True Parents Han Nam Dong

Date: 2005-07-31
(Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins via simultaneous summary translation, Edited by Mrs. Joy Pople).

NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

(Won Ju McDevitt read for hoon dok hae.)

Father Moon spoke:

To follow God’s teaching of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience is essential to our faith. The object of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience was to be Adam. To be absolutely obedient means to have no concern about self. Adam and Eve were supposed to absorb God’s love and become the full embodiments of God’s love. If there is a man that is just like God, he becomes one with the Principle.

In order for love to be complete, God needs his object partners. Religious people don’t understand that you must have your object partner in order to complete love. Through the subject/object partnership we can fulfill true love. Ninety-seven percent is God’s responsibility, and three percent is human responsibility.

There were five male entities (God, Adam, and three archangels) around Eve, and they should have made complete unity with God. God created Adam and Eve. Eve was in a central position. Adam was supposed to need Eve and unite with her. The home of all life is the woman’s womb. The seed of all life is there; it is the place where new life can be born.

The family is the root of everything, so we set up Parents' Day and Children’s Day. These events did not happen at random. True Parents are the embodiment of God, and you are the embodiment of True Parents. The family should consist of man and woman, for man and woman together can create a true family. The absolute family has an absolute father, an absolute mother and absolute children. There are eight stages -- individual, family, community, and so on – and we must win the victory over the eight stages. In order to create everlasting peace, we need to create everything centered on true love.

If you stop breathing you will die. If you breathe in and out, your existence will continue through this give and take. If an infant is born without the proper give and take of breathing, it will die. All the human body is based on systems of give and take.

Without parents, the baby will die. If you don’t appreciate your parents who gave you life, you are like a robber or a thief. You are the extension of your parents' life and love; your identity comes not from your self but from the life and love of your parents and God. Always remember that you exist for the center, that you exist for God. Please say amen!

Why do you need the organs of your body? There is always a purpose. There should always be the proper order for coming in and going out. Your body releases fluids from the same area as your sexual organ. However, in married life, the woman doesn’t think of her husband's sexual organ as dirty. In the animal world, the central reason for coming together is centered on the sexual organ. There is no animal that doesn’t like the opposite sex. Man and woman are the same way: there is nothing to be disliked between husband and wife.

Can you reach the point where you can forget about your own sickness? I have reached that stage. I don't need any medicine.

I had a younger brother who was more handsome than me. He died when he was 8. When my brother was really, really sick my Mother tasted his poo and could understand his sickness and what he needed to be healthy. Think about water that is full of impurities, and yet we can purify and drink it again. You should purify yourself in the same way.

Sin begins in the city and then expands to the countryside. I have done a lot fishing. When I had diarrhea, it wasn’t a problem: I would jump into the water, go there, and the fish would come and eat what floated around. Would you catch the fish that ate your own poo? Yes, you would eat it. Of course you have to cook it first! Life and death are just two different sides of one coin.

In the course of human growth, people keep growing until they are 23 and then stop. That’s why you should create a family by 23 or 24. If you don’t do that, the cells of your body will go down.

Do you live to eat? In the spirit world you don’t have to eat, and you don’t need an airplane in order to travel. It’s a garden of flowers like lilacs. It’s a place where you dance around with joy.

God’s body is True Parents' body. Based on the experience of first love, the mind and body should be united into one. The mind and body of man and the mind and body of woman must become one. That is the place where you can be stable and not move forward or backward. You become the center. Kwak, Chung Hwan, what does Chung in you name mean? [It means locking.]

You must understand that you need to become the embodiment of God, and your body needs to represent God’s body. When you deny yourself, you can find your true self. When you truly empty yourself, you allow space for God, air and everything. You must give yourself space. When you empty yourself, the emptiness can be filled. You have to become completely empty; then God can fill you up. That is where you can discover your true self.

Is there a struggle between your mind and body? If your mind and body struggle, you cannot enter the gate of the heavenly kingdom. You have to wait at the gate! Look at the babies: they wake up, they play, and they sleep; they do whatever they want to do. That is similar to the spirit world. Your original mind feels that way. Even if you are persecuted and rejected, you don't mind because your original mind is happy.

Jesus' three disciples ran away, but the thief on the right affirmed him. The descendants of Barabbas, who was released, became the Muslims.

Westerners, raise you hands. The western culture doesn’t have a strong vertical relationship with God. No matter how much the western culture prospers, it will only last to the degree that it recognizes the center and unites with the will of God. Even a diamond doesn’t shine or realize its full value until it is cut and polished. How many times have you shed tears over the situation of God?

[Rev. Kwak read Father’s speech for the World Culture and Sports Festival.]

Today is July 31. The World CARP Convention and the World Culture and Sports Festival are taking place. You must be independent and self-reliant. Please understand yourself and your position in history. Do you want to greet me as a member of the family or as the owner of heaven and earth? Those whose mind and body are struggling cannot be free. Western members need to understand the root of individualism and the importance of kinship in relation to individuality. Keep your head straight and know what we are doing. When you understand that you are living the life of God, you deny yourself completely.

What will I be doing until tomorrow? There will be officially 3000 couples at the Blessing, and there will be more couples worldwide. Those under the age of 18 raise your hand. Those under 23 raise your hand.

Today we celebrate the ending of July. I have reached the point where I should no longer have to worry about the providence. The Mongolian race has reached every area of the world. The Chinese character for Hwang means yellow. Rev. Hwang Sun Jo has the ability to go anywhere at any time. Rev. Hwang is a very stable man, not one who will flow away with the stream. He will stick around for a long long time; he is a very strong man. Who is higher, Rev. Kwak or Rev. Hwang? Rev. Kwak is higher. Then Rev. Kwak has to do all the work; without making any commotion he should give everything away. We should be IMP, International Moon People. Water goes anywhere in the world, so the people who control the water can control the world.That's why we develop the Ocean Providence.