Why Does the Lord Have To Come Back?

Date: 1957-05-26
Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea

Matthew 12:38-50

Mark 14:32-42


Today we have arrived at the time when, on behalf of this era, we must look toward the gaunt hyung sang of Jesus Christ who appeared with Your permission before Your will to save all people. Father of compassion, Father of love, Father of mercy, Father of capability! Although the 4,000 years spent to prepare for the sending of Jesus was a long time, the 2,000-year history since the death of Jesus is also a long time. Please allow us to realize that we face embarrassment today and have no way to save our face before You.

Please allow us to understand the heart of Father who is gazing upon human beings today with hope after spending 6,000 long years for the sake of calling upon insignificant people, clinging to, working through and finding insignificant people. Father, we wish most earnestly that You will allow us to become sons who can show concern for the mournful heart of the Father on behalf of Jesus' gaunt appearance.

We know that, although there are many people who believe and are chosen, the sons and daughters whom You can personally love are extremely few. Father of compassion, please allow Your sons and daughters who have gathered here now to discover within themselves the heart that is concerned about the Father. We hope that You will allow them to become loyal sons and daughters who can expose their own shamefulness and abandon everything to follow the will that You desire.

Please manifest the granted divine favor centering on the sons and daughters gathered here. We who bear the mission to forecast the last days know that the time has come when we must take on the universal mission that You plan to entrust to us in the last days. Father, we entreat from the depth of our hearts that You will lead us not to prolong the great undertaking of the universal principles. Lead us not to carry out actions that will cause grief among people because of us.

Father, we earnestly pray that in this hour only the Holy Trinity will govern us and everything in ourselves. Let only the workings of the Father's original nature, which represents all characters, to manifest through each one's heart.

Now we have come forward with the words that You want to spread, so please let there be no gap between the heart of the conveyer and the heart of the receiver. Please lead us not to use human knowledge as the criterion to make judgments. We sincerely hope that You will allow this to be an hour when, having entrusted everything in the Father, we can be in harmony with Your commanding words and be offered as the one sacrifice before the Father. Please accept us and rule over us. We prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The title of the sermon I want to reflect upon with you is "Why Does the Lord Have to Come Back?" I will speak on this topic.

Jesus Who Was Distrusted by the Israelites

Jesus faces the dispensational fate to come back, because when he came to this earth he died hanging on the cross and after the resurrection he ascended to Heaven. Among the Israelite people who have been abiding by God's dispensational will for a long time, Judaism had the mission to fulfill the will of God and lay the foundation of victory. This was the desire of God who chose them and was also their own hope.

Wishing for this one time when this will might be realized, God sent His only begotten son whom He could trust to execute the entire task of materializing the ideals of creation. Therefore, God had to realize the historical blessing through Israel by bringing Jesus before the human beings as their master, and bring a conclusion to the will of God's dispensation of salvation.

However, why did Jesus pass away without being able to accomplish the dispensational will on this earth and build the ideal garden where he could sing the song of God's glory? This must be the content that provokes sorrow in us today.

The course of Jesus, from the time he came to the earth to the time that he passed away, is not the same life course of the human beings who are living on earth today. He passed through the life course that is more difficult and lonely than anyone else's. Moreover, Jesus emerged as the one person of the one sphere of the generation and sphere of time, holding the will of God and ideals of human beings in himself. There was not even one person on earth who recognized the value of Jesus with the same value that heaven attributed to him. Not only that, human beings could not serve Jesus as the central being of love who can connect all humanity with the love of God.

Consequently, Jesus led an unspeakably miserable life. Jesus did not have anyone to consider as a friend and discuss his own sorrow. Similarly, today you have to understand that he lived a more pitiful life than anyone else.

Jesus' coming to fulfill the will of God and for the sake of God's glory should have been the joy of the Israelite people, the joy of Judaism and humanity. He, the only son of God, should have emerged as the master of all humanity. Yet, why did Jesus lead such a miserable life of hunger and sadness?

