London Conference Address

Date: 1974-11-25
London, England

Master Speaks

Translated by Mr. Bo Hi Pak

The Conference we held for the Unity of Science was quite successful, and every one of you participated and worked very hard.

The prominent and distinguished scientists attending were most impressed by our young people. Your serving attitude, your bright appearance, and your good management behind the scenes created a very warm atmosphere. I expected good results, and I was deeply gratified by their comments about you.

Throughout history, it has been true that when new things begin, usually they are not easily recognized. However, when there is a great cause and an unselfish purpose behind the innovation, sooner or later the true value is known.

When you met those prominent scientists and professors, famed throughout the world, and you directly talked to them and mingled with them, you found each one just another human being. It is a valuable experience for us to organize this international conference, and bring together such prominent people.

From this time on, it is my intention to develop these intellectual people, to bring them together, and to organize a certain unity among them so that a much greater contribution to humanity can be made. This time they discussed problems instead of answers. They knew they definitely had problems to confront. By next year, when we continue with the fourth science conference in New York, I'm sure they will come up with clear-cut solutions. In what direction must they move?

Through them, our Church and particularly Father's name and image, will be circulated in a more favorable way and in a new dimension. People will know that the Unification Church is here to serve the world in a truly extraordinary way.

There have been a great many scientists who made prominent discoveries. But today, a scientist's field is so specialized that he deals with a very minor part of the entire field of science. Therefore, a scientist sometimes loses vision. The Unification Church is bringing scientists together to establish a new vision-some unified purpose.

When I bring this conference to New York, I will deal with a great many American professors and scientists. Since I have been working in America and laying the foundation in many ways, I am already on a much greater scale than in Europe. With 360 regular conferees and another 250 observers, altogether over 600 scientists will gather next year. It is going to be a gigantic meeting, through which we can truly further our purpose.

As I said, the scientist's field is very specialized. There are many international conferences on science and academic subjects, but they are so limited to a particular area that they can not see the entire dimension of their own field of science. Now, by bringing scientists of all fields together, we provide a great and beautiful opportunity to understand each other, and to see the problems of the other fields. They are now trying to deal with the tremendous realization that scientific unity is vital and important. So once again, this time in the field of international science, we are setting another historical record and a new standard.

It is my hope and ambition that in the future, the ten major universities in America will be centered upon the major scientists, primarily the Nobel Prize winners. We will organize a year-around research program so that through prominent professors we reach many of their students.

Our movement is dealing with all human endeavors, not just the religious field. This is evident in recent years, particularly this year, during which we dealt with so many prominent people in the political, cultural, academic, and economic fields in America. Now the field of science adds another dimension to our movement by our having won very prominent leadership in America and uniting them with the leadership of Europe. We are now establishing a foundation upon which we can bring an even greater thrust to our work for humanity.

Later, we will establish an organization which we will ask them to join, as our members. Membership in this organization will be known and coveted by so many people that every prominent scientist or scholar will compete to join. We would like to see this happen. Then we will organize several specialized committees, and each committee will develop a special position paper or research paper, which we will publish monthly. All the academic world will be in touch with our endeavor and will be anxiously waiting for more and more new breakthroughs from our organization.

We have been dealing primarily with the religious or spiritual movement. This is a spiritual revolution we are kindling. Whenever new ideas emerge, the establishment or old tradition is bound to rebel against the new ideas. This has been the pattern of history, and this is not the exception with our movement. Therefore, we have many difficulties with people trying to protest and rebel against us and ridiculing us in many ways. However, members of the academic field value the truth. And a cohesive organization among intellectuals will truly bring our movement into a new dimension.

No one has tried to bring unity among the intellectual minds of the world. We are attempting to do this on the highest possible intellectual level. They will recognize truth because we have truth. Then if they testify to the spirit of Reverend Moon and his ideology and what he is trying to do for this world, their testimony will be accepted by young students all over the world. They will know that the scientists and the scholars are speaking the truth.

I would like to mobilize the brilliant minds, the intellectuals of the world to let them have access through you to our ultimate truth. Through that we can really bring a new dimension in this movement by making them champions of God's cause.

I am sure you have felt the magnitude of this science conference and the vision expressed here. Now what I expressed to you shall be accomplished through our effort and by application of our Principle. Do you understand? Then let me change the subject.

Recently, while speaking to European national leaders, I mentioned that the Western mind is very analytical; therefore the abstract concepts of "heart of God," or "heart of the parents" couldn't be comprehended. So you might say, "I simply have no feeling. "

What is the Divine Principle you have learned? What kind of formula is that Principle revealing? It is the Principle to restore the fallen world into the original sinless world.

Because of the fall of man, we lost God's ideal and true, genuine love. We have been degraded and have fallen into the dungeon, into the darkness. Therefore, we have not truly seen the kind of life man is supposed to live. We need a bridge from the fallen state to the original state, and the Principle is that bridge.

A bridge connects two points. So in the Principle, we clearly state what the two points are. One is the ideal life that God originally created, or the ideal of creation. The other is the reality of life where man exists in the fallen state. Therefore, the Principle must make these two points clearly known to all people.

It is probably the greatest contribution to the world, particularly the world of religion, that Divine Principle shows us clearly where to return. It reveals our goals and destined purpose, and the ideal world. On the other hand, Divine Principle clearly points out what kind of state we are in. Throughout history religion has been rather hazy and confused, so that people haven't known where they are or what the goal is. Divine Principle has removed that confusion.

The Principle is different from a mere theory or opinion. It has been proven by history. History testifies that the Principle is true. We can measure it by the rule of the Principle and it fits. Furthermore, the concept of a dispensation centered upon God can actually be experienced. By knowing and accepting the Principle, you simply cannot deny the existence of God. The working, living God is revealed through the Principled view of history.

