43rd True Day of All Things

Date: 2005-06-07
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth International Training Center, Korea

Notes: Michael Jenkins

Edited by Louise Strait and Jim Flynn


NOTE: (These are notes of a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message In some instances editing was done to enhance the meaning without adding to the essential message.)

There are good days and bad days. However, what is the center? This is the key point. Even though I have lots of dreams, there is no day or night or lunchtime in which I can take my mind off of the urgent task of heaven.

Did you live well in your life, or so-so ? Did you live a so-so spiritual life and go down? What is your situation? Real Unificationists cannot rest. They are consumed with an understanding of the time and the providence and are concerned with how to make the conditions to improve the direction of the world to fulfill the Will of God.

If you are going in the true way, you will be opposed and thus cannot be free or totally at peace. When you say "Mansei," you may feel free and happy. However if your family is opposed, your parents are opposed, your relatives are opposed, your society is opposed, the religions are opposed and the nation and world are opposed, can you be happy? Therefore we must digest and overcome all the difficulties, challenges, impossible situations, and frustrations to be able to achieve what Heaven desires.

Why does your father oppose you? Your mother? Society? If you have determination and confidence, you may feel you can overcome all of this. However, even Jesus and all the saints cannot answer so easily about overcoming all opposition.

We must see correctly. We must not have incorrect thinking. We must have the proper family in the image of God. I have completed the course to establish marriage in the image of God.

The true plan for the family is not man's but God's. What is the meaning of all the things or creation? Why was the Day of All Things made? Why? Because of the human fall all things were lost to God. God lost His children and His kingship, as He had no one who would honor Him as the True Father and King of humanity.

The human condition of the fall not only imprisoned and trapped humanity but also imprisoned God and all things. What is the core of the Divine Principle? Which is first, faith or love? Which do you choose, faith, love, or obedience? Which is first? Even God created Adam and Eve with the mind and heart that he was creating standard and ideal. Even for God when Adam and Eve fell He had no path to go.

When we are playing a game of yute, if you don't have the pawns (the pieces to go around the board) can you play? You must have those pieces. There are five possible moves, Do, Kay, Kul, Yute, Mo. (someone said "back - do!!!" Father said, actually I added the back do!!!) For Yute we must understand the laws of the games and have all the components. The same is true for God to fulfill the ideal. All the components must be there and the key component for God to fulfill the ideal God needs man. Without man God cannot be fulfilled. (At this point, Mother was smiling at Father and reminding him of the time!!! Then Father said: Time is running along. Mother always asks me why I talk so long and she encourages me to be briefer so I can have lunch with the grandchildren. We must be thankful for Mother. Let's give Mother applause!!!! - Father then indicated that he will listen to Mother and focus on the key message. Their give and take here was extremely loving and beautiful. If Mother doesn't encourage Father this way, he will push himself too hard even to the point of exhaustion. Mother is constantly helping Father to maintain his best possible strength and health. Father however, forgets about himself totally and is ready to push until he collapses. In this way Mother is protecting and supporting Father. ) Father continued:

What is it that God likes most? It is love. Have you ever seen love? True love is invisible. Would God like to just have invisible love or would he like a topnotch son who could please him and even be king? What kind of true love would God like? Just imaginary love, mediocre love or substantial love with a son and daughter who understands him? He would like substantial love with a real son and daughter?

What is this thing called faith? You can have desire and ambition, but what is faith? The Chinese character for faith has a character for a person and a character for the word. This means that this cannot be centered on desire or ambition; it must be a person centered on the word. It must be centered on God. If ambition comes into the picture, it must be connected to an ambition to achieve absolute faith. When God began, He began with a standard of absolute faith.

Jesus started with this kind of condition. It was the condition of absolute faith. The only thing that God can truly assert is absolute faith. What is absolute faith?

It is the kind of faith with which God created His object man and woman. He created them with his whole heart with faith that man would respond. He created with absolute faith with no automatic guarantee that man would fulfill.

Therefore which is first, faith or love. Absolute faith is first. With faith God created and only now is he experiencing the True Love that he had faith would come when man and woman perfected themselves in True Love. Then there are three values: absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Obedience means that you must fully discard all your attachments to self and concern for the body.

When absolute faith was set as God's standard, that was the basis on which He created His son and daughter. Isn't this how you should approach your husband and wife, with this kind of commitment? With absolute faith you are creating your object partner. With no automatic guarantee that Love will come back. But only faith that True Love will be realized. The greatest desire or act of God was to create His object partner. God continued to invest Himself in order to perfect His partner. For a true partner to emerge there must be a clear subject. (At this point Father mentioned an interesting thing he observed in America. He said: Americans have a habit of easily going to the refrigerator at all times to get something to eat. Some people even walk in the house of their friends and simply go right to the refrigerator without even asking. If there is an owner of the house, the owner should be asked first. There should always be a subject partner and object partner to create a happy balanced situation. The owner should give permission to go to the refrigerator. Then all is balanced!!! ) (Everyone was laughing).

