East Garden March 28th With ACLC Clergy

Date: 2005-03-28
East Garden

ACLC Key Clergy Present

Notes by Michael Jenkins

Simultaneous summary translation by In Hoi Lee and Hee Hun Standard

Edited by Louise. Strait and Jim Flynn


NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Because of the blood lineage we inherited at the fall, we have been cut off from the spirit world. This has been a crucial situation. There are six billion people in the world, and we must help them by restoring the blood lineage back to the lineage of heaven. The establishment of the blessed central families are to be secured through the third generation, or third grandson.

The central system of God is the family system. This can be set up properly when the blood lineage is restored back to God's side. Then the vertical line from God and the horizontal line through the family will be perfectly balanced and in order. Lineage is the most important thing of all.

Through three generations, God's love, God's life and God's lineage can be realized. We have to bring it through the third generation, or the grandson's position. How can Christian leaders understand such a providence? Only through the Divine Principle.

Through the Divine Principle we can understand the significance of the restoration of Cain and Abel. After the fall the lineage changed, and Satan could control everything. How could God reverse this control? Through the restoration of Cain and Abel.

God's love had to be reestablished in a central point for God to be able to restore the family. The restoration course was to set up the conditions to restore Adam's position, restore the bride (Eve), and reestablish the central point for God's love. On the foundation of God's love, reestablished through the restored Adam and Eve, then this can be extended and secured through three generations.

This process must go through eight stages of perfection: individual, family, tribe, society, nation, world, cosmos, and finally oneness with God.

This must be connected with the one blood lineage of heaven. The most fearful enemy is the problem of love, which can lead to the destruction of the blood lineage. Therefore the most important thing for God is the establishment of a true family that is secure and beyond the problem of the misuse of love. The essential condition to establish such a family is the blessing of marriage.

The destruction of love comes through free sex and homosexuality. This must be addressed with love and restored back to the original standard. The American Christian leaders didn't clearly understand that and therefore they couldn't reverse this trend.

Adam's children couldn't be considered as God's children or of His lineage. His grandchildren of the third generation couldn't be considered God's lineage.

Therefore the most serious thing to be accomplished is the establishment of Heaven's lineage and the restoration of the fall through three generations, through the grandson of the third generation. Ultimately this must be expanded through the eight stages. The basis of this is the individual, family, tribe, society, nation, world, cosmos and God. We must go beyond the fifth realm to become saints. We must go through eight levels to become holy sons and daughters who are one with God. At least we must go through a minimum of five levels in our own course. If we go through eight levels, we reach the complete perfection and restoration. There is no one who would be qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven without going through these levels.

After we go through these levels, we can truly celebrate the Kingdom of Heaven. You are the clergy, and you should be leading your church members correctly. When you humble yourselves and connect with God's son through true love, true life and true lineage, then finally we can establish the ideal world; the old world will fade away. This is the realm in which there is no relationship with Satan. There will be God's nation, which will have nothing to do with Satan. Without God's complete restoration course, there would be no way for His kingdom to be built. We have to think about how miserable God is in this position.

We must have a Peace Kingdom in which God and all humanity can live in true love forever. This also will realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. Through this all the creation will be perfected. No matter how powerful America may be, it doesn't have the power to create the Kingdom of God. When you know this, how can you clergymen rest? You can now establish the proper order of true love, true life, and true lineage. Your denomination has still not reached that kind of level. You must bring your congregation to that level. No matter what kind of wonderful world we want to build on earth, if we still have any link to Satan, it will not be accomplished.

I have invested 34 years of my life in America. America has not really responded yet. Now is the time for America to respond. Archbishop Stallings, you may think that you have dedicated everything, and yet your church did not go over that level. Christians didn't know the true value of each individual and family. Instead individualism came about, and the churches divided. Because of this condition of division, God has truly been miserable. Americans have been very proud of themselves and have been very human-centered. Are you clergy serious about this?

For thousands of years God has been suffering in immense pain. Some of you think that the missionaries should be standing in the back and I should be standing in the front. In heaven the situation is different. The missionaries and those on the front line are in the front and standing with God. We must make the preparation to go to the Kingdom of Heaven and really go into the realm of God's Heart.

You cannot be comfortable and save this nation. You must not only sacrifice your church, but you must also participate in the sacrifice of this nation. Dr. Yang, you must be serious every day to go one step forward. Some are just interested in reporting, but we must go one step forward every day.

