Where We Are Situated Now

Date: 1974-09-22
Tarrytown, New York

Master Speaks

Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

This morning my topic is "Where We Are Situated Now. " It is very important for you to know where you are situated. You are standing here but you don't know whether you are faced to the south, north or east. If you don't know the direction, you are not quite secure in your position. Those who have experience will know that when you are out on the ocean without knowing which way you are facing, when a storm comes and the ship rocks this way and that way, you don't know where you are drifting. Without the compass you won't know where you are drifting and your bearing is not steady.

You must first of all know where you are situated, and then the distance and the direction. Only by knowing that do you have any idea how far you are from the land.

In the providence of God, in the providence of restoration, you must know the direction first. It is critically important to know the situation, the position you are in the providence of God. In the Old Testament Age, in order to know how much distance you have covered you must know the situation and direction. The same applies to the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. Even in the Completed Testament Age you must first of all know where you are headed, what situation you are in, and then only can you know the goal. Seen from this point of view, it is very important for you to know where you are situated and in what direction you are going in order for you to be successful in your mission.

As you have been taught in the Divine Principle, we have to cover the formation stage and growth stage and then the final stage of completion. It looks very simple when you draw the diagram and it shows formation stage, growth stage and perfection stage.

In the total picture of restoration we can explain that we are now situated in the last stage of the growth period, going over to the perfection period. And then we have learned that we are going through the process of restoration through indemnity, developing what has been on the vertical level, on the horizontal level.

In the Unification Movement our mission is to complete God's dispensation, so we have to stand on the foundation of formation and then the foundation of growth which our predecessors have laid. We have to inherit and connect the base of success for the formation and growth stages. Then alone can we successfully carry out our mission in the perfection stage. Then what was our formation stage like in the early stage of our movement? It was before 1960. The years after 1960 have been the growth stage. Basically the growth stage in the New Testament Age should have been trod by Jesus, by his having laid the foundation of his family. If he had not been crucified, he could have built his own family; and around his family the dispensation both on the spiritual level and physical level could have been realized. Then the kingdom of God could have been erected at that time both on the spiritual and physical levels around his family. But he was crucified. That means only the spiritual side of salvation was realized, while the physical side of salvation was left unrealized, unaccomplished.

Through Christianity, for 2,000 years after the death of Jesus Christ, the salvation on the individual level, family level, national level and worldwide level has been realized only in the spiritual realm. So Christianity is the course of spiritual salvation.

In Christianity we have only spiritual parents. The Holy Spirit is the mother spirit; and with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit working together we cleanse our sins and are given rebirth on the spiritual level. But Christianity has aimed to have people go through total salvation, both on the physical and spiritual levels. With Christianity as it now stands, however, we cannot be saved on both levels. That's why Jesus has to come again; and only around the mission of the Second Advent can we gain physical salvation, too.

So around the mission of the Second Advent we must accomplish the physical side of salvation, too. Without our being able to do that, completion of salvation cannot come about. This is why Jesus must come again.

In the year 1960 we started our mission around one core family. What we have as the foundational basis must be developed on a wider scale-from the family scale to the tribal, national and worldwide scale. If the whole Christian world is united with the central person, the whole Christian world will lay a foundation on the individual level. If the whole Christian population is united with the core family, they will have laid the foundation on the family level. If they unite with his tribe, they will have laid the tribal foundation, and then widening the scope, they will have laid the next foundation at the national level and worldwide level.

What we are doing in our movement, what is taking place in our movement, has to do with the worldwide level of the providence of God and salvation under His will. So, we must be careful in what we are doing because it will affect in a good way or bad way all sorts of levels of salvation. On the other hand, those opposed to our movement are doing something against God's will, not just against our movement, but against God's dispensation.

Originally our movement should have started from the growth stage, as I said before, on the foundation laid by our predecessors, inheriting what they have done; we should have started from there. Since Father is born of a Korean background, Korean Christianity represents the world Christianity, and whether they are for our movement or against our movement will greatly affect God's dispensation. If from the beginning of our movement, Korean Christian society had been cooperative with us, things must have been different. They were not only uncooperative with us but they opposed our movement, so not only Korean Christianity but the Christianity of the whole world is now in the position where it must go through the course of indemnity. God's dispensation cannot be carried out where people are all against it, so I had to go through everything our predecessors have gone through, starting in Korea. The problem is how to handle the Korean government and the Korean Christian world in the dispensation.

What took place was something like the way the Jewish people, hand-in-hand with the government at that time, went against Jesus. The whole Christendom in Korea, in cooperation with the Korean government, came against our movement. That was in the year 1960, when their opposition was in its prime state. Then the government and the Christian world was against us, and that signifies that the whole world or the whole Christian population of the world were against us. The problem for them was how to eliminate the central personage of our movement. With opposition coming from all directions, I had to go through something like Jesus' crucifixion. I was not quite killed, of course, but on the 4th of July in the year 1955 1 was jailed. If I had been sacrificed at that time, God's dispensation would have been greatly affected and something serious could have happened. But after 100 days, on the 4th of October, I was released as innocent, so the dispensation started from there all anew.