The history of the dispensation of God and human history is one history. The Principle proves this, and we can prove through the Principle that God is living in our way of life. God is not the God of concept, in our mind, but the living God experienced in our way of life. God's own dispensation history and the history of mankind are not separate and distinct. They are one.

We are living in a fallen world and a fallen history, and God is clearly showing us the direction to turn to. God is showing the direction and the goal.

The Unification Church and the Divine Principle have concluded that the history of man is a history of restoration. This is the greatest truth. Even great historians have not figured out the destination of human history, but the Divine Principle clearly teaches that history is moving toward restoration. We have a goal to which we can return.

This entire globe, the fallen world in the sight of God is like a great training school. So, we must enroll in kindergarten, and step by step we will achieve the highest possible light. God has been putting all mankind through training school, through the process of re-educating and remaking the people.

Before the Divine Principle was discovered, this world was still a training center. However, all was disorganized; there was no harmony, and no channel, because no one knew the entire picture. So, kindergarten students thought they were learning all they could learn, everything that was available. They thought they had all the facts. On the other hand, high school, middle school, and elementary school students thought they had the best available. Now the Divine Principle is putting the school system together under one big school principal.

The Unification religion has the responsibility and mission to tell mankind the direction and goal. Let them clearly see the vision of where we are to return.

The direction we show through the Principle has been the same direction in which God is leading mankind. In other words, we are revealing God's way, or God's message, step by step, so that mankind understands. By walking that way, man will ultimately reach God's goal, His ideal world.

The Divine Principle shows how mankind fell. Mankind has never had a clear diagnosis, but the Principle shows how we fell. By letting mankind know the process of the fall and steps of the fall, we can show them how to return.

All human beings are categorized in our society. First, we see the position of the parent, the position of son, the position of adopted son and the position of the servant. Further down is the ungodly, or unprincipled area. So, all mankind fits into one of these categories.

The fall of man brought mankind down into the ungodly, unprincipled area, which is lower than the position of servant. This is where men fell.

The human positions, parent, son, adopted son, and servant; these are the positions in which all men belong. And these are the positions through which God will work.

"The fall" means that man deviated from the original position and brought himself down. So restoration must be the reverse process. Restoration has to be a step by step process. The kindergarten student cannot go to elementary school simultaneously. The elementary school student can't study a college course at the same time. One must study in kindergarten in order to go to elementary school, and then finish elementary school before going to high school. One must finish high school before going to college. In the restoration process, we must deal with the very lowest first, and finish that step, before we go to the next step. One can spend a great length of time in each step, staying, for example, in kindergarten for an entire lifetime. This is what is happening in the religious world. Certain religions throughout history have dealt with one minor area, and people of those religions want to spend their entire life at that point. They do not know the entire scope.

So what we need is a superhighway from kindergarten to college. From the very bottom step to the very highest step if we create a superhighway, then everyone will not only see that superhighway, but will be able to run 60 miles an hour. Don't you think God wants to give His children such a highway, so that everyone without fail, can reach the highest goal? (Yes!)

Don't you think that man desires the same thing? Man is in agony trying to find a magic way to reach for the highest possible achievement. Is it true? (Yes!) So actually, it is the desire of both God and man. Both want the same thing.

God and man need one super pioneer, one super construction company, who can build that superhighway from the bottom to the top. This is the Messiah. The Messiah is coming as the contractor to construct that highway.

Restoration is a circling process. It is not a direct-line movement, but it is the process of returning in a circle to the original point. The fall of man has brought mankind all the way down through this circle process. When you bring history near the original point, all you have to do is have a burst of speed between two points. You don't have to waste time going all the way down. All you have to do is to reach this point.

If somebody revealed the secret or the formula, even the kindergarten or elementary student could walk or run that short-cut without any problem. Only God knows the shortest distance, so God is sending us the only God-ordained Ph.D. That's the Messiah.

Who has the Ph.D. from God? Do you think he has to go back to kindergarten and study again? Or the elementary school? Or the high school? Or college? No! He has the highest degree in Heaven.

You know the scope of our work, and the extraordinary position of this movement. What would you like to be? Would you like to be a kindergarten teacher? An elementary school teacher? A high school teacher? A mathematics or physics teacher in college? No. Everyone will ask, "Can I have the same Ph.D. that you have?" That has to be everyone's highest ambition. The greatest Ph.D. will show the shortest distance between two points to reach the goal; then you can really show mankind.

In order to obtain the Ph.D. that you desire, you must belong to that one super-Ph.D. and absolutely follow his path, since he is the only one who knows the way. Is that true? (Yes!) This is why the highest degree of loyalty, the highest sense of devotion, is the key to achieving the highest possible goal.

Throughout history, mankind has failed tests from God. Everyone knows the problem. What is wrong with mankind? We have been aware enough that the problem existed, but not aware of any solution to the problem. Ultimately that clear-cut answer is given in God's revelation, Unification Thought, the Divine Principle. The Messiah is the one who not only knows the problem, but has the solution to that problem. Do you want that solution? (Yes!)

So what is the Unification Church? The Unification Church boils down man's entire history in a capsule form and swallows that capsule. It's role is to indemnify all of human history at once. That is the Unification Church. The 7,000 year history of man, which is not the true history, will be compressed into one 7-year capsule.

What kind of school would you like to attend? A 7,000 year school, or 7 year school? Would you really want to go to such a school? (Yes!!) Then we must run at supersede.

