Humankind Wanders In Search of the Truth

Date: 1958-12-21
Matthew 7:1-12

Former Church Headquarters

Seoul, Korea


Father of love, human beings were to oversee the ideal garden of love and hold Your love in high regard. Yet ever since we rejected the heart of the Father, who wished to build the ideal garden of love, we have been leaving sorrowful footprints of blood and tears throughout several thousand years of restoration history. Please forgive us.

We are aware that now is the time when we must yearn for the Father's lost love. The final day of restoration is coming near, when we cannot help standing on the Father's side, having discovered the Father's heart. Father of love, please raise us today and newly give us counsel. Since You have called us, please admonish us anew. Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You will allow us to bow in the presence of the Father with a blissful and glorious countenance, having eliminated the sorrow of restoration.

Please do not allow our minds and bodies to remain only as our own. Please allow all things, from the emotions that we feel to the concepts or doctrines or assertions that we have, not to be ours. We know that nothing originated from us and that all things were affected by Heaven. Father of love, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You allow us in this hour to offer up the whole to the Father.

Please allow us to understand that even if each of us assert ourselves, we cannot appear before all things proudly with our mind and body such as they are nor can we appear before humankind. Please guide us to acknowledge that none of us can step forth before the whole universe in a self-congratulatory way, regardless of what we have. Please allow each of us to lay aside all that we have and transform it into the Father's heart, by receiving the Father's heart of resurrection. Guide us to delve into and enter the Father's heart. Father of love, I ardently wish and desire that You allow us to be eager to receive the words of re-creation with blissful hearts.

Father, since these young people are gathered here in this hour, please govern our minds. Although it is our duty to offer a gift when we prostrate ourselves before the dignified presence of the Father, we were unable to bring anything. Please forgive us. Since we have only our ardent minds to offer before You, please accept these minds as Your own. Since we offer these bodies, please allow them to be a living sacrifice. Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You allow the ardent shimjung, the shimjung of high regard, to appear over the shimjungs and minds of those gathered here.

Father! Please govern every mind among Your sons and daughters gathered here. The circumstances, the emotions, and the course of the past days in which blood and sweat were shed differ from one another since each of us is different. Our conjectures also differ, since our opinions differ. Yet please govern us to be embraced in the Father's heart and ardent mind, even if for this one hour only. By doing so, please allow us to be a sacrificial offering for the sake of the one purpose by gathering us into one. Father, I pray from the depth of my heart that You allow no element of which Satan can take advantage to enter into any mind in this audience.

Father, we thank You for granting us this opportunity. We have become conscious of the mission for which we must be responsible. Father, since we have made the Word public before this people, please allow many to appear bearing a heart of high respect toward Heaven because of it. Please allow a large number of people to appear in this nation who pray ardently to You, holding onto this Word.

I sincerely wish and desire that You will allow us, in the last days, to equip ourselves with a victorious altar to realize the glory and Will of Heaven. Thus You will let the day of the Father's victory come as quickly as possible. We understand that it will not be difficult for the Father's glory to bear fruit. Father, I pray sincerely that You will allow us to be devoted internally, as well as externally, in making preparations for this task.

Please allow us to know now that this is the time in which we must pray, offering all our minds and bodies. Allow us to bear the Word You are going to deliver in our minds and bodies. We know that if we put these words into practice responsibly, the fruits will be manifested in this nation. Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You attain Your Will and Your glory through this nation.

Since this is a holy day, the day You promised You would bless all of humankind, please bless every altar where people are gathered in ardent supplication before You. We have gathered in the Son's name before the Father, having each become a blood vessel in one heart. Please allow each of us to be united to the whole. Please allow us to embrace Your heart and to be concerned about the Will of the Father.

Father, please look with compassion at Korean Christianity. Although they are seeking the path of life, they do not know which way to go, and they do not have confidence. Please bless the religious orders. Father, please direct the light of life before those who are straying, not knowing where to go. Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You allow these people to boast as the Father's sons and daughters in the presence of all humankind, one day revealing the glory of victory before the whole macrocosm.

Father, since we understand that through this Will You must drive us out into a lonely position, please allow us to be a sacrificial offering in sight of the nation. We know that the duty of a sacrificial offering is to rejoice after You and all of creation have rejoiced. In addition to that, Your sons and daughters gathered here understand that a sacrificial offering has the responsibility to live peacefully for the sake of the Father's Will, having revealed all of its flesh and blood.

Please allow these sets of minds and bodies to become altars and sacrificial offerings before You by venerating Your heavenly compassion. Beloved Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to be the sons and daughters who can sing the glory of the Father and offer comfort in solitude to the Father by becoming the Father's substantial holy temples.

Please be present with Your sons and daughters scattered throughout the country who are fighting to fulfill the responsibility entrusted to them under all kinds of persecution and difficulties. Since You have led them until the present, Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart You will guide them, so that they may bear fruits which may be realized in the Father's bosom.

We now offer our devotion, however insufficient it may be. We have prostrated ourselves in front of Your knees. Father, if there is inadequacy, please strike us. Yet, if there are still children who can fathom the Father's heart, I pray from the depth of my heart that You allow this to be the hour in which they can embrace one another and pour out the Father's situation, the Father's heart.

Please take charge of all things of this day and rule over them. I pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.


Father, at this time when this year is drawing to a close, please allow us to have the shimjung of preparation with which we can usher in a new year, reflecting upon the old one. Please lead us to the place where we are grasped by the Father's hands with a deeper and more sincere heart than last year's, looking forward to the Father's new glory in the new year, where we can connect to the Father's situation. Please allow us to be led into Your bosom and to have the preparation and resolution with which we can follow You anywhere and everywhere.

Father, we know that our lives do not belong to us. We know that our ideologies and our loves do not belong to us. Please allow our minds, our bodies, and even our lives to arise from You. Guide us so that they will not be things that come from ourselves.

We know a man's self-centered conceit can be maintained only as long as he wears his physical body. We have awakened to the fact that no matter how high a person may say he is, he is insufficient on his own and cannot exceed the limits of time. Please give us minds that can emulate the Father's lofty and broad shimjung through comprehending Your heartrending situation. Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You let us have a mind to deny ourselves, of our accord, to resemble Your deep shimjung and prostrate ourselves in the presence of Heaven.

Father, since we offer our bodies as a sacrificial offering, please accept them. Since we have prostrated ourselves before this altar, please relate to us. Please do not allow anything of man's sole making to thrive here; please do not let anything become rigid.

