentively and that the greater the grace, the greater the work of Satan that follows. Please lead us so that none of us will allow Satan. Father, please protect us so that we will not follow in the footsteps of the resentful ancestors who were dragged away by Satan, who seduced humankind for 6,000 years to seize them to his side, and become bitter. Please allow us not to repeat our lamentations and, Father, please allow this to be an hour when we provide the protection to prevent our descendants from lamenting.

Father, we hope from the bottom of our hearts that you will allow us to cultivate meekness and humility, and possess the heart that only seeks the grace of forgiveness, divulging everything before Father with the meek heart. We entrust everything in you, wishing that the will of Father be the only thing revealed in this hour, we prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The title of the sermon I want to give you is "We Are the Ones Who Must Possess the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven." I will speak on this topic today.

The Purpose of Jesus' Proclamation of Words

Human beings on earth have hoped for the Kingdom of Heaven until now. As they were passing through history, human beings have led their lives with the hope that in their own generation the ideology of the heavenly kingdom will be materialized on this earth in every aspect, including environmentally and worldwide. What is more, God has been longing for the realization of the Heavenly Kingdom as He was guiding the dispensation. You must understand that, consequently, the heavenly kingdom that we must build is the hope of God, the center of man's hope and the hope of all things. However, we ourselves must create this Heavenly Kingdom, which is the center of the eternal ideal and the eternal hope, but instead, we are in position to lament over our own selves.

If the Heavenly Kingdom is not a world that excludes God, but is a world centered on God, then we have no choice but to build a relationship with God to create the heavenly kingdom. In addition, if God is also conducting the providence for the sake of realizing the ideal of the Heavenly Kingdom which can harmonize the whole world of creation, then He must build a relationship with human beings. Because the Heavenly Kingdom of hope is far away from us and the world that we live in is a world of sin and hell, even if we ourselves want to build a relationship with God, we do not have a way to do it.

Nonetheless, if we want to create a tie with God and build the Kingdom of Heaven, then the relationship between the heavenly kingdom and us is inseparable. It is not limited to our own generation. It is the eternal bond that transcends time and place. Looking at how human beings are always perceiving this kind of ideology and ideal of the heavenly kingdom, we can understand that the eternal heavenly kingdom that will be materialized, centering on God, is already fatefully tied to us.

What must be the purpose of Jesus Christ's coming to the earth and proclaiming the words while shedding tears for thirty years and walking a path of sorrowful ordeals? First, it was for the sake of having human beings restore the relationship with God and, next, it is for the sake of introducing the Kingdom of Heaven to humankind.

Similarly, when Jesus introduced the Heavenly Kingdom, he did it with the words. In other words, he tried to introduce the Heavenly Kingdom with the truth. Similarly, through Jesus, God bestowed upon humans the words, whose purpose was to build an eternal and unchanging bond between humans and the words and then construct the ideology of the heavenly kingdom on earth. He tried to manifest the truth through Jesus. Consequently, Jesus, who came to forge a relationship between God and man and came to testify to the truth before the people, began to proclaim the words of truth to construct the heavenly kingdom for which God, human beings and all created things hope.

However, although Jesus proclaimed the truth to restore the relations between God and man, because the Israelite people who should have built a relationship with that truth betrayed him, the purpose of Jesus' proclamation of the words could not be realized. Looking at this, we can understand that the genuine words of truth that Jesus proclaimed were not conveyed to the people one hundred percent. You must understand that this is because, when the people at that time betrayed him, Jesus had to introduce the truth through metaphors and symbolism, or as allusions. So, throughout the course of history countless people who live on earth have been seeking the concealed door to the truth by mobilizing abundant knowledge.

Now, when the last days of history arrives there will come a moment when human beings will meet the sacred spirit and truth for which they have been looking. Countless people will be lifted as the true believers of Jesus, and the truth that lay hidden deep inside the heart of Jesus will also be introduced in totality.

Then, you who are seeking heaven, which path have you entered? Until now each external truth and each internal truth has been established from different directions. In this moment, the two truths can become one with the same central focus. Similarly, the dispensation of God centered on the truth has been progressing in step with the development of history.

Three Kinds of Movement for the Establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven

Then, what will happen at the time of the completion of the work of recreation, for which humankind has been longing until now? First, there will emerge one center of the truth tied to the universal karma and has the power to substantialize the ideals of the Kingdom of Heaven for which all creation and humanity hope. If such a center of truth does not appear, then God's entire ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven will not be established.