Although the time has changed and history has passed, you should be able to experience the sorrow and loneliness that Jesus felt while he was alive, and take to heart his misery. However, if you cannot become the sons and daughters who can return glory to God by vanquishing Satan on behalf of heaven and earth, then there is no way that you can alleviate the deep-rooted sorrow and loneliness of Jesus.

Jesus' hope was not in satisfying his own desires, but even by sacrificing himself to actualize God's ideals of creation. Because human beings who were raised as the central beings of the created world fell, God has been guiding the dispensation of restoration for 4,000 years to realize the ideals of creation. Jesus, taking responsibility for the errors of the fallen human ancestor, appeared with this will of God as his own ideology and purpose.

However, the Israelite people did not understand this Jesus. This is not all. The Jewish people also did not know that, while Jesus represented the historical hope, at the same time he represented the entire will of God.

Although Jesus was an individual who stood in lofty solitude, he could represent history, and, while representing the present reality, he also possessed the eternal ideal of God that can represent the will of the heavenly laws. However, the Israelite people and the Judaism who had been faithful to the will of God did not realize that he was such a figure. So, rather than helping him in his path, they obstructed his way and persecuted him.

The Heart of Jesus, Who Died on the Cross

Then, what is the sorrow of Jesus who was looking down upon the Israelite people and humanity? That was not the sorrow that mourned over the environment that he could see. The sorrow of Jesus represented the painful heart of God who has been leading the dispensation of restoration for 4,000 years since the fall of Adam, and represented the countless prophets and sages who exerted themselves while upholding the will of God and passing through the long 4,000-year historical course. You today must feel that Jesus was this kind of man.

Then, what was the depth of Jesus' sadness? Because Jesus came while bearing the sorrow of God's 4,000 years and the sorrow of many millions of prophets and sages in heaven, God, the many millions of believers, and the heavenly soldiers and angels understood the anguish of Jesus.

Jesus' grief was not for his own sake, but was for the sake of the Israelite people who killed him, and was the sorrow that carried concern for the Jewish faith and the path of the will. Although the Israelite people and the leaders of Judaism should have learned about this heart of Jesus, reflected upon it and repented, among them there was not even one person who understood the grief of Jesus.

Since the Jewish people could not attend Jesus as Messiah, who came with the historical heart of grief and the yearning for human beings, his sadness was magnified. In addition, we must know that because the Israelite people and the Jewish faith who should have fulfilled the will of God centering on Jesus completely forgot the desired will of God and betrayed Jesus, Jesus had to live a life of shedding infinite tears of grief on behalf of God's tears for some thirty-odd years of his life. You must know that to complete his mission to introduce the situation and heart of the Father who held high hopes full of desires, he endured through the gushing forth of grief during the toilsome three years of public life, and had to suffer through the miserable and wretched anguish of being chased through the Garden of Gethsemane to the hill of Golgotha.

Then why did Jesus offer the prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, "My Father, if it is possible, please let this cup pass from me. However, do not as I will, but as thou will" (Matthew 26:39)? That was because he was concerned who would take responsibility for the grief of God, countless believers and all human beings. It was because he knew that if he died on the cross, then the many believers who followed him would also walk the path of death. So, he was filled with a mournful heart and made that appeal to Heaven.

Jesus who acted on behalf of the sorrow of God and human beings, who sadly died on the cross on behalf of the sorrow of the countless living things of the future generations.E You are not to see this Jesus only as an historical Jesus, but you must find Jesus who might be in the same situation in the present reality of today, and become the heirs of Jesus who can reveal him to the world. Otherwise, there is no way to resolve the bitter grief and sorrow that have been tightly intertwined in history. The believers who have believed in Heaven until now have been striving to become the heirs of Jesus. Furthermore, we must remove Jesus' deep sorrow, and even remove the sadness that will be passed down to the descendants.