Please let us strive at least for this hour to bear the ardent shimjung with which You have come seeking human beings for 6,000 years, and the sentimental content that overflows from that shimjung. By allowing us to feel and experience Your bitter pain, let such a change come over our minds as to enable us to sob ceaselessly for You. Please let us bear the utterly sincere shimjung with which we can beat our chests as we grasp Your situation.

We learned that You have toiled through a historical course of 6,000 years of restoration providence to find a person, whom You had lost. We now know that You have led people through this historical course and that, walking a path of sorrow along with the Father, they have shed tears and blood upon Your altar. You have not been comfortable for even one moment. Please do not allow us now to exist for our sake, even when our minds get hasty. Please do not allow us to become self- centered, even when we are placed in an endless irksome position. Even if we are unspeakably lonely, indescribably persecuted, endlessly hounded after and treated with infinite injustice, please allow us to be Your sons and daughters who can stand in the place of the Father, not for our sake.

We know that as the mind cannot help connecting to the mind, life cannot help connecting to life, ideology cannot help connecting to ideology, Your love also cannot help connecting to love. Father, we know that eternal life has to be moved by life, and love has to be moved by love. Father, since that is the case, please manifest Yourself as the Subject of life as life, the Subject of love as love. We are experiencing the exhaustion of that life and that love.

Since we are in narrow circumstances in all ideological aspects, we are inadequate people who cannot protect even one day of life. We prostrate ourselves in sadness in the presence of the Father this day, bearing in our chests the bitter resentment of the fall, stemming from the loss of the ideology brought about by the betrayal of Heaven and earth. Father, please embrace these pitiful figures. If You abandon us, who is to take charge of us? If You do not seize us, who is going to? Since there are no leaders or teachers before us, I sincerely wish and desire that only You be with us.

When we face the fact that You make effort to comfort our minds whenever we encounter a difficult task or face a sorrowful situation, we cannot help telling You that we are very ashamed of ourselves in Your presence. Father, we know You shed tears after seeing us receive persecution along the path You commanded us to go. We are sorry. We are the ones who stepped forth, following in Your footsteps in response to Your calling us, "Come," and we are prepared even for death. Therefore, Father, please do not let us step back from the face of death in fear. Beloved Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to be righteous heavenly soldiers and righteous heavenly sons and daughters who, even if the pain of being torn to pieces befalls us, can surmount all things and go forward as long as the Father's Will and love remain.

Father, we know the reason You chased us out in front of the nation into a lonely position was that of Your grand providence. By personally striking us and working through us, please let us be the pivotal part of life that can penetrate the world of death. Please allow such a movement of life to be manifested, even on a lonely altar.

If there is a heavenly soldier who can penetrate the world of death, please let him make preparations in his mind whereby he too can express thanks. Do not allow him to hesitate on this final course. Please do not let the throng of people You called turn back at the sight of that course. Today we are on the course that faces the fortress of death. Father, please do not take away Your hands of power. Father, I pray from the depth of my heart that by giving the Word of authority, You will guide us and give us counsel until the day when we sing Your glory at last, having won the last victory.

Father, we know that You have toiled more than we have to seek and establish the course of the number forty and that the time of its realization is near. Now where will our minds and bodies go? Where will these people go? Where will humanity go? Since the fear of death sinks deeply everywhere we go, the time has arrived when young men and women of fervent blood are needed to lead these people forward, assuming responsibility toward Heaven. By giving counsel to Your sons and daughters gathered here, please let our flesh and blood become Yours. Let us be explosive substances of love, atomic bombs of love. Thus, please let us return everything as the Father's, having won over the world of death. Beloved Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You guide us to be the elite soldiers with brave spirits who can more than bring the garden of victory in the new realm of re-creation ideology.

Father, since I pray ardently, please consider this people's destiny with compassion. Many of Your sons and daughters will have to shed tears ceaselessly, feel endlessly sorry and be immeasurably contrite for the sake of these people. Among these people, there is a throng of selected people who are to cry for the sake of the heavenly principles, for the sake of the state, and for the sake of these people.

Father, please let national-level feelings of life and love explode in our minds. I ardently wish and desire that You allow us to be the sons and daughters who can continue toward You, holding onto these people as their brothers, their parents, and their friends.

Please look with compassion at humankind wandering about in a deep sleep. Please bless every place sons and daughters have gathered to build altars in Your presence on behalf of humankind.

Having assumed the Father's task, please let us quickly attain the mind that can tolerate indefinitely, that can concede endlessly. We know that, for the Father's task, the individual has to offer everything before Him, transcending life and all possessions. Please guide us to be able to care for one another, to hold one another in high esteem, and to embrace one another. Thus, Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You will allow Your works, which can restore the lost one world of ideology, the garden of goodness, to be manifested in the presence of all humankind, everywhere heads are bowed.

By mobilizing a billion faithful believers, heavenly soldiers, and numerous spirits in the spirit world, please halt and eliminate the influence of darkness and wrong. I wish for You to sit comfortably, You alone enthroned, and single-handedly take charge of the glory of the leadership position. I desire for You to embrace the lonely families and guide them through counseling. I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.


Father, please convert our hearts into empty vessels. Please allow our hearts to seethe ceaselessly for the Father's sake. Please transfer the ideology of creation with which You created all creation into our hearts. Allow us to be those whose minds move in response to the Father's motions, whose hearts respond emotionally to the Father's emotions.

Father, You wish us to see the unforgettable image of a mind submerged in peace and rejoicing. You wish us to seek and caress a peaceful heart. Now please allow our minds and hearts to be moved by You and to be used only as Yours. I pray sincerely that You will allow our minds and bodies to transform into the Father's alone, piercing deeply into the world of essence only through the Father.

Although numerous human beings live on this earth, Father, we know that no group of people is striving to have the foundation of their minds and hearts hidden and buried in the Father. Our minds today long for the original heart, and we need the true character of the original creation. For this, we know we need the Father's new Words.

Individuals, whom the Father created to rejoice in, dwell in a wicked world because they fell. Yet their true character is moving toward the world of the original nature. For 6,000 years, humanity has eagerly looked forward to the Words of re-creation of the original nature; He has looked forward to calling upon and raising the true character. For 6,000 years, he has adored and sought after the Word. Now the day of judgment is closing in on the fortress of death. Father, look with compassion at humankind, faced with a time like this, striving hard in a world of fear, not knowing which way to go, wandering about, having lost the center, unable to find their position and place. Please guide them so that they may come back to Your bosom.

