True Parents Return to America

Date: 2005-03-18
East Garden


Dr. Peter Kim:

True Parents have just returned from 82 days in Korea. Father and Mother gave, right before my eyes, with limitless love for others. Father fulfilled the internal and external providence in Korea. Now they come to the Elder Son Nation of America for the work of God's providence. I just thought that though there are many famous and important people, who could come forward like True Parents and fulfill the providential conditions that would secure the Fatherland and protect the future of God's Will. We should express our gratitude to True Parents on every level.

During 82 Days, it is not easy to give a report concerning all the things that occurred. However I will just summarize the key points of what occurred. As you know, Father left for Korea on December 27th and arrived in Korea on December 28th. Father gathered the leaders and gave them clear providential direction. Immediately he went to Yeosu and guided the Japanese Wives and women and gave them clear direction and understanding of the providence. Why did Father invite the women? Many brothers came but they were asked to return for this education was for the women. Right now the third workshop is now being held. Around 100 attend a 40 day workshop. The third 40 day workshop is now in process. Some key leaders have given their life testimony to them. So far 280 wives have attended this program. The age of the participants is from 22 to 82. Even a special 72 year old made it all the way through. She is the wife of a famous University President name Dr. Se Won Yoon. The event of the first Ahn Shi Il was announced and explained at that time. (This occurred on May 5, 2004 in Yeosu and marked the end of the era before Heaven and the beginning of the era After the coming of Heaven. They also learned about fishing and the industries surrounding the Yeosu area. They also studied the Divine Principle together. Every summer all blessed families should consider visiting the beautiful Yeosu area from now.

One day, Father finished the Hoon Dok Hae at Han Nam Dong and Father asked the young people who had a birthday in that month, those young people went in the helicopter with Father and the rest went to Yeosu by car and received a 10 day workshop by Father. One day they saw a boat upside down in the water. Four were rescued and one was missing. When I heard the report I immediately began to pray. At the moment I felt I must report to Father. Father began to pray for the person. The Good Go is an excellent boat. It will not sink. Because of that it is very safe. It is an excellent fishing boat. Around 20 people can go on the larger boat. In between the two Islands were the salmon. We searched for the brother for 20 hours. When we brought it into port the police divers dove in, and our brother was alive inside the boat upside down. When the police went down the touched his leg and were shocked that he was alive. After two hours he came out of the hospital happy and smiling? The police have never heard of this in the history of Korea.

Yeosu is so important for God's providence as it will become a cultural, tourism and economic center. When we first went there, some churches in the area didn't understand our work there and they prepared some protests of our work. However, others understood and in particular the Mayor understood Father's vision for the development of Yeosu and totally changed their minds and direction. There was also an understanding of the fact that our movement in Korea is very large in number and influential. Some realized that it wasn't a good idea to oppose them. Now there is cooperation and understanding. Latter this brother who survived was blessed to our second generation sister. (This was unusual for he was first generation member - this was a special dispensation of True Parents that was only based on their blessing). Father gave this blessing because he said that one day this brother will become very famous in history.

As you know that motto of this year is "Let us Complete the Internal and External Ideal of Cheon Il Guk". As you know the Internal relates with the spirit world. It also relates to the world of religion while the external relates with the physical world and the world of nations. Based on the internal and external form of Cheon Il Guk, there will be the realization of the Peace Kingdom. Father asked that we listen repeatedly to Father's prayer given at Midnight on God's Day. 1. Some of the content is 6000 years of God's suffering must be completed in the year 2005. 2. The era of the harmony of Cain and Able has arrived and there should be no division among brothers. We shouldn't make mistakes in the future. 3. Change of Blood lineage. Father prayed that this must be the time of the complete end of the satanic lineage through the change of blood lineage. Based on Father's prayer we can understand the direction for this whole year. 4. Father then spoke about the indemnity principle and ownership. 5. We must enter the realm of God's heart. 6. By 2012 we must fully realize Cheon Il Guk substantially. The lottery was to be drawn. The first is the realm of the indemnity in which we should give 10% of ownership, the second is the realm of Conscience (20% should be given), the third is the Realm of Heart (10% Should be given.)

We must completely become one with True Parents and True Parents heart. In the secular world people would be satisfied just with their own happiness. We must be totally happy only by serving people with True Love. If we give from scratch everything we have for the people, then we should forget what we gave. We must practice the realm of giving and forgetting. This is the way we can practice True Love. We must also practice the principle of the High Noon Settlement. This is the principle in which we can stand at a perfect vertical angle under the light and truth of God. (As if we are standing under the sun at High noon). We stand directly under the sun and are vertically directly under a straight line from the sun we cast no shadow. In the same way if we stand correctly before God at a 90 degree angle we have no part that is off or at a 89 degree angle and we will cast no shadow. Now Father has announced a new time of building the Hoon Dok Church Movement.