Then, what kind of movement will rise along with the truth after the movement of truth, galvanized by that center of truth, is set in motion and the truth is found? The movement of life will emerge. That movement of life is the phenomenon of unification centering on life. It will be marked as the center of the heavenly power that can materialize the one Kingdom of Heaven, and it will plunge all things in creation forward toward that kind of world.

Similarly, after the emergence of truth, there will come a movement of life; after the emergence of the unified movement of life, the unified world of love will be realized. Unless this takes place, the Kingdom of Heaven for which we hope cannot be built.

Then, what kind of world is the kingdom of hope that we long for? That world is a place where God can rejoice, a place where Jesus and the Holy Spirit can rejoice and many thousands of faithful believers can also delight. At the same time, it is a place where all things in creation can become harmonized. Accordingly, that place is the world where harmony is achieved centering on love, harmony is achieved centering on life, and harmony is achieved centering on truth. You must understand this.

Therefore, the movement that God induced man to initiate for the sake of building the heavenly kingdom is the movement of the restoration of truth. It was the movement of the restoration of truth through the words. Similarly, the reason that the movement of the restoration of truth must arise through the words is because only through the words is the miraculous work of life realized and only through life can the movement of life emerge.

When Adam and Eve fell, they fell because they disobeyed the commandments. Because they fell by disobeying the words, they lost life, which is the foundation of the words, and the love of God, which is the foundation of life. This is the actual sin that Adam and Eve committed. Thus, if we cannot make the opportunity to universally cleanse the sin that Adam and Eve committed in its entirety, then we cannot obtain the Kingdom of Heaven for which we hope and the ideal garden for which we long.

To accomplish this kind of task, the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit have been at work for a long time. Among this trinity, the Holy Spirit has been working to guide humanity toward the truth. So it is written in the Bible, "When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth" (John 16:13). As you can see in her work, the Holy Spirit is in charge of the mission of truth. Jesus, the Holy Son, is in charge of the mission of the champion of life. Therefore, he has said, "I am the way, and the truth and the life; no one comers to the Father, but by me" (John 14:6) Jesus came to rectify this will of life.

Then, what are we, ultimately, to seek in our course of finding life through the truth? It is none other than love. We must reach the love of God, to say nothing of the love of the Holy Spirit and Jesus. If we manifest the nature of the Trinity from this perspective, then we can say that the Holy Father is love, the Holy Son is life, and the Holy Spirit is truth.

So, to the question of Jesus, "Who do you think I am," Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the living son of God" (Matt. 16:16). This answer of Peter's refers to the true and existing quality of the nature of Jesus. In other words, it symbolizes that Jesus is one who was anointed with the oil, that he is the living God, and that he is the one existing being who perfected the mind and body. Similarly, looking at the fact that Peter testified to Jesus as the living son of God, we can observe that Peter understood the internal heart of Jesus, and that he was able to stand on the level that can be linked to the one law. If we are to characterize God, humankind and all things symbolically, then we can describe God as love, man as life, and all things as truth.

The Substantial Body of Love and Life That Possesses the Key of Truth

Then, what must we, who are to seek the truth, do now? More than anything, we must possess the key of truth that can fit inside the heart of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God. If you do not possess this key, then you cannot perfect your physical self. Moreover, you cannot create a bond with the Holy Spirit, the divine of truth.

What has been the purpose of the people of faith seeking the truth until now? It was to find the key of truth. If there is someone who can possess this truth, if he understands this truth, then the love of God will automatically enter this person. Moreover, if anyone among us is in a position to inject the love and life of God centering on the truth of God, then all things will not be able to make a relationship with God without going through that person.

So, if anyone stands in the center of truth that can connect with God, true life that can connect with God, and true love that can connect with God, then that person is the center of hope of all things in creation and the core of God's hope. All things will not move away from that central person.

To speak about the truth of God from that standard, he can testify to the life of God that possesses a substantial body, can manifest the love of God that possesses a substantial body, and can manifest the truth of God that has a substantial body. In this sense, Jesus has spoken, "I am the way, truth and life."

God has been working to find one central person who can realize the Kingdom of Heaven that He desires. So, the person whom God will establish on earth will first receive the truth, live and love of God. Next, he will stand as the substantial body of love, life and truth. Similarly, God has been working throughout a long history to establish one person who has perfected the standard of man centered on the love, truth and life of God.