We know that the children gathered here are the holy temples and essential foundations You seek. If You do not come into play, the creation on earth will endure limitless pain at the day of judgment. Therefore, Father, please extend Your hands of re-creation.

Isn't it the original principle of creation that You created Adam and Eve to love? Please allow us to know the heart of the Father, who is holding onto each of us, to seek and raise humankind again in front of You, based on that principle. Not caring about tiredness, indifferent to mortified feelings and sorrow, heedless of vexation and the path of tears, not paying attention to the bloody altar, the Father persists. Please guide us to know Your historical situation, that You have no choice but to do thus. Please let us be transformed into Yours, only in peace, in this hour by having fathomed Your passionate heart. Eliminate everything that is not Yours. Please allow us to be able to rejoice if You rejoice and to move in response to Your movements. Thus, beloved Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You let us appear as figures of original nature, with the glory of beauty, before all phenomena. Restore us as figures who can multiply with a new voice.

Now we know that my mind does not belong to me, my body does not belong to me, and this land upon which I live does not belong to me either. We know that this universe does not belong to me nor do all the things You created. We know that all these things derived their origin from the Father and were created for Him, to be connected with Him.

We know that it is the true character of creation for all humankind to seek the glory of happiness by relating to one center. We were created in this fashion. Please restore us to be such substantial entities of harmony and original nature, related to the glory of the one center You established, in response to whom the whole universe can move.

Now the time has come for us to liquidate the historical course of universal grief and to create the history of a new happiness. Father, since we are short of strength, please give us mighty strength. Allow us to have strong desire. Father, I ardently wish and desire that You let us equip ourselves as dauntless heavenly soldiers who can proceed with confidence toward the goal.

The Father said to Joshua and Caleb, as they were looking at the land of Canaan, "Be strong and brave." As Joshua was to bear the standard of being strong and brave in the face of the enemy, today we cannot help marching onward, toward the fortress of Canaan strongly and bravely.

Now, when the decisive last battle has arrived before our eyes, we know that fighting sons and daughters of responsibility are needed to face the darkness. Father, please allow Your sons and daughters gathered here to become such people in charge. Beloved Father, I pray this from the bottom of my heart.

Please govern the minds of the sons and daughters gathered here. Is there anyone who makes self-assertions, getting above himself today? Is there anyone who relates to the Father through some doctrine, thought or concept of his own, through his perception? He would be the one who does not know the Father's absolute power, the one who does not know the Father's hidden pain.

Father, please grab hold of our hearts, and allow us to listen to Your new Word of life. Through new feelings of love, allow us to bring about the miracle of re-creation. Father, I ardently wish and desire that You let us realize our deficiency and immaturity. Allow us to be the sons and daughters who can directly report to You that we are not worthy of bowing before You.

Since our true character wishes to move toward the one ideology, please let our bodies and minds move according to that will. Please allow our minds and bodies to be united in this hour. Enable these unified bodies and minds to be offered as a sacrifice.

Please enable us to advance through the wall of death that has been barred for 6,000 years with bitter resentment and sorrow. In doing so, please enable the billion faithful believers to move. Let the numerous individuals in spirit world centered on the Triune God offer songs of delight in this hour. Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You allow this to be the hour in which we can promise the day of restoration and liberation before all things in the universe. I sincerely wish and desire that this will become the time when we can join the whole world before the Father's altar by the mind taking the lead in operating together with the body.

Since now I am about to deliver the word, please do not allow the mind of the deliverer and those of the receivers to be separated into two. Since the word works through the mind, please allow us to feel it through our minds. Allow this to be the hour in which we can be led, transforming the Word into our bodies before the Father's real presence.

Please do not let Satan seize any moment. Please sanctify the elements that Satan could calumniate. Please direct us personally.

If we cannot realize our insufficiency of our accord, please manifest Yourself as eyes like flames. Asserting that our minds and bodies belong to You, be present in us. I sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to fulfill the mission of restoration through indemnity by meeting the conditions of hardship. Let us be the ones who can bring about a new history. I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The title of today's sermon which I am going to deliver to you is "Humankind Wanders In Search of the Truth." I will speak briefly upon this topic.

The Real Condition of Man and the Need for the Standard of Absolute Good

Today you may know very well that you feel indescribably impetuous and busy, yet at the same time you feel sad. You cannot deny that there is a mind within you nor that there is some kind of purpose within the mind's yearning which causes the mind to ceaselessly seek to influence and absorb the body into that purpose. You cannot deny that you live in the condition where you feel that something, even if you do not know what it is, is leading you ceaselessly toward an unknown destination.

If you feel something like this, you must re-examine your minds and bodies. If there is some kind of ideological, invisible world of which human beings are ignorant, we must re-examine ourselves centered upon the spirit of that world.

Thus, by forming a relationship of oneness with that ideological realm, you can continue in a sure direction. If you do not do that, there will be no peace in your hearts. Even though you may hope for peace and other things, your hopes will not be attained. I affirm and assert this to you.

As you study the Principle, you learn that humankind was originally good. Yet history has proven that because of the mistake of one day, humans became beings who were not good. Religious people have proven this to be so; we cannot deny that fact.

The standard of good is the ideology all of us are pursuing. That is our hope. Furthermore, it is the center of the eternal love that is moving inside our minds, the focal point of any ideology of feeling. At the same time, the standard of good leads our minds to pursue an absolute resting place. It operates as an influence which, transcending time and space, controls our bodies, the direction of our minds, and the ideology we seek.

This standard of goodness must become the center of all that I am in mind, body and spirit. Thus, by relating to this freely, we must transform and create an environment where an individual's emotion in life can be connected to the emotion of the whole. Otherwise, we cannot find the value of our minds or bodies nor the value of spiritual movements.

The bitter resentment resulting from the fall has created a seat of sorrow like this today. The grief caused by the fall has hounded humankind into this kind of hardship. Therefore, the historical course you walk is the path originated by the fall. You are striving under such circumstances.

Please review yourselves. Toward where are your bodies moving? Toward where are your minds moving? Where is your spiritual body headed? Even though humans are destined, by all means, to seek a true form of the absolute ideology, a true form of good, a true form of life and of love, we now wander about aimlessly.