This era right now is the last days, which everyone is talking about and many prophets have predicted, and the time of the second coming, which Jesus referred to as the time when he will come back after he was rejected by the people and the religion and passed away. Then, living in this kind of time, what should you do? You should be able to comfort Jesus who is to come, and be more sincerely concerned about the will of heaven than Judaism and the Jewish people at the time of Jesus.

The Believers of the Last Days Who must Be Responsible for the Historical Grief

To comfort Jesus who is to come, in his place you must be responsible for the grief of the 4,000-year history of which Jesus took responsibility. Adding the 2,000 years after the death of Jesus, when even the Holy Spirit came and suffered in anguish, you must also be responsible for the historical grief of 6,000 years, so that you can inherit the great remaining feat of the heavenly principles which had been cut off because of Jesus' death.

We who are accountable to heaven cannot abandon the historical connection and lead a personal life. We must become the people of heart, which can feel responsible for the universe and the future, and, on behalf of the grief of heaven, heavenly soldiers and angels, and all people of this earth, can feel deep concern and sorrow for the fact that human beings are looking toward the judgment day of God and are dwelling in the realm of the fall.

Moreover, we must be able to say to Jesus, "We understand your grief and the reason you had to die." We must experience the same desperate heart and situation of Jesus who came to this earth and suffered great anxiety to complete his mission of redeeming many people.

Unless you can become this kind of person, no matter how much you desire, you cannot serve Jesus who is the master of history, master of the universe, and master of the ideals of the future. You cannot relieve such grief of Jesus.

What you must understand today is the fact that Jesus has been locked up inside the sorrow of 4,000 years, and has walked the path of death on behalf of all people and descendants for some thirty-odd years of his life. Therefore, you must cry out to heaven, based on this historical situation. To climb over this and reach the realm of ideals of creation, you must set a new standard of faith and lead a testimonial life, in which you can even offer your life. Otherwise, you cannot become a person who possesses eternal value.

Then, as people of faith, what kind of mind-set must we have? In the same way that among the Israelite people there was the sect of Judaism that had the central mission, there must also be some central religious group for the fulfillment of the mission of world level Israelites centering on Christ.

In other words, because history unfolds itself with time-identity, God must conclude the dispensational history by establishing one religion that takes charge of the mission of the last days. We who have arrived at this last days must find that representative religion. When we try to find that religion, as a historical lesson we must reflect upon the mistakes of Judaism committed at the time of Jesus.

What we who are living in the concluding era of the world must understand is that, because the Lord who is to come again will follow the same path as Jesus, he will cross over the sorrowful pass on the world level to come to this earth again. Just as Jesus walked the path of hardships and was eventually chased to the hills of Calvary through the Garden of Gethsemane because of the opposition of the Israelite people and Jewish sects, the returning Lord will also suffer through the opposition of Israel and Judaism of the world level and climb over the road of Golgotha on the world level.

You today must experience the grief of God from many angles. You must experience the sorrow that God felt when looking at the Israelite people and the sects of Judaism, experience the sorrow that God felt when looking at history and concerned about future. When you become this kind of person, Jesus who is filled with grief can come seeking you. Furthermore, you must be able to eliminate all sorrows of the 6,000-year history, which includes the 2,000 years of history since Jesus. Otherwise, you cannot climb over the path of the world Golgotha with the Lord who is to come.

Until today the believers who follow Jesus do not realize that the three disciples falling asleep and not heeding the voice of Jesus when he was appealing to Heaven in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the disciples mocking and persecuting Mary Magdalene who, understanding the heavenly value of Jesus poured aromatic oil on his feet and wiped them with her hair to affirm the glory of the Lord who was to resurrect, all remained a source of Jesus' bitter grief. While walking that lonely path that no one recognized, Jesus felt the sorrowful heart. However, because only Mary Magdalene comforted Jesus, was concerned about him and could feel the heavenly, internal heart of Jesus that represented past, present and future, Jesus blessed her and, with the grace of joy, he could elevate her before the will of God.

