Ahn Shi Il Pledge Service and Hoon Dok Hae with CIG Leaders

Date: 2006-02-04
February 4, 2006 - Cheong Pyeong Heaven And Earth Traning Center

(Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins, edited by Mrs. Louise Strait)

NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

The years 6, 7, and 8 are important. 9, 10, 11, 12. By January 13 of the year 2013, we must complete everything. The most important thing that we must accomplish during this time is that we must fulfill our Tribal Messiahship. You have to fulfill your messiahship from the individual, to the family, tribe, and global level. We must completely end all old habits. We must become like new babies. We must completely change our lives to end all the old habits. We must become pure families and complete as Blessed Central Families. Without this, you cannot have any ownership in any way.

Until that day we must completely change everything. When you return to your homes from the first to the eighth continent, you must let go of any identity that you are "Korean" or "Japanese" or "American". Our identity should follow that of the continents. We must redraw the lines so that there are eight continents. Those eight continents must be understood as the 8 continents of God's Kingdom.

This year is 2006. Next year is 2007. Those who are changed and those who are transferred at this time must unite with the families that they are sent to. They must be able to adapt to any and all situations. You must remember what I have said today.

"God's Ideal family is the Model for the Peaceful Ideal world." You don't know how much God suffered with the loss of Jesus. Jacob had to restore everything by taking back everything from Laban. Jacob with his two wives had to restore certain conditions of faith. Leah had to lead the way. Because Rachel was sitting on the idols and they were under her sexual organ, Laban couldn't touch them. Therefore this set the condition to restore the ownership of the sexual organ.

Jesus wasn't able to complete this mission and thus the second advent of the Lord had to come. Elijah was prophesied to return on the clouds, and Jesus was prophesied to return on the clouds but both prophecies were symbolic. Elijah appeared in spirit through John the Baptist.

Jesus' course was the restoration of the family of Cain and Abel. Abel himself failed because he was proud of the fact that he had such a mission. Though he was proud, he could not fulfill anything. I am not proud of my mission but rather focus on fulfilling the restoration of Cain and Abel. We have to have the standard that we are totally focused on living as a true family. That kind of mission was the mission of Adam and Eve, the mission of Jesus, and the mission of the third Adam. Adam comes from a completely different lineage. You have to understand how my family and I had to overcome the attacks of all of history and the forces of evil.

The entire mission has been focused on the world. There were many secrets that have not been revealed surrounding my birth. My mother revealed to me many dreams she had that foretold my mission.

My Grandfather Moon, had to wander as a refugee. He was outcast and had to fight just to survive because he knew that he had to preserve history. If you ever go to Su Tang Ri, there is a picture of my mother there. When I first saw it, I couldn't even recognize her. I saw the birthmark on her face and then knew it was her. That is also something historical. I will never forget the days when I cried because of the separation and sacrifice of my family. My mother was very beautiful and very healthy. She had married into the Moon family household. When a woman marries into a family, she has to take care of all the relatives who are there. She went through such a path of indemnity. Though I caused a lot of trouble for her, yet she told me that I was her hope. She told me she would sacrifice everything for me. I tried not to be indebted to my family in any way. I tried to cover all my tuition. When my mother sent me money for tuition, I would distribute it to others who were needier.

That kind of resentment and sorrowful situation was very crucial. That kind of history between the struggle of the communists and those who lost everything had to be endured and digested. It was like seeing a baby drowning in water and not being able to do anything about it. Because I was carrying on the history of restoration, these conditions had to be set.

I had six older sisters. My sisters knew about their circumstance. They knew they should marry into the best family of great condition and fortune. All knew this in my family. I had a brother that I loved very much. He was a very brilliant and outstanding brother.

Never forget the path that I walked through, being imprisoned in Japan and suffering there. Then the course in America. Also, I was one of the very last refugees that came south. I crossed the river just at the last second and then they closed it. I went through North Korean, Korean and American troop areas. I learned how to pay indemnity. You have no idea what it is like to be a refugee. Laying in the open fields and looking at the stars, I cried and wept for God's heart. In that situation do you think you can eat as you like or live any way that you like? You have the responsibility to work out the debts and the indemnity of your ancestors, no matter how difficult it is. I never prayed to Heaven to save me; I never prayed for my own salvation. If you ever get exhausted and fall away because you couldn't fulfill, you will disappear. However, I will forever remain. You have to have the heart that you will remain forever, overcoming all circumstances. There were times when I was going to my school. If there was a sick person I felt responsible to care for him. If there is something that you do not want to do and Heaven wants you to do it and you don't, it will lead to ruin.