The question becomes, at what direction and angle am I compared to the direction and angle of the absolute good? If my mind wishes to go right, why am I going left? My mind wishes to have a higher ideology. Why then do I have a limited view of the universe? Individuals today are walking the path of restoration to find their original selves to escape this situation. Now the time to look soberly at yourselves has arrived. You must be able to look at the headstrong attitude with which you strive and search. Your minds and spirits must transform into incarnations who can represent the value of glory. No such figure has appeared since the Creation. Therefore, we must realize that we must walk the path in which we search for something unknown, the path of fate.

There are body, mind and spirit in each of us. We must become a being who has a unified body, mind and spirit. Accordingly, if some kind of Creator exists, then the one who can be led to the presence of that Creator and be embraced and who can embrace others will be the one for whom the Creator is looking. We humans are looking for that person too.

To be a True Human Being

My mind commands my body to seek things that are true. It is commanding me to seek a true body first. Humanity today is wandering about seeking that which is true without knowing what it is. Because they are living in this world, which is deeply penetrated by the bitter resentment caused by the fall, they are being drawn into the fate of having to seek what is true without knowing what it is.

Now you must realize that you cannot rejoice over your original selves. You must know yourselves to be faced with grief, yet you are not to feel sad. Even if you feel pain, you must not feel pain from things that happen in the world. If you are to feel sadness and pain, you must feel the sadness and pain of not having been able to find your true selves. You must realize that even though there is so much sadness and pain in the world, there is no greater sadness and pain than that which is caused by being unable to find our true selves.

Whom has God the Creator been looking for until now? He is looking for you: that is, "me." For that reason, I must find the true me. If not, I cannot make a connection with a true family centered on perfect, substantial entities, a society, a nation centered on true families, and furthermore, a world made up of states, or a macrocosm made up of worlds. Becoming a perfect "me" is the standard for all the other stages.

God has been feeling immeasurably sad in relation to humanity for 6,000 years. You must realize that there is no more mortifying event than that of having lost one's beloved sons and daughters. Although the whole of creation fills up the universal space, that is not what is important. The whole macrocosmos has turned into a world of deathly darkness, because of the loss of Adam and Eve. What is more, God is feeling endless pain and sorrow.

What must individuals do to restore their lost selves? They must reflect upon God's shimjung at the time of the loss. Otherwise, there is no way to restore the original "me." In the same manner that you can recover what you lost only when you go back to the place where you lost it, you must reflect upon God's shimjung at the time of losing "me" to restore yourself. Without this, individuals cannot restore their original selves.

That is why Heaven has been seeking human beings for 6,000 years. In other words, God has come through the 6,000-year historical course to restore me, the individual. That 6,000-year historical course has been full of blood and tears, paths of persecution and death.

While coming through such a course, God has fought to seek me, the individual being, not forgetting the heart of pain or the tears of sorrow He shed after losing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden 6,000 years ago. Treating the 6,000 years like a day, with the shimjung of the time of loss, God has come forth fighting to recover humankind. You must understand such a heart of God.

Because the sorrow started from God's heart 6,000 years ago, history until today has remained sorrowful. The fruit of sorrow has accrued to us. Therefore, humanity's sorrow cannot be eliminated before we alleviate the sorrow that penetrated the depths of God's heart. We must realize this.

The tangled thread will have to be untangled where the tangling occurred. It must be restored to its original state through indemnity. This is the ironclad rule of the salvific providence. If this is the ironclad rule, we human beings today must realize that the historical age of conclusion will come when we must wander about seeking the heart that was lost in order to find and establish ourselves.

What then is to happen in the last days? Judgments will be made having decided upon a standard of shimjung.

Looking at yourselves today, you must know that your bodies are stained with the tears of God's sorrow of 6,000 years, with the blood of God's pain. The bitter resentment against evil has pierced to the very marrow. What is more, you must know that God's sorrow and pain in regard to eliminating this condition of bitter resentment has penetrated deeply into all of our hearts.

The Wavelength of the Human Fall and the Path Man Should Walk

When humans were cast out of ancient Eden, they grieved centered on themselves, not knowing God's heart. Thus, forgetting our own body's sorrow and pain, we must first liberate God from sorrow and pain. Unless we do this, we cannot dissolve the grievous historical resentment and go over it. Therefore, you must now feel that each of us is a crystallization of God's tears of 6,000 years. We are not only the crystallization of God's tears, we are also the crystallization of God's pain. Only from such a position will our individual value be restored to life again.

For that reason, we who are placed in the last days, when we must dissolve the sorrow and pain caused by the fall, must now represent God's heart. We must know how to grieve and receive pain in place of God, who has grieved and received pain for 6,000 years. Since humans have no comprehension of this, you must know that Heaven has unfolded the dispensation, shedding tears for humanity, having laid down the term "Heaven's judgment."

How is one to avoid judgment? We are not to cry holding onto our bodies or over our pain. We must know the pain of God, who bears greater pain than ours to save us. We must know that God's sorrows and difficulties are greater than ours. We must deny everything about ourselves and dissolve all the pain that has penetrated deeply into the heart of God, who has been guiding history from behind the scenes. Today's humanity is fated to seek the one who can carry out such a mission.

Viewed from this standpoint, in order for fallen humans to break out of themselves and go on, what must they do? What can move my mind, what can move my body and the material that I have? That is the shimjung of perfect love.

You must become people who can feel that your spirit embraces your mind and loves it, that your mind embraces your body and loves it, and that your body embraces all of creation and loves it. Such a person is the very destination and terminus we are seeking.

However, no one has accomplished this. Although God is holding onto our spirits, our minds and our bodies and is loving them, no one could feel that. You must know this.

If God embraces my spirit and loves it, my spirit loves my mind, my mind loves my body, and my body loves all of creation, the shimjung will then become united. In such a world, the shimjung that loves all creation will be connected to the body; the shimjung that loves the body will be connected to the mind; the shimjung that loves the mind will be connected to the spirit; and the shimjung that loves the spirit will be connected to God. This is the terminus humanity seeks.

There is no one who takes hold of you and asks, "Do you know with what mission you are entrusted?" Yet, though you are not aware of it, there is a being who stands in your way and asks, "Who are you? Where are you going? What will you do?" You do not realize this.

What did humanity lose by falling? It lost love. The cause of human lamentation is the loss of God's love. Therefore, human history has come through a historical course of lamentation with God's love lost. Do you understand that?