If you cannot receive that central person who appears on behalf of God as a substantial body whose mind and body are united, then you will have nothing to do with the Kingdom of Heaven that God is trying to establish. Moreover, you must understand that there is no way to build the Kingdom of Heaven desired by humanity of the earth and all created things.

Today, we live in the difficult time of confusion when it seems that there are countless truth, countless lives and countless love, in other words, a time when this seems like that and that seems like this, when it is difficult to distinguish good from evil. This being the case, what should we who live in this kind of age do?

Now, the time has come when you must manifest yourselves before all the created things. Before manifesting yourselves, you cannot restore your original nature and nurture it. If there are evil elements in your minds, then, since this is the time to bear the fruits, you must bring out the evil elements as they are and uproot them. When you do that, you will connect with a new foundation, from that moment on. If there are good elements, you must use them to build a relationship with God and pursue those good elements more for the sake of nurturing your original nature. To achieve this, you must make an excruciating effort.

However, the more time nears the last days, the more things we human beings will want to seek. In other words, we will want to know everything about the earth and to possess these things and put them in action. Such desires increase because the human intelligence is developing and because human rational and wisdom are improving.

At such a time, we must, first, learn to appreciate all human beings. Next, with the mind of original nature, with your own effort you must become the precious substantial body that cannot be traded with anything on the earth, and by reciprocating with all things bring self-satisfaction. Only those who possess such a mind can be called the resurrected people for whom Jesus wished, and the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Mind-Set Needed to Become the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

We who are in the last days, for us who face the day of the judgment, the problem is not the accomplishment, glory or ideals that we have, but seeking the true self, centering on the mind. When the time comes, the internal truth will surely reveal itself, and the internal life and love will manifest on this earth without fail.

Human beings, until now, have been ignorant, unable to distinguish the truth, true life and true love. Because they do not have any other solution, they try to proceed based on their understanding, try to feel things with the senses of life they possess, and to figure things out with the love that they possess, but they have not been successful in making the distinction. Similarly, when truth, life and love appear on earth in the last days, human beings will repeat the same thing. With such methods, the distinction cannot be made. Before you strive to understand the earth, world and universe that you do not know, you must first struggle to fathom your original natures that you have failed to see.

Consequently, you who are in the last days must pour oil on your head and enter the secret chamber to sever all worldly connections and relationships. Based on your heart, you must build a relationship with God. Having made the final resolution on life and death, you must become the children of God who can light the candle of truth and with the most sincere heart say, "I have established, as the eternal center of life, center of truth, and center of love, all these things that cause the continual progress of love." Without doing this, there is no way for Heaven to make a relationship with us first. This is due to the way of the laws of the universe.

As for the flow of electricity, many of you might think that it flows from the positive end to the negative end, but in reality, it flows from the negative end to the positive end. Because of the way that the principles of the universe are, all things are created to seek God and make a relationship with God. Accordingly, in regards to the severed relationship between God and man, God cannot make the connection from His side first. So, God stands in the position where He has to make a detour and push us from behind.

Although Jesus and the Holy Spirit are at work, they cannot come in front of you and lead you from the front. Because their love is pushing from behind, you must receive that love. Because this is invisible, human beings are not clearly aware of it.

Now the time is approaching the last days, but even when the last days are near, your hearts must not become anxious. At that time, no matter how great your living conditions are and no matter how luxurious and proud a life you might be boasting before the world, you must understand that the agony in heart will increase proportionally.

Then, what must we do in this moment when the last days are approaching? When the center of the whole universe appears, you must make preparations in your hearts to receive him. In other words, you must be able to attend Christ, who is the center and the base of the universe, in your hearts.

If you serve Christ substantially in your hearts, then the feelings that you feel within Christ will become the eternal pillar of life, the eternal bedrock of truth, and the eternal base on which you can life up the signal fire of love. The center of truth is in no other place than inside our hearts.

Is there anyone among you who wants to possess the heart of the Lord? If you are determined to abandon, in one second, your position of which you have been in charge for ten years, and abandon, in one second, all the accomplishments you have spent your lifetime working for, then, in the last days, you can escape the fearful judgment.

Our teacher also does not reside in other place. Heaven does not dwell in other place. Our mind is the teacher of the truth. You must understand that our minds are closer than Jesus.