With the opposition of both the government and the Christian world in Korea, I was in the situation of having lost all things, including myself. So I had to locate all those things-myself and the foundation laid by my predecessors and I had to start right there. I myself had to create a foundation something like the Christian world has laid on the spiritual level. I had to gather a handful of members at that time, and the Unification Church started there. I had to set the condition of trying to unite with or win the favor of the government, and only by my doing that could I go on to the next stage. I had to do it all over again and lay the foundation of that level spiritually and then on that foundation I had to realize the same level of things in the physical respect; and the physical level of things came right after what I had attained on the spiritual level. It's something like the physical Second Advent of the Lord that will follow the spiritual accomplishment of things. Even though we are small in number in the Unification Movement, we must be strong enough to resist the opposition or persecution coming from outside and win over them.

In our view of the providence, in order for an individual to be secure, he or she must have established the foundation of his family. In order for a family to be secure, it must have the foundation of the tribe. In order for a tribe to be secure and solid, it must have the foundation of the nation, and so forth. For instance, with the central figure as the core, the next level must be cooperative with him. With the family as the core, the next level must be cooperative with that. In order for us to succeed we must be cooperative with each other, bringing the larger level of things into cooperation with the smaller and more important level of things.

During the three years following 1960, 1 had to restore the foundation laid by my predecessors in the Old Testament Age, and at the beginning of the New Testament dispensation. In the face of opposition, I had to start the tribal or national level of dispensation or restoration, both on the spiritual and physical levels. There I had to lay the foundation of restoration both on the physical and spiritual levels, which was left unaccomplished by the Old Testament predecessors and New Testament ones. For instance, around the personage of Jesus Christ, by his choosing his 12 disciples and carrying out the dispensation around those people he had to accomplish what had been left unaccomplished by his predecessors in the Old Testament Age. Around three chief disciples, 12 disciples, 70 apostles, then 120 apostles, he had to lay that kind of foundation, and from then on he would have had to start his mission both on the spiritual and physical levels, if they had been able to carry that mission out in his lifetime. In other words, he had to build his own family on the physical level so that around his family the tribal level and national level and worldwide level of physical salvation could have been brought about.

So in our movement, around my family, I had to bless three core families first, and then 12 families, and then 32, 72, 120. 1 had to bless 36 couples -including 12-because in that way I had to connect Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age, where we can begin the completion of the mission. By our doing this we could realize the tribal level of salvation which Jesus was to have done in his lifetime, and then proceed to the next stage, the national level of things. At that time we were in the situation where we had laid the foundation of the tribal level and were going beyond that level, going into the level of the nation. Even in our movement you are in the position of the Christian world and I am in the position of the dispensation around the Second Coming. Then your mission is to restore the whole nation, and on that foundation I can work. In my family I must go through the growth and beyond that, coming into the stage of perfection. Around my family I have to go through the completion stage in my first seven-year course. Do you know what I mean? This is the core of the Divine Principle. You must know that.

The human fall came about at the last stage of the growth period, and fallen man has to restore himself to that level first. Human beings have fallen down into the pit and must raise themselves up to the original level that they fell from. In Jesus' days he had to work on that level, making it possible for people to cover the completion level or perfection level, both in the physical and spiritual respects. But since he failed to do that, my mission is to go through those stages without failure centered around my family, and what you must be doing is laying the foundation for that by winning the favor of the government, and the favor of the Christian world, and the favor of the people of the nation. In my going through the seven-year course, I could not have gone by myself or with my family alone but leading the tribe and the nation. I was in the lead of others, so it is the course of the Parents to go through the first seven-year course leading the other people behind me. In the face of opposition from the Satanic world, I had to lay the foundation to be successful in going through that level. In that seven-year course I myself together with Mother had to disentangle everything in human history centered around the fall of man. During that seven-year course, I had to re-educate Eve because Eve fell by dominating Adam. So I had to reverse the order and have her be completely obedient to me. If I listened to what Eve said, it meant I was repeating the act of the fall. I know only too well that by Adam's listening to what Eve had to say, he caused the human fall, so I had to educate Mother to be utterly obedient to me. Even at the sacrifice of her life, at the cost of anything she had, she had to obey me, and I think I was successful in that.

In the beginning Mother was raised from the position where she was almost ignorant of the Divine Principle, but I snatched her out of the Satanic world. Physically she was situated side by side with me, but on the spiritual level, she was far behind me, and from the worldly level of the satanic side, I had to educate her stage by stage. She was in this position to have to go through the three stages.

The first stage of formation had to be successfully passed by her, and then the second stage of growth, and then the third stage of perfection. And during that time, even though she was with me, I could not treat her as my wife. In other words, for us to be successful figures in God's dispensation, she had to grow by my fostering her stage by stage.

Only by her success through her own struggles and her own efforts going through those three levels, could she play the role of restored Eve. Can you understand? (Yes.) Even though she was blessed in holy marriage with me, she had to live separated from me for the first few months. After three years, by going through all those stages she could live with me as my wife. So the first seven-year course for me and for us all is the stage in which we have to lay the foundation around the central family.