God's love is the foothold of the eternal ideology of the heavenly kingdom, for the building of the substantial heavenly kingdom on earth. However, humankind lost God's love, the ideological foundation of the eternal world because of the fall. Because humanity lost this love of God, God had to leave. That is why God's love, which can build the heavenly kingdom on earth, has gradually been broken down.

The Model of the Human Fall

The fall was the loss of God's love. When we think of the course of the fall, through what kind of path did it go? At the very first, Eve lost God's love. Next, Adam lost God's love and their children did the same. You know this very well. Human history was the history of losing love.

Who was the first person to step forth after having discussed love? It was Eve. Who was the next? It was Adam. Next were Cain and Abel. These are the archetypes of fallen history. This model of fallen history took place in the beginning. Individuals have been walking through this kind of history ever since.

Love is a center that can command the whole universe. It is a subjective center, a commanding center, and a tolerating center. This is the ideology of love. This ideology was to be the foundation of history.

Thus, when we study the historical course, there were primitive ages in the time of clan societies centered on the maternal line. This is because Eve, the mother, discussed love for the first time. After the tribal society, history centered on the paternal line. After that, coming into the age of democracy today, the age of brotherhood began.

History, which has flowed in that fashion, has now arrived at the last days. It has become impossible to find love for parents among human beings nowadays. The democratic nations today are like that.

In the end, the time will come when anything attempting to resemble husband and wife from the position of brother and sister will be broken apart. Hence, the ladder of love that can connect Heaven and humanity today is being disconnected. Consequently, humankind today is living in the position of an orphan who lost parental love, lost true conjugal love, and lost true brotherly love. These phenomena formerly took place vertically in advanced nations, but now these phenomena are taking place horizontally throughout the world.

How did the fall take place? The fall took place because Adam and Eve were unable to make a vertical relationship with God and instead made an objective and horizontal relationship with Satan. Therefore, human beings in the final ages in history today are crying out for egalitarianism, centering on democracy.

What event took place in Adam's family because of the fall? Cain killed Abel. Abel was a substitute for Eve. Therefore, in advanced nations today where egalitarianism is being advocated, women have more authority than men. Accordingly, this is the time to set up the vertical side through the horizontal side. Since humankind cannot form a complete vertical relationship, everything is falling to pieces.

The path you seek today is the path of a new ideology, the path of life, and the path of love that Heaven is presenting. You must realize that you are standing in the historical course where you must proceed seeking the path of love that introduces you to this new ideology and life.

What kind of parents have you lost? What kind of man and wife have you lost? What kind of children did you lose? You lost the parents who did not fall, the man and wife who did not fall, the children who did not fall. Thus, a throng of people who can surmount the sorrow of Eden and win the joy of Eden will have to emerge on this earth now. Unless such a throng appears, God's 6,000-year restoration providence will face a critical moment of fundamental collapse.

The History of Indemnity for the Purpose of Saving Fallen Men

Salvific history has conformed to the principles of indemnity. It was a history in which the sovereign authority has been carried over from mother to father, from father to children.

Now we have ushered in a great historical conversion age. Therefore, the fortune of heaven and earth is being restored to life again. You must know that humanity is placed in the inevitable fateful course of restoration through indemnity.

Therefore, in this present world, equal rights between the sexes are being advocated. The time for women to receive better treatment from men is here. Don't you think so? This is the process of restoring through indemnity the fact that Eve, the mother, ruled Adam in Eden in a reverse way.

The history initiated by the fall was not a normal history. It was a discriminatory, one-sided and one-directional history. Therefore, it must turn back the way it has come. Heaven unfolded the dispensation of dividing humans, cast out by the fall, into two sides: one on the left, the other on the right. Likewise, division into left and right has also taken place between man and woman, between human beings, between states and between the world. Left symbolizes what is wrong, and right symbolizes what is right.

Humans lost their innate character because they fell. That is why they have walked the path of good, according to the truthful reporting of the conscience.

Today you must stand steadfast before Heaven and become central figures who can govern the whole universe. What is the essence that can determine the central figure of all creation? It is not vitality nor ideology. It is love. That is why I Corinthians 13:13 says, "Faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love." St. Paul spoke thus because this is the path a person must walk. Jesus had to establish a standard of love that could demonstrate the position of children by having united the internal spirit and the external flesh. Because the Israelite people did not believe in him, that standard could not be established.

Because human history is the history of re-creation, the process of restoration had to be developed. Therefore, Jesus' spirit went to heaven, while the Holy Spirit came to deal with individuals on earth.

What must the Holy Spirit accomplish by embracing spiritual children among the faithful on earth? She must recapture the ideology of Eden. That is why the Holy Spirit came.

Therefore, we must seek the Savior, the bridegroom, in accordance with the moral obligations of the children of the Holy Spirit. Yet Christians seek the Savior on the ideological level. We do not attain the state of unity between the spirit and flesh. People who walk the path of righteousness, the path of faith, also must lead a life of denying the flesh. Faithful people have wandered in search of the world of the mind and the world of the spirit in such a way.

The faithful believers of today, the children, must continue toward restoration focused upon the Holy Spirit as their spiritual mother, seeking to unite the spirit and flesh. The mother, Eve, governed the father, Adam, in the Garden of Eden. Inversely, the mother must be governed properly now and her correct position restored. After this, the children are governed.

The hope of Eden must be attained by uniting the spirit and the flesh. Since the spirit and flesh were severed by the fall, humans must unite them. What is more, humankind must not only stand in a vertical position, but also in a horizontal position. Because humans have continued in a one-sided way, rather than taking an all-directional view, their minds and bodies have become separated, and their minds and spirits have become divided.

When will Jesus attain this hope? Jesus left the Holy Spirit to work on the earth after his coming and ascension. That will not suffice, however. Because Jesus left behind the promise of his Second Coming, he must return to keep that promise. That ideology of the Second Coming is to seek the physical mother who was lost in the Garden of Eden. By governing the fallen mother, the restored mother will have to restore the physical father's position. Thus, Jesus' hope will be realized.

Fallen Man Must Seek True Parents

The realization of this hope is attainable in the world where spirit and flesh are united. Only when that happens will parents with united spirit and flesh appear for the first time before Heaven and earth. In light of the Principle, the day when a one-dimensional view of history changes to the all-directional historical view will inevitably have to come. For that reason, if humanity takes only a one-sided viewpoint today, it cannot help writhing in agony in the world of sadness.