Although we might not possess anything, when we possess the truth that represents all things in the universe and the historical tradition and live our lives according to that truth, then God will dwell in our minds and rejoice. We will also be delighted, so we must strive heartistically to possess that truth. Unless we do that, we cannot serve God. If you relate to all things from the position of God, then you will enter the realm in which you can feel and experience all the universal life, truth and love.

When you feel this reality, then you will understand the fundamental content of the truth in that realm, understand the content of life, and feel the ideal stimulation of love. What is more, when we receive the gospel that Jesus proclaimed, the truth that Jesus taught, and the life element of Jesus and firmly establish them as the eternal root of our minds, then no matter what kind of universal, evil element infiltrates us, we can chase it out. If you can do that, lamentation and agony will no longer be problems for us. Moreover, even if lamentation and agony remain within us, we can easily overcome them.

The Standard for the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven: Truth, Life and Love

There is nothing on the earth that can push out the life and love of God. Moreover, the closer we come to the truth, the more we are intoxicated in the truth, the more that truth will become the center which cannot be snatched from us. Even if the earth is put through confusion many thousand times, even if the universe is destroyed, those who have firmly established that center in their minds will never change and never be affected.

However, if you have not made the preparations in your minds to receive that center, then no matter how great a truth appears before you, you will not be able to recognize it. Even if true life appears, you will not recognize it; even if true love appears, you will not recognize it. From this point of view, we can understand that, if Christianity today wants to find the truth, true life and true love, it must abandon itself till the end and become a religion that establishes the center of the mind that none can take away from them.

Until now, people thought that the earth was expanding because new continents have been discovered, but on contrary, it is shrinking every day. In other words, when civilization was not yet developed, the world seemed to be a vast place, but as history progresses and civilization develops the world seems to be increasingly narrower place. When we consider this, we can understand that the ideal world that will be realized through the works of the truth will be the universal era when everything will have a direct relationship with each of us. Consequently, the standard for the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven must be materialized in your minds; in other words, the life and love of the Kingdom of Heaven must bear fruit in yourself.

Because truth, life and love are like one family, love and life must follow truth, and life and truth must also follow love. The same thing is true for life; there, love and truth must also follow.

Why are truth, life and love connected in that way? As you know, in order for one being to exist, centering on that being, there has to be above and below, front and back, and left and right. Anything that exists cannot liberate itself from these three realms. This is the basic structure of existence. Although these three things come together to form one united shape, if the force moves in the opposite direction, then forces that are different from the original ones will appear.

Accordingly, although God is originally a being of love, life and truth, after the fall when human being could not form the balanced triangular structure of love, life and truth, God could not exercise His powers. You must understand this. However, by choosing Abraham and connecting the three points into one, in other words as the three points line up in the straight line to the left and the right, the base on which God can dwell was created. Moreover, when Jesus and the Holy Spirit appear in the place of love, life and truth, that base secured its sense of direction and became closer to the whole earth. To put it another way, when they were lined up in a straight line, there was a long distance between them, but when that line is curved the distance is shortened. In this sense, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are acting as the bridge that connect God and man.

What is the good news in the movement for the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven? It is the fact that human beings who could not directly receive the grace of God can do so by the virtue of Jesus' coming, which caused the relationship between God and man on a straight line to curve and bridge the distance between. Moreover, Jesus allowed us to possess substantial content based on which God can operate. He made it possible for human beings to become one with God and become the external body of operation. Jesus is the one who came to do this work.

When we think about this, for the human beings who must look upon the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven from afar, the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit that is present nearby, in the front, back, left, and right, is surely the universal gospel. When someone grabs hold of the most valuable force in the universe, by the principles of the universe, the power of life that connects with the power of the universe will reach that person. This being the case, that person will develop in four directions as a being of life, and can feel the love that connects the four directions. Love brings harmony to things and causes actions that form unified bodies.

Self-Perfection of Human Beings

Consequently, although until now we have been gazing from afar at the Holy Spirit who appeared as the deity of truth, Jesus who appeared as the deity of life, and God who exists as the deity of love, from now on, we must attend them in our hearts. Then, how can we serve the Holy Spirit, Jesus and God in our hearts? This is the problem.

To invite God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit into your hearts, you must abandon selfish obstinacy centered on yourselves. Until now, you have had a frequent tendency to be stubborn for selfish reasons. This is your enemy. The time has come when you must repent for this. Until today, human beings thought that they had many enemies, but the greatest enemy is your self, and the members of your family.