A fast-moving vehicle usually makes more noise and needs more fuel. Isn't that true? So, when the Unification Church runs, there is always a noise. This is not a small noise, but always a big noise. And we need a great supply of energy, don't we? No matter how fast your car is and even if you have a great superhighway in front of you, without fuel in the fuel tank, that car cannot run. So you must come to a filling station. Don't you think it's necessary? (Yes!) If you know the simple truth, then nothing will stop you. A whole new universe will open to you, and great power and courage will be yours.

Then the restoration process is looking forward to returning to one point. From one point to the same point, you can make a circle as big as you want, or a small circle, as short as you could possibly want. We are taking the short-cut.

You represent new hope for mankind. All men are in some position on the road to restoration. They are on some kind of circular route, moving in a greater or smaller circle. The important thing we must do is to show the short-cut, the shortest route, the shortest circle. And there is only one shortest distances direct line. Can we bridge these distances to go the shortest possible route? We must show the world this short-cut. We will go the shortest way, with God pulling from above. We are being pulled, to follow His way.

The fall of man, brought man down to a position lower than that of a servant. So man became the servant of a servant. Therefore, we'll find the shortest route from that position to the servant position, and from the servant position to the position of adopted son. From the adopted son position we will move to the true son position. Then ultimately we will become a parent in Heaven, under God. The Divine Principle is the shortest route to go.

Even without seeing the Bible, we can sense intuitively that it is the truth. Even without looking at the pages of the Bible, God gave us intellectual power, reason, and judgment. We have a God-given ability to reason. If you reason that there is Almighty God, and we are given the position of children who have fallen, then there is no other way to go except this way of Restoration. God has been working for this ultimate conclusion throughout history.

It is common sense, great common sense, that if there is a God, then God is trying to see His ideal realized. Then He must have left behind one absolute truth, one secret formula, in a hidden place within the reach of man.

Furthermore, our reasoning is backed up by the Bible. That is another proof that we are living the truth. Through this formula, we can evaluate all the religions and determine what state they are in. Because you are in a position like that of a mountain top, you can look down and evaluate all others situated below you.

So we reach the conclusion that in order to realize His ideal throughout history, God has been working through one central point, one central religion. There must be a central role played by one particular religion. That is the obvious conclusion.

All of history has a purpose, and all religions have a purpose and a direction. No one can live for a million years, to see the entire process of religion, for if one ever could, then he would recognize that all religions have the same direction. Everyone can see the highest mountain top. That is the goal. A person, looking up at the goal, may ruthlessly apply himself to reach it. He may try with all he has until he dies, but no one can live for eternity. Struggling toward that goal, he will falter and die, and the next person to pick up the mission will pass over his body. After going another step, he will also fall and die. Then another person will try. This is the process of history. If no one had success in a certain area then that particular ground remains to be covered, without any further development for a thousand years.

Only an eternal person can see the whole situation, and can summarize or analyze it. Only God is an eternal person. He can see the whole situation and He is planning based on His own analysis. God will send one man with a clear ideal of how to tie all these things together in order to bring everyone to the top of the mountain. This man is the champion of God, the Messiah, who comes to show us how to construct a highway, to bring all mankind to the mountain top. All we need then, is to get fuel, shift into high gear, and run.

The Messiah, this one man from God, will produce the fuel, the automobile, and the superhighway; and leading thousands of automobiles, he will give a very good sight-seeing tour. This tour will not be an entirely pleasant one, because he will show you the valley of death. Many millions of people have tried to elevate themselves from the servant position to the position of son. They came so far, then faltered and died. The Messiah will show how many people really tried and failed along the way. Is this concept becoming clear to you? (Yes.)

When we see the phenomena of the world and of religion, we know there must be one central religion. Then if we evaluate the value of all the different religions existing in history, we come to the conclusion that Christianity has been playing that central role. Compared to all others, it shows more clearly the shortest route to the mountain top.

Even though people have not understood the symbols in the Bible, through the Divine Principle we know the Bible has a constant theme of how to raise men from servant of a servant to the servant position, which is the Old Testament era. It shows God's attempt to bring man up to the adopted son position; then to the direct sons and daughters position; and then to the true parent position. These stages are stated in the Christian religion. So through Divine Principle, the message of the Bible becomes clear. Before the Principle, the Bible was a book of confusion, but through the Principle we know that throughout history, God has been working toward consistent goals. We know now. Do you understand? (Yes!) Christianity has been given the role of pioneer in Western civilization. Christians have spread the message all over the world, running toward that final day of fulfillment.

So, it is the clear pattern of history that, according to the Bible, before Jacob was the historical period of servant of servant, when man was even lower than a servant. Then from Jacob to the time of Jesus there was the period of the servant. And the time from Jesus until now has been the adopted son period. When the Lord of the Second Advent comes, he will show the way to become true sons and daughters of God. And in order to have true sons and daughters, you must first have true parents. Without true parents, how can you become true sons and daughters? Without parents, how can you be born?

The other day at the European Leaders Conference, I said that Abel's responsibility is to fulfill his mission as a son. Then he can elevate himself to the parents' role. Now do you understand clearly the steps? (Yes.)

Even before I received this revelation, the Divine Principle, I knew the structure or the framework of God's pattern. I knew His formula, His Principle, so clearly, that I discovered the entire Divine Principle little by little, until I could make the whole truth known to the world. And this Principle fits to the logic of man and God, and fits the proof of the Bible. Therefore, it has complete unity, proved by the historical past, present, and future. There is one consistent goal; therefore this Principle alone can give the direction to mankind. Before you learned the Principle did you know the direction of the world? (No!) Now do you know? (Yes!) I discovered it!