What do we who are walking the fated path of restoration seek? We must seek our true bodies, which we can love forever, and seek the parents of our bodies. Before we find the parents of our bodies, there is no way that the parents of our minds, the parents of our spirits can appear. The creation of heaven and earth began with external matter. That is why you begin writing from the left side when you write. You do not write from the right side. This is an expression of the manner in which the world of the ideology of creation exists.

When will the moans from the pain of human beings end? Not until we usher in the day when we find the parents who can love our bodies in place of God. No matter how great you are, you lost the innate physical true parents. Therefore, without true parents, true children cannot exist. This world cannot avoid being a world of sin and evil, a world of hell and pain.

God has been seeking such a person. Through the spirit, God has been seeking our spirits and bodies. God is the True Parent of humankind. He exists as the True Parent of our spirits and minds. While God stands in the position of a Parent who has united the spirit and mind, He forewarned humankind of the day when humankind would find physical parents and meet them. That day is the Marriage of the Lamb.

Now such a time has come. That is why, having passed through the age of the maternal line, humanity passed through the age of the paternal line and has now entered into the age of brotherhood.

Although humanity emerges with new doctrines, assertions and systems, if an ideal object, ideal brothers, ideal children, and ideal parents cannot emerge, those doctrines, assertions and systems will all break down. How far out will humanity be pushed? It will be pushed out to a position of less than all things. It will arrive at the day of judgment.

Viewed from this standpoint, humanity today must wander about in search of True Parents. Substantial True Parents, with physical bodies, must come seeking humanity with a new ideology and vision. The world where humans live ministering to the True Parents is the veritable ideal world. To accomplish such a world, Jesus left word that he would return. That is why the term "Second Coming" came into existence.

After finding yourselves in such a position before the whole created world, the time has come to subdue your flesh. You must voluntarily subdue your flesh, in place of Satan attacking you. This is the path of righteousness. You must subdue your flesh.

We cannot seek the path of the parents, the path of love, alone as individuals. Why is that? Each of us came to exist in this world of sin and evil, having passed through the fallen historical course. We

live within the realm of the epochal fate of the fall. Therefore, this path cannot be sought alone. A tangle of historical problems lies within it. There is the problem of the family, the problems of society, nations and the world. Furthermore, there is the problem of the spirit world. Only when we form ties with the world of the new ideology and parley with it can the world of ideological love be sought.

The path of righteousness is the path we seek after fighting under hardships. This is the course of God, who has been fighting on the course of restoration for 6,000 years.

The Man Whom God Can Receive With Joy

What then are you? You are a sacrificial offering representing 6,000 years. To be the sacrificial offering representing 6,000 years, you must gain knowledge of the heart of God, who has made humankind offer sacrifices for 6,000 years.

What was it like when Adam and Eve were cast out of the realm of God's love, after they fell in the Garden of Eden? They lamented their misfortune. This was the origin of the tears of humankind and the beginning of pain and suffering. Yet the sadness of Adam and Eve was not all there was. God had a shimjung of greater sadness than that of Adam and Eve when He cast them out. Humans do not know this. You must know this.

Thus, you are the tribe cast out of the realm of God's love and have become its descendants. While individuals are grieving centered on their misfortunes, God is grieving even today, looking at individuals who have been cast out.

What must humans, made outcasts for having betrayed Heaven, centered on themselves, do for restoration? They must become beings who can shed tears, holding onto God's sorrow, God's pain and feeling of dejection, having denied all things of their own. They must not be influenced in the least by the presence of their grief, their feelings of dejection and death. Otherwise, they cannot be restored.

For that reason, Christianity cried out, "Repent!" This means to weep bitterly. In other words, we must restore the origin of history, which began with weeping. To do that, we must not cry over our sorrow. We must be able to cry holding onto God, who has embraced humankind for 6,000 years, who fell to the line of death and shed tears and grieved in pain without humanity being aware of it. If there exists a person of such tears, God will say to him, "Yes, you are the very son I love." Accordingly, if a person emerges whom God can joyfully receive with such words, God will be able to indemnify the whole experience of having grieved and been subjected to mistreatment and suffering. His resentment will be dissolved.

Ladies and gentlemen, who is Jesus? He is the true father of humanity. He is the man who came to the earth with the heart of a True Parent, in the place of God, after the lapse of 4,000 years. He was the father who came to meet, embrace and love the humans who had struggled in misery for 4,000 years. Individuals could not recognize Jesus as such and instead crucified him. Only after they had killed him did they realize he was their true father.

Jesus, who was our true father, came to this earth to lead us to life. Although one might have killed Jesus without knowing such things, there would be no one who would not shed tears if he realized that it was truly his father that he killed. No matter how terrible a villain or robber who has killed human beings, even an unimpressionable person will weep bitterly, beating his chest. It is absolutely impossible for him not to know of the Father's sorrow.

From this standpoint, it can be construed that Jesus' death on the cross became an impetus for human beings to weep bitterly. Humankind was ignorant of the heart of the Parents, who had toiled for them for 4,000 years. Therefore, he who has met the cross must weep bitterly. Remembering that humanity killed Jesus, who came to this earth as the True Parent representing Heaven, one must weep bitterly first for the sake of God, then for the sake of the True Parent who came, and further for the sake of humanity on the earth.

What must the faithful believers of the last days today weep about bitterly? The time to weep for one's benefit has passed. The time to weep for the sake of one's family, one's society, and one's nation has also passed. Now we must weep bitterly for the sake of the world, for Heaven, and for the Holy Father, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit. You must know that only then can we participate in the realm of ideology that has dominion over the whole of the created world centered on love.

Although they killed him, human beings came to realize that Jesus was the True Parent. Feeling sorrow and keen regret over the loss of their True Parent, they wished him to be resurrected. Because human beings had that kind of true character, God is sending the Lord of the Second Coming to fulfill that wish.

The faithful believers of the last days, who are to usher in the Lord of the Second Coming, will have to shed tears together. They will have to shed tears representing history and the eras, as substitutes for those events and times. After that, they will have to shed tears of joy. We must shed such tears while we live. Although human beings have shed tears of sorrow, they could not shed tears of happiness. That is why human beings have been anxiously looking forward to the one day when they can shed tears of joy. That is the day of the Second Coming, the day when they regain the lost True Parent.

The True Parent Walks a Thorny Path

The True Parent you so anxiously await was not coming after only a few decades of preparation nor was there preparation for only the life span of a human being. The preparation time was 6,000 years. When he comes, he is not coming in comfort. Even while you sleep comfortably, Heaven took pains to seek you. Having the appearance of a beggar, a poor person, a wanderer, a prisoner, a persecuted and extremely miserable person, Heaven has been seeking you, starting from the bottom of the human echelon.

