East Garden, June 12th, 2005

Date: 2005-06-12
East Garden

Notes: Michael Jenkins

Translation: In Hoi Lee

Editors: Louise Strait and Jim Flynn


Note: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

First Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read for us.

Is Cheong Seong Gyeong translated yet? It must be translated quickly. Without it, America will have trouble. The translators should review it carefully, based on the original.

Unificationists must be totally serious about the family. We must live together with the absolute ideal. Offering the medicine of the way of the Principle is like healing the sick. We are bringing this kind of faith and development into our families. We must make a very clear foundation to live with all people. The whole family must be connected to the entire world. The family is the only way that this can be established. In the way of the family, you cannot just follow your wife or your children; you must follow the way of Heaven. I have been unifying seven enemy nations. Now is the time mentioned in the Bible when the sheep and the goats would be separated. Without this clarification, there will be no purification.

In this period between the fifth and the eighth year, the family must be clarified and established correctly. All true family members must unite, centering on the family that has completed the ideal. All true families should unite in heart with True Parents; otherwise, Satan will not be completely rooted out of this world. Officials in Korea are coming to understand this providence. Through education and direction of the second generation, this path will become clearer.

The era of hunting yielded to the era of planting. I am leading a new pioneering era at this time. A pioneering tribe has emerged from history. The question is, can we be clear? We should have one mind to fulfill. We must have one mind to move toward the direction of Heaven. God has just such an idea. America or Russia cannot come up with an idea of how to go the way of Heaven. Only God can reveal this path. He is the Alpha and the Omega. Without God's way, people cannot be improved or developed. We must move on to a clear level based on an understanding of all these things.

Materialism must be overcome. Materialism centers on physical fulfillment. Without proper education, sexual desire can be taken in a physical, materialistic direction. Materialistic culture began with the hunting era and has moved through the eras of shelter and then land, becoming more and more attached to material values and measurements.

You must be absolute in your faith in God and True Parents. You must be absolute in going over the challenges of your family. Only then will the spiritual world help you. Where you go in the spiritual world is determined by your life here. If you do not live correctly, you may not go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You may go to another part of the spirit world and wait for thousands of years before getting there. We must go the way of the Principle.

Do you sleep naked with your spouse? This is a crucial part of restoration. I am very serious about all details of how to establish the ideal family as a base to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If my grandchildren live correctly, they will go to heaven; if not, they will go some other place. I am teaching my daughters in law that they must go the right way. If they do not, there will be problems. We must go the way of the family, centered on True Parents.

I have taught about the core of history. Without knowing history, you cannot go the right way. Through history, all things have been revealed very clearly. (Mr. Yoon, the secretary general in Korea, is establishing this history.) Many times in history people in Japan believed that they could dominate and overcome the whole world. Though Japan or other countries may look at things this way, we have to see what is going on in the spiritual world. From the spiritual world's perspective, Japan's history is complicated; due to this, it cannot go forward easily to lead other nations. Therefore I love Japan and try to help it overcome this history and the reality of the spirit world.

As a spouse and mother, a woman gives all of her body for the sake of her family. Even her bones are given to help the children. Everything is sacrificed for them.

Confucius and Buddha should be able to work from the spirit world to solve the final problems of communism. The communist system has a clear ideology to establish the nation at the sacrifice of the individual and family. The free world was destined for absolute trouble if the communist world had fully realized a nation. America is crucial in this regard. America must connect with God. If we don't move America the right way, the free world cannot assume its proper role and America's foundation will be lost.

I cannot accept an offering that is not complete or successful. I am totally victorious and have overcome everything. Therefore you must do the same victoriously to fulfill. Dr. Yang, please don't think that we can go the pragmatic way that sometimes seems best in America, I am telling you that if we go this way China will pass America. America must come to God.

We do not have to reach all the people. Rather, we must find the crucial family or tribe that determines the direction of the nation. Although there are many apple trees, there is one that is the center from which all trees can be engrafted. It is crucial that you find the central tree.

That is why Cheong Seong Gyeong is crucial. Through Cheong Seong Gyeong you can find the way.

The founders of the great religions tried to do the best they could for their purpose. When I look at people, I can see their ancestries and historical backgrounds. Without the right ancestors and historical foundation, you cannot be chosen for the providence.

If Mother, deep in her heart, wanted to pack her bags and leave, many would have understood. Dae Mo Nim suffered much to give birth to Mother. It was that difficult for Mother to become one with Father. However, Mother overcame.