Once we discover this fundamental goal, nothing can stop us. Nothing, even your lover, can turn you around. Your parents say, "Go this way! Your nation, society, school, your honor -- everything is at stake. " But you must be able to turn and without fail go to the goal. This is the first criterion to be a Unification Church member. Are you? (Yes.)

Once this truth comes to you, it comes not only as a truth. Truth is power, so once you really know the truth, God will automatically provide the power for you to turn. This is the power of the Father, which will eventually become your power. You will have that power. If that is true, can the person who truly knows the Principle become a drop-out? (No!)

Even if I say, "Take it easy. Sit down here son. Rest and come later. " You must say," No, I must go now! " This has to be the attitude, because our opportunity is not here for eternity. Our life is not here for eternity. We are given just this one golden opportunity, and if you miss that opportunity, there are no more. So, the role of bringing the restoration is a busy role. Many people may say, "That is a very wonderful truth. But let me do my thing first. This is my own kindergarten, my high school, my college, my M.A. degree, my own worldly Ph.D. Then I will apply for that heavenly Ph.D." But do you have a guarantee that God will sustain your life that far? (No!) One has to be a wise man, to feel the urgency so that you have the true goal to get that heavenly Ph.D. first.

Can you be mentally vague about that? What Father teaches in a regular teaching, has been taught by the Bible. Didn't the Bible say that he who tries to gain his life will lose it, and he who tries to lose his life will find it? Didn't the Bible say that you will bear the cross every day? But Jesus said it without showing the clear-cut goal, so he didn't give people the power to go. Do you know what I mean? (Yes!)

Father has only limited time this morning, and we are enjoying this session very much. (Yes!) Now, don't you feel our goal? You are good men, and good women, and in a good state. But one hour later, after hearing Father's message, you know you have been elevated, right? (Right!) Although you don't know when that process took place, but you do know one thing: the result is now different. In other words, you are already more spiritual than one hour ago.

Tremendous searchers of history have sought the true meaning of life and history, but they did not get answers, and don't have answers. There are many anguished millions who faltered and died. How fortunate we are! We have seen the glory of light, and we are going that way. So actually, this is a moment of great celebration!

We can come to the conclusion that the truth makes man great. Truth makes man new. Truth makes man truly tall. So it really makes sense when the Bible says, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. " If you sometime fall away and try to find some comfort in life in the outside world, I assure you, you cannot get away from your conscience, you cannot remove the truth from your mind.

So let's say you leave the Church. You will soon learn outside that indeed we had the truth. "I must go back," is the conclusion that everyone will reach. But meantime, great damage may be done when you even temporarily leave the movement. That is something like the commission of another sin, and is really tragic. I know that.

May I say this to you? If there is an easier way to go and still achieve God's goal, I do not want even you to lead me. I will lead you. I don't have that kind of brain. I tested it out in every way! I know our road is not an easy one. But I do know also it is the only one. Therefore, I'm going, and everyone is destined to go. So, if you are determined to go, would you like to waste time, or would you like to go real fast? (Fast!) Then already you want to arrive at that place! Right? (Yes!)

A long, long, time ago I came to the conclusion that nothing will compete with this ideology! Nothing! Now when God is anxiously asking, "Can you meet my expectations? You know the way. Can I see you at the arrival point or terminal point?" What would be your answer, yes or no? (Yes!) If my life could not bring me to my destination, still you cannot give up. Your children must go, your grandchildren must go. This distance of highway must be covered. That's the Unification way. That's our way of life. We come to ultimate truth.

God's rope is down here. He cannot climb up this rope, but he will come right below the rope. There are many people who can stand around, being delighted spectators. Being a spectator, you couldn't take that route, and you wouldn't bring it any higher. So you must come to that one point, right below the rope. That's the beginning point, the unifying point, and the harmonizing point. There's only one such point. And you must come. In other words, the Unification Church is that point-you must come there.

So, since everyone has to come to that one unifying point, do you think we can talk about unification? (Yes!) So, that's why our name is Unification Church. Is it a good name or bad name? (Good!) We say good name, and the rest of the world says bad name. But don't worry. No matter what the people say outside, don't pay any attention. You will see them where they are, and many will see you where you are. They say, "Ugh, ugh!" but they still are coming to that point.

We have only one way out. There is no way down. We have only one way, one direction to go, and that is upward. Other people are bound to see us! So, I come to another conclusion. Unification Church is the one that can set the greatest record, one that nobody else can attain, in the shortest possible time. We have that energy, that vision. So, we will break records in all fields. We are breaking the record in every field we encounter, aren't we? (Yes!) So, again, this is another proof that this truth, this movement, is the ultimate one, the right one. Do you follow me? (Yes!)

The entire world is at stake. For billions of people-life is at stake. There is just one life. Are you afraid of this one?

Jesus knew the same truth. He who loses his life for my sake will find it. That one rope of salvation is going straight down through the bottom of the dungeon, because salvation belongs to everyone. In order to reach that rope, many people may have to go down to the lowest point. In order to do that, they must have all kinds of ridicule and persecutions. There, the Bible says, "He who is trying to lower himself, will be elevated." The Bible, when you really know the ultimate truth, tells a lot of good truth, doesn't it? (Yes.)

So, we are destined to go to the one direction pointed out by God. I know that direction. I know that treasure chest and I'm leading. So what would you do? Would you want to listen to me, or not? (Yes!) Many people say to me, "Well, what are you? You've come from Korea, an Oriental man. We have the civilization of the Western world. We enjoy a golden age. We have a great empire. So what are you talking about?" You think people can say that to me? Do you think it's the right thing? (No!) That's not right! The person who thinks in that narrow way will only dig himself into a hole.