We must walk the remaining fateful path no matter what, so we must pass through the environment based on ourselves, and then, surpassing the nation and the world, we must connect with the Kingdom of Heaven. If we cannot complete this path while we are alive, we must continue after we die; our fate is to continue even if it takes many millions of years.

Can we escape from this fate? We must fulfill our responsibilities on this earth. Moreover, are there any elements of evil, jealousy and envy remaining in you? If such things remain in you, then there is no way for you to cleanse your sins and escape that kind of fate.

Then, what did Jesus do during the thirty years of his life? Jesus Christ grew up in the household of a carpenter, and with a humble appearance, he led a quiet life of reticence. What fight did he carry on? Although Jesus helped Joseph in Mary's family and carried on a fight in his life to sustain the livelihood of that family, in no way was this a fight for livelihood, but it was a fight to perfect himself in the internal sphere. Even when you read the gospel of John, you can see that Jesus lived not for the human will but for the will of God.

Do you possess the weapons that can block the enemy satans who are invading you as you try to resurrect yourselves now? This is an important task for you. However, you cannot block these satans by yourselves. Because you are powerless, you are always in danger.

Through what means can you prevent the invasion of Satan now? You can prevent the invasion of the enemy through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not only helping you, but they are also longing for you to stand on your own. In this way, Jesus and the Holy Spirit wish that heaven and earth were connected through you, but they are lamenting because human beings of today have not been able to accomplish this.

When all things become united, the whole universe can forge relationships front and back, left and right, and up and down, centering on human beings, and by virtue of human beings they can be liberated. However, because human beings cannot fulfill this task, the grief of heaven has been filling the whole heaven and earth until now. If there is something that you must feel, it is this grief and bitterness of heaven. What is more, to resolve this resentment, you must battle with sin.

The time when everything must be abandoned will come, and that time is the last days. In that last days, how would the will of God appear, and where will the truth, love and life of God appear? That place is the hope of all humanity and the center that they must seek. Therefore, if you do not know that place, you must rectify your mind and purify it, you must make the preparations. If you make such preparations, then even if you are not trying to go there, one day you can go there naturally.

Will you be able to distinguish true things from false things? At that time, even God cannot teach you true from false. After God reveals that something is true, He must also say that it is false. Accordingly, human beings must make the distinction by themselves, and human beings must make the determination and seek it on their own. Consequently, you must learn the meaning behind the story in the Bible that draws from the example of how only five wise virgins out of the ten who prepared the lantern light could receive the lord.

If you have not been able to make such preparations in your hearts, then when the center of truth appears on this earth and commands you to abandon everything, you will not be able to leave everything behind except for your true heart. Heaven will come based on this kind of foundation where the one center is securely established.

Distinguishing the True from the False, and the Way to Investigate the Truth

To find the truth, you cannot listen to any person's words. You must only listen to the words of truth. What words then are the words of truth? If there are some words that provoke natural repentance no matter who listens, words that unconsciously draw people, and words that cannot be erased no matter how hard one tries to erase them, then those words must be the very words of truth. They are the words of truth that penetrate through the principles of the universe.

When you listen to the words of Jesus, you should be able to believe in them as the truth that represents the universal principles and cherish them deep in your hearts. This is because those words are words of life to you. When you listen to the words, at times you might take them as words of life and at other times you might feel that there is no way you can believe in them. In the last days, you should be able to relate with the center of the universal truth, the universal life and the universal love with your original mind. That complete center is none other than Jesus himself.

If there is one nucleus, there always is some existing being that circulates around it. The same thing takes place in the relationship between God and human beings, as in electrons circling the protons. Because our human minds, which are like electrons, are operating in relationship with the nucleus of God's mind, which is like protons, God can carry on the dispensation of restoration toward human beings.

When we consider this, even if we were to go seeking the words of truth alone, we could feel the life of God active in the place to which we go and we can feel the love of God working in harmony there. Similarly, the path through which we pass by the road of truth and pursue the life and love of God is the path through which we can become valuable selves.

Truth is equipped with the eternal and unchanging center. Then, how are we going to distinguish good and evil in this evil world as we go seeking the truth? You must always forsake the self-centered mind and always descend to lower positions. Even in the Bible it is written that those who seek to rise must go down of their own accord.