Therefore, even while you were sleeping, Heaven walked forward on the path of tears, the path of sorrows, the path of being swallowed up in a storm, the path on which there is not a moment of rest. Such was the path Jesus walked, and the path of numerous prophets and sages.

You must realize the sorrowful fact that, even where you eat comfortably and rest in comfort, the sounds of undeserved pain and the bitter weeping of Heaven are heard. Unless you hear them, you are not qualified to receive love from the True Parent.

Thus, you must feel greatly indebted, even as you sleep and eat. You must feel that you are the sinner of sinners, whom Heaven and earth cannot forgive. You must realize that the things I see, the things I hear, and all the facts I see and feel are insufficient. "I myself am the fruit of a traitor." You must feel that you did not know the situation of God, who wandered in search of you.

Faithful believers today must know this situation and be able to weep bitterly, holding the hands of their brothers and sisters. Looking at a beggar wandering about in the street, you must know how to weep bitterly, embracing him. When you look at a laborer in hardship, you must be able to lament, saying, "How did my brother end up in such a miserable situation?"

When we lift our eyes to our brothers' plight, we must feel compelled to seek the historical course of the heavenly principles and raise them. Through them, we must seek and raise ourselves. God has been anxiously awaiting human beings who, knowing this, are steeped in such feelings as to be able to relate with every person they meet. He has been shedding tears for the emergence of such people for 6,000 years. Meanwhile, one who eats his fill and rests, even after seeing the starvation of other people will be judged. Those who dance, contented with themselves, while other people are in need will be judged.

What must fallen humanity do? Even if you yourself are starving, you must have feelings of deep regret for the starvation of your brothers and sisters. Even if I cannot eat or wear good things, I must live for the good of my brothers and sisters and for the sake of the world's humanity. By doing so, you must achieve restoration by indemnifying what Heaven has wept for, weeping for the sake of the humanity of the world. You must understand that Heaven is seeking this kind of faithful believer.

When has anyone throughout the 6,000-year historical course faced the Father in Heaven with such a heart? Who has ever called Heaven "Father" and called the rest of humanity "his true brothers and sisters"?

Where are the minds of the professionals who guide the religious orders today, the teaching professionals who are said to be walking the course of faith? The people Heaven has anxiously sought for 6,000 years of history, who took part in the difficulties, grief and hopes of Heaven, also went a path like this. Where are your minds and bodies going? You must make this clear. You must realize that you belong to humanity, which must resolve this matter; humanity, which is deeply steeped in the bitter resentment of the fall.

The Position From Which One Can Connect to God's Heart

The character who goes down in history is not one who has stepped forth asserting himself. If one is to be recorded in the history of the people, he should be a person who has stepped forth holding onto the people, to society. To be a worldwide character, he must be one who stepped forth on behalf of the world. To be a heavenly character, he must be one who stepped forth on behalf of Heaven. Because you are the sinners of sinners who killed your own parents and cannot be forgiven, you must think it natural that even if someone calls you bad names and persecutes you, even if you become the target of pursuit and are hounded, you will have to say, "Thank you," having felt God's sorrow and historical mortification.

The place where one can shed tears, embracing brothers and sisters who curse you, is the place where you can connect to God's heart. The path upon which one walks bearing the heart of Jesus, who worried about the ones who were striking him on the cross and prayed in tears for them, is the prototypical path a true man must walk. He must walk this path, penetrated by this heart to the very marrow of his bones.

You are sacrificial offerings. All Unification members must become sacrificial offerings. Heaven wants historical sacrificial offerings.

What kind of being is a sacrificial offering? It is someone who lifts his head for the first time after God and all humankind rejoices. If Christianity today lifts its head before God and all humankind rejoices, it will break down. If Christianity does not fulfill its mission to serve all humankind, if it does not function as a sacrificial offering for the sake of all humankind, then the time has come for reform.

Jesus, who is the King of Kings and the Crown Prince of Heaven, is unable to be glad and rejoice. He came as a sacrificial offering. Even if God and the faithful believers rejoice in him, Jesus, the sacrificial offering, cannot rejoice in himself. Only after God and all humankind rejoice in themselves can Jesus rejoice in himself for the first time. That is the day of the Second Coming. This is the path a sacrificial offering walks.

When you look at all the persecution that the people of Korea receive, how do you feel? We Koreans have walked a path of all kinds of suffering through 2,000 years of history. If we were sad, we did not know where to go to appeal. Even if there was mortification and injustice, we did not know how to complain of it. What should we do then, we Koreans? Although we are like orphans, we must be able to weep bitterly, holding hands among ourselves. By this alone will these people come to life.

Regardless of whether brothers and sisters have made mistakes or not, since they are brothers and sisters born with the blood and bones and flesh that Heaven granted, tolerant people who can weep to connect to the historical blood lineage and shimjung of a parent, going beyond their own situations, will have to emerge. Such young people are in great demand.

If there were such impassioned young people, where should they devote that passion? If they put their hearts into achieving success and satisfying their desires, their efforts will conclude in the limited individual realm. The original ideology of human beings wants to feel joy, holding onto God beyond infinity. Accordingly, one must devote his passion for the sake of this original human ideology.

If God's dispensation was behind the historical course that this nation has come through, what kind of people would God demand at the end of that dispensation? They would be the people who know how to cry for the realization of the Will of God. They would be the people who are determined to be sacrificial offerings above all, crying, having been involved with a Will, a shimjung, and in action. Heaven will be seeking such people.

Facing the people 2,000 years ago, Jesus said, "He who loves father and mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." (Matthew 10:37) On the surface, what kind of contradictory, nonsensical remark is this? Although it seems incomprehensible, Jesus knew that humanity, fallen after having lost love, would all perish if they centered on themselves at the conclusion of history. Jesus spoke to prevent that. If such a miracle had come about, that the words Jesus spoke then were put into practice by the people, the last 2,000 years would have been very different.

God's Providential History is to Restore Lost Love

Now is the time to break down the parental love, conjugal love, and children's love that is not centered on Heaven. Christianity is to break down this kind of false love and teach the parental love, children's love, and conjugal love centered on Heaven. That is why Christianity uses the words "bride and bridegroom," "father" and "children."