The Heart and Situation of Jesus That We Must Experience

What kind of heart then must we, who live in the last days, go forward with? In the same way as Mary Magdalene who, longing for the Christ, who traveled the heartbreaking and exhausting course of toils, and forgetting all about her own position, prestige and dignity, went in search of the tomb with an anxious heart and finally was granted the glory to behold the resurrected Jesus; we must have the earnest and aching heart that surpasses Mary's. If we cannot achieve this, then even if we find the Lord, we cannot attend him eternally.

Thus, in order for you to meet the Lord, to be embraced in his bosom of abundant love, and sing the glory of God in the garden of love, you must comfort God's sorrowful heart of 6,000 years, comfort the sorrowful heart of Jesus Christ, and comfort the hearts of the countless believers who are in the spirit world. When you become such people, God and the believers of heaven will welcome you, Jesus and all people will also welcome you, and you will surpass the position of Mary Magdalene to create the ideal environment of life within the realm of God's glory.

Then, what you have to understand today is that, your physical bodies which must restore the sad history of 6,000 years are not in the position of being separated from outside. God transcends history and carries on the dispensation. Therefore, you are also connected to the past, present and the future. Not only that, you as individuals have relationships of the front-back, left-right and up-down. You must understand this fact on your own and not make a careless judgment or act without deliberation.

You must never forget that you must accomplish, based on your individual selves, the will of God who is trying to set the eternal value that transcends history. Then, in order for humanity to welcome the Lord who is coming again with the grief of Jesus having suffered pain and sorrow in his heart, you must be able to substitute that pain and grief. In order for you to fulfill this mission, you must first understand the cause that forced Jesus to walk the path of ordeals. That took place because the chosen John the Baptist and even Jesus' own family abandoned Jesus. You must experience this situation of Jesus. Thus, in order for you to act on behalf of Jesus' hardships and relieve him of the deeply entrenched grief, you must complete your responsibility of attending Jesus for the central religion, Judaism, which had forsaken Jesus at that time.

For the sake of Jesus who was betrayed on the world level, even if you are alone, you would be able to fight against the world and step forward to thwart any kind of betrayal for the sake of Jesus who was betrayed by the leaders of Judaism. You must understand that this is the path of restoration.

In addition, in your generation you must single-handedly pay indemnity for and set the condition of victory for the whole condition of infidelity set by the family and tribe of Joseph, who prophesied the day of victory and prepared for the birth of Jesus. You must realize that, if you cannot do this, there is no way that the returning Lord can possess the ideal people, religious group and family.

Moreover, we must understand that Jesus did not just walk that path of sorrow. He also walked a path of infinite loneliness. Although Jesus wanted to reveal the whole will to the human beings on earth, but because there was no one who could receive it he could not reveal it, so he felt unspeakable loneliness.

You must understand that Jesus was distressed because he could not get rid of his loneliness, as he moved from this city because that city opposed him, and moved to this village because another village opposed him, and that in search of someone who can comprehend his mournful situation he wandered around. At least you have to understand Jesus' situation that although he came to this earth with the love of heaven and the relationship of heavenly principles, in the historical course his heart suffered the sorrow and loneliness that are not surpassed before or after him, and you must comfort him.

If there is someone who feels this heart of Jesus and lives in the position of having become one with this situation of Jesus, then with just few words, "Oh! Lord, Father!" he can connect with the heart of Jesus. However, there was no such person until now. Therefore, you must be this kind of person. To do that, you must transcend history and environment to experience the lonely heart of Jesus.

The New Religious Group, Disciples and Family Serving the Lord

Jesus was a lonely person, the master of sorrow and prince of grief. He was incredibly pitiful. No matter how miserable and lonely a person there might be on this land, you must realize that there is no one who is more pitiful and lonely than Jesus.

God has been frustrated because He did not have one person who could mourn on Jesus' behalf, share the anxiety on his behalf, and genuinely believe in Jesus. Therefore, you must bear in mind that we have the mission to represent the Heavenly heart and experience the bitter heart of Jesus, who came to find the people who can connect with the heavenly heart and be bonded to the original nature to return the glory of victory before Heaven, but could not fulfill that will.