Father Spoke:

When we are truly one with God there is no concept of myself. There is no possibility of self. The fall of man is rooted in the concept of "self". We must not have any concept of "self". Then we can be one with God. In one sense True Parents know how to relate with all secular people. The word of True Parents is not coming from the secular world. The words of True Parents are coming directly from God. If God's word had manifested in True Parents through Adam and Eve there would be no need for religion. However because of the fall religion came out of this. We must understand that God's words are coming from True Parents. The tradition is not correctly set from any religion in any nation. Christianity is still fighting amongst themselves and cannot set the right tradition for America. Antonio and Mr. Kamiyama you should understand that you really are from the history of Cain.

However when you talk about True Parents and God's pure and holy word all the old history coming out of the fallen history is completely erased. Christianity must yield to the coming of the new age. You must reflect and repent as to how much you are purified. You should have no relationship with this fallen world. You must cleanse the origin and connection to the fallen world. In this way, True Parents may not be able to relate with you. Even if you have the love, life and lineage you must have the purity of God's kingdom. I couldn't purify things unless I went through total suffering. That kind of purity doesn't exist in the world.

Therefore we must set that now. Therefore we must set the condition for the Kingdom of Heaven now. All the clouds are out, there is no sunshine coming through where the clouds are, we must clear the clouds away. After the Coronation of the Peace King why do I come to America. I don't need to come. Why do I come? Because you were chosen representing the fallen history and it is your responsibility to return the world to heaven through the proper execution of the will of God. God did 97%, however because you are dealing with the 3% of cleaning up the history of fallen humanity you suffer greatly. Don't look back. You will be captured in the darkness.

You must do the three revolutions. Even though you have completed the revolution of indemnity you must still complete the other revolutions. You must complete the revolution of conscience and heart. We must go to the bottom of hell in the family level and restore everything from the bottom up. Only this way can you make a highway for humanity from the bottom of hell to heaven. You all must go back to the original relationship with me. You all must go through this course directly.

Even in the OT era they offered the animals as a sacrifice. They had to make a separation or division of the offering. In my own family, Sun Jin Nim's mother was separated from me. Unfortunately we don't have a nation upon which we can exist. We were all born in this world and were blessed. However without a nation we cannot register our birth and our marriage. Without going through the three stages of this process you will not be allowed in heaven. I must go to the spiritual world and cleanse and remove all the barriers of this world. You must also cleanse all the evil barriers that divide the nations of the world. We should have the heavenly constitution. We must have the constitution of God's Fatherland. America has a constitution. Was George Washington a person that created a nation without connection to the Fall of Man. This is the Second Revolution. All of you must stand in a totally pure position or you won't go to the heavenly realm in the spirit world. Without going through the three stages of revolutions you cannot cleanse yourself in the right way. The principle of "high noon" and "no shadow" is the place where you must meet God and True Parents together. Is there anybody who can fulfill this principle of no shadow? Everyone in the world was pulled into the secular world at the root and then in the trunk and the branches all are connected to the fall. We must go back to the seed that has been purified. Are you a pure seed right now. The seed has the genetic information to grow the pure tree. Are you the pure seed that can grow God's Kingdom.

We must go through the course that makes us a perfect pure seed. That is through the high noon course. From the first there must be a central seed, root, trunk and branch. All must be pure and totally connected to the seed. The seed gives forth the root. Once the root is sown it can last for thousands of years. All of this must be perfectly straight. This is how an ideal tree can grow straight. There should be that kind of Tree. The evergreen tree. We must become like an original seed and that will be a tree that can never come under the dominion of Satan. What is their lamentation. There was a reversal at the time of Adam and Eve. Everything was in a reversal. All the fallen things must be uprooted and we must start over. The sunlight comes from the sky and the nourishment from the earth. According to the natural law there can be four seasons. Whenever there is a high pressure there is always a low pressure. You should not think of yourself, you should only think of God and God's nation. You must think of parents and children and siblings Everything should be inherited from your parents and from there we can establish Husband and Wife and then establish three generations that are blessed. In the western world, many don't even want to have children because it is inconvenient. This is against the heavenly law. If this was the original path then the fallen world could be part of the kingdom. However the seed from the fall doesn't grow straight. Therefore in the garden of restoration there must be the pure holy seed that can grow the kingdom. This has never ever been established before in history. How can Father bring the correct seed. How can that kind of result occupy Satan's kingdom. Even God has not had that kind of seed that could grow through the lineage. How much God suffered because of this. One by one we have to take out everything from the fallen world and create a new world. We must then remove all belongings and connections to the fallen world and give up everything there is eliminating any connection to Satan.

Only True Parents have shown this path and value. We must then understand the value of True Parents. We must understand God's love, life and lineage. Only True Parents could bring this. Only Unification movement is the owner at this time. Only True Parents could reveal the revolutions that were necessary to make this pure seed. You must know this way. No one knew about this revolution.

Father is coming there making the action necessary for the total reversal of the fallen world. The fallen children must be blessed and restored. No matter what the world is able to produce, if it is not linked properly with God it will eventually fade away. This is not such an easy way. No matter how difficult the situation that you face is, you must overcome this and completely become the seed of God. You must overcome.