The one who was in the position of the mother had to go through all those bitter struggles successfully and come to that position. After going through the first seven-year course, by the year 1968 1 could set up God's Day on the first of January. By my proclaiming God's Day we completed the first seven-year course successfully. Without the human fall, the first day of the year could not only be God's Day but also Parents' Day, Children's Day, World Day and all. But in the course of restoration things came in reverse order and we had to first set up World Day, and Children's Day next, and then Parents' Day, and then God's Day. Originally there should not have been any such days set up. Just centering on the natural world, all things should serve as the sacrifice or offering to God, all the children must rejoice in God, and the parents must be restored in God's hands. Up to the present moment in Christianity, those who were in parents' position have had to go through difficulties and hardships, for instance, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

So in our movement, we must go the reverse way to reach the original position. By our setting up Children's Day and Parents' Day it means they have gone through the last stage of the growth period going into the perfection period. Originally Parents' Day should come first, and then Children's Day and World Day, but in the course of restoration I had to do things in the reverse order by setting up World Day first and then Children's Day and Parent's Day. When all those had been set up in a successful manner, I could connect all those to the final level, and then alone could I set up God's Day.

In the Garden of Eden the children had to be obedient to the parents, and centering on the parents they had to have dominion over all things; but all this was nullified, so we have to put it back into order. Of course those things should have been done centering on God. By our restoring all those things we are coming under the direct dominion by God. So by the end of the first seven years-that was the end of 1967-we completed the first seven-year course, and the next year, the first of January 1968, 1 set up God's Day. And in that there is the significance that the parents, the children and all things have become one with each other, and as a wholesome offering they will go back to God's bosom and be connected with Him. Then God's direct dominion over all those things could come about. By my being able to do those things in that year in the restoration process, with myself and my family in the core and our movement in the outer level-my family, blessed families and the whole Unification Movement all together-those are the levels of formation, growth and perfection. That is the symbolic core of the family of the Lord of Second Advent, the Christian world, and in the symbolic sense the whole world. And the whole world is, in that case, on the formation level, and the Christian world the growth level, and the Lord of the Second Advent and his family the perfection level. In that seven-year course in the Unification Movement, we have paved the way to reach out to the ends of the American members, English members, and German world.

During the year 1965 1 had to set up holy grounds in 48 nations, and then by the year 1969, by my blessing 43 couples all over the world, and in the year 1970 by my connecting all those blessed couples with 777 couples from ten nations, I laid the foundation to open up the world. On that foundation I could extend my blessing to the worldwide level.

In the year 1970 my mission was to connect all those things on the worldwide level, and the subsequent three years have been most important, beginning in 1972. Beginning in 1972 through 197@ and to 1974, 1 have to connect what I have accomplished with the worldwide level. When I left Korea in the year 1972 1 had gone beyond the national level in Korea only in the spiritual respect. In a way both the government and the Christian population in Korea had to be on our side-they could not but recognize our movement. So I set the condition to have gone beyond the national level by my winning the favor of the government and of the Christian world, when in a way they were compelled to recognize our movement. So I had to leave Korea in that year. And by my coming to the United States, the leading nation of the world, the dispensation started for those three crucial years.

In the western world, America was in the position of Adam, while England was in the position of Eve and Germany was in the position of the Archangel, so in that year I had to make my public appearance in those three nations. It corresponds to what Jesus went through. In his day, with the cooperation of the Jewish faith, he had to subjugate the whole of the Roman Empire under his providence.

Then why in that year did I make my speaking appearances in seven cities in America? Since America was the leading nation of the world, I had to lay a wider foundation here and bequeath it to other nations by my having one speech each in England and Germany. Those things were done only on the spiritual level. In order for me to connect everything on the physical level I have to bring all the success back to Korea and totalize it there.

So right from the beginning when I was here in 1972 1 mobilized the Japanese members-of course members also. So we are now in the process of developing our movement with the United States as a base. What we are doing here by assembling all those members from so many nations is to lay the foundation on the worldwide level in the spiritual sense. You are still in the stage of laying the foundation on the spiritual level because I have done that on the spiritual level and you have to go through the same course. Do you know what I mean?

We are in our all-out mobilization to attack this nation. What you are going to do here is to attack the whole of the 50 states of America. In other words, all the members of the Unification Church in cooperation with me will attack the whole Christian population. If they can, they will at first come against us, of course, but if you are strong enough to go through the opposition, get over it and be victorious, then our mission will be a success. Meanwhile the Christian world is being corrupted and the nation itself is faced with danger. It's paralyzed, in a sense. On the other hand, there is revival taking place in our movement. We are reanimated. We are all alive to revive others.

That's the meaning of the great revival meetings in the years 1972 and 1973. Without knowing the meaning of all these dispensations, you have been following me. By doing this we have reached the next level by leaps and bounds. Then to what does our Madison Square Garden project correspond? Most people must have thought that only Billy Graham could fill up that hall. Billy Graham is in the position of John the Baptist in Jesus' days, so the one who is coming in the position of the Messiah must go beyond that level. So in our movement, at our public rallies and in our campaigns, we must surpass all those who have done the same things. But we have something different from all those people. When Billy Graham had his rally, all the people assembled without objection; they just flooded in. But we had to be faced with opposition. That's how we are different from other people. We were at the summit of opposition at Madison Square Garden this year.

