True Parents' 45th Holy Wedding Anniversary

Date: 2005-04-11
East Garden

World Peace King Cup Fishing Tournament

Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins, Simultaneous summary translation by Rev. In Hoi Lee, Edited by Mrs. Louise Strait and Mr. J. Flynn. These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.


You will reflect on the past at the moment when you look back on your life. Therefore we must indemnify the entire past. We need the revolution of indemnity to dissolve all the mistakes of the past. God sent the messiah in order to restore everything for God and humanity.

The course we went through in the past should not be seen as a path just for individuals, but as a way that all people must go. The revolution of indemnity will make a circle that will separate all of human history. To make a circle, your left and right hand must come together. Therefore, in Cheon Il Guk, two must become one. If you try to make a circle with one hand and all fingers, it is not symmetrical. Two hands, matched finger to finger, make a symmetrical circle. When the right and left come together, the fingers should then interlock so that they can never be separated.

Even I must go through an indemnity course. I cannot blame my fortune or inheritance; I must recreate my fortune centering on God. This is the way to go to the bottom of hell and then rise up.

I've met many theologians. Dr. Richard Rubinstein and Dr. Harvey Cox had many important experiences and offered appreciation for my insight. Harvey Cox wrote an introduction to one of our books, which will open his way in the spirit world. Many of the world's scholars have challenged us, but we responded and returned the challenge. In every case, they changed and came to a better understanding.

Iraq is today's hot spot; it is the area where Adam and Eve were created and lived. Many countries in the Middle East - Iran, Syria and others -- have had a hard time.

Many Americans drink, take drugs and commit immoral sexual acts. To justify what they have done, they have come up with the ideology of free sex. After drinking or taking drugs, they have allowed their passions to run uncontrolled in any direction. The free sex ideology promotes promiscuity and homosexuality. Immoral love can go in any direction; thus we even see incest between a grandfather and his granddaughter. The free sex ideology is Satan's plan to destroy the family I came to America to reverse this sin and heal this nation. America may be actually worse than Sodom and Gomorrah in this regard. Wife swapping has gone on even among society's elite; if a woman becomes pregnant, sometimes they are not sure who the father is. What about those women who wear earrings in their belly buttons? The woman's organ is like a cave and the man's is like a snake. Some women dress provocatively to seduce men, to seduce the snake to come into the cave. The Bible says - don't eat the fruit.

You should understand that I have gone through so much hardship since I was 16 years old. Adam and Eve fell when they were 16. Satan must be defeated on all levels -- from the individual to the family and to the whole world. Satan knew my identity. Therefore he has been working to destroy me or kill me on every level - individual, family, and so on. However, there was no accusation with which he could strike me. Because of that, I could live. If I couldn't have the right foundation, I couldn't go to sleep.

The whole world has opposed me. The communist powers tried to do away with me. However, I was never defeated. When people strike me, they find that a mysterious force supports me and I become more powerful as they decline. Michael Jenkins, do white people in America support me? Dr. McGhee, how about black people? Both have persecuted me. Many are against me, but some understand now.

Yesterday, I shared with Mother. Only Mother really understands what I am doing. Mother knows how much I suffered and that I speak all through the night with heaven without sleep. Dr. Hendricks, do you believe in the spirit world? (Yes, Sir.) Is it a concept, or do you understand and believe? (Understand and believe.) Dr. Yang, how will we fish today? If you receive the prize today, it will be because of your ancestors and history, not your own effort. Our offering on True Parents Day was not so great. If we always make offerings like that, our church will die. After the crowning ceremony, you must offer everything.

America is based on democracy and has the philosophy of brotherism. Therefore Americans have a hard time understanding the concepts of God as king, and the importance to the nation of filial sons and daughters.

Michael Jenkins, do you understand my teaching? (Algay Sumnida). Do you understand that I am right about this? (Yes). If there is no clear formula, all of you will be lost and separated. You must connect the relationship of everything at every level with God and True Parents.

True love is the realm and standard through which we can relate to God. I am the person that stands between God and all humanity. You represent all the world's 6 billion people. You have authority to challenge them. If you do, you will win every time. Do you understand? (Yes). I am not following behind you. You must go forward yourselves.

I have asked you to return to your hometowns. I have asked you to bless everyone at this time. That is the responsibility of tribal messiahs. If I speak a little bit more, so many secrets would come out. True love is more effective against your enemy than any weapons such as rifles, guns, or rockets. I had to overcome death many times. It has been a historic journey.

