When Will We Stand Before God?

Date: 1957-09-08
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

John 3:121


Father of compassion! Please appear in this garden of death with the light of life. Father of love! Please manifest Yourself in this wilderness, which is like a barren land. Father of glory! Please appear in the spirits who are desiccated with hunger and thirst with the grace of glory. Father of capabilities, please gather the lives that have been in death, and let this be the hour they can kneel down before Your holy altar.

Allow us to awaken these people, who are fast asleep. Please let sons and daughters arise who can awaken humanity, which is fast asleep and deep in confusion. By doing so, we earnestly hope You will let the gathering sons and daughters raise the signal light of life high and lead the people to the Father. At the same time let the day of joy come when they can guide humanity to the Father.

We have come before Your knees, so please allow us to reflect upon ourselves and examine whether we are prostrating before You with purified hearts. If there is some flaw in us that is not in accordance with the Father's will, then Father, please shine the light of life upon our minds and allow us to repent. Please command our bodies with the power of the sacred spirit to produce the work of resurrection so that we may be liberated from sin.

Father, please allow this to be a time when each of us can be responsible before You, as well as solidify the bond with You and inherit the eternal, unfinished work of the Father. On the basis of this, please allow us to understand all the situations that have penetrated deeply into the Father's heart. Please impart an internal mission to each person who is gathered here.

Father, please forgive all the things we have done in the past week that are not acceptable to You. If we still have minds and hearts that do not please You as we prostrate before You, then please inspect us with fire-lit eyes. We hope that You will allow us to make frank reports to You in this hour. Understanding our own faults, let us repent before the Father.

Please work equally with the sons and daughters who are scattered all across the countryside today and are fighting to uphold the torch of truth. Let Your hands fall upon their heads and fill their minds and bodies that they may be guided to pioneer the dark environment.

Please do not let the words of life proclaimed under Your guidance merely fall upon the ground. Please allow the sons and daughters who were in darkness to receive the grace of resurrection based on the manifested words of the Father. We sincerely wish that You will elevate these sons and daughters to be the keepers of the life of this people. Allow them to lead exemplary lives amid the grace of joy.

We earnestly entreat that You will bestow equal grace upon the sons and daughters who are building lonely altars in the countryside, all the altars gathered in Your name. By doing this, please allow the immediate dawning of the day of happiness when we can unite in the sphere of Heaven's ideology and move toward the one world, the one will and the one purpose.

Hoping that You will govern us completely from the beginning to the end of the hour, we pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The title of the speech I want to contemplate upon with you is, "When Will We Stand Before God?" I will speak briefly upon this topic.

The Attitude of the True Men and Women of Faith Who must Stand Before the Father

No matter how great human beings on earth claim to be, they have been born into the fallen lineage. In other words, they have original sin. For this reason, humankind has been plagued by a history of crime until now. In this world or universe, humankind is undergoing a course of conflict waged against evil in which they do not have clear ideas about things. As we go forward, looking at the one day of hope, you must have experienced in your daily life that countless wilderness conditions are blocking the way.

This being the case, you probably all know clearly that the question of how to become free of this kind of environment is what good and conscientious people have been yearning for throughout the course of history. Nonetheless, in order for us to become better today than tomorrow, we must pull God into the sphere of our lives in absolute, substantial reality. In other words, we are not to conceptualize His Deity only in logic or concept. We must come to know Him as a real and tangible Deity in our lives. This is a crucial issue for us, the people of faith.

Because human beings fell, the path of having to liberate themselves from the fate of the fall lies before them. Although until now countless prophets and enlightened men have exhausted their sincere hearts, patience and utmost effort for the sake of the path mankind must walk, that path has not been traveled to the end yet. It remains as the fateful, universal path.

Moreover, the barriers of sin human beings have established is not just comprised of one or two. They are so many that they block our path endlessly. Yet we are in the position to dismantle and cross over them all.

Standing in this position, humankind has come forward adoring this subject of faith, the absolute Deity. Yet they have come to realize that there are many facts about this being that they do not know. Therefore, you are not to understand the substantial existence of the Deity in obscure concepts. Similarly, it would be unreasonable to fathom the actual existence of God only in logical terms. This is because the Deity does not dwell merely inside the realm of logic. Can faith based on logical understanding of the Deity guide our lives and help us to attain perfection as the eternal embodiment of life? We find that there are many problems with this.

