Hoon Dok Hae

Date: 2006-01-12
Translator Im Joong Kim

Editor Michael Jenkins)

Blessed families now must take the central role for building the heaven. From there the tribal messiah, national messiah and the world messiah comes forth.

The failure of Adam created the need for finding a first Israel and Jesus and on to the 2nd Israel. The Lord of 2nd coming should come and fulfill all the responsibility and restore the Adam's family and Jesus' family. The Lord must restore the physical world and spiritual world back to its original state.

This time my visit to Hawaii has a significant importance in Ocean Providence. We have to hurry there is not enough time for us. North and South Korea represent Cain and Abel so it is key at this time that they are united as one.

Christians cannot fight theoretically with unification members. They will loose the theoretical argument. Through the Gyocha blessing the transformation of lineage can be come complete.

Satan's ownership of cosmos, world, nation, tribe, family and grand father to father and finally to the son gets reversed through the Gyocha blessing. It is transformed to God's ownership. True parents were victorious at all these levels. The Gyocha blessing creates the center and changes the blood lineage. Satan has no relationship with that blood lineage.

We absolutely need to achieve the Able UN. 1st Israel, 2nd Israel and the 3rd Israel should unite; it is like uniting Cain and Able.

Centering on True Parents from blessed families and expanding to the world we have created a defensive line of protection. That was the purpose 120 City World Speaking Tour. It was the preparation for the ending point of war. As I accomplish the world level of victory, Satan has no base from which to accuse me and will surrender to my direction. Key leaders of the world will not be able to refuse and will support the work of the Lord. Now I have the authority. With this victorious foundation Satan cannot say anything.

The Abel UN is critical to do a special operation (treatment) of the world. The Blessing through holy wine is that special condition that should continuously be brought to every nation and people.