The original nature of human beings is spiritual. Consequently, when you go to the spirit world, you will feel to your bones even more that this original nature of God is designed to live for the sake of others. Yet, why is it that human beings try to live for their own sake in regard to everything in life? That is because all human beings have a connection with the archangel who violated the universal principles, in other words, it is because they have a lineage relationship with Satan. Consequently, we have lost the original character of God, and the satanic character that is not following the will has come to dominate us. Nonetheless, we must face every affair with a humble attitude. If someone of more immature character tries to dominate someone whose character is as lofty as the sky, then the former will be destroyed. He will lose even the things he possesses. So it is written in the Bible that in the last days, that which belongs to one who does not have much will be taken away and given to those who have a lot.

The last days is the time when arrogant people will increase and people who have a self-centered world perspective will increase. Before true things appear, false things will come. In the fallen world, the historical reality has been that false things appear first in the form of true things. Moreover, before the appearance of the truth centered on the universal, unified ideology, many forms of false truths that confuse the world will emerge in great number. Before the emergence of the unifying movement of life, many forms of false movements of life will unfold; before the rise of the movement of true love, the movement of false love will unfold.

When we examine the flow of philosophy that emerged in history, rational philosophy came before the philosophy of life. In the future, the philosophy of love must also emerge. Then, what is the standard of the philosophy of love? Is it man or truth? Human beings will agonize over this kind of question.

However, even if we do not understand this kind of philosophy, if we can be pulled by the original mind and the saeng shim I and become deeply concerned about other people's situations, then we can love anyone and be able to become in tune with that person's heart. Therefore, you must become people who can understand the situation of others, despite whether that person is an evil person or a good person.

Love, Harmony and the Perfection of Human Character

God is someone who understands well the internal situation of all people. Consequently, He forgives even evil people. You must understand this. If you also reach this kind of internal heartistic standard, then you can also become close with all people. In other words, even if someone is a wicked person, when that person's situation is revealed to your heart, you can understand that person.

In order for us to resemble all the aspects of God's character, our mind and body must be able to be in harmony with anyone on this earth. If there are even just a few people who cannot harmonize with us, there will be no way that we can hide from the accusation of heaven and earth.

Then, what kind of person was Jesus Christ? He was the one who came to this earth, to this evil world, as yeast. What is yeast? You probably know a lot just from the stories in the Bible, but yeast is a material that mixes and harmonizes different things to transform them. What is meant here, when it says that Jesus came as yeast, is that he came with the mission to transform people with fallen nature into people with original nature.

If the hearts that we possess cannot harmonize with other people, we must train our minds to be able to move our minds to adjust them to other people one hundred percent. Unless we do that, Satan will place you on the stage for judgment and accuse you, "You so and so, don't you have this condition of inadequacy?"

Until we reach this purpose, we cannot fully enjoy our freedom and cannot realize any other wishes. Consequently, human beings have been longing for the moment when, by having cleansed their fallen nature and offered all they have, they can attain the original character of love and elements of goodness that are connected to all things in the universe and, becoming one with the heart of God, immediately put into operation the elements of love and goodness within the will. In other words, they have been longing to become perfect in character before the one truth by perfecting the ideals of love in their lives.

Although people today often want to govern over this vast and great universe, this is causing their own destruction. Consequently, from long time ago I have been cherishing, as my motto in life, the phrase, "perfect self-dominion before seeking the dominion over the universe."

In truth, for Christians, this motto is more important than anything else. When there is a believer who has nurtured the character to govern over the universe based on this content, in other words, when he can obtain the ability to govern over the universe, the shortcut through which God can step and jump over will finally be laid down. When such a standard is completed, one can finally say that he has the original value of creation. Therefore, Jesus spoke, "What good would it be if you win the whole universe but lose your soul?" You must never forget that today is the historical moment when the true person who possesses this kind of value must emerge.

You should not think that you can do this or that because someone else is doing the same, but you should set the condition that surpasses Jesus. Moreover, even if you have all powers of heaven and earth, you should be able to forsake them all at once for the sake of the will. On the surface it might appear that you are throwing them away, but in reality, you will win everything back; in addition, you can obtain something even greater.