When I look at your faces, I can see that 80 % of you don't understand what I am saying. And you are humble people. I am so lonely because I know God, and He hasn't spoken anything about His suffering. I know the history of the struggle between God and Satan. I fully understand this history and God's agony. My role has been to reconcile this sad history. Satan should surrender and reconcile with God. Who should be in front? God or Satan? Satan has always been in front. But I reversed the order, bringing Satan to surrender and then putting God in front, in His proper place.

When a grandfather has his 60th birthday party, his children should be ready to inherit their father's role. When someone walks into the room, I can see everything inside. I don't focus on it because I want to leave open a way for them to make an offering.

Mrs. Chung was blessed with Jesus in 1970. Mrs. Chung, you must lead all the Chung family to unite with Heaven. If the Chung family had supported this, it would have helped the restoration move incredibly rapidly. Mrs. Chung came from a very prominent family. Dr. Yang, Michael Jenkins, and all America must understand who you are and support you.

Dae Mo Nim (Hoon Mo Nim), keep going. Don't ever boast. Remain humble. You must bring people.

Lucifer felt that he was the owner and that he should kill God. This must be all washed away. Satan's desire was to destroy and obliterate God totally. God, however, does not desire the death or the destruction of the enemy, but rather his uplifting and restoration.

You should understand that you must love your enemy. This is the most fundamental principle. You may think that the Arab countries are your enemy. However, you must not go down that path. You must love your enemy. Even though Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, General MacArthur did a good job of restoring and respecting Japan's dignity There is a statue of MacArthur in Incheon. He is standing there to protect Korea and is longing for the day of reunification. If Truman followed MacArthur's suggestions, everything would have been changed in just three months. America didn't have the guts at that time to take on China. America suffered under the attacks of communism because of this failure.

(To Dr. McGhee) - What is your name? (Hildreth Glennel McGhee ) I can't remember all of that. I just remember McGhee. You represent all of the black community. I want all to know I welcome you with all of my heart.

Black, white and yellow are coming to love and respect me to the degree that they understand. However, most don't understand.

Now Israel is building a security wall. Dr. Yang is becoming famous there, as well as Michael Jenkins. Dr. Yang's name means "cleaning up the dirty water." Michael Jenkins. Michael means microphone; Jenkins means destroying. You must destroy that wall. How old are you? (52). I feel that you are 32.

(To Rev. Eu) Japan has been raising financial support for the world providence. This was to restore Japan's history. Japan must focus on witnessing; from now on, you may focus on this before fundraising. If you witness to 10,000 people, it will have a huge effect. You need to go to the whole world and teach all the world's people. Japan is in the Mother's role, and I stand as Father to the world.

The branch king is more than a heavenly ambassador. These people were chosen as the ones who can bring peace to those countries. Michael Jenkins, you are a branch king, right? (Yes.) Do you understand that your role is to bring peace?

Japanese members, please stand up. Japan should witness; you should not rest. You must bring many members. Your mission is still not fulfilled. You should make a new determination and then start. You should give yourselves totally for the salvation of the world. Japan committed many crimes of historical proportion against Korea and the world. You are still indemnifying this history; you must not fail. Within eight months you must witness. The spiritual world will help you. You must still continue your donations. And you should donate with a thankful heart. That's what I've taught you. From April to December, you must find many new members and prepare them to go out to the world. Just have one mind. Through this you can be forgiven for your past, and heavenly blessing will come to Japan and to your descendants. I bless you now and believe that you must fulfill your mission.

Dr. Yang, you held a conference in Jordan. It was very important providential work. You are restoring the path of the chosen people crossing the Jordan. You must work with the political and military leaders there to bring peace. The purpose of our trips is to restore the pilgrimage spirit of the world coming to Israel.

Now the communist countries produce all kinds of consumer goods for a cheap price. America can't go back to the days of super-cheap mass labor. America may collapse economically in the face of China's challenge. You must understand China. China is like a snake -- one day this way, another day that way. You may lose everything you invest in China. America is capable of supporting China to create a market for machine tools and such. This will help America.

If you seek to die, you will live. If you seek to live, you will die! Martin Luther King had the guts to stand up and fight. He was a great leader for Heaven. I made a plan to embrace the black community, which is why I went to Harlem to make a special speech at Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker's church. I love the black community for supporting me.