What must we do, we who are living in this kind of environment, to go before the true Lord and Father? We must understand that our desire to go before the Father is the historical hope of humankind. At the same time, it is the purpose of God's dispensation.

What then blocks our path as we go in search of God and seek the road of faith? First, without you being aware of the cause, doubt that springs from within will block the path before you. Moreover, the test of sin will block your way. The power of death that takes you by surprise will block the road. We must cross over this pass of doubt, the pass of sin, and the pass of death.

Humanity has harbored hope that each of them might be linked to the eternal ideal, and that this linked relationship will rule over their lives and govern their purpose. Furthermore, human beings have unconsciously been longing for the one standard that can forge this eternal relationship. Human beings must pass through this kind of course.

Moreover, you have been longing to experience the actual existence of God in the sphere of your life. You have been yearning to meet with the substantial embodiment of God. However, when you try to set yourself to following that embodiment of God as the subject of faith, many things will arise that provoke doubt. Even if this takes place, you must never fall victim to the conditions of doubt, and you must pass over it. You must feel that you are under the huge shadow of death.

What then are you to do after feeling this? You cannot walk a true path of faith if you only hold this in your hearts. That is no way to bring a solution to these problems. If you acknowledge that God exists, then you must remain as the object of faith who can honestly bring out all of your doubts and place them before God. Moreover, you must be able to frankly reveal all the hardships you suffer because of your own sinfulness. In other words, you should reveal everything from your personal sins to the sins of the lineage you have inherited.

Not only that, you must overcome the situation of stagnating in the realm of death where you are powerless. You have done this in spite of the fact that you have the fate to fight with everything that blocks your path, in spite of the fact that you must be taking steps forward toward the eternal world of hope, in spite of the fact that you must enter the promised Kingdom of Heaven where you can feel the eternal ideals of life.

The Way to Remove Doubts, Courageous Faith

If you now have the desire to find God the Father, then you must throw away all the internal contents of doubt, sin and death that you have kept in yourselves until now. You cannot build a relationship with God and goodness in the position you have continued in until now and in the fallen environment linked with the history of sin. The environment which will allow you to become good is not this kind of environment. It is a new environment.

What then must you do to get out of this environment? You must have an earnest heart that cries out, "Father, since I am this inadequate, please receive me." If such a heart securely settles in your minds, then you can enter the world of eternal life.

You must be able to expose the doubt that you have attained from your surrounding environment and say, "Father, please remove this from my mind and body." You must have the courage to fully entrust the Father with yourself, your enslavement by sin. You must at least establish that mind-set at the center of your heart. Otherwise, you cannot walk the path of faith.

When God comes seeking us, the condition He puts forward is faith. Humankind must use faith to forget all about themselves, destroy the environment that causes doubt, and create the environment that induces faith. We must bring order to the sinful environment, make an environment of goodness, demolish the environment of death, and build an environment of life.

After completing all these things in God's place, you can sing of His limitless glory centered on His love. You can personally manifest the authority of God. Mankind's minds have been moved while looking forward to that one day. No one can deny this fact.

We must today ruthlessly dissolve the sinful environment in which we dwell. Moreover, we must put forward all that we have, able to explain all the doubts that we had until now concerning the relationship we had with the Father. We must obliterate all the sinful elements we have possessed until now. We must possess the standard of faith that can bring liberation from the powers of death.

What must we do to achieve this? You must find the road that can explain the doubts you have. You must find the path that will lead you toward life. If such a path did not exist in the human world, God could not come to us. If God is an actual being who stimulates one's mind so that one can recognize one's mistakes and repent, then you must without fail set the standard of the ultimate hope, life and human ethics that God desires. The day this can be done, the concluding period of history, must inevitably come some day.

How much thought have you given to this fateful, universal road? In reality you live in an environment today where you can become doubtful about the universe, this society, the world, and even about yourselves.

The central being who can bring the solution to all these problems is God. Moreover, God is also the only person who knows everything about which you are curious. He is the only absolute being who can satisfy your curiosity.

Therefore, you must put all these universal doubts connected to you on your shoulders and have the bravery to hand them all over to God. You must say, "God. I have come with all doubts of the universe. If there is a heavenly relationship between You and me, then I trust that You will not abandon me. Please accept all these doubts and bring resolution to them." If there is someone who is leading a life of difficult conflict to resolve this situation, thinking that doing so is the duty of his faith, then even if he is alone, in the end he can surpass the average people of faith.