You must imagine the appearance of Jesus who exerted himself to fulfill the will of God, and learn to sympathize with the pitiful Jesus. Until now we thought that after the ascension, Jesus stood on the right side of God as the lord of glory, but what we find now is that because Jesus could not fully accomplish the purpose for which he came to the earth, even after he went to the spirit world, he is in the pitiful position to pray for our sake, in the shoes of a penitent who takes charge of the sins of all people.

We must trust, follow and attend this Jesus in our actual life. Therefore, you must live to substitute for pitiful Jesus who has suffered sorrow on the world level and universal level and has suffered loneliness on the world and universal level, and you should live to share joy and suffering with Jesus. You should understand that now is the time that you must ask yourself whether you have become this kind of person.

Then, what must we, who have to inherit as a great undertaking the eternal will that Jesus tried to realize on earth and accomplish God's ideals of creation, do in the future? What is the prerequisite demanded for this?

There must emerge a religious group, disciples and family who can serve the Lord who is coming to bring a conclusion to the 6,000-year history soaked throughout with infidelity and sin. Thus, if we are truly concerned about the will of God, we must transcend the relationships within the religious groups and set the new standard of religious order that can replace the historical faith in the practical reality of today. By forming the standard of disciples and family who can take charge of the future mission of the gospel and by laying the foundation for eternal victory, we can create the eternal garden of God.

Although the world, the people, the religious sects, family and even the chosen disciples betrayed Jesus who came for the sake of the humanity and the world, at least you today must become friends of Jesus and give consolation for his situation. For Jesus who mourned while looking at the betraying world, religious group and tribe, there should have been parents who can connect to his heart, but such was not the case.

As in the Bible verses recited earlier, when someone told Jesus that his mother and younger brothers had come, Jesus replied, "Who is my mother and my brothers? Whoever acts according to the will of my Father in heaven is my brothers, sisters and mother." As we can see from these words, Jesus did not have parents and brothers who can sincerely comfort him.

Jesus found himself in such a sad, lonely and miserable situation and was forsaken by the tribe because he did not have true parents and brothers. Since he was betrayed even by John the Baptist who should have prepared the path of the Lord, he felt such enormous grief and bitterness. You must become connected to the situation of Jesus by feeling his heart, and, going one step further, you must be able to inherit all of his teachings.

Although Jesus' family and tribe were amazed by the miracles that took place from the time of Jesus' birth, because they were ignorant about the dispensation of God, they could not receive him as Messiah. Originally they should have understood the heavenly mission of Jesus and prepared the future path and environment of Jesus to become the stepping stone for Jesus who will be fulfilling the dispensational will. If they did that, then there would have been no need for Jesus to find the disciples. Because Jesus was raised through the relationship of lineage during some sixty odd generations from Adam to Joseph, if his family and tribe had guarded him and formed the tribal sphere that could confront and fight against the religious sects, people and world that turned against him, Jesus would have never stood in the position of grief.

The Family Environment Which the Lord of the Second Advent Will Seek

Then, when Jesus returns to this land, what will he seek? Because Jesus lost the family environment that can fight against the satanic world with him, when he returns, he will first seek the foundation of a family that can ward off the sources of his sorrow and pain.

Therefore, you must form one heart with Jesus and act as that family fence. The reason is that not having such a protective family enclosure was the cause of very bitter grief of Jesus. If at that time Jesus' family had become his fences and there appeared true children of God who could represent the heart of Jesus and testify, "Jesus is my true lord," then there would have been no cause for Jesus' resentment. Therefore, you must become the protective family fence for the Lord who is coming again.

If there were brothers who can give consolation for Jesus' sorrow, then centering on them Jesus' grief could have been uprooted. Not only that, if the Jewish people became the disciples and collaborators of Jesus centering on his tribe, then his gospels would have gone beyond the boundaries of Judaism and spread to the world. If that had happened, the gospels of Jesus would not have been spread from the foreign soils; but, Jesus did not have such a tribe and people.