When you are young you should go forth and think about that courageous and strong leadership and prepare your way under those circumstances. The things that I say today and the speech that I gave throughout the 120 city World Tour will be the cornerstone of the Kingdom. To become a great star, a truly large star, you must become that kind of person. Do you think God wanted the stars of the earth?. There are thousands and millions of stars. I wanted to share these things with the prominent leaders from Korea who came yesterday. I still don't want to see pictures of my hometown. I found a picture of my mother, older brother (I blessed them in spirit world,) and my grandmother. I haven't found a picture of my father and grandfather.

Even the True Family must go this way. You will not be able to call us Father and Mother in the spirit world if you don't fulfill the course of indemnity. You must love the families of all the blessed couples from the 36 on, especially those who fell away. You should have the heart to travel throughout the world and embrace the world. Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim, you three must become one. You must also understand and feel that heart of joy by sacrificing for others. You must love the people of the Unification Church. You can't hate them. This is a new beginning. When I am gone, they will have to follow you. You have to know how much I longed for the day when the Heavenly Palace would be established. Always remember this. You must listen carefully to my words and follow them, or you will pay much indemnity. Unification Church members must come to believe and trust you as they trust me. But to win their trust, you must become my representative and understand my way. Unification members, if you don't have the heart to follow my way and care for those who are suffering with heart, then how can you say you are following me? I cannot tell God that I have reached my limitations.

Look at Shin Jun. Shin Jun Nim doesn't talk but guides people with his finger. He is like a model person. If he finds the tiniest, smallest thing, he will bring it to his parents. You must think about the people who starving to death. You must clearly understand and serve and treat your parents with loyalty and share their hearts to save humanity; then your descendants will prosper for many, many years.

True family, when you go on the path, you must repent and go forth to love the families of this movement and the world. You cannot just be going around together among yourselves. You must go out and love the people. You must go forth even if you die instantaneously with a bullet in the head. It is life or death. You must have the mindset to go straight according to the way of indemnity. You must go straight.

These are the things that I want to share with you. I don't know when I will go to the spirit world; I may just go one night in my sleep. I never know. Think about it. Those who joined the church and left later on come to hate the things I love. They will suffer later on. There will be an autobiography for each family; the angels will be mobilized, and the presidents of your nations also, to check out each and every thing

as to its validity.

You can't just join the church and say, oh now I really want to be blessed. I really want to have people go the way of filial sons and daughters. In history, Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo were seen as very evil. These three nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan tried to unite to dominate the world. I came from the nation that is known as the "nation of people clothed in white robes." I left my hometown 60 years ago. Many tried to stop me from leaving. The rivers, mountains and the trees cried out for me to stay. My memories of my early life are all soaked into the mountains, rivers and trees. I left shedding tears. I can vividly remember the day I walked down that road. When I lived in the north, I could not see because of the tears in my eyes.

There are thousands of years of things that should be covered. You should engrave these words into your heart and into the marrow of your bones. You must become people who are better than your ancestors.

I will continue to read the 120 City World tour book until I go to the spirit world. These words are filled with the bone marrow of God's providence. I have read this over 600 times. I know every word and every letter. I already read this speech twice before Hoon Dok Hae this morning. You must teach your children this word and principle.

Rev. Hwang, Rev. Yu and Rev. Yang, you three must come together as one and create the DVDs that will be able to covey the spirit of the 70,000 rally, for the future when the Peace UN emerges.

I long for the day when I no longer have to worry or take responsibility. You must completely fulfill now. You must really fulfill. The Ambassadors for Peace should be the prime ministers and leaders of their countries and regions. Make this special DVD immediately. Make it into a movie and send it to all the broadcast companies in the world. In Geneva, we gathered 1,200 participants. No matter what we must never retreat from this mission.

I want you to go back and bless all your clans and relatives. What is next, then? We must also bless all the people of North Korea. North Korea has the Kim clan and the Moon clan. What clan is the Kim Il Seung clan?. The Kim clan of Jeung Ju. If we unified North and South Korea, starvation would stop. If you are Kim clan Jeung Ju, you should go to North Korea to serve that clan. You should go to America to organize the Kim or the Pak clan and have the Koreans in America unite with you to end the 38th Parallel.

The families left there must be saved. Who here is part of Rev. Kwak's clan? (one person stood up out of 1,200) If we begin today and have it done by the year 2008, we can unify everything.

