True Father Speaks To UTS Graduates

Date: 2005-04-17


These are Nathaniel's notes from TF speech during Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden inviting all UTS graduating students and last year's graduates.

Through your portion of responsibility (POR) you should used up your creativity and become totally united with God, mind and body oneness with God.

Compared to a car, your engine is broken, you can't fix yourself, and so you need someone to do the job to fix.

TF talks about the Mongolian tribe to be the elder son position. But elder son killed younger son, so there should be indemnity.

TF using his hands could explain his message of how we supposed to indemnify everything, the thumb is God, etc, and then from pinky going back to thumb everything left hand over right hand should be the opposite, this kind of indemnity he is talking about. Then he joined both hands in vertical position, he said this is what it should be, holding hands together walking with God, husband and wife holding hands together, loving each other.

You should know the spirit world (SW) if you don't understand SW you don't know DP. Everything exists in pair system.

April is the month TF is severely persecuted.

You should go where I asked you to do, follow the path of your conscience. You are very much like a thief you like to take something from God even from me, and don't give something in return.

I liberate God, how come you can't liberate me (TPs), this couldn't be done easily but you have to do it.

As graduate, if you don't fulfill your responsibility then you become a thief. Why UTS was establish?

I am dispatching you in the position of BCF (Blessed Central Family) as a pioneer and vanguard, you need to accomplish your responsibility, those who are working for the development of our church should do well and work with ownership.

Korea and Japan has important role to play they are the Formation and Growth stage; America should be working for Completion stage.

I have nothing, I am like a naked person; this is my life I establish to myself.

TF fought in every battle, every obstacle on every level, then you should do the same. You should go to the original state before the fall. How can you be expecting to reach the standard as UTS graduate? How you should be qualified, you should follow TPs. Do you need to go to examination and pass, to be qualified?

You should liberate those from the bottom of hell, if you don't know what to do, if you know DP.

Eliminate you fallen nature, you should go to original path. Eliminate you fallen self. You should know SW many spirit were blessed. I already fulfilled my responsibility; everything should be done according to DP from the perspective of DP.

We should restore those who are suffering in the darkness.

The pope is gone representing Catholic, Arafat is gone representing Muslim, and now Jerry Fallwell is hospitalized representing Protestant. So there should be a clean up (I don't know exactly what he mean)

When I look at you there is no one qualified. You need absolute obedience. Even to the world of germs, small, big, they have purpose. They are obedience to the law. You should assume you don't exist. I'm already revealing the Heavenly Law.

We need to be serious in doing Hoon Dok Hae more than TF, you can't bit TF, his the champion with this field. (Even when he was in the hospital)

No one can be proud of yourself before me.

You don't even know DP, Cain/Abel. Go through individual to cosmic level, subjugate 12 people (disciples) and multiply them. But no one of you want to go this course, but you are not really serious.

Where ever you go you should bless people. You should know the time we are living now. Whether you fulfilled your duty as a son, you don't fulfill your POR, I'll know.

We have to represent TPs.

Since 1977 the 1st class in UTS how many graduates now? There are about 1,500 graduates, if all 1,500 graduates can go to 50 states (30 /state), how much these people can digest Christian ministers? But where are they now?

America don't remember where they came from and which direction they should go. You went to seminary to save America (the nation). 1/3 of leadership dispersed from UTS, but not so many people understood. I went there almost 2 x a day up to the 3rd class I attended graduation, I wanted to established UTS liked Sun Moon University, to established a seminary serving people, however it was not done, many people runaway.

UTS graduates supposed to be mobilized last 2002, but again they were not mobilized. European were mobilized to FR, making 40K/month, this is how we could hold many event. They can't even speak English, using signed cards. If you were serious in your mission, there should be 6,000 graduates by now.

TF were on top of his class when he was in High school, he went to Ocean High school, it's very difficult to enter that school but he was accepted. Do you think I'm a fool? I'm very good in gymnastics. They should not studied Japanese but TF studied secretly and did very well and on time of graduation, he stand up speaking in front of all people in Japanese giving message why they need to study Japanese, he became so famous.

During Pres. Carter administration there are 14 (I'm not sure of the number) countries were communized. The administration even wants to take out 25 member of our missionary but we were able to solve.

From grandfather to granddaughter, there are so many impurities here in America. How many steps can American woman can have, that's because of free sex.

Throughout 50 states of America I know all the secrets, I know their entire surplus. During Danbury prison we spend $17 B US for all those trucks and vans, use to distribute food from this entire surplus. There should be more than 600 trucks but there are no drivers. So we mobilized Japanese, but where are all those trucks now? Then when I come out from Danbury, these people will welcome me but it didn't happen.

Even in Danbury prison I help Nicaragua, if not that country will be gone. TF would have become the central person of Nicaragua you don't know this thing. Father was betrayed by white, Spanish even by the black.

Danbury is located at Connecticut - Cut off Connection,

Father try to save the state through Bridgeport University.

WE ARE VERY CLOSE BY NOW. Almost going over the line.

The Feb. 14 Cosmic Crowning, invited Mongolian representatives should have done in 1960 but there is no foundation in Korea.

I invested all my life, think of it! Still we can't pray in school, it is a sad thing in America. Separate church and state.

TF stressed all his accomplishment from Gorvacheb in 1992, the Russian students that came to America, and many more.

You should do at least 1% of what I have done. UTS graduates should know the cause. You should follow me, even at the last pinnacle of providence I'm working with Mongolian tribe. We need to have 70% of population of these Blue Tribe (Mongolian).

The crowning ceremony would be the foundation of your ownership. This is now the time to return all ownership to God. If not you will be like the Mafia (thief). You need to show your determination like doing hara-kiri (in Japan).

It is final call, I'm happy to see all UTS graduates.

You need to go through eight stages. Satan should be on the bottom of hell but Satan went over the position of God. There is no indemnity so we should go over horizontal and vertical center on family and tribe.

Last day all Satan and evil should go back to original place based on 8 stages all indemnity should be done, mind body unity. Restoration from all direction left/right, up/down, front/back, this is the meaning of coronation ceremony, without ceremony there is no foundation (base on equalization) 7 steps of liberation up to God, as son and daughter you should know this thing. Do you understand the time we are living?

Holy Scripture (father talking about the Hoon Dok Hae books) should be your light out of darkness; in SW you may not meet me without foundation because I will be the light.

Mongolian should be one lineage. Korean representative of Mongolian tribe you should be a leader of Mongolian tribe.

Korean, Japan and America should be one all currency should be one; it is in building God's kingdom.

We could bear child up to 48 years old, after that it is almost impossible.

Everything is in pair system, Now is fighting phenomena.

Do you want to attend God or take care your family and tribe? With confidence you should go forward vertically. You should become one not two centered on love.

Don't be defeated by American you have to love the cause and effect.


(I was seated in the front row, TF hit persons to my right and left, but not me.... Ohhhhh, I felt unqualified to be touched by the Messiah. I'm so closed to TF that I could see the brand of his pants (Wolsey) and sweater (Astra).)