We haven't lost. Logically speaking from any angle, if anybody analyzes our movement he must come to the same conclusion: we are right. All of you must come to one direction, and that one direction is clearly given, so we are fortunate. Once you grab the rope, you have to stick to the rope, right? Then move step by step, upward. In the middle, if you release the rope, what will happen? You'll be shattered into pieces.

So while you're doing this important service, our Heavenly service, your ancestors in the Heavenly world are excited! They're cheering! "Oh, my grandchild ... my grandchild is there... ! " When you are striding and making each step, they're striding, too. At that very crucial moment, when you couldn't make that final point, and you release the rope, it's not just a disappointment to you, but to your millions of ancestors. They all fall down and are shattered together. For them it is a sorrow and a disgrace to all the spirit world. Not only your direct ancestors, but their relatives and their friends will -all together-grieve. And not only that, but God Himself, and all the host of angels are watching and cheering, so when someone cannot make it, it is also a grieving and heartbreaking moment for God's heart.

This is not merely, "It may be so." There's no maybe. " This is so! This is a most realistic painting of the state of the spirit world. Now, do you have that realistic concept? Our movement is not a horizontal one, but a vertically-connected one. Is that true? (Yes!) If that is the case, then we not only work for ourselves, but for many people! They wait for our achievement day in and day out in the spirit world. We must feel them out, feel their hearts. Suppose that 50 million British citizens are here. And if they really know that this is the one great race we have to go, do you think that all 50 million would not cheer, or would cheer? (Yes!) The reason they do not cheer is simply that they don't know it. They don't see. That's why they're just idle out there. But the satanic world knows. Therefore, they're really cheering. So, you're clinging to the rope, but going up step by step is not your business alone. It is the business of your country, of your ancestors, and of Heaven and Earth. In order to make sure he would never fall off this rope, the wise man not only takes hold by both hands, but even puts the rope around his neck, his body, and his legs. Then with even two hands released, he is still safe, having that kind of security.

Then, you want to climb down. But all of a sudden, somebody way up on the top buys a crane and cranks you up. Are you grateful, or not? (Yes!) That is precisely what has happened in the Unification Church. You're fortunate to have this Heavenly crane up there. Push the button, and the engine is running, cranking up that rope. All you have to do is to stay on. You think you are not moving. You think, "I'm not making any progress. " You aren't moving your hands, but you are making progress, because that crane is pulling you up. I'm the Father in that crane. What I'm doing in America, in trying to bring the biggest possible weapon to you, is serving out of that crane.

Now when you see this you are elevated, seeing this whole world is under you. We are looking down, and we see the beautiful gold terminal. Just see the excitement, getting nearer to our goal. You are on the rope, right? (Yes!) You are on a Heavenly rope. But around you is there a worldly rope? One rope of your mother, one rope of your brother, the rope of the society, the rope of honor, and the rope of your nation. You will pull them all down. They are pulling on you, pulling down and saying, "Why should you go the hard way? Come down, sit down, and let's have a little good time here! You can swap the ropes. Get one around you." Fortunately, Father gave you one knife. Use it to cut off all the rope around you. Clean yourself up, so that you're much lighter.

You don't have to bring so much, because you are already carrying a great burden. But when you come to the station, then you will have full strength to reach down to them, and pull the ropes of these other people one by one, to bring them up to your place. You can reach them and you can bring them to your own joy. Actually, that is the best way you can serve your parents, your brother, your country, and humanity. Because you are able to get up to that station first and reach as many people as possible, you will help them. If you get there first, you have reached your prime goal. Are you confident? (Yes!)

The first 7-year course, second 7-year course, and third 7-year course will represent the Old Testament era, New Testament era, and Completed Testament era. We are all going through these periods, passing through 2,000 years of history, each represented by seven years. Two thousand years can be compressed into seven hundred years, and it can be compressed with super-power into seven years. All we have to swallow is one 7-year capsule. We are restoring 6,000 years of vertical Biblical history in a horizontal, twenty-one year dispensation.

Fortunately, the second 7-year course is ending at the end of 1974 with triumph. In another forty days, 1974 will be completed.

I'm leaving tomorrow to undertake the continuation of our 8-city Day of Hope Tour, and I will continue my Crusade in the West Coast area of the United States-in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. I deeply sense that the urgency of our mission has been declared in the spirit world. They are breathlessly awaiting our victory. This world is like a ship at sea with no captain. It is almost wrecked, with no direction and no way to stabilize. We are the ones who can put ropes on both sides and stabilize the ship of the world. Put yourself into the position of God. At each moment of battle, God can see it first, so He feels the very realistic excitement. And all of spirit world is bubbling with enthusiasm.

This is the final hill to go over. The top of the hill is just within our reach, so my whole body, my whole system, every ounce of my energy, and every single cell is engaged in the effort. The entire spirit world is saying, "We don't care about Great Britain, America, Korea, or Japan. Let things flow. But don't allow anything to happen to the Unification Church. " That is the kind of urgency felt in spirit world. If we successfully go over this hill, then we will liberate the entire world! If you know this not only by reasoning, or by learning the Principle, but if this comes to you intuitively so that you feel it deeply, then you are the one Father is looking for.

You must know that the Messiah is not only the savior, but he's the one who gives you resurrection, recreation, and new vision. He's remolding every person according to a new pattern. And we have that pattern! Furthermore, he's the person who is closest to me. Where would you like to have that person? In a brother's position? Or in a husband and wife relationship? The closest of human relationships in this universe is the father-son relationship. Wouldn't you want to have him in the father's position? (Yes!) Therefore, it is logical that we proclaim a new world order in our movement. The greatest words we know in our movement are two words: True Parents. Nobody has spoken them in history! We are the first ones to utter them, and we know why. It is an absolutely precious gift. If you lovingly serve the position of True Parents, your first duty is to become true sons and true daughters. Otherwise, you and the True Parents have no connection. This is only reasonable.