The enemies that are infiltrating us are trying to prevent us from understanding the truth and are blocking our path toward life and love. Such enemies do not exist anywhere other than your own self. Accordingly, no matter what unfortunate things take place, before you blame other people, you should think that it happened because of your own mistake and try to take responsibility for it by yourself. If there is cause for lamentation, you should try to resolve it on your own, and you should also have the mind-set to alleviate the grief of your family and nation. If there are even just three million out of the thirty million citizens who take national tribulations as their own matter and shed tears, then our country will survive.

We could say that the reason that the nation has become like this is our responsibility and the reason that the whole world has become like this is our responsibility. We must feel ashamed before God who has hoped that Christians who believe in Jesus would number more than ten billion to eventually convert humanity to Christianity. You must understand on your own that we are in the position to fulfill the wishes of God.

The Heart of True Children Who Attend God

Moreover, although God created all things in the universe, because they have not become perfect, He bears grief and bitterness in His heart, and He is not able to receive glory from them. Therefore, you must become the true children of God who have perfected their characters and can serve God.

Only after experiencing the sorrowful universal heart of God, will you become the shepherd and the flock of sheep who can bow down your heads before Him. If such a shepherd and flock of sheep emerge on the earth, centering on them, a new history based on the universal principles will unfold. Moreover, through them the movement of truth that represents the universal principles, the movement of life that represents the universal principles, and the movement of God's love that represents the universal principles will take place.

Today, such movement of truth must emerge among our Korean people. When we go forward with such a heartistic standard, God will not ignore us. After leading this kind of life, you should strive hard to discover your own character and value through others.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit have walked such a path on behalf of humanity. Therefore, we must become true believers who live by following the example of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, you will bear evil fruits and become unable to sever the relationship with Satan or perfect our character, and God cannot elevate you as true children.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jesus was a miserable person. He was more unfortunate than anyone else on this earth. Although he came to the earth as the prince of the Kingdom of Heaven, he suffered through the conspiracy and wounds inflicted by the unfaithful Jewish people; in the end, they hung him on the cross. When you reflect on this reality, your minds and bodies cannot be at ease. If you do not feel in your minds and bodies such sorrow of Jesus, then you cannot claim to believe in Jesus.

If you understand the mournful situation of God, then even if you shed tears for millions of years, it will not be enough. Moreover, if you feel the anguishing heart of God for losing Jesus, even if you shed tears for the rest of your life, you will not be able to reach the heart of God. This is how much we owe a debt of heart to God.

There are many shameless people who owe such a debt of heart and make mistakes but still think, "He will forgive because He is our father." God will forgive and embrace even this kind of person, but, on the other hand, He will feel great pain. Thus, before you ask for forgiveness for your mistakes, you must feel shame and be awestricken.

If you truly feel the suffering heart of God, then God will forget His pain and receive you with tears. Moreover, although you are seeking the path of universal principles, the path of truth with hope, God is concerned about you. The blessing of God's love and life will befall you. If you have been able to lead this kind of life, you should be concerned about yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not hold grudges against your brothers and fellow citizens. Do not hold grudges against the world and God. If you want to blame someone, you should blame yourself. You must understand that before you blame others, before you blame God, you should blame yourself.

Jesus who possesses this kind of heart passed through the thirty years of life of tribulation and bore the cross on the hill of Golgotha. Even under such circumstances, he never held grudges against God. Without many words, he passed away with the heart concerned about his own responsibility to fulfill the will of God. This is why God resurrected Jesus. Such heart cannot be found anywhere in the satanic world. With the heart of highest realm that one cannot even dream of in the satanic world, Jesus became the center of this world.

The same thing holds true for you. During your life of faith, you must become better than anyone in the satanic world; it will not do to be on a par with them. When comparing the internal heart and the nature of heart, you must attain the high and complete heart that they cannot even dare to reach. Based on this condition, you can enter the realm of resurrection.

Even when crossing the pass of death, Jesus did not worry about himself but was concerned about his responsibility; in the same way, you must not desperately beseech to enter heaven, but step forward zealously to bear the universal responsibility that remains unfulfilled.

Because Jesus not only prayed for the people on the cross and had the determination to fulfill the responsibility even after his death, but also transcended death to show concern for God's will, God could resurrect Jesus. Therefore, Satan could not dare to accuse the resurrected Jesus. When you become the person of character who has the same internal value as Jesus, Satan cannot accuse you.

Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven Are People Who Have Perfected Love, Life and Truth

When you become such a person, then as the center of the universal truth appears, you will naturally become one with that center of truth. Moreover, just as light shines everywhere without making a distinction between a bright place and a dark place, the light of truth will also everywhere in the world.