When we are trying to cast away the meddling of Satan, who blocks the path of goodness and opens the path of evil, when we are trying to pioneer on the individual level toward the goal of victory, then we must truthfully divulge all of our doubts to the subject of our faith. The act of divulging is a sacred thing. When you possess the sincerity that can challenge the universal limits of the consciousness you encounter and call out, "Father! Father!" then the Father must face you. God has the responsibility to deal with people like that.

Truth never violates the heavenly principles, and God never forsakes truth. Therefore, to resolve all the things that bring doubt in your mind, you must have the determination to cling to God and appeal with a heart of devotion, loyalty and utmost sincerity.

If this doubt is not cast away, there is no way that we can destroy the road of sin. No matter how much you were moved and inspired, if explanations are not given to remove your doubts, you can fall down again.

The Words of Jesus, Who Penetrated the Historical Barrier of Doubt

When we reflect on the origin of the fall, Adam and Eve fell because of doubt. Accordingly, if there is doubt in us in the course of restoration, then we must remove it. You must become courageous and determined so that you can bravely go before God to clarify the question.

Humankind has been striving hard to find answers to many questions concerning life and the universe. However, until now they could not find complete answers to their questions. Now if someone appears on earth who challenges the questions and totally exerts himself to find the answers with loyalty toward Heaven, God will raise him up and provide explanations to his questions.

During the long history, many prophets have come to reveal the secrets of the heavenly principles. However, the questions that have aroused the curiosity of humanity have not been answered in full. Therefore, Jesus had to come to give explanations for these universal questions. He had to come to resolve the sins of men. He had to come to solve the question of death.

Jesus was the only person who could provide solutions to these questions, to death, and to the sins of humanity. Moreover, more than anyone else, Jesus lived a truthful life for the sake of God. He transcended himself and tried to put the universal doubts to rest. Transcending his own glory, he worked hard for the sake of the glory of the universe. Without looking after himself, he sacrificed endlessly to fulfill the will of God before passing away.

By virtue of this consistent heart and lifestyle, Jesus Christ was elevated before Heaven as the foremost vanguard, representing history. Jesus cast aside the historical walls of doubt and confidently cried out, "Believe in me."

Why were the words of Jesus "Believe in me," set as the standard of faith? Jesus understood that it would take time to give explanations to put all doubts to rest. He put it in simple terms and said those words with the plan to introduce the road that would naturally lead people to realization.

Jesus not only understood the affairs of the human world; he also understood about the world in Heaven. This is the reason he said, "If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?" (John 3:12) There is no way to cross the pass of doubt only with the words of men. We can resolve all doubt only through the words of Heaven.

When can we listen to the words of Heaven? That will be in the Last Days, which humanity has sought, the day of ultimate judgment about which Christianity talks. God has been guiding the dispensation of restoration based upon that time. However, when new words appear on earth which can remove all conditions and elements of doubt, death and sin, the problem is whether you have become someone who can receive them.

If you want to receive the words, then you must display your utmost loyalty for the sake of Jesus, just as Jesus displayed his utmost loyalty for the sake of Heaven. Moreover, you should understand that in the same way you need some vessel to hold the gift you are about to receive, when the valuable words which can explain all the doubts appear, you must have already become people who can receive them.

The Path to Connect to God

With what then can we receive these words? It is nothing other than with your devotion and loyalty. As Jesus practiced the utmost loyalty toward Heaven, you must also be loyal to Heaven and Jesus on behalf of the 6,000-year history. If you cannot become like this, then you can never step forward into the era when comprehensive explanations are given.

What kind of words then are these words of explanation? They will emerge as new words you have never heard before. These words will appear as the words that can explain away all doubt on the individual level and provide explanations for the questions concerning the world and the universe.

Moreover, what kind of system do these words have? It is difficult to express this in a few words, but to speak generally, they are the words that have the detailed contents which can explain the history of doubt passed down for 6,000 years.

In reality, such specific words will emerge in the future era. When we apply those future words to individuals, they will emerge as the words that can dominate our living environment. Furthermore, through those words, our lives can develop a close relationship with the governing authority of the Absolute Being of the eternal world. Those words must contain these specific contents. When we become united with the words which are in oneness with God, then no doubt, death or sin can infiltrate that place of unity.