You are in a separate world in which you have True Parents. You yourself are true sons and daughters. It is really a blessed Kingdom which you inhabit. Soon you will have your own family, so that you can have your home in Heaven, in which the True Parents will be the center, dwelling with you for eternity. When you perfect your position in your relationship to the True Parents, all you have to do is expand. From one perfect family come two, from two come four, and as they increase they become a tribe. As the tribe increases, it becomes a nation. When it gets even bigger, it becomes a world. Do you follow me? (Yes!)

You know the truth, and you know the conclusion. Let me give you an example. Let's say there's a rope, one central rope from heaven. All of you are standing at various distances from this one central point. Because you are the fruit of your ancestral tree, you are the cumulative total of the accomplishments of your ancestors. Their cumulative merit determines the distance between you and the rope. It is true that the newest members, who joined the movement just this week, could be the closer to that rope, because of the cumulative total of the accomplishment of their ancestors. Therefore, the Bible said that the first will be last and the last first. But if we don't know this truth, that vertical history indemnities and helps in other ways, then no one can jump the distance and come to the central point immediately.

You are the ones who can conquer the distance from your point to the central point. But there's only one leader, one central figure who is throwing the rope, and showing you the distance, asking the people to grab the rope and pull.

The Lord of the Second Advent is the person who will come to Earth and throw out the rope.

Therefore, the Messiah comes at a central point and throws the rope to all of the world, so that everybody can know the central point and cover the distance easily. That's why we have to send out missions all over the world. Good missionaries are that rope. Do you understand? (Yes!) The missionaries who go out to their respective missions are throwing the rope. That's their job. They are to witness. That's what brings in members, so that's the biggest job. You should throw the rope of life in all four directions, so that millions of people can find you. Is this a busy task or a lazy one? (A busy one!)

While you're dreaming, or while you're taking a short nap, perhaps thousands, even millions of lives are lost. Man lives for 100 years at most. Let's say one man has a goal to live 100 years on earth. If we divide the entire population of the world into 100 portions the number of deaths is more than 36 million annually. So every year, 36 million people will go into spirit world. If those 36 million people ever learn the truth-the Unification Church Divine Principle-their position in spirit world will be entirely different. They will belong to the True Parents and reside in the Kingdom of Heaven! Since they do not know the truth, their destination is Hell. Therefore, if we wait ten years, 360 million people will head for a spiritual dungeon. Think of it. Christianity was the immediate forerunner of Father's ministry. What a terrible crime, in the sight of God, Christians have committed in the last 30 years. Billions of people have been blocked from seeing the truth and Heaven. Therefore, do you think God can allow Christianity to prosper, or will it disintegrate? (Disintegrate!) There must be a predestined way for Christianity: one day, because of this ultimate truth it must decline, and decline rapidly. Can you follow this reasoning? (Yes!)

Then what about you? You are the one who disseminates the truth and lets people know the truth. If you do not fulfill your responsibility, what will happen? We are also responsible, aren't we? (Yes!) If we fail to fulfill our responsibility to reach out to the people of the world, then those people will die and end up in Spirit World, but not in a good place. Then they will accuse you saying, "What happened? Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you do your job?" Next they will say, "Even if I was not ready, at least you should have come to me and told me the news! Whether I accept or not accept, that's my responsibility. I take that responsibility. But why didn't you let me know? Why didn't you give me the news?" What would you say? No excuse. So we have to avoid this criticism or suffer.

Now you can understand clearly why, in America, I determined to let every citizen of that land know about the proclamation of the Kingdom of God and the name of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Why? I want to leave them no excuse. They could not say, in spirit world, "I didn't know Reverend Moon came to America!" "So, where were you?" we can ask. God will ask, "Where were you? You were in the basement? You indeed belong to Hell. " This is what I am doing in America, whether people accept or not. Each missionary in the mission field is doing the same thing as I'm doing in America. You must let that country know. From 1960-1975 and for three and a half more years, we have a responsibility to let the entire world citizenry know about this great truth. If we successfully complete our mission of proclaiming the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, we will not be responsible for people. When we complete that mission successfully, even if the rest of the world is still stubborn and will not listen, and will not accept, then God will take responsibility. Because you set the condition, God can really judge the world. So, don't you think we should do it? (Yes!)

Next year, I will send out missionaries all over the world, to 120 nations. Go to your respective mission fields. Throw the rope of life all over to all directions! If there's no rope to throw, you can even tear your own clothes and still throw them. Even if there are no clothes to throw, then you must use your skin. Make a rope out of your skin. Have that kind of determination, that kind of seriousness. Do you understand? (Yes) That is your job. Each one of us is responsible for restoration on different levels, so on the individual and the family level, you must throw the rope. On the tribal level, you must also throw the rope. On the national level, you must also throw the rope. On the world level, you must also throw the rope.

Nobody in this room can say, "Well, at least I know the truth! I know the True Parents, and I belong to them. All I want is to stay here!" You cannot do that. You're going to complete the mission on the family level, and then toss the rope on the tribal level. When you've completed that mission, toss the rope on the national level, and toss the rope on the worldwide level. You have to continually elevate yourself. You are going to start as an individual, for your personal restoration first, then as a family, tribe, nation, and world. Then the central rope will come. You just cover the distance from you to the central point. Can you move the central point? Can you pull it from one position to another? You have to go to it and pull those ropes to your position. Can you say, "I'm here. Instead of me going there, why doesn't the central rope come to me? Can't he pick me up?" Who has to cover that distance, God or you yourself? (Ourselves).