All National Messiahs, stand up. Are you a National Messiah by title or substantially? National Messiahs, when the time comes, you should be like the governor-general for your nations. Have you fulfilled your responsibility as the governor-general?. Even conditionally you should go to that nation and proclaim that fact. The governor-general and the president of that nation should come together in unity. When we make the DVD's you should send them out to the broadcasting stations of your nations. We should be able to complete this quickly. Do you understand? If anyone is sleeping, I will take away his title of National Messiah. You must fulfill your responsibility as National Messiah.

No matter what hardships you have to go through, you can never be indebted to your nation.

Rev. Kwak, Rev. Hwang, Rev. Eu and Dr. Yang, come forward and discuss what to do about the National Messiahs. What should we do? What is your report? (they stepped forward and discussed and then answered - Those who can't fulfill should resign). I have delegated all authority to these four people. All National Messiahs are under them and must cooperate with them. The completion of the responsibility of the National Messiahs comes when you have blessed all the people of the nation.

We cannot wait until the year 2012. This is the new age, the age in which we must fulfill our responsibility and become the kings and queens of peace. Now all the crowns from the coronations on the clan level should go back to the clans. All families and clans must fulfill the coronation. If there are over 1,200 gathered for the coronation of a Korean clan I will go there.

We will have to end all the realms of paradise. There must be only heaven and those who are not in heaven. There should not be a waiting room for heaven any more. What is Japan? Japan is the mother. Even if it loses all its people, land and everything but it saves the children, it would be ok. (Father then spoke to Rev. Eu, Rev. Oyamada and Rev. Otsuka about the key directions for Japan.)

The saints in the spirit world were all single. They couldn't become blessed families. If they unite with me, everything will follow. This is the age in which we can build the Abel United Nations. The realm of elder brother and younger brother need to become one.

The next seven years is the key. We must totally invest ourselves now. All the history of resentment must be burned up. The Geneva content that I added to the 120 City World Tour was crucial."Respected Ambassadors for Peace in the Life of True Love section up to "A Project for Peace".

(Father then read his speech from that part on and commented.) You have to build an ideal home and country. I have to lay the clear path before I go to the spirit world. You must prepare the Won Jeun for me. Have you thought about this? By the time that we meet at this time next year, many who are over 70 may be in the spirit world; they won't be here next year.

Yong, Chang Shik( Oceania). tell me what I told you concerning Kim Young Whi and Kim Won Pil. (We should make a Hoon Dok School). The 36 blessed couples should be there teaching and creating the Hoon Dok families. All 36 couples' blessed children must be mobilized, or they can't inherit the foundation of their families' history and name.

All college graduates must go through the Unification Theological Seminary course. This is our course.

True Family: all must reregister to enter the Original Palace. You ask Mother. I do not live a haphazard life.

When we visited the Himalayas, I was moved when I saw two clouds that looked like a mother and father greeting each other. I shed tears. I want to see everyone live in a blessed family. At the top of Mt. Everest I had these feelings. I want to bless everyone. You have to understand the heart of True Parents. If God instructs me to go to the spirit world, I will go immediately. Don't leave behind any debts for your descendants. We should be alert and shape up.

At the age of 87 why do I continue to try to reach you, and why am I continuing to speak even with a sore throat? I asked for my youth to pass quickly so I could accomplish. During this birthday, please pray for three days. I was hungry every day of my younger life. I have gone this way without complaint. There are many episodes and very difficult suffering courses and secrets that I will take to my grave with me because there is no one that I can share them with.

The religions of America should unite to complete the Bering Strait tunnel. If they don't do it, the Unification Church in America must do it. If they don't do it, my children must do it. We must help China live and we must help Russia to know God. We cannot abandon either of them. We must help them both to come into harmony, or one will take over the other. Also through the proper balance of relations between America, Russia and China, Japan will be protected.

Rev. Yong, Dr. Yang , Rev. Song. (He asked them to bring together the UK and US to support the Solomon Islands) The 36 blessed couples should be mobilized for this area. South America should support. Rev. Kwak, the 36 blessed couples should be mobilized and supported. Support from US and UK should be secured. Japan, Taiwan, Philippines should also support.

We must also have an absolute determination that we can take care of the Bering Strait tunnel. Starting now all the Blessed Central Families of the world must come forward; all must go out and teach from the 120 Tour speech and from the Cheon Seong Gyeong.

The Peace Police and Peace Army should be bringing peace. Those who follow the Pillar of Fire and the Pillar of Cloud must be strong. We cannot fall by the wayside like many did at that time of the Israelites.