Moreover, those words must become the absolute words that can bring our faith to perfection. They must be words which can enable us to pursue absolute goodness and feel eternal life.

When we examine the history of mankind's search for truth, the universe was the first object of their investigation. In other words, humankind has been groping with the question, "What is this universe?" Next, they have been making inquiries centered on human beings. In other words, they have been groping with the question, "What is a human being?" Similarly, until now, humankind has been searching for the truth centering on reason. Yet is human rationality perfect? It is not. Rationality alone cannot achieve completeness. Furthermore, that rationality cannot help humankind raise the standard of absolute values. It cannot become the eternal ideology of human life.

Humankind had no choice but to recognize the Absolute Being, the Divinity, in religious terms. However, that was a humanistic Divinity whose purpose was to allow humankind to beg for forgiveness of their sins. It could not become a Divinity who transcends logic and makes a relationship with each human being. Strictly speaking, it was a Divinity based on human thought. Such a perspective on Divinity cannot be a perfect one.

True believers leaped a step beyond this position and came to recognize the Absolute Divinity. However, even as they recognized the Absolute Divinity, they could not make any actual relationship with the Deity in their life of faith. They merely remained in a state of logic. They could not solve the problems of how to feel the actual existence of the transcendent Divinity, and how the substantial existence of the Divinity could develop a relationship with them.

We must possess the ideology that can solve these problems. Moreover, this ideology must be able to represent the ideology of the universe, the value of human reason, human life, and finally, the ideology of the Absolute Being, the Divinity. That ideology must become linked to us. This cannot be achieved through some expression by human beings. This cannot be achieved by the cultivation of human character alone.

The Standard of the Faith Through Which One Can Meet God

Since we have been born within the realm of the new ideology of the heavenly principles, we have to find the universal ideology during our life. We must understand that Jesus passed through the ideology of the Divinity. We must believe and understand as a matter of course that Jesus stands on the highest standard of conscience and goodness, and that he is the representative of the entire character of God.

Why have we not become like Jesus? It is because, no matter what we do now, the environment we are in is rushing toward us powerfully. It is the force that oppresses our minds, which wants to accomplish something. People are ignorant of this fact. Moreover, even if our conscience is heading toward the highest good, in other words, toward the substantial existence of the Absolute Being, our mind cannot carry actions out smoothly. Why is that? It is because, as a ramification of the fall, this world has become a world of sinfulness.

The power of darkness, which is more powerful than the power of our minds, is oppressing our original minds and forcing us down. In Christian churches, they call this power of darkness "Satan." We cannot but think about how to break through this power of darkness.

The power of darkness and the evil elements in our bodies are dragging us to the world of death by causing doubt and by causing us to carry out sinful actions. We must cultivate an environment that can obstruct them and push them away. The religion that is trying to achieve this is Christianity.

Thus, Jesus told us, "Believe in me," in the same manner as he had a firm belief in God. Although that "me" was something only Jesus accomplished, who can produce such individuals and initiate a movement to multiply this in the human world? This cannot be done with human power. God must do it. Nonetheless, this is where man's faith is needed. In other words, we must believe in God and march forward in the same way that Jesus chased the forces of darkness out of his surroundings by belief in God. Then, although Satan appears momentarily in the place where we are moving, eventually Heaven will come forward and defeat Satan. Jesus set the conditions of faith to determine this one standard.

To set the conditions of faith, to what level must we believe? You must not be content with just believing to the extent of your imagination. You are not just to believe to the extent that your thoughts can reach. People do not have the exemplary level of faith in this world today. If you believe for the sake of the substantial embodiment of the Divinity, then you have to set the standard of faith that can compare with the value of the great and lofty God.

To what extent then does the faith of the human beings of the present age reach? The extent of that faith is very low, as shown by the words of Jesus: "If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?" (John 3:12) Similarly, Jesus spoke in very pessimistic terms about the faith of men. Can the people who are of the faith today set the absolute standard of faith? This is the problem.

Until today, Christianity believed in God only as a being inside the Bible. However, even within God, there is faith. As long as God has the infinite idea of creation, He has the conviction to fulfill this idea. That is something in which even God believes. Therefore, we must pursue infinite faith. If we possess such faith, then we can believe in all the words in the Bible.