When the Lord, who passed away in such great sorrow, returns, what must we do? No matter what kind of difficulty we encounter, we must put our lives on the line and become his family level foundation and tribal level foundation when he returns and fulfills the will of God. This is the mission of the believers who are living in the last days. However, unfortunately, the believers of today are not aware of this.

Now, you must be able to pray, "Heaven, please entrust in me to resolve the bitterness of the 6,000 years. Please entrust the sorrow of Jesus and the sorrow of Heaven!"

By doing so, just like Jesus who, even as he passed through the Garden of Gethsemane and walked the path of sacrifice, the path of death, on behalf of the people, did not hold grudges against the unfaithful people who forced him to walk that path, we must possess the heart of parents and stand in the position of parents. Not only that, you must also experience the position of bride and bridegroom, and experience the position of heavenly family and tribe.

When this is accomplished, Jesus will return to this earth and, centering on you, build ideal family and tribe. That time is the last days. The family of hope God desired since the creation of the world, the ideal family that He sought as the ideal of creation did not appear on earth yet. Only when someone who can experience the aching heart of God and Jesus one hundred percent appears on this land, God and Jesus' bitter grief will be resolved.

Then, you who have gathered here are unlike other people! What is the mission that you must do? You must take charge of the mission to turn away from the position of the Israelite leaders, priests and John the Baptist who betrayed Jesus when he came 2,000 years ago and caused him to die on the cross, and to believe in and attend him. Jesus at the time of his death on the cross was a pitiful and sad person. We who are living in the concluding period of the 6,000-year history can serve the coming Lord properly only when we are connected to the heart of Jesus.

The Standard of Life Which Jesus Set

What kind of standard of life did Jesus, who came to fulfill the will of God, set? Jesus set the standard of life that abandons everything that was not the will. Therefore, you must also set the standard of faith, that can give up all of your ideals and desires or any condition of the world that is not in accordance with the will.

Today, what do you have that you think are the best? However, if that is not proven in heaven as something good for eternity, then it cannot truly become a good thing. Therefore, to possess things that will also remain valuable in heaven, on earth you must give up all that is not a part of the will.

You should be able to relinquish any habit that is not in line with heavenly principles. Even if everyone calls you a bad name and curses at you, you should become sons and daughters who put their life on the line and walk the path of God's will, just like Jesus who walked the road of Golgotha on his own. You, who are walking the road of the will, one day will experience being abandoned. You must be ready for that. Because the world is a world of sin, and it is the principle that in the place where this world of sin agrees the relations of heavenly principle can never begin, you who are walking the path of the will must forsake this world of sin. Similarly, while traveling the short cut to Heaven after agreeing with the laws of heaven, there is the historical pass of tears, the historical road of Golgotha, and the world level road of Golgotha.

We who have embarked upon this road, must be able to maintain a hopeful heart, and even if we are rejected by the world, church and family we should think that it is persecution and mockery that substitute the 6,000-year history.

You who have gathered here unlike others, please do not mourn over the fact that there is persecution. Even when you are crying, you should not cry while you are thinking only about yourself. Instead, you should be able to pray, "To alleviate the resentment of Jesus and resolve the sorrow of Jesus on the world level, I will not hesitate to go toward any kind of position of suffering." You also should be able to pray, "I will not hesitate even to embrace a miserable position on the world level, or even death! For this task, I will forsake all of my desires!"