Father is very clear as to the original viewpoint. Father understands everything from the cause of the fall and the principle of restoration from the individual, to the family, clan, tribe, nation and the world. After this, the real issue is your level of dedication to bring the Kingdom of God in this world. Who can stand against you? From God's view you are the ancestors of the new world that God has chosen. No one has the power to stop you. If you understand the indemnity way and go Father's course there will be no problem for your course. I taught you everything. It is your job to overcome everything at this time. You say, "Oh, the persecution is not so easy!". However if you go home your family will not resist because all the ancestors are with you and the Peace Kingdom has come. Now they are taking action from heaven.

That is the way that the original God is looking down on you. We must move quickly. We must be the example of filial piety and the way of the saints towards heaven and humanity. The real problem is the unity of the mind and body. God's mind and flesh body fighting in spirit world? No. Therefore the division of the mind and body is a key problem and is the root of all fighting. The root of fighting between husband and wife, the root of fighting between brothers. Therefore the M and B must be unified.

Do you understand? You have to make it very clear. I said goodbye in Korea. From tomorrow I should say goodbye to you too. I have given everything, therefore even if you don't understand you must overcome. I have to bring my children into the realm of perfection. Your children are your second Messiahs. Through suffering with them to bring them to the perfection of the family and the kingdom. This is the path through which you can grow.

My baby grandson, Shin Jun. In a way he is greater than me because he shows more love to me than he did yesterday. I feel he is my teacher. He calls me Appa and True Mother Oma. He wants to kiss me but not with a kiss but with his wet tongue??

For the sake of the nation and the world, we must be totally united as one. America and the UN should be cooperating for the benefit of the world and should be united in harmony. Mr. Joo did you think of this.

In Chung Pyung they are building the heavenly palace but if you saw the Heavenly Palace in the Spirit World you would be totally amazed. It is much much bigger.

There should be no divisions among religions. What is the date? I left 11 am from Korea on the 18th and arrived here at 11 am on the 18th! We have been here for about four hours. Now the earth is going around the Sun. That's why there can be four seasons. So, these days, I am emphasizing the exchange marriage. If there is an exchange marriage then the children of those marriages will show more aptitude and can be much smarter. 70 years from now you will see the results of these marriages.

Colonel Han, did you talk about the Cho Gam Ryok (teaching of Korean prophesy.) Similar to the Cham Gam Nok. If we educate people properly their family can be restored too.

Even the top leaders of this nation must be educated. No president in this country can serve more than two terms, however three terms would be better. Then another way is that the top leader could serve through three generations.

When spring comes it is the time for the top leaders to understand our work. We must educate the NGO leaders and help educate all the heads of state throughout the world concerning marriage and morality. We must unify the world. In Africa there are many natural resources. If they are not united then individuals can misuse this blessing from God. I'm doing many things beyond your imagination. I'm not sure you can really have the guts to do it.

We must make a new organization centering on God's Kingdom. Only Father knows. (I got a cold so you may catch it!)

In the next four years you should be absolutely obedient to God's will. You must be absolutely obedient. If you are will you go up or down? UP! Because you are registered you must be willing to offer everything you have and go to Korea if heaven calls.

From now, I'm going to express my love to my children! (Amen!). All my family members always wonder when Father and Mother will come back. They never know. Now it is time to bring sunshine to my family.

Now a new era has dawned and you can now begin to truly bring sunshine to your tribe. From now on there must be rearrangement of all personnel. There should be restructuring. Your family must be saved. This is the complete OK. This the complete opening of the OK which means Open Kingdom. Or for you it may mean Open Kitchen! Some of you even chew gum so you can always eat!

Have you ever imagined that Father could do something like this. God told me you are the Savior, Messiah, True Parents, you are the King of Kings. However, I don't want to hear that from God because I know that when he says that it is because He wanted to use me to save the world. When I first heard the idea I liked it, but when I really understood…

Dr. Yang, when are you going to Israel? You must bring top leaders from America there. The one leader passed and now a new leader is there. If we bring 200 - 500 people continuously all the walls will fall down there. How come our media is silent. If you just keep silent I will challenge you. You have to write correct articles or maybe we should sell those media institutions!

(Father then was about to leave and as we were standing we gave another 20 minutes of deep guidance.) Dr. Yang, the family church of peace flag should fly in every church. If you had done that these churches could follow me completely. Now I may have to use the mass media. America should be humble, it should not lead by power, policy and force but must lead the world with True Love.

Many media institutions have not reported the truth on many areas. This must be corrected. There has also been so much misunderstanding about me. This must be challenged and corrected now! We should be confident and clear. All central nations should understand the Crown of Peace Ceremony, it should be on our websites and clearly understood. If there is misunderstanding or misinformation we must correct it and establish correct understanding.

Only one of the saints' wives are here. I would like to build a house for Jesus and his family in Chung Pyung.