Christians were in the position of the Israelites, and in the democratic world they are in the position of the Roman Empire. In Jesus' days the Jewish people in cooperation with Roman Empire went against Jesus, and the same thing must take place in my days. When I saw people opposing me I thought that in the providence of Korea as Israel and the United States as the Roman Empire they must come hand-in-hand against us. It was not coincidence that the Korean ministers' group came against me with the cooperation of American Christians. At Madison Square Garden you saw someone screaming and yelling with his hands raised high; that was a Korean minister. And in unison with him all the American ministers shouted, too. But fortunately we are now in the democratic world and democracy is prevailing in the United States. They will persecute me, all right, but I cannot be killed by them. And outside you saw the Communists protesting against me, picketing. It was because the event was a worldwide event. They spiritually sensed it. We saw a contracted form of every possible persecution coming from them -Korean ministers, American Christian people, and Communist people. They all came in opposition to our movement. It's a worldwide event.

But however hard they may struggle against our movement, the dispensational tide is such that it will sweep them away. It was an historical event we had on the 18th of September 1972 at Madison Square Garden, New York, United States. It was the historical moment at which the Unification Church went over that level by defeating those people. We were victorious and triumphant over them, around me, of course, but with your cooperation. Do you follow me? But our opponents could not kill me or you; and together at that moment, we went through or went over that level to reach the worldwide level. But as I said before, we are going through all these things only on the spiritual level.

Then how to connect everything on the physical level is the problem. We must set the condition for the Korean government, the Korean nation, to become one with us on the worldwide level here in the United States. Then we will open up the toll gate to reach out to the worldwide level both in the physical and spiritual senses. From the 12th to the 18th of September 1974, all those things took place, in one week's time. Out in the political world, Korea, Japan and the United States came into turmoil. Great tension was there. All the political resignations brought these nations to the danger point. If Japan and Korea are enemies to each other, that means Adam and Eve are in conflict. If conflict could come about between Korea and the United States, it would mean the rupture between Adam and the archangel. My helping Nixon in the United States is for me in Adam's position to help the Archangel. Former President Nixon is still in the position to think of Korea through me. He cannot forget me, so he cannot forget Korea. Well, President Nixon unfortunately had to resign, and the new President, Mr. Ford, at first did not have a good impression of Korea.

The Japanese Prime Minister, taking that chance, was going to be in good harmony with the United States, even though he had to discard Korea. But the United States fortunately was sensitive to the danger coming from the Asiatic world, and President Ford is struggling to make peace between Japan and Korea. At this moment Korea is badly in need of me. If the relationship between Korea and Japan were to be nullified or brought into conflict, then Korea and her government would lose the foundation in Japan. But they think that our movement alone can play the role of that foundation for the government.

In this world of chaos, the Korean government is more on our side, begging for our opinion and actions. However, Japan's attitude toward Korea is not quite normal because Japan was not cooperative in arresting that co-conspirator, the assassin of Mrs. Park, and Korea is now in a bad situation. From the point of view of President Park, he was strongly determined to reject Japan if it continued to be like that, but very fortunately, right on the same day, on the 19th of September, the Japanese government sent its former foreign minister to Korea to appease its government. In that the United States was cooperative, and we barely got over the tense situation. The Japanese Prime Minister visited the United States several days ago, and now President Ford is planning to visit Japan and very possibly Korea too. President Ford has decided, according to Mr. Kim, to stay overnight in Korea. In this way a very interesting thing is taking place. Korea is strongly on my side, the Korean government is in favor of our movement, and the Japanese government cannot discard Korea and come to its side, and then America hand-in-hand with those two nations will be able to carry out what they can do in the dispensation of God without their knowing the significance of their actions.

On the 12th of September, the Korean government did something to connect with me, and without their having done that, the world situation could have been brought into turmoil and tension again. Centering on our Madison Square Garden project, all those things took place, but without your knowing it. Some of you may have known that in Washington, D.C. I had planned to have a demonstration and have you protest before the Korean Embassy and the Japanese Embassy to arouse the attention of the people of the United States, but we had to quit that. We were stopped 30 minutes before it was due to begin. In fact, we didn't have to do the demonstration. And in this way I myself and those nations starting from Korea could come together both on the spiritual and physical levels, and all together we could go over the level to reach out to the world. Do you follow me? Right at that moment we had the rally and the big revival meeting at Madison Square Garden. Do you understand? For the rest of the seven cities we will have no problem at all. Only by our showing people the pictures of what happened at Madison Square Garden, they will be overwhelmed and they will rush to the place to hear Father.

My having decided to have the public speeches in eight cities means our renewed start, because the number 8 is the coefficient number of re-starting. All those added up, the number of the cities I will have gone through, in which I have given speeches will be 70. By the time I complete the 70 speeches we will have gone through the point to reach out to the end of the world.

Even though in the seven remaining cities people may not fill up the halls, people will still think that we are successful; in their memories Madison Square Garden will be alive, vivid. We will complete the year 1974 in success, and when we go beyond this year into the next year of 1975 we will be standing on the worldwide level. Do you follow me? (Yes.)