Moreover, only when you can believe in all the words in the Bible can you think about the words of truth that even Jesus could not reveal while he was on the earth. Only by discovering in this way the parts that Jesus could not talk about, can you climb over the hill of universal doubt. You can then comfort the ancestors who have passed through universal death, tribulation and the universal history of sin.

Although you believe in the Lord, the subject of faith, you must not stop at just believing in Jesus. Based on the condition of believing in Jesus, you are to put your eternal life at stake and develop a relationship of faith with Jesus. On the foundation of having developed a relationship of faith with Jesus, you are to feel the substantial existence of God. If you genuinely believe in Jesus, then you can accomplish these things.

This will bring infinite progress to people who are searching for the course of limitless faith. The average Christians of today are not aware of this. Similarly, you must understand that God is waiting for true men of faith who are captivated by this idea of infinite faith. They are the hope for the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven.

True People of Faith Are Not Influenced by the Evil Environment

Now you must understand that you should be able to meet the conditions of life in your course of faith. You have to solidly pave such a path, because you must become connected to Heaven's secrets. After passing through that, you have to cross the pass of doubt, the pass of sin, the pass of death, and the pass of all desires based on evil.

After crossing over all these passes, what is then to be done? We must then attend God. We must invite Him into our hearts, He who is the subject of goodness and life. This is the same state as that which Jesus spoke about, "At that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you." (John 14:20)

How wonderful it is to believe in the Creator, who has infinite desires, and to be at ease after inviting Him into our hearts. You must understand that this is what God wants from us.

The facts of spirit world are so many that you cannot record them all, even in many thousands of volumes of books. Because only a small part of spirit world has been shown to humankind until now, there is no way to explain spirit world with the books that are available now.

When you ask the question whether the words recorded in the Bible include the entire course of faith and have the content to restore the entire value, although some people might curse me for this, I would say no. God has taught men to believe in Jesus as a condition of faith and performed all kinds of works to make it possible for them to believe in him as the most valuable person.

As we believe in Jesus and build a relationship with him, God can more directly govern our lives. By being dominated by God, we can become connected to His value in the position of His object, and we can develop a relationship of heart with Him. Similarly, we can manifest the truth of God in our lives, and we can possess the elements that are reciprocal to the truth of God.

Eventually, we must build the living environment that can unite all doctrines, ideologies and all peoples. We can have the hope of goodness, the life of goodness, and the absolute value of goodness only after entering that sphere of life. If humanity stands in this position, then God can appear not only as the God of some specially chosen people, but as the God of all humanity. If you do not achieve this while you are alive, then you cannot become children of God's direct lineage.

You have already embarked upon a road that does not categorize you as strangers. You are already walking this road. You are conducting your life of faith by placing your standard of faith in the personality of the universal Creator, Lord. When you reach this standard of faith, all evil elements will disappear from you. When that happens, you can digest everything in this world.

A true thing is not influenced by evil, even when it coexists with it. Therefore, no matter how evil the environment is, if you become the true sons and daughters of God, you will not be dominated by that environment. If you do not become such true people of faith, then you will not be able to face the heavenly principles, and you will not be able to go before God.

Why did Jesus call himself the only begotten son of God? Jesus put forth such difficult conditions of faith so that he could give people the benefit of being able to instantaneously make the leap once they believed. If humankind believes in Jesus with infinite faith and calls out toward Heaven with a sincere heart, then its faith can grow by leaps and bounds.

The higher the faith of you who are headed toward the center of Heaven, the more spirit world can work through you. If you possess the heart of infinite faith, you will be able to instantaneously feel the reality of the world that transcends the senses, as well as the facts of this universe, beyond your imagination. Yet humankind has lost all these amazing things.

When we believe that the attitude of faith is to progress infinitely, in the Last Days we must conduct the great universal battle to prevail over those who are asserting a faith that remains only within some limited sphere.

To Become the True Sons and Daughters Who Can Stand Before God

When we examine the course of history until now, we find that almost all of the many prophets and sages who came to introduce the new age were driven out. Our ancestors were the ones who drove them out. When Jesus came, the people of Israel disliked and opposed him. They did not know. They thought what they believed in was best. The chosen people at that time judged the dispensation of salvation that represented the universe and the cosmos according to their own whims. Similarly, our ancestors violated the road of heavenly principles. They have committed the mistakes that countless times undermine the works of the heavenly laws.