Each one is responsible. Almighty God would not move the position of the central point one iota. God wants everyone to come to Him. Shall we go? (Yes.) I am declaring an emergency! Without even your legs, without your eyes, without arms, without anything, still you have life: you must not die. You must go. In order to meet this emergency quicker, God is working in a tremendous way. The rest of the world is like a sea of agony. They are agonized. They have no hope. There is confusion. They are plagued by problems and they desperately try to find some kind of hope, some kind of life.

It's like a flood: God gives a Heavenly flood. Unless everyone is helped out,-each will be drowned. They're reaching out for the rope! They reach out all over then they happen to grab one rope and they find that rope is the Unification Church rope. In order to survive, they pull on that rope and come to their destination. They find they have come to the right place. This is how the world will end. The world will go in that direction. The world is becoming more difficult, but God is doing it to help you.

When the flood comes there's no order. The mother and father and family members are about to be drowned. They're trying to put their heads above water! So busy! They've not time to think of their own wife. They've no time to think of their parents; students don't care about their professors, professors don't care about their pupils.

Young people have more energy, more vitality. They are able to put their heads above water. But now they're floating. Meantime, they see the rope, and reach for it. The hippie movement thought that their way was the way of life, and was the way they could bring utopia. But they haven't found the answer there. Then, while they're still trying, they see the many ropes we're throwing, and they grab them and see that it is the Unification Church. That's why young people are coming here. When we bring young people in, they're ready to drown and ready to die. So we have to revive them by using a special breathing exercise. This Unification Church is a system to teach reviving exercises.

Our chances are greatest when you quickly throw the net and the rope as far and wide as you can. How do you feel? Do you have to witness? (Yes!) Witness more than eat? Than drink? (Yes!) Think of it: how God feels every moment of the day, so urgent, urgent! You who come here and see this urgency might say, "Well, just wait-Father-just wait. Give me a little time to be a little more organized." Can you say, "Oh, this is not my way. My way is this way. I'm going slowly. I must take ample time to think. Let me think about it first." If you say that, God will be so initiated! He will get more angry with you than with the people outside. Because it has come to this important time, and the champion is not producing, then how good is that champion? How good is he to God?

Nowadays there are many movies, which are spectaculars. They have all kinds of events in the movies in which I see how people struggle to live and survive, trying to find one rope or one hope to escape from despair. Well, I feel this world is just like that. Now, I feel that you have a clear concept. You know what God's position is, what the True Parents' positions are, and what position this world is in. Now that you know these things, you know what to do. If there is no father, who's going to take care of this world? Also, do you think that I will live on Earth a thousand years? Now I am planning our global strategy for the next fifteen years! Just think of it! In fifteen years, I have to deal with this entire mess of a world!

You know, for thirty years our movement has been delayed by the initial rejection I received when I first declared this message. Koreans deserve hell, so that nation must suffer. Christians all over the world deserve to decline, because they did not accept me. This world has to suffer, because this world did not know me early enough. I feel so realistically that we are controlling the destiny of the world. Actually, if I feel vengeful toward those enemies, there's nothing which deserves to survive. Korea must be disciplined. Christianity must be shattered to pieces. This world must be destroyed. But God does not feel that way. We must even have compassion for our enemies. We will ultimately save even our enemies.

Therefore we must have great power, great organization, and great success! We will let our enemies see where we are and how wrong they were, so that they can repent. Also, which ever path you walked, it doesn't matter. What you have is the present. What you are is the matter. What you will be is the matter. So those who do the quickest work at this junction of history shall be heroes. We know the central truth. We know our distance from that central point. We know what steps we have to pass through. From the position of servant of servant, servant position, adopted son position, son's position, and finally the True Parents position, regardless of the sacrifice we are required to pay, we are most willing. We need the most burning and bubbling enthusiasm. This is the state of the Unification Church now, here and all over.

The family level foundation is laid, the tribal level foundation is also laid. The national level foundation is laid, and the world-wide level-that one central point of the world dispensation-belongs to the third seven-year course. This is where we are. The entire world is within our grasp. So, after completion of the eight-city tour in the U.S., I will go back to Korea. When I return from Korea I will raise our movement above the national level. We have done our duty on the national level and now we are entering the era of international crusades. So let's have a soldier's attitude to really bring the world to ultimate victory. Once we have the world, all of the lower echelons will belong to the world. The nation will belong to the world. Society will belong to the world.

The family will belong to the world. When you are on top of the world, you have everything. All you have to do is crank up the winch to raise the entire globe.

Let's summarize what has been said. The concept of the Divine Principle must be clear. Is that true? (Yes!) Who is going to conquer this distance? You are. I am. We are. And we will do so without dying. We cannot afford to die this time! We must live! You have a strong commitment, which no one can compete with. You're dedicated. Hold on to that rope. Hold on tight. Bring the rope around your body, around your neck, and stay strong! Then the Heavenly winch will crank you up. This is your way of paying indemnity. I struggled through a 21-year period. The distance I covered in 21 years you can cover in the final seven years-only one seven year course.

Seven years. You'll descend to the bottom of Hell. Revive! Resurrect! Keep going on the path through Hell! Come up to Heaven! Along the way, we must pass through Hell, in order to come up. Do you understand? We must go down.