Now is the time for me to focus on the Fatherland. If you look at Korea, Japan, and America, there are no true owners of these nations.

What language should I speak? English or Korean? You must understand how much I went through with language. (Dr. McGhee: Father, we love you no matter what language you speak.) Within three to five years there can be the world of peace.

You must really understand me and help me to do the things that God wants to do for America and the world to bring the Peace Kingdom. To bring this world into the Peace Kingdom, we must really follow God and the people God has chosen to be in the center.

Is it "Hudson" River or "Hard Son" River? People here are somewhat challenging, so maybe it should be called the Hard Son River. No matter if there is rain or snow, we must go out. Let's see if anyone here is working harder than me. I always want to be on the front line. However now is the time when you should be taking the front line and making me follow you. Who will go fishing today? The fishing industry could completely solve the hunger problem of the world. There are so many different kinds of animals and fish, there would be no need for hunger. Why can't you hunt or fish? We should teach all those people who are suffering. We have to help all people at this time to bring everyone to work. We can hunt if necessary. We can fish if necessary.

Where should I be laid to rest? In America? In Korea? How about Jesus? Jesus doesn't even have a tomb for his commemoration. If Jesus had a tomb, it would be honored, and Jesus would be very happy.

You must sincerely pray for True Parents night and day. If you don't pray with sympathy and understanding, you will not be close in heart. You must be really centered on Cheon Seung Gyeong.

How many nations have nuclear power now? If there is a nuclear war, it could destroy the whole world. We must overcome all of this with true love. Nuclear arms must be buried and then destroyed. They should be buried so deeply that this world will not be affected. The tsunami wiped out hundreds of thousands. The members of our movement will be protected. You must understand this now.

You must read Dr. Sang Hun Lee, and understand the spirit world. You must be clear that True Parents offered four children.

Archbishop Stallings, you cannot save people yourself because you are not the True Parent. You have met the True Parents and through them you will be able to save the people. Archbishop, you should not be thinking about living a comfortable life. You must really sacrifice. What do you think would happen if I gave up on you? You say you are proud of your children, but you should be thinking only of how to give the blessing to three generations. All of us must establish this foundation up to three generations.

Who made the boundaries of this world? Satan made them. Satan is so far away from the ideal standard. That is the phenomenon you see in America right now, the idea of individualism and boundaries. You must be true owners. You must be connected to God's idea. We have not been able to make the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We cannot think about owning land or just about our well being. Who made the concept of ownership that is self-centered? Satan made it.

There are so many boundaries and borderlines! These must be melted away. Boundaries made by false owners. Everywhere there are different owners. How can we destroy all of these boundaries? Satan has been against the ideal world. Satan has been doing all this through divisions and separations. We must work to make one world that is completely without divisions and boundaries.

There should be no respect of any racial boundaries. America is such a huge land with so many boundaries. How about the American Indians? They are Orientals. They were pushed out, expelled, and killed. This must be corrected. You will one day see that 70 percent of the world is connected to the Mongolian line. If we don't do this work, white people may find themselves pushed out. I am working to prevent further conflict and divisions on racial lines

God doesn't want to see racial boundaries and fighting along racial lines. God wants us to unite all people together. God hates boundaries. No boundaries! There should be no more boundaries. The question is how we can build a peaceful world. The time has come for us to eliminate boundaries.

You are famous clergymen. I don't want to take anything; I want to give. Also, from God's perspective God doesn't want anything from this world. Bishop Stallings, you shouldn't be proud of your two sons. You should be thinking of God and the salvation of the world. Four of my children were sacrificed for the will of heaven. You must really realize the sacrifices that were made to bring this kingdom.

I wanted to bring that kind of result. Behind me, I had to go through tremendous persecution from Christians, Jews, and everyone else. I had to go over it by truly loving them. Along the way there were unspeakable sacrifices that had to be made. Many of you don't really want to praise me. Some of you here are just looking to use me and see what you can get from me. Many of you don't want to go through the eight stages. There is a big opposition, but we must understand how to overcome it. The reason there is persecution is because people are holding on to their boundaries and want to protect their own boundaries and habitual lifestyle at this time.

We must reverse the direction. We must turn this situation upside down. Do you want it to be upside down? To make it go upside down, do you want to be in low gear or high gear? If I try not to turn this upside down, I would not have received much persecution. We should now go the correct way. If we aren't in high gear turning everything upside down, then we can never bring this world into the right way. You may say, I don't like everything upside down. You may spit at it. If you do, you will decline.