We are at the historical moment. We must clear away the resentment of Jesus' death. Either we can start the liberation of all the sacrificed predecessors, or we can clear the resentment of God having sent His son who was killed. It is our opening ceremony of the gates to the world, while the gate was tight shut until now. Up to now we have been the target of Communist threat and persecution, but by our cooperating with the Christian world we will be strong enough to win over them, and the triumph will be ours. We are at the breath-taking moment, whether or not we can be successful to pass through this situation with the people of the world watching us, and we are at the critical moment history has never seen before.

I have already laid the condition to have gone beyond this level. We are entering, by the end of this year, the third seven-year course. From the beginning of the third seven-year course you must do what I have done in Madison Square Garden on the individual level. You as individuals must be able to do that. On the physical level you have to go through what I have gone through during these three years. You must be in the leading position to reach out to the world, and that's why my project from now on is to organize the international team-IOWC, International One World Crusade. And we will sweep the whole world. At least we have to cover 120 nations of the world. It is because in Jesus' days his 12 apostles corresponded to 120 nations at the present day, and we have to go over that level. We have to send out our missionaries to at least 120 nations next year.

Until now when I sent out missionaries I sent only one-I could only send one to each nation, but from now on, three for each nation. Centering on Father, one Japanese member, one American member, and one German member. Three for each nation. With Father included, four. We are a new breed of people, transcendent of national boundaries.

What is the significance of my sending three persons for each nation? It is because we have already laid the foundation of the Adam nation, Eve nation and the Archangel nation, and then on that foundation we can go over that level and reach out to the world. Just imagine, three people for each nation. Our missionaries will be scattered all over the world in 120 nations. And I'm going to mobilize 3,000 IOWC team members. We can charter three jumbo planes. First of all we have to connect our foundation in seven important nations: the Archangel nation from the western hemisphere will go to Japan, the Eve nation; and Korea; and then the Eastern Archangel nation will go to Free China, England, France and Germany. Seven. If we are successful in our campaigns in those seven great nations then there will be no problem for us to land in other countries. In smaller nations like Japan and Korea and Free China they will object if we are going to fund-raise, so in the meanwhile our members will be working in the United States to make money and support them financially. The latter half of 1975 1 will need three million dollars a month. I must use three million a month. Do you understand me? (Yes.)

Then how to do it is the problem, and we must mobilize our all-out efforts and concentrate and focus on that project.

God blessed America to use her as the instrument to reach out to the world, so you are for the time being the custodians of the wealth, and this wealth must be used for the purpose of the whole world. Then the wealth under the custodianship of America is for God's children all over the world. So the people of the Archangel nation must, in obedience to God's will, make money and support the activities all over the world. Make money and serve God's children. It's the Archangel's responsibility. You must again realize that American people are only the custodians of the wealth to be used for the children of God, and your wealth, your military power and everything you possess must be used for the salvation of the world. Then salvation will come to you.

God blessed America with material and military strength and as the melting pot of all nationalities, all races. He did that to provide for the lost children to come back to His bosom by using America as His instrument. From the old world of Europe your forefathers came to America because of persecution in the religious world. And from Catholicism your forefathers came here and settled as Protestants. Without Christianity this nation could not have become one like this, and you would only have reproduced what you had gone through in the old world of Europe. They were all resolved to become better than the old religion of Catholicism. Your forefathers formed a nation and they struggled hard to have this nation prosper more than the European nations. In my plan, within 20 years' time the Unification Church will form another civilization under God.

Between the years 1980 and 2000 we will have established a new culture, a new civilization under God. We are pioneers to create that civilization, and after we have created it, we are going to be citizens of that world. Do you understand me? (Yes.) We are now situated at the critical moment to see whether or not this nation can carry outs its mission and accomplish God's will intended at the time He blessed this nation. We now see that this nation and the Christian churches together with the government in this nation are being corrupted, and before it gets worse we have to do something. We cannot sit still just looking on.

I've repeated so many times that the years 1977 and 1978 are going to be most crucial years of world history, not to speak of the nation of America. We must at all costs be able to stop Communism from prevailing. Do you understand me? (Yes.) Who can be relied on for this project? It must be done during those three critical years, and we are the only group who can carry out the mission. We are only a handful of people, not too many in number. In this leading nation in the leading city of New York the leading group will be the Unification Church members, though small in number. From here we must be able to influence the whole of the United States. We have got to reach a level beyond what Billy Graham has attained so far. Up to the present moment I have struggled hard to lay the foundation for you people. From now on it is your job to do the same. Do you understand me? (Yes.) Are you confident? (Yes.) Even without me? (Yes.) In these three years, starting from this very moment, we must be able to influence the whole Christian population of the United States and the whole Christian population of the world, and do greater works than what Billy Graham has done. I sometimes think how good it would be if we were to provide the audience and without my speaking to the audience we could invite Billy Graham to speak. Then that means the Christian world is on our side, and we will have won the favor of the Christian world and we can work hand-in-hand with them. If Billy Graham wouldn't listen to our invitation then I could do the job. I have to. You have heard Billy Graham so many times, but are there as serious contents in his speech? It's something like a rotten log. It looks big, but it's all rotten-no contents, no life. We are like a budding new branch. Do you understand me? (Yes.)

