The 23rd Day of Victory of Love

Date: 2006-01-02
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

The 6th year of Cheon Il Guk


Heung Jin Nim ascended in the very early hours of the morning of January 2, 1984. On the basis of the offering of his life, True Father declared Day of Victory of Love on January 3, and this has been part of our tradition since then. Father asked that the day be celebrated on January 2, the actual day of Heung Jin Nim's passing. Hence, today is the 23rd Day of Victory of Love.

Today's Day of Victory of Love Ceremony

At the very beginning of the ceremony this morning, Father gave a special honorary title to Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in the spirit world, "Seong-bak" which has the meaning of "holy educator." "Seong" means holy and "bak" is the word for a scholar -- specifically a doctoral degree. Father explained that this title was bestowed because they are teaching people in the spirit world.

After the members of the True Family offered a bow to God and True Parents, Rev. Hwang Sun-jo (who yesterday was again assigned to the post of the president of the Korean church, though official announcement will come later) offered a deep prayer.

Father then spoke a few words about the significance of the day.

Rev. Kwak then offered a report about Heung Jin Nim's life and sacrifice. His words included a description of the speaking tour Father was undertaking around Korea in December 1983 to counter communist thinking. On December 23, the venue was in the politically highly active city of Gwangju in the southwestern part of the peninsula. This was a time in Korean history when Korea was in political turmoil. According to reports, people who had the intention to harm Father were present at the Gwangju event and planned to attack Father -- but were prevented because of the large crowds. At the precise time the Gwangju event was beginning, Heung Jin Nim, in the United States, was driving. A truck lost control as it approached the car Heung Jin Nim was driving. Heung Jin Nim swerved the car to prevent the two friends who were with him from taking the brunt of the impact, and instead took it on himself. His sacrifice protected the True Parents.

Heung Jin Nim was admitted to St. Francis' Hospital, but ascended nine days later.

True Parents heard the news late due to the difficulties of communications at that time in Korea. They returned to the United States some days later.

Rev. Kwak continued with personal testimony to the personal qualities he had observed in Heung Jin Nim, most notably his heart of filial piety toward his parents and his serving heart. He had genuine close relationships with members. Aside from being a good student, and athletic, he was a developing his artistic capability and had great talent.

Heung Jin Nim's death was an offering to protect True Parents. This is something we must not forget.

Rev. Kwak also spoke of Heung Jin Nim's position in the spirit world and how his blessing with Hoon Sook Nim was the first conducted between the spiritual and physical worlds by True Parents.

Father's Speech

(Brief notes from the simultaneous translation; useful as a basic guide but unreliable for publication)

Father indicated the importance of Chung Pyung, and chided leaders who think it is just a department or something less significant. He emphasized the importance of the spirit world. The spirit world is of primary importance.

The land of the United States and the land of the former Soviet Union can be brought together through the Bering Strait project. We should build the Bering Strait bridge-tunnel even if it requires selling other property.

Peace must be brought to all areas of conflict.

The problem of lineage, family problems, brotherhood and sisterhood relationships are very important. We have to correct the lineage.

We must create a peace corps and "peace police" to maintain peace and provide protection for people , internally and externally.

We have to create a model for peace. Model family era, Model world era. (This is a reference to "model providence" in the new motto.) Changing from nation to the world era. We have to vertically align with the providence.

You have to follow my instructions. We must remove the barriers between nations.

Equalization of north, south, east and west. Equality for the 6 billion people of the world. Equalization of property, of the assets of the world's people.

We must know the time -- if you don't know about the future you will come to ruin.

I am the captain of the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. God must rule as the King.

If you misuse church property you will come to ruin.

If I ascend to the spirit world, Mother can take over my role.

Now is the time to reorganize everything little by little. You need to know what is happening, and understand.

Who wants to support me? You want to use me for your own purpose. In front of the world, you have debts.

Even if you have to sell property we have to restore nations. (Father asks many leaders if they understand.) Until now, you have not raised people who can stand in your place. Leaders should raise your second self, devote yourself to that task.

You have to be awake, have a clear mind. I have done everything I can do -- if you still don't understand...

Members have to offer filial piety and then they can follow Heaven's will.

You have two eyes: original eye and Satan's eye. If you can unite Cain and Abel as one, then that eye belongs to God. You should not be proud of yourself, but be humble.

You have to live according to my words, standard and principle...Feet can become the head and head can become the feet.

Father asked Rev. Kwak to read from what Father said on the first Day of Victory of Love....:


Unification Church members should not have fear of death. Danbury: I could have stayed in Korea and never gone to prison in Danbury. Day of Victory of Love means that love was victorious over Satan's control over death. So I am asking you to pray for Heung Jin Nim. Heung Jin Gun needs True Parents' approval for whatever he teaches.

Tongil Shik (Unification Ceremony): December 31, 1983, two days before Heung Jin Nim ascended, after Father and Mother were informed that Heung Jin Nim could not survive. Father made a special ceremony in the hospital to offer Heung Jin Nim to Heavenly Father and thus open the path to Unification, and prayed for God to accept the body of Heung Jin Nm and allow the unity of Judaism, Christianity and Unificationism.

Rev. Kwak next read Heung Jin Nim's message to True Parents that he conveyed from the spirit world on September 18, 2005. (Published in English in Today's World magazine, October 2005 issue)

Rev. Kwak finished reading and said: I attended True Parents during the world tour; when I thought of this message, I could feel how many top leaders were mobilized to attend True Parents in the various nations. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim have been behind many victories on the public side of our movement.

Rev. Kwak next read Father's prayer at the first Day of Victory of Love, some of which was addressed to Heung Jin Nim: The spiritual and physical worlds can unify centering on love, on the basis of your offering. I have prepared Hoon Sook to be your eternal partner and spouse. You sacrificed your life to serve True Parents, and overcame all difficulties, and I am grateful to you....Please find the path, protect and teach Hoon Sook. Please be patient and try your best. I give you permission to work for the liberation of the heavenly and earthly realms. Heavenly Father, please love Hoon Sook Nim as you love Heung Jin Nim, so that she can be a great daughter who can offer her life to you. Please be with her. Let Heung Jin Nim be proud in front of heaven and our movement. May the children resemble the Parents' lifestyle. Please receive Heung Jin Gun, whom I offer to you. In the name of True Parents, Amen.

Father resumed speaking briefly, then asked Mother to pray.

Mother's benediction: It is Jan. 2, 2006, the 23rd Day of Victory of Love, which we are celebrating under Your blessing. Heung Jin Nim is 40 years old. He had to become an offering of indemnity in True Parents' family. Because of this son's ascension, for the sake of unifying the world, all the physical world and spiritual worlds can be completed and become the cornerstone of Cheon Il Guk. Unify all things in spiritual and physical worlds, all people to unite as one family, one world; Father please be with us, thank you for holding this day. All things are to be unified as one...we have to work hard to begin that day, with new determination and taking responsibility. Please allow this day to be that day. Please govern and guide us directly. I gratefully report these things in the name of the True Parents. Amen.

Final Word from Father: We have to offer everything and change the ownership. All UC members should be in the front line...We have to now offer everything unreservedly to God, please make a determination. Become a true owner. We must pray for that. In this era of the coming of heaven, we have to.... In the spirit world we can be welcomed. Offer everything. True Parents have offered everything; everyone should offer their own determination and devote themselves to becoming true owners themselves.

Three Cheers of Eog Mansei (Conclusion of Ceremony)