Satan is covering and holding that Hell. So we must win over Satan's ground. And we must win the victory. Come! If you want me to bear the cross, I will be willing. Bear any kind of burden, any tribulations or any suffering. I don't mind. Let them come. I will confront them, face to face. So, no more death! This is the most important statement of our movement. For us, there is no such thing as death. Even death is a victory, when you've conquered death! How can you expect any greater victory than conquering death? Actually, the short-cut is getting there by dying for it. This is the shortest, quickest way! Therefore, read the Bible. Jesus taught even two thousand years ago, "Bear the cross. " That's a really ruthless statement, but it is a true statement of love. But the disciples didn't want to die. They didn't want to go down to the dungeon of Hell. They just wanted to go the nice way, the quick, easy way. But there is no easy way. Therefore, they failed. They were so lazy, instead of bringing themselves to the central point, they wanted to have God come and bring the pick-up truck, and pick them up one by one.

Here in Great Britain, whatever is your greatest difficulty, break through it! In France and Italy do likewise; maybe the Communist threat in Italy is very serious. You break through it. In Europe or in Germany, what ever is the greatest threat or difficulty, we are the ones determined to break through.

But time is limited. And we don't have enough soldiers. So what can you do? You must do double time, triple time, or even quadruple time to cover.

This is an emergency. I want you to understand this. Every time I come, I literally push you out to the front, even to the point of death. I want you to know this message is based on love. Without pushing you in this harsh way, I have no other way to bring you to Heaven. You have to pass through Hell. Can you understand my position? (Yes!)

We share a common destiny. We do not live individually, but with one destiny. That common destiny is not your destiny alone: it is God's destiny, Father's destiny, and the destiny of the three of you together. God, the True Parents, and you-all three, are going the same way. What makes you stay with the True Parents and with Heavenly Father? Not rope, but your feelings. You must feel how our Heavenly Father feels. You must feel how the True Parents feel. The True Parents and you echo each other. God is saying, "Urgent!" the True Parents are saying, "Urgent!", and you must be saying, "Urgent!"

Before the battle, before victory, unless you become one with the True Parents and feel the same way they do, and the way God does, you will not go on to celebrate victory after victory. Can you feel this way? (Yes!)

Do exactly what I told you! Then you know God is present with you. You know I'm with you. And when you open your eyes, you will see that God is sweating together with you. When you come closer to the central point this intensity of feeling will increase. Do you understand? (Yes.) Now, you know everything. You know clearly as Father does. After knowing this much, but you still fail to go to your destination, can you later say to me, "Well, Father, why didn't you tell me more clearly?" Do I deserve that statement? (No!) You answered correctly. You are fortunate persons. You are great-not because you yourself are great, but because you are part of a great history. Greatness can elevate you to the position of true sons and daughters. You shall become His son, His daughter. Do you understand? (Yes!) His heart is right there. You meet His heart. Your actions will follow your mind. So determine in your mind, and your body will follow. The main thing is your mind, your state of mind.

We are in a battle, a divine war, and we are the front-line soldiers. God is all the way at the front. Front-line soldiers are the nearest point to God. God is not sitting in the back at headquarters. He is right up with the front-line soldiers, as you are. So it's worth doing it, isn't it? (Yes!)

To shake this world, you must shake this country. Everybody has been talking about it, day in and day out, saying, "What's going on here? Are all scared by the Unification Church?" France, Germany, all of Europe-let them talk about us every day, every minute. Whether they criticize or defend us, I don't care about the subject, but let them talk about us. Let them be upset or not upset; let them decide. Our job is to let them know.

This is the Exodus on the world-wide level. Moses brought the Israelites out of Egypt, and they stayed and wandered in the wilderness for forty years. We are in the universal forty year period in the wildness. This world is passing through the wilderness, and only one person knows the right direction and the ultimate goal as did Moses in his time. By the same token, the Unification Church is the Moses of our time. If Moses failed to tell the people where to go and what their goal was and how they should act, then he did not fulfill his mission. By the same token, unless we tell the world where Canaan is and what the goal is, then we fail our mission. You know both, and you know it clearly. Isn't it true? (Yes!)

If you don't follow this road, you and I and the Father will accomplish nothing. You just simply cannot doubt. You must act now.

Dennis, you must transcribe today's message. I'm not addressing this European Family alone, but I'm addressing the world. Transcribe this message, edit it nicely, print it, and send it to Americans, all over. (Certainly, Father.) Particularly America. I never talked in this specific fashion in America. Why do I come to London to do this? Because you are lucky. Great Britain gave birth to America. I emphasize that you are in elder brother position, in a Cain and Abel position. I come to declare to the elder brother country first. All right, Dennis, you fulfill this mission. Then I don't have to repeat this message. They will know what I have declared here. You are lucky because you are the only group to listen to Father in person.

I want to make this November 25, 1974 London Message historically recorded and known all over the world. It's also the victory celebration message side by side with the completion of the Science Conference.

Since you are getting the message first, you must bear the fruit first, right? (Right!) If you do carry out the demands of this message faster than anybody else in the world, then you are going to lead the world.

In a way Great Britain, this great Empire, is almost like a sunset going down. By accepting and carrying out this message, we can go faster, and we can revive a great Heavenly Empire here. In this way I will promote free-will competition here. There may be German brothers here and German leaders here, and I know that they think in their hearts, "No! Not Great Britain. We, Germany, will move Europe!" Well, let them try to do it.

Then the French brothers will say, "No, no, wait a minute! We, France, will get the first chance. We had a great hero in Napoleon. We're going to become the Heavenly Napoleon. We're going to become the Heavenly Napoleon!"

However Italian brothers will not be satisfied. They will say, "Wait a minute. What are you talking about? European tradition is Roman tradition! And we had Caesar at one time, and we shall become a Heavenly Caesar! Rome is going to be the one to declare this message all over Europe!"

Go away confident. Do it! (Yes!) Will you be defeated? (Never!)