Fallen human beings have lost love. For the sake of such fallen human beings, Jesus came as the champion of love to restore heavenly love on the earth again. However, Jesus left for the spirit world unable to accomplish that task. That is why, having set up a spiritual standard of love, humankind is walking the course of restoring physical love. You must know this.

There is a top and a bottom, front and rear, left and right. At the top are the parents, the children are at the bottom, in the front and rear are the husband and wife. Brothers and sisters are to the left and right. This is the principle of love. Do you understand?

Humanity has to proceed seeking this path. Among these relationships, the conjugal relationship at the front and rear is the most important. That is why Jesus stressed the notion of the bridegroom and bride.

What kind of heart does Jesus seek in his bride? He is trying to search for the bride who represents God, the bride who represents the children, and the bride who represents brothers and sisters. Do you understand?

God's Will is to set up a standard on the earth by sending the bridegroom and bride. God's intention is to establish the form of a four position foundation, centered on the bride, with God at the top, the children at the bottom, and brothers and sisters on the left and the right. The history of God seeking the bride, who is the object being representing such love, is the 2,000-year providential course.

What then must you do now? Males must respect females and females must respect males. Only when mutual respect exists can females relate to males, and males relate to females. The male is the offshoot of the father and the female is the offshoot of the mother. They are alter egos.

For that reason, relating to each other as man and woman in the course of restoration, the person who looks at the object externally will be shattered. The object is one of the dual characteristics of God. That being the case, men have to respect women and women have to respect men.

Human beings must walk the original course of mutual respect, seeking the reciprocating nature of each individual. Even when relating to one's children, the sons as the offshoot of the father, the daughters as the offshoot of the mother, the parent must have a heart of respect toward that gender. One must become a parent who knows how to embrace and love his children, bearing in mind the ideology with which God created all of the creation, having expanded His ideal and creating humankind as the master of all creation. One must become a truthful parent who, upon seeing the children standing in the fallen world, is impassioned with the emotion with which God has grieved for 6,000 years, knowing how to shed tears, saying, "Yes, become a man in whom God takes delight, whom humanity anxiously awaits, and for whom all of creation has longed."

Because he saw things like this, Jesus had the qualification to relate with all creation and with the universe. That is why Jesus searched for the bride with the emotion of seeking the replacement of God, the replacement of humanity, and the replacement of the descendants of many, many generations. You must know that this was the heart of Jesus, the bridegroom. When you meet such a bride, you will feel the emotion of having embraced heaven and earth in love. When meeting with the parent as well as meeting with the children, it will be the same. You must become such central people.

The day when we meet as brides and bridegrooms equipped with the substantial forms of united minds and bodies, ready to take the place of parents, children will have to come. Only when that day comes will the tragedy-stricken things of heaven and earth, that is, the created world, blocked in heaven and on earth, be able to move in harmony in the directions of front and rear, left and right, and top and bottom. You must know that this is the day to which all of humanity is looking forward.

The Ideal Garden Where Man and God Can Mingle as One

Where is the place humanity must seek today? It is this very place. In order for you to seek this one place, you must be able to feel such a mind toward parents, toward brothers and sisters, and toward your objects. You must be able to feel the emotions of everything in the world.

You must be able to step forth in front of heaven and earth, after equipping yourselves with such a heart of love. Only then, as God established Jesus and the Holy Spirit after working for 4,000 years, will you be established in the position of the embodied bridegroom, and you will come to meet the embodied bride. This is God's purpose of creation. Meeting the embodied reciprocating partner is the objective of humanity. The ideal garden where God can enter into man's body and mingle as one with Him will then come to pass. You must know that this is the final objective humanity seeks. This is the inevitable fate humankind must attain. Let us pray.


Father, we have come to understand that each of us is a substitute for God, a substitute for husband or wife, a substitute for parents, a substitute for children, and a substitute for brothers and sisters. We also have come to know that an inevitable historical course exists wherein we cannot but establish the resting place of the mind that can determine the great fundamental existence of the universe.

Now we understand that each man and woman among us is looking for true elder and younger siblings, True Parents, and a true reciprocating partner. We are aware that humanity is wandering about seeking the same ideology. Humanity is in the same situation. Humans can never be enemies. Humanity is entangled with the ideology of creation.

However, because of the fall, parental love, conjugal love, and brotherly love have been destroyed. Accordingly, in order for us to proceed forth in seeking these, we must first feel the emotion of love between brothers. Furthermore, we know that only when we meet the reciprocating partner whom we can love, taking the place of God's sorrow of 6,000 years will the principled standard whereby we can take the place of heaven and earth be restored.

None of us is a simple, isolated being. We must not lack in any aspect of completeness. We will be sad if we do not have brothers and sisters, friends, parents and children. That is because the Principle, based on the rules of Heaven, is for humankind to love one another by having attained completeness. That is the everlasting original mind, the first standard of life that God granted. Therefore, I sincerely wish and desire that You allow Your sons and daughters gathered here to know that humans feel sad when they face the phenomena of the fall in real life.

Please allow us now to have the minds and hearts with which we can embrace humanity in place of God, the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit. Please allow us to embrace humanity as heavenly children. Allow us to become those who can think of heaven and earth with such a mind. I ardently wish and desire that You allow the day of happiness to come as soon as possible, when we can be restored as a center before the everlasting world of all creation. We do this by becoming such that we can rejoice, even when subjected to sadness and pain.

Father, please allow us to understand today that at the terminus of our wandering in search of truth, he who does not have brothers whom he can love will receive punishment. He who does not have children and parents whom he loves will the one who has not received the beloved bridegroom and bride.

Please allow each of us to achieve, in accordance with this kind of absolute, ironclad rule, the tri-position form on a horizontal level, equipped with incarnate parents, incarnate brothers and sisters and an incarnate husband and wife. Let us also have such relatives of the mind and of the spirit, centered on the spirit in the ideological world, three generations of parents, three generations of brothers and sisters, and three generations of husbands and wives. We must usher in the day when we can receive the blessing, after receiving God's recognition through being attested to as the substantiated fruit. Otherwise, please allow us to know that none of our problems today will be solved.

Each of us now is going to have to wander about seeking for the True Parents of my body, the True Parents of my mind, and the True Parents of my spirit. Since the Parent of my spirit is God, the parent of my mind is the Lord who is coming again, and the parents of my body are the parents who bore me, I ardently wish that You please allow each of us to be able to meet with our children, brothers and sisters and reciprocating partner who correspond to these. I pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.