Now I am changing my gear. You may not like it, but if you don't follow and deny yourself -- pick up your cross and follow -- you will go back into the evil way. We must be separated from this evil world. We have been going the wrong way of false love, false life, and false lineage. Due to the fall, everything went the wrong way. That's why the way we must go is repentance and total denial of this world. Bishop Stallings, you took down the cross. That is the correct understanding. You have two sons but you should realize they are not only your sons but they are God's sons. You shouldn't just be proud of them. That is not God's idea. You should think they are God's historic sons for the whole world. People fear me and would like to expel me from this world because that is always Satan's strategy. Satan is always creating boundaries and trying to keep the people separated from God.

American clergyman are participating here and therefore I am giving you this historic message. You should understand God's strategy. You have to change your existing clothes and be willing to be naked and start over. All the clothes you have been wearing are clothes from the old era. Whatever clothes of the old era there were, they should be taken off; we should stand clean and even symbolically naked in front of God. Nothing to hide us, nothing to cover us. We should stand pure and beautiful before God. I asked all couples to sleep naked, love each other, and approach each other with a beautiful heart continuing through old age. This is beautiful and pure before God. You should have this kind of heart and love. Every night you must be naked as you sleep and really embrace your spouse with God's heart and love.

There should be no shadows anyplace. There must be no deviation from God's light and love. If you have no sin or deviation from the perfect vertical stance before God, then you will cast no shadow under the light of God's love.

There have never been such couples in history. Now is the time for the revealing and the realization of such an ideal. Finally one couple has now appeared. God is now revealing this kind of truth, which is now unified by true love.

OK ??? OK means Open Kingdom. How about in America? Does it mean Open Kitchen? We must now open the kingdom and have no secrets between husband and wife. Now the end of the time of evil has come. The whistle has been used in a bad way in the past to attract the opposite sex. Now with true love the whistle can be beautiful before God. With that kind of love, God now wants to dance with his children with no boundaries.

I'm asking you whether you couples are naked. If you are warm and caressing and loving to each other, then you won't be able to fight. All of you ACLC clergy, when you go back, you shouldn't even wear underwear !!!! This has been God's hidden message until now !!! I want you to have an ideal relationship from today. How can you fight? How can you divorce or do anything foolish to destroy your true love? You don't need to pray for this or that to be done; you must only report and offer everything to God.

You should not forget what I have said today; please do not forget about our meeting today here. You must understand the value of your partner. You must understand the real value of your spouse.

(Rev. Jenkins prayed.)


When I hear a prayer like that, I feel that it is good for me to stay in America. When I hear that prayer I feel that my 34 years of investment in America has not been in vain.

All Koreans must go back to their hometowns. I will send back immediately any Korean leader who doesn't have the right direction and tradition. You American leaders must take responsibility. You must be responsible for America.

If Rev. Jenkins spoke fluent Korean and prayed like that in Korea, Korea would change upside down.

We have to live that kind of life on earth. Do you love your wife? My push for exchange marriage is the greatest revolution in human history, the crossing of boundaries.

You can change the speed through the use of gears. (Bishop Stallings - Father is the only one that proclaims the unity and oneness of all races with exchange marriage. No one , not one, ever proclaimed this to humanity and lived.)

(Dr.Yang) Bishop Johnson is lecturing Divine Principle. (Father) Do you get a lot of energy from it? !!!


I have asked top Ambassadors for Peace from seven nations to come to America to hear six days of the Divine Principle. This is crucial for the providence. I have done this in Japan and Korea. After they were educated, I had them become "partners" through a sisterhood type ceremony. I am pushing this kind of wind so that it will blow throughout the world until it becomes strong enough to change the United Nations. Think what can happen! I will speak to these guests on April 13.

Because many immigrants came to America with many sad, conflicting histories, it is not easy for them to unite here in America. They remember all the conflicts in their histories, and they feel fear, jealousy, resentment and all kinds of things. Satan uses all this to divide races and divide America. We are the ones that must remove the fear and melt down these barriers with the blessing and true love. Do you understand?

This is the crucial thing - that you must establish as an exemplary family. You must become a model of love for all races and peoples and pass this on to your children and grandchildren. This is crucial. This is the way to go. Please follow this path. This is critical for us at this time. The theme of exchange marriage is most crucial.