On January 3, 1971, Jesus was married. You suffered so much for 33 years. Mrs. Chung, you must understand that I couldn't take care of you for those 33 years. The names of all the wives of the religious founders must be announced. Rev. Kwak didn't want to announce them, but I know that the time is now right. Archbishop Stallings and other clergy should come and honor Mrs. Chung on the first of each year. It is time for Jesus to have a family foundation.

When I go to the spirit world, no president or religious founder or anyone else in history will have a condition to accuse me of anything. Therefore the spirit world totally supports and respects me.

When I relate with Shin Jun Nim, the son of Hyung Jin Nim, I feel that there isn't any kind of indemnity connected with him. We are setting the condition of loving Shin Jun. So many of the grandchildren seek grandfather's attention. Father loves all the grandchildren; however, some are seeking his love more aggressively.

Your own family is certainly most important, however you also must understand more about the real meaning and value of the True Family from God's perspective. You must go deeper to understand its importance in dispensational history. Mother and I have gone over all the mountains now.

Jesus was to have three people supporting him: John the Baptist, his father, and his mother. Because they couldn't fulfill, then the three disciples failed. I am very grateful that one of my in-laws is helping me in the Yeosu area. He lost his wife; so to overcome his loneliness, he has dedicated himself to the front line once again.

Mr. Kamiyama and Mr. Furuta: You made the effort to try to plant a seed in America. Then I sent you to South America. There you could make a condition representing the Mother in loving Abel and Cain. Your mission is to unify North and South America. That is why I brought you back to America.

The time may come that there may be many people living in miserable situations; you must be aware of that. You should select 200 people from each country, based on their accomplishments. They should be in charge of the wild olive trees. They must be responsible for the fruit in the providence, even from outside our families.

By August 20th all Tribal Messiah blessings must be done. Dr. Yang, if you don't have the opportunity in Korea, you can bless many Koreans here. Christianity in America will support you. The Muslims and all other religions are supporting you.

If Christianity had truly followed me 50 years ago, the world would be so different. It was such a serious crime that the Christian university, Ewha Women's University, kicked out our students and professors. It made such a huge providential problem.

Based on history, I am trying to save the religious world and the political world together. I am trying to save Kim Jong Il. If the current prime minister in China doesn't do well, he will decline. The 2008 Olympics will be in China. The theme should be: True Love and True Family. America should know that China is doing its best to bring me there.

Internal value, centering upon the heart, will be the center for the future. We will have a special event in China on August 20. Confucian philosophy doesn't clearly know the distinct personality of God. The Chinese call their king the "son of heaven". Chinese characters reveal that the Chinese don't know the character of God. But now in a time of difficulty, they want to support me.

I understand all these things. Therefore, Dr. Yang, I'm trying to bring the foundation of America to China. If China gives me an opportunity, it will rise. Based on China and America we can bring peace, America must understand what the IIPC is doing.

We can connect Alaska to Russia with a bridge. We should mobilize our foundation to support this. (Father then looked at the map on the computer. He emphasized that it is less than 81 kilometers - 50 miles - from Alaska to Russia.)

(Father directed some remarks to the Japanese National Messiahs who were present, asking that all Japanese wives go to Yeosu for a 40-day workshop.)

The way of the family is not just for the family; it is for the salvation of the world. You must really understand the importance and meaning of Hoon Dok Hae. You may be doing Hoon Dok Hae from duty, but there is a deeper way that we must go to understand its value. We shouldn't just approach it casually. (Hyung Jin Nim received Father's guidance. Father said that many clergy are feeling very close to Hyung Jin Nim as he gets his Ph.D. at Harvard in Divinity. Father gave four precious names to Hyung Jin Nim's children that represent four special Chinese characters.) To Hyung Jin Nim: We must really make effort to make a good conditions. Please realize that many women have their antennas up and are looking at you. You must be careful. (Father, I'm studying too hard to even look their way) You need to understand. I'm even thinking about Shin Jun and where his wife will come from.

Those who read Cheong Seong Gyeong and dedicate their filial piety before heaven will come close to True Parents and will be able to be a bridge for others. Three were on the cross at the time of Jesus. Jesus, Abel and Cain. The palace at Chung Pyung is open for him. He will be the first to enter the palace.

(To the daughters- in-law) You must always think about how to go the right way. Your role is crucial. You can take care of the problems of your family. Is there anyone who will protect me in America? What American is really capable of protecting the True Family? Because of good security, I am protected. God has protected me continuously. Who will protect me? Rev. Kim please pray to protect our path from any accidents.

(Father directed a few remarks to Mr. Kamiyama and Mr. Furuta.)

(Breakfast began. Father mentioned that he can never forget his youth, when his family had sweet potatoes. Father always brought these potatoes to his friends.)