You today might understand your personal responsibility and your responsibilities in the environment in which you live, but you are not aware of the responsibility on the society, nation and world level. Moreover, you do not even know that you have a mission on the world level.

Then, why is it that the people who have received a mission and responsibility from Heaven have failed to become one? They have tried to relate with the universal principles centering on themselves. Therefore, you should be able to harmonize with all people at the core by abiding by the laws of the universe with a meek and humble heart and by walking the path of the will, the path that will make God happy, while you are providing inspiration for yourself. If you can stand in the position where you can harmonize with, not only God, but also, all people and be equipped with the elements of original nature that can be absorbed by all people, then you will be able to liberate yourself from all concepts of the past and reach the truth.

Among the original natures of human beings, there are love, life and the truth of God. Therefore, at the appearance of the central person who has the internal and external forms of love, life and truth that correspond to your own love and truth, then you will automatically become united with that person. The reason is that human beings are created in reciprocity.

Only when you nurture minds and body that are following the eternal, unchanging and unique ideology will you be able to transcend yourself to forge a relationship with the universe. The reason is that you yourselves are also created so you can respond in reciprocity to the ideology of creation and become delighted.

So, when we realize the environment in which we can say, "thank you," in other words, when we can realize the ideal world centering on ourselves, our joy will be heaven's joy, heaven's joy will be our joy, and for eternity the relationship of give and take with God will be established. Unless you become the center of such eternal and unchanging love, life and truth, as well as become the son of God to sing a song on behalf of the whole, there is no way you can materialize the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven that can dominate the universe through you.

However, if you become that kind of person, what will happen as a result? First, you could relate with God from the same position that you have been relating with Jesus; second, you could love members from the position of Jesus and the Holy Spirit; third, in the same way that God has loved Jesus, you could love others and be loved by them.

Furthermore, when you become the person of truth, life and love, you can think and act on behalf of God. When you become such a person, just as there are above and below for any one individual, the universe, world, nation, society and family composed of above and below will automatically become connected centering on you.

When you become the central figure of this kind of truth, life and love, you could forgive even the people whom you thought were evil. You could feel that all the elderly people are like your parents. You could consider everyone of a similar age group as your brothers and all who are younger than you as your children. In other words, if you become the person who can act in place of the ideology of the universal Kingdom of Heaven to unfold the movement of love, life and truth, then the world of peace will be built on this earth. Therefore, your own parents are not the only parents, your own brothers are not your brothers, and your own children are not your children.

When you become the person of character who can regard all people as your parents, brothers and children, when you look upon the many people who are suffering in the world of death, you will not be able to relate with them without tears. When you look upon the brothers or people of a young age, you will feel a sense of responsibility to save them, and with tears you will make an effort to carry it out. If you truly become this kind of person, then the Kingdom of Heaven will be constructed on this earth centering on you.


I worry that not all the content of the bitter 6,000 years and the internal situations of Father has been conveyed to them, so, Father, please embrace them in your bosom so that they can realize everything! If there is something that they do learn in their hearts, please allow them to be responsible for that until the end.

Father, while we feel the gravity of the responsibility of the person who is giving, at the same time we also realize that the responsibility of the person who is receiving is just as great, and we learn that the responsibility of the receiver is greater than that of the giver. Although giving takes place in one moment, we know that receiving must take place in consideration of eternity. Please allow us to be able to safeguard for eternity that which we have received from heaven at that one time. Please allow us to preserve for eternity the life that we received at that one time, and please allow us to be able to preserve for eternity the love that we received at that one time. We also wish and hope earnestly that you guide us to understand that only when we can do this can we become true children of God.

We have heard many words and we have received many graces of life and love in the past, but because our minds are empty in this hour, please fill our empty minds. We repent in this moment for having betrayed Heaven many times until now, so, Father, we humbly appeal for Your forgiveness.

This having been fulfilled, please let us become the children who can find the key of truth and the key of life and love, with which we can open the remaining door of the universal truth, life and love, and in doing so alleviate the internal sufferings of God, who is the center of the universe. Father, we earnestly request and desire that we can go forward until we reach the position of the true children in whom you can confide.

Hoping that you will separate all that remain, make up for all the inadequacies and guide us until the complete realization of the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, we prayed all the words in the name of the Lord. Amen.