Are there any personal secrets between a true husband and wife? No. Between Mother and I there are no personal secrets; she knows everything about me, inside and out. Do you think it was easy to have my wife with me at all times? Many have thought how lucky I am that I have a young and beautiful wife. Yes, its true, however, I had to raise mother to fulfill the providence of God, this was not easy.

When God created His object partner, did He want that partner to be thousands and billions of times better than Himself? Don't you want your wife to be thousands of times better than yourself? Yes, our desire is that our object partner is better than us many times over. That is why parents are pleased when their children do better than they did. In terms of family or personal matters, there are no secrets. However on the way to establish an ideal nation, for the sake of the nation there can be secrets. But they are not personal.

However between husband and wife, we must have total trust and unity. The concept of a True Parent is the unique and universal concept that is loved by your spouse and children. The children whom God created are the raw material of true love and the foundation of absolute faith and true love.

When God created you, He had to invest in Himself with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. You should invest in the creation and all things in this fashion. You should invest in your object partner in this way. If you can do so, God can be your very own. (You will be close to God.) When you go to a Korean house there is a living room or an pang. The owner is usually there. Then there is often a study and the father is usually there. Then who is the owner in the living room? It is the grandfather. The mother is there to embrace all the children and unify them with the father, and through him to the grandfather.

What have I been doing for 50 years? It was preparation so that I could hold a coronation ceremony for the Kingship of God. Who was this held for? For who? For God. This is not a laughing matter. Now I ask the men, if there is a grandfather and grandmother, what keeps them together? Is it her face? No, it is through faith and commitment that hearts bind together in love. That is why they stay together. You must be able to teach these things to your grandchildren. I am happy that the dignitaries who are here can enjoy this talk and not leave. Some may say, how can the founder of this religion be using strong language and pushing the people strongly? It is good because the purpose is to cause everyone to open his heart and then come onto the path of going towards God. Its purpose is to save people.

Everything I say is based on experience. On the basis of absolute faith God then applied absolute love and absolute obedience to create His true object partner.

That is the way He invested in the creation of all things. With all His heart He invested to create all things for His object partner. He did it so that He could create all the elements (plants, fruits and all creation) that would become nourishment for all humanity and become the elements to create His perfect object, humanity. He created with the heart to give joy to his object partner.

That is why we must have deep respect and reverence for all the creation. With this heart we should appreciate that the creation given by God is there to nurture and sustain us. This was done on the foundation of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

However, the creation has never experienced true joy because the whole investment of God in creation was for the day that it could sustain God's true object partners of true love. That is why the Bible says that the creation groans in travail awaiting the day of the revealing of the (true) sons of God.

That is why we are seeking to perfect ourselves in the image of God and totally respect the creation. This will bring the liberation of the creation.

Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience are not just concepts. What does absolute obedience mean? Pok Chang (obedience), what does it mean? Total living offering in a Chinese character has a cow and a lamb. It is the essence of total living offering, in which one is a total sacrifice. In the life of faith this is the reality. God wants absolute obedience.

If I hide everything I wouldn't be persecuted. But I don't hide the truth. This causes a lot of trouble. How about the VIP's here? Do you love me? Your laughter is a little stiff. We should become closer for the sake of Korea. We must serve God as our Parent. God's absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience are that God will invest and invest to create His true love partner. His faith is that his object partner man will perfect himself and become his perfected object partner of True love. (That day has arrived in True Parents - this is why we can celebrate the Day of All True Things - the creation can rejoice because God's True Love Object partner has been realized and now they are multiplying throughout the world.)

There are many religions in the world, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and many others. Should they come together in harmony? Absolutely. That is God's Will. Before there is order however, there is obedience. Can the right hand tell the left had to come together? No. It is controlled by the center or the mind. When you walk your hands flow in balance from the left to right because of your mind as the center. Therefore the only way for religions to come together is by acknowledging that they all come from the one and very same God. Then they can flow in harmony together.

Chung Soo Won - are you here? The grandson of the founder of a great religion is here. Rev. Chung's grandmother was in the inside belly church. They would get caught in the holy spirit and dance without care. Our movement came out of this, and rumors were spread based on this. (Didn't David dance naked when he was caught up in the spirit?) (Father asked Rev. Chung to sing the song "Comsa Hamnida" that was sung in the inside belly church).

Then Father had several more songs for us:

Then Rev. Yu from Japan sang, followed by Dr. Yang representing America, and then Rev. Kwak.

Kook Jin Nim sang and brought the house down with "I Believe I Can Fly." Then Kwon Jin Nim did the same. It was great. Kwon Jin Nim sang very beautifully.

Then True Parents sang:

Dr. Chang Shik Yang led three cheers Mansei.

Happy True Day Of All Things!