The 5th Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God and Commemoration of the Birth of Jesus

Date: 2006-01-03
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

The 6th year of Cheon Il Guk


True Parents offered the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God on January 13, 2001. Last year, Father announced that from this year on, the anniversary would be celebrated on January 3. This is also the date on which we celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Father and Mother entered and lit the candles on the altar. Then Father prayed.

Father prayed to comfort God, and about the achievement of the ideal of peace, in accordance with the motto for 2006. In his prayer he mentioned the importance of the year 2013.

After Father's prayer, the Pledge Ceremony was held, with members representing the various providential groups offering their bows together. First are True Parents' Family and the saints in the spirit world. Then the three primary nations in God's providence, and then the continents. The continents were represented by native members, such as Tyler Hendricks for North America and Hainer Handschin for Europe. Then members representing the world's major religions, followed by representatives of the national messiahs offered their bows. Next came relatives of Father and Mother's families, including Moon Yong-hyun, Father's cousin. Next, the Cain and Abel sides of the world bowed. Finally, representatives of the spirit world, including Kim Hyo-nam (Hoon Mo Nim - [Dae Mo Nim]).

Pledge was recited and then Rev. Kwak offered the representative prayer:

True Parents offered God's Kingship on January 13, 2001, with the True Family, representatives of the spirit world and representatives of the blessed central families. No one has understood your heart, except True Parents, or could liberate and give complete freedom to you, Heavenly Father. True Parents have made this day, and we are grateful to celebrate this day; it is the greatest of all blessings that humankind could receive.

True Parents have given us the motto for the year....

Please protect us and allows your blessing; give us the courage to follow the way...

May all the blessed central families throughout the world be victorious.

God, you have become the king of kings, of the entire universe. This year, which we begin with you, Heavenly Father, let us be qualified as exemplary models that practice your life style. We ask for your guidance and support, that ownership can spread throughout humankind.

True Parents then cut the congratulatory cake, and this was followed by four cheers of "Eog Mansei."

True Parents then partook of the holy food that is prepared as part of the offering table, and shared rice cakes with the True Children and Grandchildren. Shin-joon nim and his big sister Shin-goong came back for more! True Parents' sharing of the rice cakes with the younger grandchildren is always very cute, and gives us a chance to see Father and Mother in their role as grandparents to their grandchildren.

Next was Hoon Dok Hae. Rev. Kwak explained how Father and Mother made the conditions, and how only they knew how to conduct the original ceremony in 2001. He read from the speech Father gave on that day.

After the Hoon Dok Hae, a representative blessed couple gave flower to True Parents, and another representative couple offered flower to Jesus family.

Then Father began the commemorative speech saying:

that my speech during the inauguration of UPF is very important, and centering on that you must unite your mind and body ... This is the greatest gift that has been given to humanity, it is like the Ten Commandments for Moses ...

If God were to explain his desires you have the responsibility to be able to carry those out. The blessed families have that responsibility. I have read the world tour speech maybe 600 times. We had a rally for 50,000 -- you have to receive the original copy of that speech. It is a basic draft for the heavenly constitution, for eternity.

I am giving you this text for free, you do not know its value. Those who attended that day must receive that book (printed with the speech in 3 languages). The North and South Korean residents associations in Japan were united; if they come together to unite the two Koreas they will have greater value [than the rest of the Koreans....?]

I am having to go a different path, as the king of peace, from the citizens. You have to know the order of things. I met presidents of nations. Some of them think they are more holy.

You have to think about the fundamentals -- only I know those things. Korean leaders should take care not to be criticized by members. The world tour speech is more important than the ark of the covenant. We have to go a path through a life/death situation.

God dos not want children who will live according to their stained lineage.

This site of the palace is the most holy site in the world. Can you invite yourself there? If you are my direct son or daughter then you can greet me directly.

You have to remove the fallen root and drive the branch [of the true love tree] into you. I am saying this because I love you, so please applaud if you accept this.

As peace ambassadors if you can fulfill your mission...

You have to go the right path to save the nation. But we still do not have a nation.

No matter what, if you make mistakes [sexual?] you will fall away, as Adam and Eve did when they were 16. I can be harsh, in that when I determine to do something I will carry it through. In trying to carry out my work as a son of filial piety, I am ruthless toward enemies.

I have taken down the HSA-UWC signboard. We are the Family Federation. They are different. FFWPU is also legally distinct.

Father addressed some of the invited guests, including former government minister and a representative of the most prestigious Korean university (Seoul National University). He asked them if they were going to fight among themselves or make unity.

Sun Moon University: in this world of men I made a woman the president. No one would marry such a woman that's why I blessed her with Confucius in the spirit world!

Father then called some members to sing -- including True Mother. Father then joined Mother to sing a traditional Korean song in duet, with Rev. Kwak providing some excellent backing vocals from the side of the stage. At the end of the song, Father called "Hyun Jin!" and he came out to sing a lively Korean pop song (sorry, coudn't get the name of the song). Then it was Hyung Jin Nim's turn -- he sang Flying Without Wings.

Father then led the audience in singing the Japanese song Shiawasette Nandaro (What Do You Think Happiness Is?)

The commemorative service for The 5th Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God and Commemoration of the Birth of Jesus has ended at the 9:30.