In the Last Days today, who can then possess one hundred percent faith? You who have embarked upon the battle to chase out sin must stand in that position. With a clear sense of responsibility, standing on that foundation of faith, you must make ceaseless effort to put your faith into action. If you cannot stand in that kind of position, then you cannot stand as the qualified object before the one who comes in the name of the bridegroom with the ideology of infinite love. You will not be able to develop a relationship with God, who commanded that you multiply limitlessly.

When we look at this, sin is the failure to believe. It is sin to not believe in the person whom God has sent. It is sin not to believe his words. Therefore, you must accept the universal ideology of God. You must march forward with unswerving conviction and faith. When you try to go out with such faith, there will arise doubts in your minds that will counter the faith.

This is because the forces of evil are at work in your mind. These forces of evil cause you to feel fear and anxiety. Therefore, you must not conduct a life of faith that gets engulfed by those forces of evil. You have to have the magnanimity that can digest and overcome those things. Because Jesus stood in that position, he did not even try to avoid the burden of the cross. How can anyone criticize Jesus? If someone genuinely believes in God, there is no way he can reproach Jesus.

We must stand in the same position as Jesus to find a new course of faith and travel through it. If we truly travel through a new course of faith, then we can find demonstrative fact in it, facts connected to God and related to God. When that takes place, we can find the road that will bring about the manifestation of the ideals of the Creator, who yearns for unification.

You who have come forward to follow the new path of faith with the determination to risk even your life, if you walk toward the hope of God with absolute belief, then through that course of faith, you can find value on the level of God. You must feel a sense of responsibility while possessing this kind of faith. You must become true apostles who act with this kind of faith. Without becoming like that, there is no way you can stand before the Father. You cannot stand before the Absolute Father as true sons and daughters or as loyal subjects.

Now, with new faith, we must hurdle this world of doubt, this world of death, this world of fear, to stand before the Absolute Father as true sons and daughters. If we understand the content of the faith that Heaven demands, then we must demonstrate this standard and go before Heaven. Without doing that, you can never become the true sons and daughters of God.

You must keep in mind that when you step forward with this kind of faith, you can build an eternal relationship with God. You will enjoy eternal goodness and life, and be eternally liberated from suffering and live in the eternal realm of Heaven.


At one time, this world was entrusted to the faith that relies only upon God, but all that has fallen down. After that, the assertion was made that the earth must be claimed back through human reason. However, when we reflect now, it has become an established fact that the will cannot be accomplished through that either. Thus, we cannot but realize that we must rely on both Heaven and men. Heaven and humankind must cooperate.

Father, please do not leave us to be just what we are. We know that in this environment, humanity has had repeated failures as it traveled through the historical course. It cannot be done only with faith, and it cannot be done only by our own effort. We hope that You will give us the universal ideology and truth that can help us transcend ourselves and find the origin of our lives.

We know that while we possess the truth, we must simultaneously also set the standard through which Heaven can descend upon us. Please guide us to enter the position where we can call You "Father" from the position of a sound realization throughout a course of absolute faith.

Jesus told us to seek him in the relationship of a bride and bridegroom. Shimjung (heart) allows us to fathom the situation on the internal level. The words of truth also allow us to fathom the situation on the internal level. Please allow us to become connected to the words, and through those words, please allow us to understand truth and heart. Through the ideology of the heart, please guide us to the position where we can understand God's heart. We earnestly make this request.

Father, please allow us to not remain in this extremely narrow environment today. Please allow us not to become so foolish as to become obsessed by trifling matters and lose our comprehensive value as a result.

Father, we wish from the depth of our hearts that You will allow us to adore the great grace of the Father and to behold the heavenly character of the Father. Since that character has not been manifested on earth until now, and since Heaven wants that character to be manifested through us, we hope that You will allow us to move toward You with a greater standard of faith, sincerity and loyalty that agree with that ideology. Please guide us to complete that responsibility.

Father, please bestow the last grace that You planned to allow at this time. Guide us to be victorious and proud before all humanity as the glorious sons and daughters of the Father. Let us receive in our daily lives the Father's entire eternal ideology of faith and let it govern our lives today.

Hoping that You will implant all the words in their minds as the fountain of life, and that You will help these words have an impact on their minds, we prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.