The Day Of Victory Of Love

Date: 2006-01-02
Notes: Michael Jenkins

Translator: Im Joong Kim and Kentoku

Editors: Jim Flynn, Louise Strait, and Joy Pople


NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

True Parents and True Family entered. Father and Mother went to their chairs on the stage right area. Hoon Sook Nim and her children lit the candles for the offering table. The congregation bowed to God and then again to honor Heung Jin Nim, and then finally did Kyung Beh for True Parents.

Father gave a new title for Heung Jin Nim, "Sun Pak" (saintly son or great teacher).

Rev. Kwak then read Father's words concerning Heung Jin Nim's life: Heung Jin Nim was born on December 4, 1966, in Korea. He passed away on January 2, 1984. There was the science conference in Chicago. Heung Jin Nim celebrated his birthday there. The conference ended on the 27th of November. They left on that day. On the 28th Father called and said he wanted 72 scholars from 72 countries to accompany him on a speaking tour in Korea. During this time Father was always worried about the Han River freezing, which could provide a natural bridge for massive assault on South Korea by the North.

The speaking tour (1983) was very dangerous. In Kwang Ju, there was so much opposition from Christians, and ultimately assassins from the North were assigned to get Rev. Moon. The rally started just at the same time that Heung Jin Nim was in the car accident, which prevented Satan's side from attacking True Father directly. Heung Jin Nim threw his side of the car towards the truck that had jack-knifed. This protected the other passengers. Police came, and Heung Jin Nim was taken to St. Francis Hospital.

Father finished the event in Kwang Ju, had one more event that he completed, and then returned to America. He did not change his public schedule.

Heung Jin Nim was a great athlete, student and artist. His artwork is displayed in Han Nam Dong. He was an incredibly loyal son. He was only concerned about Father and Mother. He was always checking about their security.

When Heung Jin Nim was in the hospital, Mother was praying and offering Cheong Seong (offerings and investment of heart.) Father made a special ceremony at the hospital with representatives of the first, second and third Israel. He prayed that this condition would harmonize Judaism, Christianity and Unificationism as one. Satan couldn't attack Jesus directly but went to those around him, always with the mind to hurt Jesus. This is how Father was attacked also. Father proclaimed that after 40 days there would be the wedding of Heung Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim, creating the foundation for True Parents to work in the spirit world. Jesus and Heung Jin Nim would totally cooperate. On January 3, 1984, Father proclaimed the Day of Victory of Love. True Parents overcame all suffering with love.


Please read the content of the Day of Victory of Love prayer. There are new people here who don't understand Heung Jin Nim at all. We must understand the spiritual world through this. In the future, Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim will be here. No longer can we think that Chung Pyung is a small thing.

We have to kick out the evil forces of every nation. There must be a peace police and peace army, internally and externally, that will act as a safeguard. Immorality and injustice must be addressed. The relationship of father and son is important. We must restore everything to the place before Cain killed Abel. This must be restored. All fighting between brothers must end.

We must make harmony of Catholic and Protestant faiths.

The Motto:

The Era of the Completed Settlement of the Model Providence of the Ideal of Peace in Heaven and Earth.

It includes the family providence, the nations' providence , the world providence and extends to the cosmic providence.

The Bering Strait is key. America and the Soviet Union are supporting it. We can make them unified through this. The problem in Korea is that there is no owner from God's side. Through the Bering Strait we have to overcome borders. Everything can be as one. You must mobilize all Ambassadors for Peace for this providence.

We should equalize North, South, East and West. We must equalize all assets and property. We should equalize all people. We have to set up the standard of equalization. I have made the Abel UN and it must embrace and restore the Cain UN. You have to understand the time. From now, we begin an 8-year course. 2006 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 (Eight year course through 2013).

There should be no more fighting. You should not fight, or God will not be with you.

You should give all your devotion to raise your second self. You should not do everything yourself; you should raise your second self. Now in ten years everything can be finished.

I told Mother that we couldn't shed tears in front of Heung Jin Nim. Three hours after the Won Jon, I allowed myself to shed tears.

Rev. Kwak read Father's prayer for the Day of Victory of Love. Then Father asked Mother to pray:

Mother's Prayer:

In this 6th year of Cheon Il Guk on January 2, 2006 on the 23rd anniversary of the Day of Victory of Love, we are commemorating Heung Jin Nim's life and victory.

If he were still alive, he would be 40. He developed as a son with great character and quality. He loved God's words deeply. He has been the subject of the spirit world. We pray that his work will make a highway for all people as one family to come to God's Kingdom.

Heavenly Father, please be with us in this new day of offering. Thank you for bringing all things together in harmony. We are gathered here with all Blessed Central Families; please cover, guide, and direct all of our lives.

With new determination and with the saints and sages of all the spirit world and physical world, True Father and I ask Your blessing on all humanity.


As a parent I want to say this. Jesus and all the saints in the spirit world, please be united as one centering on our True Parents. I have no personal possessions. I gave everything away; therefore Satan has no hook with which to snare me. We should all be serious now to offer everything during 2006. Offer everything and become a true family. As a new resolution, we determined to give everything. When you live this way, you will be welcomed by the spirit world.