If you cannot discover a new self who can cross over the pass of human ethics and connect with the laws of heavenly principles, in other words, if you cannot become people who can faithfully manifest, through your body and mind, the heart of God which represents the glory of resurrection, and put it into action, then you cannot be restored as the people who have perfected God's ideals of creation, the original people who have nurtured the original nature. The greater the mission you have received from heaven, the greater the fight against the evil world that you must take on. You, who have gathered here today, should not try to fathom the eternal heavenly laws with your current concepts of faith. In the same way that the Jewish people, who longed so earnestly for the Messiah that comes in place of the heavenly laws, could not receive Jesus who came as Messiah, if you set the standard of eternal ideal with the Judaic-type of faith and the Jewish doctrinal perspectives centered on the Pentateuch of Moses, and become rigid, then without you being conscious of it, you will fall into the abyss of death. Therefore, you must take to heart the words of Jesus, "Those who love their father and mother more than me are not acceptable, and those who love their sons and daughters more than me are not acceptable" (Matthew 10:37).

If Jesus did not walk the road of Golgotha during some thirty-odd years of his life course, but only took care of himself, then the dispensation of restoration of God could not be carried out. Then, what kind of time is today, the time of the judgment of the last days? The period today is the same type of period as that of Sodom and Gomorrah in which Lot lived. Therefore, today when we are at the last period of history, you must entrust everything in heaven and live according to the commands of heaven. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the same position as the wife of Lot who has been washed away by the judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Moreover, you must not take the same position as the believers of Judaism or those Jewish people who turned against Jesus. You also must not yield to Satan, even for one moment, and never forget that even in this moment the decisive fight over life and death is unfolding.

The True Life of Faith That Receives the Lord of the Second Advent

Then, in this kind of fight with Satan, what must you do to get rid of any room for Satan to attack from up-down, front-back and left-right? You must be able to stand in the position of parents and brothers who can fathom the sorrowful heart of Jesus and shed tears together and offer consolation, and you must become a comrade who can be moved by the grace of heaven that melts flesh and bones.

If there is some difficulty, then you should take it as your own. If there is joy, then you should offer it as that of parents, brothers and friends. Just as Jesus loved humanity, you should be understanding toward the difficult situations of brothers.

Great forgiveness is also possible only when you have understood the situation of that person one hundred percent. Because God understands the situation of human beings, He forgives them.

Thus, you must understand well, not only the situation of brothers, but also of Jesus. By forming the heavenly family and tribe in which members love and care for each other, you must build on this earth the world of goodness that Jesus was trying to restore.

If the believers of the earth who have been chosen today become one to form a Heavenly family, Heavenly tribe and Heavenly people, and if they step beyond the level of the people and emerge on behalf of the world and the 6,000-year history in the same way that Jesus represented the people and the 4,000-year history, then the execution of God's judgment will be discontinued. When this takes place and your family and tribe becomes one with the whole, Jesus who passed away can manifest himself amid glory. To achieve this standard today, we have put up the door plate of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. We are also calling each other members of the family. As is evident, we are members of the same family. As brothers who are not actually brothers, and tribe who are not actually the same tribe, we have become brothers and a tribe of oneness and are forming Israel, which is responsible for the will of the heavenly principles.

For the sake of this task, we must walk the path of a pioneer while experiencing the sorrow of Jesus, and we must pass through the course of conflict with Satan and reach the position of perfecting the will of God. Only then, in joy we can receive Jesus who has passed away in sorrow. You must bear this in your mind.


Father! Through the words that you have taught us after you have come seeking us, we have understood that the root that we must ultimately seek is brothers and parents. We have realized that the emergence on earth of a family and tribe, centering on heaven, is the hope of God and Father. So we, who have embarked upon the lonely path unlike others, wish with the utmost earnestness that you guide us to become the sons and daughters of heaven who, representing the sorrow of Jesus, in the position of parents, friends, brothers and the tribe, cross over the pass of conflict that obliterates the powers of Satan, who is rebelling against the will of God on the world level.

We pray with sincerity, so the sons and daughters who are participating here, please fulfill the hope of the will through us, and please allow the ideal family and tribe of the will to be materialized through us! So, hoping earnestly that you will guide us to develop our minds and bodies into a place where Jesus can personally come and rejoice, sing and rest, so that we can become the brothers and members of the family centered on Heaven, we prayed all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.