My topic was "The Place Where We Are Situated Now. " Do you understand that point? (Yes.) Exactly? (Yes.) You answer me "Yes." Is it true? (Yes.) Yes. (Mrs. Choi: He doesn't need an interpreter.) I don't speak in English because I'm afraid that I will forget the Korean language. In God's will, too, every moment I should be remembering Korea and the Korean people. Otherwise what we are doing here will not be connected with God's will. That's why. So even though I will be able to speak the language, I may have to use an interpreter. Secret things will be talked about in the Korean language, so you must learn the language, your mother tongue. You must learn Father's language.

This is the fourth day after Madison Square Garden and we must put back in order all the things and reorganize ourselves to start for the rest of the cities. Well, I want New York centers to play the role of the central mission. Would you like the idea? (Yes.) Do you really mean it? (Yes.)

Are there many newcomers? Can I trust them? (Yes.) When I first came to America in the year 1972 1 said to some of the staff members, "After three years I will speak in Madison Square Garden," and they cocked their heads like this and were doubtful. Skeptical, very skeptical. But what I said at that time was realized. Isn't that true? (Yes.) I understand it was unbelievable for me to fill up Madison Square Garden with the audience, but from now on when I say I can stir up the whole of the United States, it will sound very possible, isn't this true? (Yes.) The whole city of New York is stirred up like this, and then New York City will stir up the whole nation of America, and then the whole nation of America can stir up the whole world. It's possible. It's possible.

Then who will get you started? Who can do that? [Father] (In English): No, no, no, you. I want you to do the job, and in that case you are greater than 1. You must trust yourselves.

Starting from today for three years longer you must never complain in the face of any difficulty, any problem. You must feel that you can put the world upside down or inside out. All the New Yorkers are very much concerned with what Rev. Moon is doing. Some lay Christians will come to their ministers and ask questions about what Rev. Moon says, but what would their answers be to this question; they will not be able to answer. They will lose face and lose dignity, and all the Christians will be on our side.

Then all the Christian ministers will have to answer, "I agree with what Rev. Moon had to say," because they have no alternative answer. You have, you know, swords in your hands and if you cannot fight against them and defeat them, you are going to be nothing. Do you follow me? Are you resolved and determined to fight? (Yes!!)

Well, look at your own hands and look into the mirror at your own eyes, nose, mouth and ears, and you must be resolved and determined to use those as instruments or weapons to fight against the evil power. If you are compelled you must dig the ground with your hands more than the moles do. Your two eyes must function more than periscopes would. Sometimes when you want to look at things in position you must have your eyes play the role of a microscope. You must have your mouth play the role of the speaker to reach to the end of the world. Yes? (Yes.) You can understand Korean, yes? Your whole body must play the role of bulldozers or tanks. Can you have your bodies play that role? Your feet must be in that case tank chains.

Do you understand? (Yes.) If we are so resolved as to win over all the evil power, the Communist threat will be no problem and will be conquered. Satan is very keen and sensitive about our power. That's why they come to protest against us. We are strongly resolved to make a new start at 8:00 o'clock on the 22nd of September 1974. 1 declare it. If you are for me, if you agree with me, will you please hold up both of your hands and pledge before God? You are pledging before God. From now on what is left is to act, to act it out. Until now I just left you alone, but from now on when I see you idling away the time on the street I will just kick you. You will never complain because you vowed before God. If you are going to be tearful and cry, don't cry the cry of failure but the cry of touched heart and deep inspiration. From now on, what we are going to do will remain for us, and will play the role of the foundation for you people, while what we have done up to the present moment has been the indemnity course which you have gone through.

We are now entering the age in which your forefathers and all the ancestors will work for you and all the predecessors and passed-away saints will work for you, and all the spirit world will be mobilized in aid and work through you. Since the whole spiritual world is mobilized in cooperation with us, it will be easier for you to move the whole world on a physical level. So our project is how to develop our mission filed in 120 nations at the earliest possible date. If we mobilize 3,000 IOWC members, if we divide them into groups of 30, how many places can we send our members to? We can organize 100 teams. If those 30 strong m6mbers will work three months in each of the nations, it will be easier for them to get 50 or more members. If each of those nations will have 50 members, with them being active, they can restore their own nation. If we would divide 3,000 members into ten teams, it means we will have 300 in each team, and with that number we can restore the nations very easily. If those 300 members will work three months in each nation, we will easily sweep over the whole world. Then each nation can easily have 500 members, and in that case we can send 3,000 IOWC members into each nation and they can receive them on their own and feed them and house them and get them work, and sweep the whole nation. Then people will see we are doing what even the Communists cannot do, and people will come to our side and become in favor of us. By that time you will be all in wonderful uniforms and beautiful hairdos and then march the main streets of the capitol of each nation. Then we will be the topic of people's conversation and we will be the puzzle and riddle of the world.

All these things are going to be done, and done successfully on the foundation we will have laid in these three years' time, so we are at the critical moment, the historical moment, and this is the place we are situated now. Then let's put it in order.