There are female and male insects, animals and birds. Nobody can deny that female aspect of the world is absolutely essential. The two aspects of male and female are always present. Why? The pair system of the world is a universal law. The flowers all have plus and minus, male and the female. It is only through this that the female and the male can come together and multiply. God created all things with all of His heart and mind. God wanted to keep all of His flowers in His bosom. The pair system is a universal law. That's why the same-sex pairing doesn't work. Without lineage, they will be gone within one generation.

Would you discard your partner because you don't like each other? What about the children? Would they welcome a new mother?

What about America? Is it an original nation of the Kingdom or a stepchild nation? It can't be an original nation while supporting immoral behavior. America used to belong to the Native Americans. Is it a step nation or an original nation? Do you think Columbus discovered America? That is nonsense. All the original people were from Asia, but they were slaughtered by the Spanish and later European settlers.

America is like a stepchild. Michael Jenkins, where are you from? - (Cheon Il Guk. ) Where are your ancestors from? (England, Ireland, Wales and Germany). This is correct. It shows that America doesn't have one ancestral line but is very mixed.

God made women not only for men but first for children. Therefore the entire purpose of creation relates to the female. Do you think God creates all things for His partner or His child? The most important thing is for the child. The man's shape is convex and the woman's shape is concave --she is created to receive. Even if a woman has a doctorate the most important thing is to have children. Do you think that you need children? This is most essential. The most precious experience of all is to nurse your baby and hold your baby in your arms.

You have to nourish three generations: Your sons and daughters, your husbands and brothers, mothers and sisters and your father and mother. I hope Hoon Mo Nim can nourish the elder generations.

I created exchanged marriages to mix all the races through the blessing. By my authority I exchanged all races and families. If exchange marriages were everywhere, peace would come very easily.

Conclusion: All nations and peoples tried to kick me out, but they could not. Parents kidnapped their sons and daughters because they joined our church. No other church has had such a history. The parents who are clear in their hearts and minds will be able to follow their sons and daughters to heaven. With the proper heavenly bonds, that family cannot be broken. Only as a family can you enter the Kingdom of Heaven. .

I fought and survived to keep the heavenly lineage. You must keep the heavenly lineage. Your children should be God's children. If they are taken to hell, they should be restored back to heaven again. Your children have to be ready to be intermarried with my family. You should prepare for this. God is hoping that you will understand.

It is easy to marry a person that you like. When I was visiting Japan, many women wanted to propose to me. I didn't fall to this temptation. If I were to record all such things, it would fill a book. Even in America women wanted to marry me at the price of their lives.

Did I do anything wrong in history? The whole world wanted to take my life; everyone wanted to destroy me. But they couldn't. Why? Because I did nothing wrong according to the principle, so there was no condition for Satan to accuse me. I had to love my enemy. I have to love even the Japanese government, who sought to destroy me.

On True Parents Day we had to create a foundation centering on the unbreakable eternal establishment of True Parents. Based on this, all families could be blessed. This could only occur based on True Parents Day. Without this, none of you could stand.

I am willing to push America to sacrifice for the sake of Africa. We must understand that this is the world of the messiah. We must make that kind of tradition in the world. Dr. Yang, we must be ready to sacrifice everything to save Israel and the Arab countries. I may ask Michael Jenkins to go to some country and then on that basis America can be protected and understood.

Our people stood in front of the tanks in Russia and supported the course of freedom that President Gorbachev took.

You have to become the owner of this country by going back to your hometown. I will go in front of you. Although you may be ridiculed by the people in your hometown, you must go. You are an ambassador from Heaven. You must assume responsibility at this time.

You must become ambassadors from Heaven. I am determined to do all these things. I am 86 years old. I have had a long life. Now a window has been prepared for America to rise to the next level.

This is the final conclusion. Satan wanted to kick God out. But this was corrected by True Parents. This country became a stepchild country. Satan must apologize to God. Then you must be the owners and the patriots of that nation. Then you can become the offspring of God. All of Satan's traditions and evil history must be buried. Then you should become the family of the saints in the world. You must receive all that is important for this moment from me. You are supposed to go to the Garden of Eden directly. You must bury Satan at this time. With one family, you can't do it. We must all go over; all blessed couples must go over together. All together, then, we can bring victory. Then Satan will surrender to you. All the Mongolian people are united.

Even if I go to the spirit world today, because of the Coronation Ceremony for the King and Queen of Cosmic Unity and Peace in February, everything has been perfectly completed by True Parents from the perspective of the Principle.