In order for us to be able to do this would you prefer to sleep seven hours instead of six hours? (No.) We are used to sleeping, for instance, six hours. Would you prefer to sleep for seven hours or five hours? (Five.) Would you prefer to sleep four hours or five hours? (Four.) Would you prefer to go to work without sleeping or sleeping? (Without sleeping.) I don't want you to die so I will let you sleep barely enough to sustain your life.

What I'm thinking is that although you get thin like ghosts, with big eyeballs, skinny all over and stooped down like this in walking, stuttering-but if .by your doing that, by your being like that, we are successful in God's providence, I would prefer to have you do that. If you are all flushed with health but the providence is delayed in being realized, what would you prefer? Even though you become as skinny as ghosts, if you are successful it will be easy to put on the weight in a short interval of time. But if you are all healthy and plump and you are failures, then all your weight will be taken away by Satan, every ounce of your energy and every ounce of your flesh will be taken away forever.

So we have to wear our belts tight. That means we have to be prepared for hard work. So we will start right from this moment.

Next year we are going to make a contract with Yankee Stadium. In order for us to be able to do that we have to have five times as many members as we now have. Then after our success at Yankee Stadium, we have to mobilize 10,000 people and have another successful meeting by assembling half a million or more-700,000 people, in Washington, D.C. Then each one of the 10,000 members will hire a bus accommodating 60 people and be responsible for 60 people to come, and it will be no problem for us to fill the place, whatever the place may be. In order for us to be able to fill up the bus loads of people and bring them to the auditorium, you must make your utmost efforts to witness to the people and bring in more members. At least 70 people each in two years time. If you bring 70 members by that time, you can bring those people to the auditorium and you don't have to hire a bus for other people.

In my calculation there is a possibility-and I have a scientific way of thinking and scientific mind-in my calculations it's very possible. Don't you think so? (Yes.) That is our goal, and with that goal you must go rushing ahead like a bulldozer. If you were a bulldozer, would you prefer bumpy land to level out, or just a plain space? (Bumpy land.) So wherever you go, you must make noise. The stronger the opposing power, the louder the noise you will make. Do you have that kind of power (Yes.) Strong power, resisting power-in that case you must realize that you are not working alone but God is working with you and through you.

So let us draw the conclusion: With this vast project ahead of us, are you resolved to bring in 70 members or more? If you are resolved to do that, hold up your hands. And down again. If you are resolved to be able to bring in 70, from now on I will be awfully busy. Around the city of New York I must have more than 3,000 members. When you distributed 800,000 tickets, you got the addresses from 400,000 people, and from now on you must get in touch with them through phone calls and visiting and have them become our members at all costs. For the Unification Church members every minute is going to be rush hour, and people will see the young people with the symbols of our church just rushing back and forth on the street. They will come out and ask, "What is happening here?" And they will know that we are from the Unification Church and you can say, "If you are willing to hear us, come to us."

Until now towards the Madison Square Garden project we have made a great noise in the city of New York, but from now on in order for us to bring in 70 members each we will make more noise. As it now stands, at least for the time being, the New Yorkers will miss us because we are seemingly all gone and we don't make much noise on the streets, but in a few days they will see you doing the same or more.

Some of the New Yorkers may ask you, "Why did you not return to your places after the success in Madison Square Garden?" and you will say, "We will not let the New Yorkers alone until all of them are restored into our movement. " And they will open their eyes wide and look at you with more wondering eyes. You will say to them, "We will not stop until we save the last New Yorker," and then you can say, "If you don't want us to be so noisy, just come to us and we will stop doing our work if everyone of the New York citizens will be restored." "There is an alternative, though," you can say. "If you don't want to come to our side, leave this city. We will leave you alone. Wrap up your belongings and leave this city."

From now on you must walk as though you have springs on your feet. You must have confidence that you can grasp the whole city of New York in your hands. Do you feel good after having taken down all those posters overnight? (Yes.)

If I can mobilize 1,000 members-3,000 members-to clean up the city, I may announce through the radio at midnight that tomorrow morning before dawn the whole city will be all clean without any scribbling or remnants of the posters, and people will find it true in the morning. People will be moved and touched, and we won't have to fight our battle. That's possible. So there will be nothing impossible for us if I have 3,000 members in New York. I may announce that on a certain day at a certain hour you will be assembled at the Empire State Building to clean up the whole place because the Empire State Building is the face of the United States and we want it to be all clean. And people will see it done. You can even protest that this building is going to be ours in a few years, so we have to make it clean. There's nothing to laugh at there. I'm serious. God's providence will be shifted to the next stage and the next without your realizing it-sometimes overnight at an instant, so you won 't realize when the deed to the Empire State Building will be placed in my pocket. Even without your knowing that, that kind of thing will happen. Do you want it that way? (Yes.) In order for you to make it possible, you must be driven harshly on the battlefield. Do you understand? Are you resolved to do that? (Yes.)

Our motto this time is for each of the fundraising teams to earn $12,000.00 a month, a high goal. For one person to raise $3,000.00 a month will be no problem, so if I mobilize 3,000 members, how much will be our income per month? $900,000. If I mobilize 1,000 members, each earning $10,000.00, then we will make three million dollars a month, which is a usable sum. I will train the fund-raising team to make at least $3,000.00. When I mobilize 10,000 members, it means $30 million in a month. Then we can buy Pan American Airlines, and the Empire State Building. We shall buy the Ford Motor Company, not to speak of the Empire State Building. That's possible.

Though my fist is small, when I say something I will carry it out. And if I am that confident, God has got to help me out. When I am resolved, you will be the same. Centering around me, God is one with me and you are supporting me and cooperating with me, and nothing is impossible. Would you want to do that? (Yes.) Then you must be convinced that you as an individual can either make your family or nation prosperous or have it perish, including your ancestors in the spirit world; your tribe, your nation will be affected by what you are doing. Every individual is in the position of John the Baptist on the national level. Centered around Father, you can carry out the job. It is true. It is not empty words. If you receive it and are resolved to realize it, you will find yourself different from what you were a minute ago, what you were yesterday. Do you find yourself different from what you were a few minutes ago, before hearing Father? (Yes.)

After the success of Madison Square Garden you are sort of exhausted and slumped down in relaxation, but this morning with the sword of words you are struck and you are reawakened and you are jumping up and getting on the spur to act again. We are going to reach things of different dimension. Would you prefer to descend like this, or go on the level ground, or ascend, or just shoot up? (Shoot up.) Then where do we reach after shooting up? (Heaven.) When the booster would shoot up the rocket, it shoots up like this vertically, and it will reach the moon. If you are going to shoot up like this on the vertical level, you must hold up your hands straight up like this and be in the motion to fly. To be in the motion of flying means to be happy, all afloat in your heart and kick yourself like a booster up and up. If you prefer not to kick yourself, I will kick at you and play the role of the booster. But your situation, your position must be on the booster in the right position, and then alone you are prepared to be shot up.

If your position is crooked just a little bit you will not reach the moon and you will come down, crash upon the earth. So what we are going to do is to shoot into the heart of God and be placed there.

Then God, who may be dozing off , will be awakened by the strike. And you can drag Him wherever you wish and tell Him, "How can you doze off while we are so busy?" If you drag Him around, finally God will say, "Oh, don't, don't, let me alone," and then you can say your wish and He's got to have your wish realized. Because God is omnipotent, He can have your wish realized. Then our motto is to irritate and push God, don't let Him alone. Don't let God alone until we have our wish realized. We will not have our Father alone until our wish is realized.

Each one of you will assemble a vast audience and invite me, and the other person the next day will invite me over there, and over to another place, and I will be tom into pieces because I am invited there and here and everywhere, every other day, every day-every hour. Then, you know, you will never let me alone. I will be tom in pieces, and I will be delighted with the idea. But I am confident that even though you are going to tear me apart I will remain energetic. And will you please test me? And you will say to yourself, "Oh Father has endless energy. I will just exhaust him by inviting him every moment here and there. " If you are resolved to do that, I will show that I am now going to be test-proof. Are you confident to do that, to make me that way? (Yes.)

Now I feel I can trust you. You Westerners have bigger eyes, higher noses, big stature and broad shoulders for the male folks and bigger hips for the girls, and I feel I can well trust you. You can do bigger things because you have broader minds. So I can trust you more than I do other people. Before long you American members will say, "Go back home, you Japanese brothers and sisters, go back, Father; we can do it without you, on our own. With Father around we are sort of noisy. So we can do even without you. We will invite you when we will have done our work. You can come back when we have been successful. " Then I have got to leave this country. Would you like that? (No. Yes.) If you would let me do that, in the meanwhile I can learn English and I can later speak to you directly in the language. (No.) Still you don't like the idea? Even though I may have to stay in the United States, would you drive me-to hard work or let me be relaxed?

Whether you drive me hard or give me a vacation, the question is how to win the battle. What makes victory great is that however hard you may have worked for the victory, if you are successful in your mission, what you have gone through will be glorified. Even though you have been beggars, even though you have been starving to death on the way, if your battle ends up in victory, what you have gone through will be glorified; and in proportion to the hardship you have gone through, the victory will be greater and more glorified. Isn't that true? (Yes.)

So in order for you to pave the way to victory, the more hardship you go through the more glory will come to you. History has witnessed so many people going through so many difficulties for lost causes, and they will be long recorded in human history and long glorified by their descendants. But if you have gone through the same thing for your own success and for the evil way of life, then people will turn away from you, never remembering you, and you will have lived your life in vain. With the picture of glory and victory at the goal, we are dashing forward on the battlefield. But right at this moment when we are about to start, we are miserable people and we must be ready and resolved to go through the obstacles and difficulties. But you must prepare for the battle in deep prayer, and aid will come from God and you will not work alone, as I said before. And then in every moment of prayer you will dash forward on the road towards the goal. You are in the position to have the last bullet shot at the target, and you must be serious. And before doing that you must pray deeply and prepare yourself, set the goal, and with no thought about anything else, you must set your mind only on the target. And I want you to be successful at that. I want you to become one with the will of God, one with God Himself, and one with each other, and shoot yourself towards the target and get the success at the earliest possible date. And I want to trust you, and then I want to start the mission right at this moment, from this moment.

Joe Tully, you have to do more hard work from now on. All members, the same way.

Shall we pray?